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EADY Trying to find information on EADY family from Jasper/Hampton/Beaufort County area. Mary EADY b about 1813 married Michael DAVIDSON b about 1808 (5/31/97) Jim Strickland
Edenspointe Is there an Edenspointe or Eddings Pointe in Beaufort? Additionally, if you provide Census information is there Wiggs family listed in the 1880, 1900-1920 Census for Beaufort County. D. Neely
Eichelberger I am very very interested in finding out more of the history of a plantation on Daufuskie Island. The plantation consisted of two tracts, and one I think was originally owned by my relatives (not my direct line, but sons of my immigrant ancestor). This is what I have: This plantation owned by John David Mougin, consisted of two tracts: "Oak Ridge" (596 acres) and Elgelburger/Ackleburger (200 acres). I also know there is some archealogy work going on, but I'm interested in the actual history.  My ancestor was George Eichelberger, who settled in the Dutch Fork area of Newberry County SC in 1752. One or the other of his youngest sons, George and Christian, show up on the Beaufort census, 1800-1830. Alternate spellings are Eigleberger, Beygelburger, etc. 2 August 2002 S. Eichelberger
ELDRED Looking for any information on Randal Eldred, Jr. (b. 1780) who married Esther Susannah Robert (b. 1787) in 1801. Any records of their marriage? Believed to be residents of the old Beaufort District somewhere near present day Robertville. Where did Robertville get its name? Is the Robert family of French origin? After their marriage, Randal Eldred and his wife move to Louisiana sometime after 1810. They reputedly died near Cheneyville in 1850 and 1847 respectively. (12/5/99 6:05:30 PM) H. E. Rast
ELDRED Would like to know how much land owned, location and how acquired by Randal Eldred in 1790 in the Beaufort District. (11/2/97) Jon Rast
ELLIOTT My ELLIOTTs have been in SC since the 1790's at the latest. I am looking for information on the ELLIOTT House Museum listed in Beaufort Co. Any history and the origins of it would be appreciated. Thank you. (6/7/98 5:11:41 PM) Sheila Gingles Lorenz
ELLIOTT I am looking for a Thomas Elliott who died in 1797 at Combahee. He was married possibly 2nd to Freelove Eldred daughter of shopkeeper Randal Eldred. He died owning 9 slaves 7 of which Freelove received but the other 2 were given to Elizabeth Elliott Graves. I need to find a family for Elizabeth. Family says she was an Elliott but I do not know if she is his sister or his daughter by a previous marriage. She would have been the widow of John Graves. She later married Ambrose Gibson listing three daughters Esther, Mary, and Freelove (Graves).  I'd love any thoughts you might have. Esther married Saul Solomons.  Freelove married William Patterson, Jr. 20 June 2006 Carolyn Ramsay
EUSTIS I have found my great-grandparents, Charles Lyman Eustis and wife Deborah in the census' of 1870 and 1880. They were living with their daughter Sarah who was married to Phillimore M. Whitman (this last spelled MANY ways.) They were from Massachusetts/Maine and Charles died about 1886. His wife died about 1893. I assume they died in Beaufort. Phillimore and his brother Joshua were watchmakers. I know nothing more until Sarah was in Minneapolis in 1920.  5 Nov. 2002 H. L. Fredell
EVANS Looking for information on the family of Middleton EVANS, who was born in St. Helena in 1721. He later moved to Medway, Georgia where he was given a royal land grant. His wife was named Hannah. Thank you! (4/1/99 8:11:03 PM) Emy Stewart

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