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DANIELS I am searching for any information on Gainey Hansford Daniels born in Hampton County on November 11, 1880 and/or Stephen Daniels, his father. Also, any information on Marion or Polly Daniels--Marion Lane, married name; Polly McCoy, married name. (6/17/98 7:45:14 PM) Leslie L. Daniels
Dafauskie Island I would like to visit the cemetery on Dafauskie Island. Do you have any info on it? My great great grandfather, John Edward Harlen Reid (1798-1847) is buried there.  20 June 2007 June Gardner
DAVIDSON Trying to find info on Michael Davidson b abt 1808 d 1872 married Mary Eady, and Rollin Michael Davidson b 1846 married Elizabeth Heape. All from the Jasper/Hampton/ Beaufort county area. (5/31/97) Jim Strickland


Edward DAVIES (b) Wales wife Sarah (b) Wales parents of Francis Davies (b)1738 Beaufort, SC. Francis married and five children were born in SC, in late 1700's he and his family moved to GA, where two more children were born. Any information would be appreciated! Need verification, and his wife's name. (While the correct name is DAVIES, it is sometimes spelled DAVIS.) (5/18/97) Lynda Farley
DAVENPORT John Davenport - born Dec. 11, 1845 in Hilton Head, S.C.  Is there anything about his parents? 23 Sept. 2003 Mary D. Dorough
DAVIS I am searching for any information on Grover Davis who was supposedly married to a Veronica Boulware. They were to have lived in Beaufort around 1964. (12/5/99 5:53:58 PM) Carla
DAVIS Looking for an Alma Davis In Beaufort S.C. We are looking for any connections to the Davis family that lived in Beaufort during the fifties. Possibly a Marine family? (10/28/99 10:07:14 PM) paul laxton
DAVIS Looking for Ann Davis,daughter of James Clyde Davis.Originally from Kinston,NC.I do not know Ann's married name.She grew up in Kinston in the 1920's and 1930's and moved to the Hilton Head area after marriage.James had a brother,Joseph Hartsfield Davis.Their father and mother were Jacob Davis and Susan Spence both of Lenoir county,NC .Please contact. (10/28/99 10:11:09 PM) Thomas Haywood Davis Jr.
DAVIS Searching for information on EDWARD DAVIS born about 1830 in Beaufort District. Spouse FERIBEE HULL born about 1835. Children: Edward Thomas born about 1855, James Samuel Davis born about 1857, William S. Davis born 1860, Mary Davis born 1870, Joseph born 1864, George born before July 1869, Henry Jefferson born 1874, Delila Ann Davis born between 1868 &1870 and Sarah born about 1878. Ages differ on census records and family sources. Would like to learn parents of Edward and Ferbee and any other information about siblings. Will share my information with interested parties. (12/24/98 3:17:20 PM) Millie Chaplin
DAVIS Searching for the parents of Samuel DAVIS born about 1860 (spouse: Susan Victoria Ginn), Sarah DAVIS CROSBY born 1879, Delila Ann DAVIS WILLIAMS born 26 August 1870, Henry Jefferson DAVIS (spouse: Lula Ann Box) born about 1876, Joe DAVIS (died in 1930's due to accidental burning) birthdate unknown, and Thomas "Tom" DAVIS (2nd spouse: Annie Dero Ginn) birthdate unknown. Will share known information. They are said to have lived sometime in GA. (4/8/00 11:52:22 AM) Millie Chaplin
DAVIS Looking for Ann Davis of Lenoir county NC.Father was James Clyde Davis. Her brother died in WWII. Ann is presently living in this part of SC. My father and Ann's father were brothers. (3/14/99 4:56:54 PM) Tom Davis
DAVIS I seek info on Davis. Wm Henry Green married Lydia Davis. They are on the 1850 census of Beaufort SC. 15 July 2001 C. Green Haag
DAVIS I am searching for information of JEREMIAH JAMES DAVIS christened 23 May 1753 at St. Helena Parish, Beaufort, Beaufort District, South Carolina. Parents listed are WILLIAM & MARTHA. 4 Feb. 2002 L. Stone
DAVIS I am researching my great grandmother's line..............Lydia Davis b May 16, 1817 Hampton, Beaufort District, SC. Married William Henry Green of Beaufort, St. Peter's Parish, SC. Any help would be appreciated. 23 Sept. 2003 Charlotte Green Haag
DAWSON Richard DAWSON, lived in Beaufort County, near the Savannah River, mid to late 1700's. His daughter was Mary (Susan) DAWSON that married Samuel Marvin b 1784. (11/28/97 9:23:48 AM) Jim Strickland
DAYS Requesting information on family members who were slaves of Lewis R. Sams, in Beaufort and on Dataw Island. Family members are Richard Days, his mother Abby Days, father Dennis Days, and brother Andrew Robinson. The Sams family and the Robinson/Days family members had a relationship until 1940's on Dataw island. My grandfather Nathan Robinson was the caretaker on Dataw until 1930 (Resort owned by Kate Gleason). Nathan Robinson worked on road construction for bridge 1927 connection St. Helena., 28 June 2004 P. Hopenat
