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BACKSTITCH Jeremiah Backstitch was born around March 1830 and died October 12, 1907. His second wife was the former Ada Mire Russell and they were married during 1875. They had five children-Eliza, Henry, Jerry, Ashton and Sarah Rebecca. I saw Ada Mire Backstitch in the 1910 and 1920 Census in Beaufort County. In fact, Jeremiah created the name Backstitich, so anyone who has that surname is a relative of mine. 15 Aug. 04 J. Edward Robinson
BAKER Looking for Elijah Baker who may have been born in Beaufort Co. Born sept 8 1797. Married Frances Manley. He died in Madison Co., TN 5 Jun 5 2015 Cecilia Baker
BALL BARTHOLOMEW BALL died in Beaufort District around 1780 according to two unpublished, undocumented sources. I am seeking verification of this. BARTHOLOMEW BALL was the father of SAMPSON BALL who died in Beaufort District ing 1815. Any help is appreciated. As Hampton was formed from Beaufort, might there be a record in your county of his death? Any help appreciated. (3/18/97) M. Miller
BALL SAMPSON BALL died in Beaufort District in 1815, the father of 12 children. Their mother was presumably possibly with his third wife, MARGARET SHIELDS LAURENS, a widow of MD whom he married somewhere in SC. I am seeking the identities of the children as well as the place of his marrige to Margaret. SAMPSON BALL married MARGARET SHIELDS LAURENS was said to have been in Beaufort District after their marriage. His property lay in the portion of Beaufort District that was cut off to form Hampton Co. Are there records in your county for this couple? I am seeking the names of his children, other pertinent information re him. Was the EDWARD BALL who died in Beaufort/Hampton/Allendale in 1823 the son of SAMPSON BALL and MARGARET LAURENS? Who were his siblings? Any help will be appreciated. (3/18/97) M. Miller
BALLEW Looking for information about parents or other relatives of Robert Ballew who was listed as a Marine gunnery sergeant, killed in action in WWII in Nov1942. He was from Yemassee, Beaufort County, SC, and listed Harry M McAvoy of Yemassee as his next-of-kin. Any information at all would be greatly appreciated. Harry McAvoy may have owned or managed a bar just south of Yemassee, towards Beaufort, that Robert Ballew patronized or assisted in running. (11/2/97 12:00:39 PM) J. Myers
BARBER I am searching for information on the William BARBER who was in Beaufort County in the 1800 Federal Census index. Any information would be much appreciated. 11 Feb. 2001 H. Fertic
BARBER I would like to add John Barber, b. 1826 in St. Peter's Parish. He married Sarah Ann Varnadore, b. 1830 in St. Peter's Parish. 23 March 2004 Leslie Barber Harmon
BARNES I am looking for William Barnes,c1758-1833.He was a widower when he married Martha McKEE,Sept.20, 1773, St Helena Parish, Beaufort. His 1st wife may have been either Ann HOUSTON or Ann MINOTT. I am also interested in his son, Paul Hamilton BARNES, b.Jan.31,1793, buried The Baptist Church, Beaufort. I have several other children attributed to William/Ann Houston, but think that this information may be an error. Can anyone help untangle these BARNES?
