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WARD , Alais 1775 Colony, SC Resident No Twp Listed

WARD , John 1772 Colony, SC Resident No Twp Listed

WARD , Samuel 1716 Colony, SC Petitioner No Twp. Listed

WARD , Samuell 1717 Colony, SC Petitioner No Twp Listed

WARD , Thomas 1772 Colony, SC Resident No Twp Listed

(unknown) Ward had the following children (known as siblings from deeds):

George hisXmark Ward born <1781 d1820 purchased from Matthew Moye 220 1/2a on Big. Salkehatchie for $500 on 24/10/1802 rec:19/4/1811, Barnwell Deeds Bk.E p339. George Ward sold to Matthew Moye 182a by Salkehatchie for $480 on 10/11/1817 rec:3/8/1818, Barnwell Deeds Bk. K p282. George Ward sold to John Chasserau 60a on Three Mile Creek for $100 on 21/10/1818 rec:2/11/1818, Barnwell Bk. L p80. George Ward's land was sold by the sheriff to G.W. Moye, 170a by Michael Hiers for $20 on 5/6/1820 rec. same, Barnwell Deeds Bk.M p92. George hisXmark Ward estate administered by Matthew Moye 15 Oct. 1820 Barnwell Probate Bundle 33 Package 5. Will Book B p83 signed 11 March 1813, George Ward, Planter, to George Ward Moye, no relation stated, the tract of land I now live on 221a, to the heirs of my sister Mabel $2, to the heirs of my sister Sarah $2, to the heirs of my sister Rachel $2, to Susannah Moye (no relation stated, sister??) my old horse called Polyear. I hereby give my negro wench Nan her freedom "holy & souly for ever". The remainder of my estate to be divided between Matthew Moye & Susannah (Ward???) Moye's six children: 1. George Ward Moye, 2. Allen Moye, 3. Gatsy Moye, 4. Michael Moye, 5. William Moye, 6. Elizabeth Moye. If any of the above named children should die with no lawful heir, their share is to be divided between those that are living. I appoint Matthew Moye sole executor, 11March 1813. George hisXmark Ward. Witnessed John Brabham, George T. Grimes. The estate was appraised 16 Oct. 1819 for $688 by James Taylor, John Brabham, Reuben Brabham, Henry Everitt, J.F. Bamberg. George Ward's estate was sold 8 Nov. 1819 for $576. 11 March 1823 Allen Moye was paid $66 as "heir to the estate."

Henry Dana Ward born <1774 purchased from John Mooney for $50 350a on the Savannah R. 3/11/1795, Barnwell Deeds Bk. 3 p34. H.D. Ward purchased from the Sheriff 2000a on the Three Runs for 15/10/10 on 2 July 1798 rec. 19 May 1815, Barnwell Deeds Bk. I p133. Henry D. Ward sold to John Mooney 350a on the Savannah R. for $50 on 30 Sept. 1800, rec: 5 Nov. 1800, Barnwell Deeds Bk.A p154. Henry Dana Ward purchased from Wm. Dyches 31/3/1806, recorded 30/5/1806 for $100 200a on Peters Pond, Barnwell Deeds Bk. C page 3.

Henry Dana Ward of Orangeburgh Dist.. 1806 for $10 pd by Isaac Bourdeaux & for other considerations sell all those tracts on the Three Runs in Barnwell Dist.. 2000a consisting of 4 adjoining tracts formerly belonging to lt. Governor known in genl. plan as #s 1,2,3, & 4 & generally known by the name of McLewrath's Mills being land sold to Wm. Russell Thomson, Esquire, late sheriff of Orangeburgh Dist.., as the property of Major John Hampton. Provided nevertheless & agreed that unless Bourdeaux before 10 June next make & execute deed to Daniel Bourdeaux, Daniel Miller & Jane his wife, late Jane McElwrath, for whose joint benefit the said lands were purchased by me for Daniel Bourdeaux, Daniel Miller & Jane his wife, in & by two certain agreements in writing made between them, one bearing date 19 May 1797, the other January 1805 & said D.B., D.M. & J. his wife shall sign the certificate drawn of this deed declaring acceptance, 8 Apr. 1806. Wit: Samuel P. Jones, Donald B. Jones. Agreement signed Daniel Bourdeaux, Daniel Miller, Jane herXmark Miller, Wit: Peter Provost, Margaret Shields. Wit: Daniel Bruce Jones, Margaret Shields. Barnwell Deeds Bk. E p74.