DESHA George W. DESHA listed in Federal Population Schedule for 1820, page 21 #SC320343580. Any information on this person and his family would be greatly appreciated. He may have been married to a Mary or Maria or Mariah WHITEHEAD. Her father may have been an Elliott or Elat WHITEHEAD who was a ship's captain. One of his children may have been Joseph Franklin deSha of Alachua County FL (near Waldo). Mary/Mariah may have divorced him in FL and remarried a HUNTER. The only George W DESHA I can find to date in the right place and time is this one. (9/19/99 10:41:13 AM) B. Learn
DESHA George W. DESHA listed in Federal Population Schedule for for Beaufort, SC in 1820, page 21 #SC320343580 with NO FAMILY. Any information on this person and his family would be greatly appreciated.  He married a Mary/Maria/Mariah Fay/Mary Ann/Marianne WHITEHEAD from whom he was divorced in 1826 in Clarke Co. Georgia. Two sons of this marriage were Isaac Robert Newton and Joseph Franklin deSha.  Any info on George DESHA and/or Maria WHITEHEAD (her father Captain Elliott Whitehead) would be very helpful. Thanks. 15 Oct. 2000 B. Learn
DEVEAUX To further identify individuals who lived at our archaeological site in Savannah, Ga during the 1700s, we need information on the James Deveaux family (1720-1800)and its kinship ties with Andre Deveaux. (7/2/99 8:03:01 PM) Anne Yentsch
DICKSON Sarah Dickson,age 87. was enumerationed in the 1850 census of Prince William Parish, Beaufort Co, in the household of Howell Simmons, age 64. Also in household was Elizabeth Arnold ,age 35, who was apparently a deaf mute (census says "dumb). Would like to know the relationship, if any, of these individauls. Also seeking a Freeman - Dickson connection. (9/28/98 6:26:07 PM) Elloree
DOANE Looking for any information on the Doane family buried at the First Baptist Church in Beaufort. Edward W. Doane 1828-1882 married to Charlotte Bebe (don't know if this is her middle or last name) & George E. Doane 1858-1916 married to Isabelle Cummings 1857-1938. I have reason to believe these are my Grandparents & GGgrandparents on my Mother's side. If I can find the children of George and Isabelle the mystery will be solved. 31 Aug. 2001 L. Phillips
DOBSON I am looking for information on my GGrandfather William A. Dobson. He was born in 1895 and was from Grays, or Grays Hill. both of his parents died and he was sent to live with an Aunt in Florida. Her surname is Boyne. we have no information on family, though there was contact with them, but we lost contact, and info, when William pasted away. Please Help! (7/17/99 11:44:35 PM) Christina M. Dobson
DOBSON Looking for information about Isaac Dobson or Dopson who owned land in Granville Co (extinct from Beaufort) in 1763.  Sept 2006 Flossie Benton Rogers
DONOHO I am lloking for any information on Dempsey Donoho, born in South Carolina in 1788. The only Donoho I can find is a JOHN DONOHO listed on the 1790 census for the BEAUFORD DISTRICT. It list that he had 4 free white female living with him in 1790. My Dempsey DONOHO would have been 2 years old then. The only other information I have on her is that she married William Gill Cooper of Chester County SC. Demsey died in Hinds County, Mississippi in 1843. Any info on the Donoho surname would be greatly appreciated. I would love to make a family connection for Dempsey. Thanks. (9/28/98 6:11:41 PM) Cindy Brinson
Dubberly I descend from a John Dubberly (1765-aft 1833), who appears in St. Peters Parish in the 1800 and 1810 census of Beaufort District, SC. By 1820, he appears in the Tattnall Co, GA census. Supposedly, he was a member of the Black Swamp (now Robertsville) Baptist Church in Robertsville in present day Jasper Co, SC. I'd like to hear from any other Dubberly descendents. Bob Burton
DuBOIS Any information leading to the parents of Henry Washington DuBois, born c1840 in SC. He married (1) Louise Victoria Preacher (2) Mary Ann Forrester. Also would like to know more about his descendants. 25 Nov. 2000 D. DuBois Layne
DuPUIS DuPuis, (three brothers) Seth S. (1808-1909) David F. (1814-) William (1824-) Father may have been named John, Lived in Port Royal, SC but may have moved back and forth from New Orleans. I have traced 7 generations of decendents, most now living in Charleston,South Carolina. (6/7/98 5:16:31 PM) Martha DuPuis-Lisicki
DuPUIS Lived near Port Royal late 1700 and early 1800. Would appreciate any leads. (2/7/99 5:53:05 PM) Martha Lisicki
DUSSEIGN Tracing the Dusseign family of Purysburg. A daughter married Jon Walters (Waters), R. S., of SC and GA. (12/24/98 3:15:05 PM) Charles S. Miller
DYKES Seeking information on Telitha Dykes, who married Malachi Rushing, also of Beaufort. His dob was 1792. Any information on her and/or her family would be appreciated. (10/28/99 10:16:52 PM) Brenda Water

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