(7/23/99 10:48:39 AM)
J. Brooks
BARNES Mary Ann BARNES b 1813/14 in Beaufort County ? married James S. HUGHEY b 1809/15 Children were: 1. Holland Elizabeth b 1834/5 married Henry P. BELGER 2. William R. b 1834/39 married Georgia Lane (12/30/98 9:41:03 AM) Jim Strickland


Is William Barns b 29 Sept 1782;father is Wm.Barns;mother Martha the same as William Barnes b abt.1780 and recorded as selling land to John Barnes on 13 October 1836 in Edgefield District. I have no record of his whereabouts from 1780 til 1836. I have no known record of any brothers or sisters or his parents. He died in Edgefield District 2 February 1867 and was married to a Nancy A. and they had seven children.Did this Wm Barns move to the Edgefield District. If you have any information to help in my search it will greatly appreciated. (1/4/00 9:10:41 PM) J.S.Barnes
BAYARD Baynard: Researching the family of Elizabeth Ann Baynard, said to be of Hilton Head, who gave birth in l798 to son Baynard Rush Hall,  named for her husband Dr. John Hall's cousin Dr. Benjamin Rush. Elizabeth died before her son Baynard was three. He was born in Philadelphia. Dixie Richardson
Bartons Burtons I am searching for any information re Bartons/Burtons in the Beaufort/Barnwell area from the 1700s to 1800s. I am especially interested in Samuel Burton?Barton? who moved between the two areas abt. 1810. There was a Mrs. S.A Burton listed in St. Helena in the Beaufort Co. 1810 census, and an S. A. Barton listed in Barnwell in 1820 census. 15 July 2001 M. Hitt
BATTISTE Looking for information relative to a family of Battiste who lived in the Grahamville area. There was a sister, Louisa and a brother Simeon. They lived during the early to late 1800's. Simeon may have had a blacksmith shop in Grahamville. He was related to Proctor Glover of Beaufort. (3/18/99 12:45:45 AM) A. Quick Battiste
BEALER Hello! I am interested in finding any information regarding any Bealers in Beaufort County. I have some info from the early census in which Charles Bealer was in the Grahamville area which is now Jasper Co. It showed him with an astronomic number of slaves ~ 197! I have a copy of the eulogy preached at the Euhaw Baptist Church in 1790 when he died. He was this Bealer-line's original ancestor having come over from Prussia and being orphaned on the voyage was taken in by a Mrs. Bull- don't know her first name (Stephen's wife?) an area I hope to explore.  I am particularly interested in William, Charles' son, who fathered George- my husband's great grandfather. We have the story pretty straight from George forward but the Wm. area is fuzzy. He married a Henrietta Villard from the "Black Swamp" area. He is in an early 1800 census and then disappears- Did the yankees ruin all the records????  17 Nov. 2003 Debbie Bealer

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BEATON Peter Beaton was married to Millie Gadsden and died before 1900. So I am putting Millie’s birth at around 1880 and her Mothers birth,(Amelia) at around 1860. These people are of African American decent. 5 May 2001 Russ Tyler
Beaufort National Cemetery I am looking for a kind-hearted soul who might be able to photograph a grave site at Beaufort National Cemetery. I would be willing to pay for transportation costs and, of course, any costs related to mailing and such. This grave site is of my GGG Grandfather. He died in Millen, GA in 1864 and was buried at Beaufort National. I would be terribly grateful to anyone who might be able to help with this. Please contact me for more information i.e., name, plot number and where to send the photo.  26 May 2006 Cory Fish
BECK I seek parents of Rev. John (David?) BECK.( b. 19 Aug.1755 VA.; d. 19 May 1818, at Roseland Plantation, Beaufort District, S.C. and buried in the Huguenin Family Cemetery at Roseland Plantation. He lived in S. C. from 1800- 1818. (Previous: VA. 1755-?; NC 1784-1787; GA. 1793-1799). He was a planter and a Presbyterian minister. First wife: Sophia LEWIS (b. ? - d. 1797) they had one son: John Jedediah Second wife: Ann HUGUENIN. (b. 25 Mar 1773,in St. Phillips Parish, now Chatam Co., GA., d. 12 Mar 1836, at Roseland Plantation. They married in 1800. Ann HUGUENIN'S first husband was Col. John Myre (Myers?). Ann was the daughter of David Huguenin (1724-1790) and Sarah Kenney. Rev. John & Ann HUGUENIN BECK had 8 children: 1. Joseph Huguenin BECK (b. 1801, d. 1862) mar. Sarah Jane SLEDGE in Montgomery Co., S.C Born in S. C.. 2. Emily BECK (B. 1802) mar. Stephen Williams. Born In SC. 3. John David BECK (1802-1823) Unmarried, killed in duel. 4. Josiah BECK (1806-1870) mar. Mary Washington FORD in 1837. Born in SC. 5. Anne BECK (1808-1852). Mar. James Rogers. Born in SC. 6. James Lewis BECK(1810-1865). mar. Sarah Elizabeth GILLISON 29 Dec 1831. Born in GA. 7. Juliana BECK (B. 1811, D. ?) Unmarried. Born in SC. 8. Jane Armanda BECK (b. 1812, d. 1818) child. Born in SC. I have info from Rev. John BECK to the present . (12/24/98 3:25:31 PM) George L. Hawkins, Jr.
