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FARRIS Looking for my gg grandfather James Farris b. SC abt 1803. Lived in Beaufort Cty for 70 or so years, was a blacksmith, and had 3 wives (1.unknown, 2. Mary Ann?, and 3. Nancy ?)and some 21 children. Have several census records of him and much info on descendants, but nothing on his siblings and/or ancestors. Any help appreciated. (2/7/99 6:02:01 PM) Hampton E. Beasley, Jr
FARRIS I am looking for information on James FARISS b) November 23, 1749 in St. Helena Parish in the area of what is now Beaufort Co. Thank you in advance for the help. (12/24/98 3:29:18 PM) Debbie Rupe
FEREBEE I am looking for information about the Ferebee Family who lived in Ferebeeville near Grahamville in the 1800's. (3/14/99 5:18:15 PM) Audrey Battiste
FERGUSON Need information on the George W. Ferguson who lived in Sycamore township around 1860. Children listed in census at that time were Barnaby, George P., Dora E., also listed were Mary Strange, and BJ. Corley a laborer. Wife listed as Sarah A. We believe that the Barnaby is buried at a cemetary in Allendale- I may be descended from the George P. The Ferguson's whom I am seeking ended up in Hampton County- Peeples Township (Crocketville, Varnville). Any information would be helpful. (1/25/98 1:21:07 PM) Cindy Jones
FERGUSON Looking for any one also researching FERGUSON's in the low country. The 1860 census shows: a J. B Ferguson male 21. Also in Beaufort @ St. Peters Parrish is a John B. male 48. John B.'s household also has a Rebecca M. Gross 70 living there. I'm interested in any Ferguson is this area. Please contact me. Thank You (1/25/98 1:19:16 PM) Judi Ferguson Sawyer
FERRELL I am looking for information about the Isaac Ferrell family. He, and his wife, Jane ?, moved from Johns Island, SC to Beaufort District around 1830. They owned property (Riceshire Plantation) near present-day Ridgeland, SC., and also property in Blufton, all of which was sold for taxes after the Civil War. Isaac and Jane Ferrell had two sons, Henry (m. Martha ?), and Milton (m. Catherine ?), and at least one daughter, Mary (m. Alois Lingg). Henry Ferrell had three daughters (Ellen, Amanda, and Eliza Sams Ferrell), and Milton had three children (Benjamin, Alice, and Edward). We know what happened to Mary Ferrell Lingg, but the rest we can't trace. Anyone connected to this family? (1/17/97) Kathy Marsh
FERRELL Looking for information on George Edward Ferrell (born 1854) or Steve Kinard Ferrell (borm 1864) in South Carolina. (7/22/99 1:30:51 PM) Tim Ferrell
FIELDS My grandmother, Janie (Polite) Fields married Jonas Green. Janie was from Ridgeland, SC and Jonas from Beaufort (Burton). Janie's mother, called Ma died in 1950. I need information on Janie(Polite)Fields relatives and Jonas Green's. Jonas had a brother that lived in Savannah and he also had a daughter that lived in Savannah. (4/8/00 11:49:31 AM) khedi
FINLEY Finley: I am researching the Family & Ancestors of Dorcas Binyard Finley. Dorcas was born into slavery in the upper portion (not sure exactly) of South Carolina. After slavery, she moved to Beaufort and met a John Finley (worked on boats). They had 4 children (Lucinda, Janie, Neptune, John). Neptune & John were ship workers who worked on boats in the Beaufort and Charleston areas. John met a woman named Catherine Butler in Charleston, SC whom he married and had two (2) children (Ida Finley & John Dewit Finley). Neptune & John drowned to death (I believe in Charleston) trying to save another fried who could not swim. After John Finley's death, Catherine Butler Finley Jenkins had more children and raised them in Charleston, SC. At one time, the Binyards & Finley's lived at 116 Prince St. 16 Feb. 2003 O. Gibson
FINNELL I am looking for any information on the Finnell family that was in Beaufort County SC in the 1700s through the middle of the 1800s. William W Finnell was born in 1847(?). Following the Civil War he moved to Liberty County GA. Does anyone have info on him or a Washington Finnell? Washington was in the SC 3rd Cavalry, Co. D. Thanks in advance for any help I can get. 23 Sept. 2003 Steve Evans
FITTS Looking for any information on him. He was my Great grandfather he started the telephone company in the town of Beaufort. He and my grandmother Beulah Fitts and all 7 children lived in the John Verdier House. I have found some news paper articles from the library but would like to get more information. (3/30/97) Barbara Barber
FITTS Edgar and Mary Fitts lost 3 children within 17 days to an epidemic/fever in summer of 1855. Searching for info on them or disease. Feel free to e-mail me at (10/28/99 10:08:11 PM) Elaine Felth
FITTS Looking for the maiden name of Eliza A. married to F.R. Floyd. She and F.R. Floyd were named guardians of Henrietta and Melton Fitts, minor children of Edward C. Fitts. They later moved to Nacogdoches, Texas with the children. It is thought Eliza might have been a relative of the Fitts children. Time frame is 1838-1840. (4/8/00 11:53:13 AM) Marda Vey Floyd Selman
FITTS Looking on information on Annie Fitts *(1881), dau of John Edwin Fitts and Jeanette Amarine Reid. I am told that she married a Johnson or Johnston. Her parents are buried at Beech Branch. Any information would be appreciated. Aug. 2007 June Gardner
FLOYD Looking for information on JESSE FLOYD from Beaufort Co. who is mentioned in a land transaction in Sumter Dist. SC in the 1820's. Any info on the ancestry or siblings of Jesse Floyd would be appreciated.  2 Aug. 2002 Rett Floyd
