Zeigler is a German surname, which is today pronounced "Zeeg-ler" in American English (as opposed to "King's English!"). The German spelling should be Ziegler for this pronunciation. Ziegle bedeutet "brick" auf Deutsch, therefore Ziegler was probably a regional dialect term for making brick (Ziegelei), laying brick (Maurer), or just associated with this trade.  Anyone know more?  Please send it, and I will change this.

The German name 'ZIEGLER' comes from those who tiled the houses. The material is the same as brick and quite common in Germany.

Also the reason many of S.C. Zieglers were so swarthy in color was due to their African ggrandmother Parthena Pendarvis. I am of this line too.   Phillip Kearse

Bernard Zigler 1768 (Citizens & Immigrants to SC 1768 by Warren, pub. Heritage Papers 1980, SCDAH) 200a Berkly Co. (Quit Rent Rolls 1760-1774) p273

Nicholas Zigler 150 a. Berkly Co. P274 ibid, granted 4 July 1794 Bounty

John A. Zeigler clearly dark skinned, was he a Gypsy?: 2 April 1835 "Jury made up to try whether John A. Zeigler is a white man or a person of color, also whether Lanni? D. Zeigler is a white man or a person of color. Jury says "they are not men of color." (Sessions Journal Barnwell Dist. Fall 1828-Spring 1841 page 194). John Zeigler, who apparently was a very dark skinned man, served as a juror five years later on 2 Nov. 1840 (Sessions Journal Barnwell Dist. Fall 1828-Spring 1841 page 323)(I believe these are records of Gypsies, specifically Manush who served as Hessian mercenaries, and apparently in semi-permanent residence?)

William Zeigler served as juror 29 Oct. 1838 (Sessions Journal Barnwell Dist. Fall 1828-Spring 1841 page 293)

Jacob Ziegler vs Wm. B. Cetchinton? Mon. 29 Mar. 1824 Assumpsit? Gantt & Trotti layers, decree for plntff for $25.50 int. From 1 Jan. 1821 (BCH Common Pleas Journal 1822-32 page 125). Jacob Zeigler vs James Milhouse! - Assumpset? Gantt & Trotti, Jury #2 for pltff $120 int. From 22 Jan. 1821 till paid & costs, Jno. Allen foreman (Mon. 3 Nov. 1823)(BCH Common Pleas Journal 1822-32 page 83)

Joseph Howell vs Joseph Zeigler Sum Pro. Gantt & T. For pltff $29 with int. From 8 Mar. 1823 & costs, 31 Mar. 1823 (BCH Common Pleas Journal 1822-32 page 55); Mon. 31 Mar. 1823 Joseph Howell vs. Joseph Zeigler, Sum. Pro., Gantt L.D., decree for Plaintiff $36.50 & int. On $45 from 1 Jan. 1822 to 15 Feb. 1822, int. On $36.50 from 15 Feb. 1822 till so paid (Barnwell Common Pleas Journal 1822-32, p51).

Joshua Zeagler juror 29 Mar. 1824 (BCH Common Pleas Journal 1822-32 page 113)

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