BECKET  / BICKET I am searching for any information on Becket or Bicket families in SC. Have found a few members on census 1790 to 1830 in Charleston and Beaufort and Edisto.  Some of these moved to Abbeville district and married into Young family.  28 June 2004 Cornelia Scibetta
BEHN I am seeking information on an Arthur Behn who appeared in the 1790 through 1820 census of Beaufort Co., St. Luke's Parish.  It is believed that his sister was Philippine Behn who married a John McDowell of Charleston Dist., St. Thomas, St. Denis Parish.  Any and all help would be deeply appreciated. C. C. Owens
BENEKIN Looking for information on Cesar Benekin(birthdate and date of death unknown), who served in the 104th Regiment of the United States Colored Infrantry organized in Beaufort April 1865 and stationed all over South Carolina until February 1866. I have sent for further information from the National Archives but I am in need of other pertinent information if possible (4/14/99 11:02:12 AM) Mario Bennekin
BENNET Please add my interest in John Bennett, christened St. Helena's Parish, Beaufort, S,C. in 1756.  23 Sept. 2003 Jim Fillerup
BING I am looking for information for Julius Bing born in Robertsville, S.C. 1836. Died in Charleston, S.C. 1892 listed as Quadroon (one white parent & one mulatto parent). City directories of Charleston list him living with Adophus, James, William and Henry. I believe these are relatives. I found adolphus was born in 1840 - could be brother or cousin. (2/14/00 7:20:31 PM) B. Kling
BING The Bings were FPOC.....Matthew Bing was the head and I can find the family on the census from 1790 on..I know that Matthew was a farmer in SC and I was hoping to find out some more earlier history on the family..when were they freed? land records...etc..... 28 August 2005 Diane Johnson
BINYARD Binyard (Biniard?): I am researching the Family & Ancestors of Dorcas Binyard. Dorcas was born into slavery in the upper portion (not sure exactly) of South Carolina. After slavery, she moved to Beaufort and met a John Finley (worked on boats). They had 4 children (Lucinda, Janie, Neptune, John). Dorcas Binyard Finley was one of the early members (possibly founder) of Tabernacle Baptist Church in Beaufort. She had kin named Robert Frazier (Preacher) and Jane Pinkney who also lived in the area. At one time, the Binyards & Finley's lived at 116 Prince St. 16 Feb. 2003 O. Gibson
BLACK need information on Henry Black listed on the 1820 census. He is the only one in the family, and his age is 26-45 years. I am searching for the father of Henry James Black b abt 1832 in SC and a brother Thomas Daniel b about 1822. Both moved from SC to Carroll Co, GA. Oral family history indicates that Henry came from England at 17 years of age. On later census, both Henry James and Thomas have listed their father as born in England. I have no other knowledge of the older Henry. Henry James is my great-grandfather. 23 Sept. 2003 Eunice McCammon
BLAKE I am looking for any information about Simpson Blake or Mary (Martha) Blake they were in the Beaufort area in 1908 and owned land on Port Royal Island at that time. I am a niece, seeking information about the Blake families of Beaufort. Please email me at  Jan. 2004 Maranda Mazyck
BLAKEWOOD Strobhart, Hezekiah N. and Blakewood, James B.   21 May 2001 S. Marshall
BLITCH I am doing research on the BLITCH family. They were in Ga and then moved to Beaufort SC. Some stayed in Beaufort and some returned to Ga. Most of the ones that stayed in SC we have little to no infromation on. Could someone please help me fill in the blanks. The first person I have listed in Beaufort is ABRAHAM "ABRAM" BLITCH SR. b:1738 (believed to be in England)d:1795 in Beaufort County SC. He married a JUDITH ???? (last name unknown) in 1774 in Ga. They had 3 children. ELIZABETH BLITCH b:abt 1775 in Effingham County Ga // ABRAHAM JR BLITCH b:abt1778 in Effingham GA // ANN "MIN" BLITCH b:abt 1780 in Effingham Ga. ANN "MIN" BLITCH married WILLIAM HENRY HODGES in 1805. The Sr ABRAHAM moved back to SC because his death in Beaufort SC in 1795. (3/14/99 5:05:33 PM) J. Blitch
