Early Canty Records

____ Canty married Harriett? Millhouse(alive in 1831 not in 1841), daughter of James Millhouse alive in 1841. Two identified children:

  1. Vincent J. Canty died 1846, perhaps ill in 1841.
  2. John A. Canty (1806-10)-1873
  3. ?? Harriett Canty? Not clear if she was sister, mother, or maybe even wife, to John A. Canty.

Harriett Canty: Harriett Canty won a suit for a note due in 1821 from C. Petition, Patterson was her atty, amount $20. (Barnwell deed):The So. Ga. Canal & Railroad Co. Land to locate the train do hereby in addition give the wood & timber necessary to construct same through our land only free of cash. Barnt? Binnicken 1 March 1831, Harriet Canty, John A. Canty. 2 March 1831 James H. Simmons, Joseph Sandifer, James Sandifer, John X Johnson, Robert L. Mitler, Thos. Blitchintor, Jos. Zeigler, Edward Hoges 3 Mar.1831. Rec: 21 Mar.1833. Was Harriet Canty his wife or sister? (BCH Common Pleas Journal Fall 1822-Spring 1832 pages 313-660 H. Canty ads Lettiline? p89, H. Canty ads C Pettilow p121, p471, and more of these).

Jasper Newton Canty

A Canty married Elizabeth Dalgill, daughter of John Dalgill who died in 1878. Barnwell Deeds Book 4-A Page 167: Probate Judge to Elizabeth Canty et al. 4 Feb. 1878 rec: 13 Feb. 1878, for $100 105 acres by Richard Best. John W. Ogilou? Administrator of John Dalgill deceased on 27 Nov. 1877 sold the estate at public auction to pay debt 4 Feb. 1878. Unto Eliz. Canty, Mary Dalgill, & Sarah Dalgill paid $100 highest bid made these three tenants in common for 105 acres & which 1/4 was share of said John Dalgill which he possessed in fee with the said Elizabeth Canty, Mary Dalgill, & Sarah Dalgill. Bounded by Richard Best, J.S. Stoney, Swallow Savannah Church, Mrs. M.A. Richardson. Rec: 13 Feb. 1878.

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This Cantey family is clearly related to the one above, but how is not clear

William Cantey b. abt. 1800? Williamsburg Co. No further information.

Sabb Cantey b. abt. 1830? No further information.

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