FORBES The family of William P. Forbes and his wife, Ann C. (Sigwald?) was in Beaufort District, St. Helena Parish, on the 1850 census, and Ann C. Forbes (widow of William P.) and children were on the 1860 census in the same location. If anyone is researching the Forbes family from this area, please get in touch. 23 Sept. 2003 Kathy Marsh
FORD Looking for information on FORD, Joeannh b? in Ridgeland, S.C. d. 1963. 1st marriage to WILLIAMS, Eddie. They had 1 daughter, Eddie Mae 1929 Florida. 2nd marraige to HOPKINS, Wilmer of Florida. (8/9/98 11:19:30 AM) Jean Feimster
FORSYTH I am searching for information pertaining to the parents of Nathaniel John Forsyth who was born in South Carolina, Beaufort Co. around 1811. Any information pertaining to this man's family please contact. He was married to Sarah E. Oglesby. (This was his first wife.) I am willing to provide any information I have to anyone who is seeking information about Nathaniel John Forsyth and his descendants that I have in my possession. (5/24/99 4:32:55 PM) Willyne Forsyth Beecher
FOX, COOK I am looking for infromation on a Maxine Cook formerly (Fox) Her mother was Emma Fox. she married Jim Cook iIthink they lived in or around the Burton, S C area. Jim Cook Had Some thing to do with a car dealership. she had a daughter named Dain at one time her last name was Westerberg. we are related Emma Fox married Carl Fox my dad bother Laverne Fox need to contact for information.  August 2995 Larry Fox
FOXWORTH Need any information on Elizabeth Foxworth of Beaufort Dist. SC. wife of Thomas Horn(e) and mother of Richard Horn (e) Any leads or information on who her parents would be greatly appreciated. (12/5/99 5:54:28 PM) Beverly Thomas
FRAZIER I cannot find any trace of Hector Frazier, my great grand father. February 21, 1881 conveyed to Hector Frazier lot #23 in the old house subdivision - Liken's Plantation in Beaufort, SC. Hector dies instate leaving two sons Europe Frazier and Sancho Frazier. There is no death record that I could find for any of the above Fraziers. I also looked for Hector Frazier in the 1880 census but find no other records of him. I would like to know if he was a slave or came from somewhere else. Hector bought his property through the Freeman Saving and Trust in Washington, DC, Lawrence O. Murray, commissioner of the bank at that time. There is no record of any wives until my mother, Cora Lee was married to Jessie Frazier, my father, son of Sancho Frazier. 13 March 2001 C. Frazier Morgan
FREEMAN I am looking for a David Freeman who may have been born in this county in 1788. He later married a Sarah Davis in NC. I would like to find the father of this man. (10/28/99 10:13:00 PM) martha freeman kelley
FRIPP Johnnas (John) Fripp, (b. abt 1630, d. aft 1714, SC) Privateer, Pirate according to legend, living on Edisto Island m. Elizabeth Grive of Ladys Island abt 1695. Son John Fripp = Sarah Frampton of St. Helena Island. Must talk to others who are researching this family. Important developments pending. No firm evidence has been found of the original John Fripp, Pirate, Privateer, in England. Cooperative searches now being made to discover primary records of this colorful man in England and USA. He gave his name to Fripp Island about 1690. (1/25/98 1:17:39 PM) Marshall Shore
FRIPP Information concerning Rev. Thomas R. Fripp, died 1911, Columbia, SC. and his daughter Rosa Bell Fripp, wife of Henning Pedersen, a tailor in Columbia, SC. The Rev. Fripp was a Chaplin in Gen. Wade Hampton's Regiment during the Great Civil War. He is buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Columbia, SC. Henning Pedersen is the Grandfather of James Frederick Pedersen of Charleston, SC. (9/19/99 10:39:34 AM) Kenneth Stephen Stubbs
FRIPP I am searching for information on Thomas R. Fripp, his wife, or his daughter, Rosa Bell Fripp, from the early 1800's to the early 1900's. He was a Methodist minister and a Chaplain in the CSA. (12/5/99 5:57:15 PM) Kenneth S. Stubbs
FRIPP Looking for Captain John (Johannes) Fripp connections to England 1600 - 1700.  7 Jan. 2001 Dave Bridgen
FRIPP I am researching the Fripp family. (My mother was Julia Crosskeys Fripp, descendent of John Fripp) I am interested in any info you might have regarding John Fripp b 1650, d 1698. and any descendents thereafter. I was just down to St Helena Island recently and could not find the burial site referred to as "the churchyard on St Helena", I did find the "Chapel of Ease" and "Brick Baptist Church of St.Helena". but found only a few of my relatives buried there. Could anyone advise me where I might find information on the Fripp family? 7 August 2001 John Pope Fishburne
FULLER Looking for information about Dr. William Hazzard Fuller who took 40 enslaved people from his plantation near Pocotaligo to Woodlands, home of William Gilmore Simms in Midway, SC, in 1861, when federal troops landed at Port Royal. (12/24/98 2:51:34 PM) Felicia Dryden
FULLER   I am looking for information on the Fuller Family. The oldest relative we know of was Toby Fuller born around 1810. He appears in the 1880 census and was married. He had a son named Prince Fuller, year of birth 1855 who was a mulatto) which started a long line of Princes in my family. Prince married a women named Lucy, born around born about 1860. They had a son named Prince Fuller who moved to Bennettsville, SC. Any information you may have on Toby, Prince or Lucy is most appreciative. I'm particularily interested in plantations located in the area during the early 1800s. Any information on wills, sale papers or where i should look is greatly appreciated. 26 May 2006 Yvette Fuller 

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