BLOUNT Would like to receive whatever info available on Stephen William Blount (born 1760 in Beafort Co., died in Savannah, Ga in 1804) He was Lt. or possibly Capt. in Revolutionary War. Some records indicate he lost a limb in the Siege of Sav'h. Thanks so much for any assistance. (4/15/98 9:22:17 PM) T. Blount
BLOUNT Am looking for the parents of CHARLES BLOUNT, b. Oct.23, 1814 in Beaufort District West, SC. Moved to Gadsden Co., FL as a young boy.  He lived with an Owens family in FL and later married Annie Elizabeth Owens, also originally from SC, possibly Barnwell area. She was born Jan. 8, 1825.  Looking for any family with a Charles who would fit in this time period. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! 5 May 2001 A. T. Blount
BLOUNT Looking for information on Stephen Blount 1760-1804 in Beaufort District area. Also information on TURKEY HILL, SC. We believe it was a plantation. Any leads would be helpful. Thank you. (3/1/98 9:38:25 PM) P. Blount
BLOUNT I am looking for any information that might lead me to the names of the parents of CHARLES BLOUNT, b. Oct, 1814 in Beaufort District, SC. He came to Florida alone at a young age. I will gladly pay for any information that can be found. Was wondering if he might be the child of Stephen William Blount, but I think his wife died in childbirth and he moved to GA. I just keep running into dead ends. Help!!!! 23 Sept. 2003 Annette Blount
BLOUNT Charles Blount (possibly Charles Wiley Blount) was born Oct. 23, 1814, in Beaufort District, SC. I seek his father and mother. At a young age he moved to Gadsden Co., FL and married Annie Elizabeth Owens, from Barnwell, SC. He supposedly came to FL with her brother, James Owens. The Owens family had already come to Gadsden Co. from SC earlier.  We have found several Blounts in Gadsden County, FL who originated in Beaufort SC and know that somehow they must be related to our Charles, but so far, we have not been able to find the connection.  Jan. 2006 Annette & Frank Blount
Bythewood Bible
BONNETT Looking for info on a Jacob Bonnett, owner of a Beaufort lot in 1750. (8/9/98 11:01:45 AM) S. Hovermale
BOON My husband's great-grandfather was Patterson Boon (or Boone). He was born on May 29, 1840 in Orange County (now Alamance County), North Carolina. He married Mary Catherine Rike on September 14, 1865. He served in North Carolina Co. K 47th Reg. during the Civil War. Sometime during the 1870's, he moved his family to Port Royal, Beaufort County, South Carolina where he appears on the 1880 census. According to his wife's Bible which is in their granddaughter's care in Augusta, Georgia, he died on July 18, 1890. Also according to the Bible, their son-in-law--Lafayette Ervin Densler--died on November 20, 1907 and was buried in the Baptist Churchyard in Beaufort. We have been to the Baptist Church in Beaurfort. They do not have a record of Patterson's burial or of his son's (Patterson, Jr. who died in 1883) or of his daughter's (Cora G. Boone Rahney who died June 24, 1890). There are two to three unmarked graves beside Mr. Densler in the cemetery which I suspect are Patterson and family, but I have no proof. I have also been to the public library in Beaufort where I found all but the newspaper for the week of Patterson's death. Do you have any suggestions where else I could look to find Patterson's grave and the newspaper article about his death? Appartenly, he was a well-known person in the community by the way he is described in his daugther's (Cora) obituary.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  23 Sept. 2003 Lucille Chote
BOOTH(E) James Washington BOOTH(E) born @1825 in Georgia, was the son of another James BOOTH(E), said to have been born in Beaufort, SC about 1799.  Would like to share any and all information about this family. 2 Aug. 2002 Ann Bergelt


Looking for the parents of Mary Bostick, b. 11-27-1805, Beaufort County, SC. M. Jessie Breland, son of Absalom Breland and ? circa 1819 in SC. (3/14/99 4:57:34 PM) G. Walker English
BOUTWELL Burton BOUTWELL was enumerated in the 1820 census of Beaufort County, only one male, 45 and older, was counted in the household. Any information will be appreciated, but I relly need information on his wife, who was she? (7/29/97) Bert Boutwell
BOWER(S) I am searching for any information on Mattie Bower or Bowers. Born in this area around 1867. She is my maternal great grandmother. Her daughter Evelyn Garris was my grandmother. (6/17/98 7:46:22 PM) L. Daniels
