The following pages were copied from the James Graham Bythewood Family Bible in the early '70's by Mattie Marie Bythewood VanNorman who was residing in Lake Charles, LA at the time. James Graham Bythewood was born on August 12, 1811 in Beaufort, South Carolina. Her notes and clarifications in (NAME). Mrs. VanNorman's father was Benjamin Robert Bythewood.

In notes from a "Grandmother Remembers" Book given ca. 1985 to one of her grand daughters, Ms. VanNorman writes:

"My grandfather's name was Benjamin Russell Bythewood. My Grandmother's name was Mattie Magnolia Rawls. My grandparents came from Alabama. They settled in Wharton, TX. My grandfather was a farmer and raised turkeys."

"My father was born on September 4, 1882. My father was Benjamin Robert Bythewood. My mother was Zela Ivey Bythewood. They met at a church social. they were married on September 10, 1903 in Kerens, Texas, Navarro County. My father earned his living as an engineer." (The Benjamin Robert Bythewood family moved from Kerens, TX to Voth, TX before 2 Nov. 1910 when Mattie Marie Bythewood was born. They subsequently moved to Morgan City, Louisiana ca. 1918.)


James G. (Graham) Bythewood to Sarah H. (Henrietta) McConnico Dec. 22, 1885

J. William Wilson to M. (Mary) Eliza Bythewood Nov. 28, 1860

Eugene J. McBryde to M. (Martha) Selina Bythewood Aug. 12, 1869

William L. Jones to M. (Mary) McConnico (Bythewood) Dec. 17, 1868

B. (Benjamin) Russel Bythewood to Martha Rawls June 18, 1879


Sarah E. (Eliza) daughter of E.J. and M.S. McBryde Aug. 15, 1872

E. (??) Jan. 15, 1876

E. (Elizabeth) Taylor Sept. 11, 1877

Earl I. (Irvin) Dec. 6, (1881)

Mary Sue Oct. 24, (1885)

James G. (Graham) Bythewood Aug. 12, 1811

Sarah H. (Henrietta) McConnico Dec. 3, 1817

Mary E. (Eliza) daughter of J. G. & S. H. Bythewood Oct. 4, 1836

B. (Benjamin) Russell Bythewood Jan. 18, 1848

Marriage Certificate

Miss Mattie Rawls and Mr. B. R. Bythewood were married at her home, June 18, 1879. In the presence of Miss Sue McCloud by the Rev. F.M. Law.

Marriages (my grandparents)

Mr. B. R. Bythewood (31 yrs old) to Miss Mattie Rawls (16 yrs old) June 18, 1879


Name Born Died

B. R. Bythewood June 18, 1848 Sat., Nov 28, 1903

Mattie M. Rawls Sept. 22, 1862 Mon., June 4, 1900

Births (children of the above couple, Papa's brothers & sisters)

James Graham Bythewood Aug. 29, 1880 April 29, 1971

Benjamin Robert Bythewood Sept. 4, 1882 June 15, 1975

Lillie Mae Bythewood Sun. June 20, 1884 Sun. April 24, 1949

Johnny B. Bythewood Thurs. Feb. 19, 1886 Mar. 11, 1886

Christopher Jared Bythewood Mon. Sept. 12, 1887 Oct. 31, 1966

Sue Ella Bythewood Mon. Nov. 23, 1891 June 16, 1895

Mary Eliza Bythewood (Aunt Betty) Mon. Nov. 13, 1893

Emmett Russel Bythewood Sat. Mar. 7, 1896

Clyde Burdette Bythewood Wed. Mar. 29, 1900 June 23, 1900


Johnny B. Bythewood Wed. March 11, 1886

Sue Ella Bythewood Sun. June 16, 1895

Lillie Mae Bythewoed April 24, 1949

Zela Ivey Bythewood (Mama) Sun. March 10, 1957

James Graham Bythewood (cousin) March 31, 1965

C. J. Bythewood (Uncle Kit) Oct. 31, 1966

Mrs. J. G. Bythewood (Aunt Pearl) June 18, 1969

J. G. Bythewood, Sr. (Uncle Graham) April 29, 1971

B. R. Bythewood (Papa) Tues. June 15, 1975

Verna Bythewood Sun. Jan. 12, 1975

Mattie M. Rawls Bythewood (Papa's mother) June 4, 1900

Clyde Burdette Bythewood (Papa's brother) June 23, 1900

B. R. Bythewood (Papa's father) Nov. 28, 1903

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