John Ward born <1763 400a by Savannah River 21/4/17-- Barnwell Plat Book 8 p259. 200a near Alligator Br. sur. 12/9/1784 rec. 25/7/1785, Barnwell Plat Bk. 8 p117 & Bk.1 p264.

Nathan Ward born <1784 d<1805 Martha (Colding???) Ward, 5/3/1805 rec. 7/8/1809, for $900 paid by Mrs. Ann Colding sells 300a on Gall Ck. of Savannah R. being part of survey granted to Michael Colding, deceased, & the place where my husband, Nathan Ward, formerly resided. Wit: Richard Johnson & John Aitkin. Barnwell Deeds D p387.

Nathan Ward married Martha, probably Colding

Martha C. Ward, Jr. born <1784 & Mary S. Ward born <1784 purchased from Martha Ward, Sr., 5/3/1805, rec. 7/8/1809 for $100 personal property: all my cattle except 4 cows & calves, wit: Richard Johnson, Barnwell Deeds Bk. D page 388. Martha C. Ward & Mary S. Ward sold to Wm. H. Robert 292a on Savannah River for $1050 4/9/1816 recorded on the same date, Barnwell Deeds Bk. J p30. Mary S. Ward & Martha C. Ward sold 62 1/2a on the Savannah R. to James Overstreet for $437.50 on 17/2/1821 rec. 7/3/1826, Barnwell Deeds Bk. P p376.

___ Ward born <1753 died <1820 Three Ward brothers: Solomon, James, Daniel (see deed below)

Solomon Ward born <1793 d1819, purchased from Joseph Thompson 350a by John Bates est. for $800 22/1/1814 rec. 7/2/1814, Barnwell Deeds Bk.H p25.  Solomon Ward sold to Joseph Butler slaves for $1400 on 13/6/1818, rec. 30/12/1819, Barnwell Deeds Bk. L p479. On 28 Dec. 1819 James Ward & Daniel hisXmark Ward attested to O.D. Allen that they believe Mr. Joseph Butler was in possession of the will of their late brother, Solomon Ward, and that he has either destroyed the same or kept it concealed so that they cannot get it & qualify it (A copy of the will is in the probate package in the probate office, Barnwell Court House). Estate probated by James Ward 19 Jan. 1820, Bundle 33 pack. 6, Will Book B p86, gives his estate to his two brothers: James Ward & Daniel Ward, wit: Geo. Robison, James Clary, James Andreson. James Ward executor on 3 Feb.. 1820 petitioned to sell the estate of his deceased brother, consisting of a Hofe? (could be horse or house), a watch, the Remnants of & Old Store, & perishable items. An inventory valued at $275.95 was made 25 Jan. 1820 by Mathias Ardes? and John Starr, Senr.

James J. Ward born<1774 sold to Drewery Elkins for 20 556a on Rogers Branch 3/11/1795, Barnwell Deeds Bk.3 p34. James Ward state land grant 500a Barnwell 5 Apr 1802, V48 p365. James Ward sold to Thos. Newman a negro slave for $500 on & rec. 18/10/1808, Barnwell Deeds Bk.D p312. James Ward 108 1/2a on Lukes Br. & Sikes Br. sur:30/7/1810 rec:8/2/1810 Barnwell Plat Bk.2 p111 & Bk.8 p55 (or 551?). James Ward state land grant Barnwell 108 1/2a 3 Sept. 1810, V55 p562. James Ward sold to Levi Blalock 100a by John Tyler for $100 on 8/2/1815 rec:6/1/1817, Barnwell Deeds Bk.J p242. James Ward sold to David Cochran 160a on Green's Ck. for $320 on 4/4/1820 rec. 20/9/1822, Barnwell Deeds Bk. N p285.

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