BOWERS Looking for anything about Giles Bowers b. 1747, d. aft. 1783 in Beaufort, SC. He married Ann Lee b. 1749, Hampton, SC. Their son was Herrendine Bowers b. 1775 in Hampton, SC., d. 1869 He married Sarah b. 1775. Their daughter, Elizabeth married Elias Jefferson Taylor b. abt 1800 in SC Lowcountry, d. 1879 in Opelika, Lee County, AL. They also lived in Early and Stewart Counties, GA. before moving to AL in about 1860. (4/8/00 11:48:32 AM) J. K. Arthur
BOX Harriet Box b:Beaufort District 15 Nov. 1823 m. George Goethe IV. Would like any info on the Box line. According to a letter written by her son Harriet was of Spanish descent. (7/6/98 8:51:19 PM) N. Rivers Pond
Boynton Can anyone help with John Boynton SC (possibly Beaufort)who married Elizabeth(?) SC? They married ca.1830 SC and were in Early Co., GA by 1837. They were related to the Lee and Burgess families. (2/14/00 7:26:51 PM) Curtis Holliday
BRADLEY I am looking for information on Henry Bradley. His son, John C. Bradley was born in 1805 in upper Beaufort County. John and Henry moved to Charleston in 1835. I would love to hear from anyone who knows the history of this family. John married Henrietta Forbes of Beaufort and had several children, Robert Forbes Bradley, Eva Bell, Henry and Louisa B. all born in Charleston. 31 Aug. 2001 L. Vier
BRADY Looking for Robert Brady married to Petitia ? living in Beaufort District,South Carolina. They had 3 dau. one going on to Mississippi where she met and married Charles Ballard in 1821 Lawrence Co.,Ms. 25 Nov. 2000 S. Lambert Ballard
BRAWNER Jack L BRAWNER served in the US ARMY in charleston, SC. He died Feb 25 1989 and is buried in Beaufort National Cemetery, last known residence was Ladson, SC. What newspaper might have an obit? How large a town is Ladson?  6 Nov. 2002 S. Brawner
BRELAND I am looking for information on the Breland family of Beaufort District. In particular, I am interested in Absolom Breland who was in St Peters Parish from 1790 to 1830. It appears that he moved to Mississippi after this time. Any information would be appreciated. Other earlier spellings might be Breelo or Breeler. (5/18/98 10:02:40 PM) Dennis Moss
BRELAND Looking for relations to ABSALOM BRELAND, specifically parents, siblings, and spouse. He is the father of the following known children: Jessie2 Breland, born June 27, 1799 in South Carolina; died July 21, 1874 in Stone County, Mississippi. Hezekiah Breland, born Abt 1797. Joseph Breland, born Abt 1794. Robert Breland, born Abt 1794. Henry Breland, born Abt 1793. Hiram Breland, born Abt 1792. Samuel Breland, born Abt 1789. Absalom Breland II, born January 22, 1790 in St. George Parish, South Carolina; died March 1850 in Greene County, Mississippi. (3/14/99 4:58:37 PM) G. Walker English
BRELAND My Breland ancestors came from Beaufort County. My ancestry can be seen at .  Family names associated with this group....Clark, Breland, Pittman, Fairchild, Kirkland, Johnson, Byrd, Breazeale, Odom. 28 June 2004 Kathy Scheuerman
Bright, Johnson, Black Am desperately seeking any info on the ancestors of both my mother(Bright)(Johnson) and father(Black). I have localized them to Beaufort sc, Jasper Co. sc, Levy sc,and Savannah in Chatham County Ga. The Johnson surname is remured to be very strong in Estill SC.  The oldest Ancestory with surname Bright was Sam Bright born 25Dec1866 who was married to Charlotte Bright(not sure of maiden name) born 20July1873died 19June1926 whose mother was Elsiey Gardner who died in 1912. Most of the bright childrens info i have places them in Yemessee at one point in the1920s.  The Johnson surname is from my grandfather whose name is Case Johnson born 26June1910 died 5May1991 in Savannah. According to the family his fathers name was Deeds Johnson. I would love to have any more information i can find.  As for the Black(surname) Jarome Black is the oldest i have found. He married Albertha Bright born 24Dec1903 to Charlotte Bright and Sam Bright. Jarome and Albertha had eight children.  To the nice lady (huh?) who runs these websites.  August 2006 Tanika L Bryan
Broughton I am interested in Captain Richard S. Broughton who married Sarah T. Wilson, widow of Mr. Branford; Capt Broughton died 1849. I believe that he is related to James Broughton listed in the 1850 census of Lancaster County SC. 4 Feb. 2002 A. H. Eakle
BROWN Hi my name is Jackson Brown III, An African American. I was told by a family historian that my Great-Grandfather's family was from Beaufort S.C. He left sometime around 1860-64, beacause he was a soilder in the Civil War. My family and I are trying to locate any African American who still live in the Beaufort S.C. area. If you know any Brown's in that area Please contact me at my e-mail address. (12/24/98 3:04:47 PM) Jackson Brown
BROWNLEE I am looking for any information on My great-great-grandmother. Her name was Martha Brownlee born in either 1897 or 1900 (conflicting information,she died May 1946 in Altamonte Springs, Florida)her father name was Wesl(t)ey Brownlee born in January 1876 place unknown I think it was Hardeeville though. She married a man named Walter Milton in 1929 and had three children by him 1) Wesl(t)ey Milton maybe born in 1914 in Hardeeville??? (Deceased???); 2) Authur Milton (still living; memory loss) born on May 2, 1916 in Hardeevilee??? he dropped out of school in the fourth grade and now lives in Texas; 3)Rosa Lee Milton born on May 2, 1920 in Hardeeville, Died in New Rochelle, New York, December 1966, Buried in Snowhill, Florida. I just can't seem to find any Birth Records on them. I was able to find Martha Brownlee in the Beaufort County, SC 1920 census with two children 1) Wesley Brownlee 2)Joe Brownlee (which may have been Arthur), the children were the same ages as my uncles would have been so I assumed that it was them. But in 1920 it shows Martha as unmarried, and the third child Rosa Lee was just born in May of 1920 which was after the 1920 Census was taken. The fourth child was Bertina Guy, Born on July 2, 1927 or July 1, 1928(She died in Orlando, Florida on August 28, 1958 giving birth and Buried in Snowhill, Florida). Her father according to her birth record was Frank ! Guy a sawmill worker from Pritchardville. The 1900 census shows that a Wesley Brownlee in Hardeeville was married to a Rosa Bush??? which Rosa shows connection with a man named George Bush and Henrietta (last name unknown). I was told that we were related to the Bush Family so that's how I connected George Bush and assumed that Rosa's (Wesley's wife) last name was Bush. (4/8/00 11:57:24 AM) T. Walker
BROXSON My husband and I are planning a trip through the Beaufort area to look at cemeteries. My father’s family stopped in South Carolina for a generation or two as they gradually moved from Maryland to Walton County, Fl. By the middle of the nineteenth century many of them had moved to several areas of Florida.  According to the records I have, John Broxson died April 17, 1791 in the Charleston District. He left a will found in “Will Book B 1786-1793” that left his wife Mary (Varn) and his children to land “plantation” on the” south side of Saltcather in the Beaufort District”. He may have been buried in what was then Colleton County. We would like to find his grave? How can I find more about this? 5 July 2005 Annice Webb
BRUNER I believe my ancestor (David Bruner bur. sec. 9, grave # 678) was one of the ones re-intered from Millen, GA. According to his military papers, he died there 27 Oct 1864 (Cemetery listing says he was buried at Beaufort 7 Oct 1864, so this date must be incorrect). I even have an unofficial gravesite at Millen (sec A, grave # 250).  Was he buried at Millen first, then re-intered at beaufort & if so, do you have the date he was moved? Are any soldiers still buried at Millen? Is anyonewilling to take a gravestone picture at Beauford National Cemetery (I have the section & grave number) for a small fee? 5 Feb. 2001 J. Nowicki
BRUNSON Looking for anyone who may be able to provide information about the parentage of James S. Brunson (Nov. 4, 1806 - Sept. 5, 1848), Hampton Brunson (Apr. 13, 1810 - Aug. 18, 1856), Rhoda S. Brunson (Aug. 1, 1812 - Nov. 10,1890) and Samuel C. Brunson (Mar. 22, 1817 - Mar. 4, 1884). James was married to Thriza Ann Smart, Hampton to Eliza Jane Smart, Rhoda to Richard Henry Johnston, Sr. and Samuel to Caroline Jane Dawson. Probably born near the dividing line between old Barnwell and Beaufort Districts. (4/24/97) Richard V. Byrd
BRUNSON Searching for information on Isaac Brunson b. 1808, Amos BRUNSON, thomas BRUNSON, Benson BRINSON all members of Beedh Branch Baptist Church c 1840. I am trying to find the first wife of Isaac Brunson, b. 1808 in SC. They had a son Murry Lewis Brunson, b. 1844 and buried in Brunson family Cemetery in Decatur Co, GA. Some researchers have suggested that she might have been a daughter of William Hardin/Harden. I am thinking that they m. c. 1839-1842.   She is not buried in the Brunson Cemetery so I am assuming that she did not come to GA. Isaac left the church in 1835 but returned in 1839. He was m to Jane Bryant in Dec. 1849 in Decatur Co, GA and was well established by then. Would appreciate any leads as to the parents of Isaac or the wife's maiden name. 18 Feb. 2001 B. J. Fowler
BRUNSON Does anyone know anything about a Nancy Brunson in the old Beaufort District during the early 1800's (1800 - 1825)? She was listed in the first membership list of Beech Branch Baptist Church near what is now Luray, SC. I don't know if Brunson was her maiden name or her married name. Any information would be appreciated. (12/5/99 5:51:29 PM) M. Holcomb
BRUNSON Looking for information concerning the parentage of Thomas Jefferson Brunson, born Nov. 30, 1841 in Beaufort District, SC, died Aug. 13, 1913. Thomas was a member of Beech Branch Baptist Church, c. 1865 and married Elsie Williams Riley during that year. (4/15/98 9:21:33 PM) Ronald F. Brunson
BRUNSON I am looking for any information on ANNE BRUNSON b. c. 1757 SC. Dau. of John Brunson. John Brunson moved to St. George Parish c. 1780s and owned land there. Anne married Samuel Palmer b. c. 1750s. I would like more information on Anne Brunson and Samuel Palmer or the Brunson family related to Anne. Anne had a sister, Mary, who married Timothy Griner of St. George Parish. They were later in Screven Co. GA which was a part of St. George Parish. Timothy Griner is also a part of my family of Ancestors!Any help or information on these five people would be deeply appreciated. (4/8/00 11:54:00 AM) N. B. Acton
BRUNSON I am trying to find the first wife of Isaac Brunson, b. 1808 in SC. They had a son Murry Lewis Brunson, b. 1844 and buried in Brunson family Cemetery in Decatur Co, GA. Some researchers have suggested that she might have been a daughter of William Hardin/Harden. I am thinking that they m. c. 1839-1842. She is not buried in the Brunson Cemetery so I am assuming that she did not come to GA. Isaac left the church in 1835 but returned in 1839. He was m. to Jane Bryant in Dec. 1849 in Decatur Co, GA and was well established by then. Would appreciate any leads as to the parents of Isaac or the wife's maiden name. Thanks. 27 Jan. 2001 . B.J. Fowler
BRUNSON Looking for Joseph C. Brunson, who was on Yemassee,SC census for 1880. 15 March 2001 M. Brothers
BRUNSON I am related to James Canty Brunson/Bronson who was born in Beaufort, SC. I am trying to find his family. Nov. 2005 Debbie Clemons
BRYAN Seeking info on the surname Bryan. They were in that area late 1700s and early 1800s. (11/12/96) Joe Lee
BUCHE I am seeking any information on A.A.Buche and/or Lousia Cornelia Buche(his daughter).They would have lived in the Old Beaufort District in the early 1860's. Lousia married Richard A. Blackwell in this timeframe. Their first child,Alonzo P.,was born at Matthews Bluff on December 26, 1864. They later moved to Georgia, finally settling in Henning, Tennessee. In Goodspeed's Biography's of Lauderdale Co.(Tennessee), A.A.Buche is mentioned as being a prominant rice planter. Several Buche's were listed on p.9 in "Colony of South Carolina Records of 1716 to 1783" as living in Purrysburgh(1743). I would appreciate any information on the Buche's, Purrysburgh, or Matthews Bluff. (2/7/99 5:48:02 PM) K. Barfield Gagen
BUGBY Having recently come into some records concerning family property on Wadmalaw Island, e.g. Bugby Plantation, I keyworded "Bugby" and the search produced material compiled by you with a 1999 copyright. In particular, this was a report from "Wm. Whaley Esq." concerning property losses during the Civil War. This, in fact is what was given to my parents by Dr. Henry Rittenberg, M.D., who came across it during his own research.  We know there once was a bridge from Johns Island to Wadmalaw that was known as Bugby Bridge. The causeway still exists on our side of the Bohicket River. I remember being told years ago of some sort of platform where goods were auctioned off near the head of this causeway.  The question most often asked - and for which we have no answer - is where did the name "Bugby" originate?  The Sosnowski family first in habited Bugby after my grandfather's grandmother inherited property there. Prior to that, our family had been ensconced on Edisto Island. My grandfather (John Ferrars Sosnowski, Jr.) and his father farmed the land they owned and adjoining land they leased known as Wilson Bugby. When the owner (Wilson) advised that he was going to sell, they bought it, bringing total ownership on that end of Wadmalaw Island to 3,000 acres. We presently maintain about 2,000 acres of this. I would be very interested in anything you could tell me about the origin of the name Bugby. By the way, we have a framed 1801 map showing how the land was laid out, what was grown where, etc. 23 Sept. 2003 Chris Sosnowski
BULL I am interested in finding out if the 'The Society of the BULL Family of Ashley Hall' is still in existence and if so, how do I contact them.  Someone deposited a letterhead from this society in Birmingham Central Library, England together with a copy of their constitution, dated 31 March 1964.  I am a descendant of the BULL family who stayed this side the pond and welcome any information with regard to this family.  23 March 2005 Rita Bailey
BUNTON I'm looking for members of the Bunton family that resides in the Beaufort and Hampton areas. My grandfather was Herbert Bunton who lived in Beaufort. His wife was Corene Bunton. They had six children.. Herbert Lee Bunton, Ruby Bunton Cook, Albert Hal Bunton, William Ernest Bunton, Mary Bunton Bowdren, Andrew Bunton and deceased child Oliver Bunton. They have been known to be in the Walterboro area as well. My great grandfather was Andrew Bunton who died before I was born. My grandmother's maiden name was Long. Anyone with any information please let me know. (4/15/98 9:26:57 PM) L. Bunton Lowery
BURLISON Would like to know exact time period that DANIEL BURLISON lived in Beaufort Co, SC... He is listed on 1820 census records for this county, but I'm sure was there for more than 10 years... anyone researching connections to him, please get in touch with me.. He is later found in Marion Co, FL. Thanks (4/15/98 9:26:24 PM) Baylus Brooks
BURRELL I'm looking for the ancestors and descendents of MILES B.BURRELL who joinedthe Southern Army in 1861 at Pocotaligo, Beaufort Co. SC. He may have joined with two relatives named Butler and Joseph BURRELL. (7/6/97) William H. Burrell
BYNG I have letter dated March 21, 1879 to G.G. Uncle Plumet Byng from Office of Deputy Collector of Customs Dist. of Beaufort, Coosaw, S.C.. Plumet Byng shipped on board Swedish Bark "Iris" ,Cpt Johan E. Johanson was to pay $12.00 per Mo. for his services. I know family lived somewhere in area. Looking for info on where I might find out further info on this document. (8/9/98 11:02:35 AM) B. Kling
BYTHEWOOD I'm looking for information on Daniel Hingston Bythewood and his wife, Elizabeth Taylor. They married 17 Apr 1792 in Charleston, and are buried at the 1st Baptist Church, Beaufort. Their son, Benjamin Russell Bythewood married Sarah Johnson Fickling whose family has a long Beaufort history. I have some data indicating Sarah Fickling's line goes back to a John Johnson and Rebecca Howard. Rebecca was previously married to Andrew Verdier and their son, John Mark Verdier was, I believe a prominent Beaufort citizen. Rebecca Howard was sent to Beaufort from The Dorchester, Mass colony about 1750, to teach. Andrew Verdier was a headmaster. I have three scrolls passed to me by my mother which contain considerable data but few dates. The scrolls were prepared by a Elizabeth Linah Bythwood, a daughter of Benjamin Russell Bythewood, in the 1920's, when she was in her ninties. I have considerable data from the scrolls that may be of value to interested parties. Much of the famlies history is tied to Beaufort till about 1900. (3/27/97) George Mackie

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