Estate of Isaac Ferrell, Deceased. Milton S. Ferrell, Executor. Office of Probate Judge, Beaufort County, Beaufort, S.C. (On microfiche - filmed 8/1954 )

State of South Carolina

Beaufort District

St. Lukes Parish

In the name of God, Amen, I, Isaac Ferrell, being well of body, and of sound, and disposing mind, and memory, do make, and ordain this, my last will, and testament in manner and form following.

I give to my Beloved son, Milton Smith Ferrell, that part of Rice Shire tract of Land with all the buildings thereon situated on the west side of the Charleston, and Savannah Rail Road, to be his property so long as he lives, and when he dies, it is my will that his widow should have it during her widowhood; but should she marry or die, then I wish the Plantation sold, and the proceeds equally divided between my Heirs, and my son Milton Smith Ferrell’s heirs, and should any of my children have deceased, then their children to receive their parents share.

I give also to my son Milton Smith Ferrell the following named slaves, viz, Carpenter, Jeby, Eliza, Lise, Sam, Maria, Julia, William, and George, and their increase to be his property forever.

I also give my son Milton Smith Ferrell twenty head of cattle, twenty head of sheep, twenty head of hoggs, and three horses. The stock to be chosen by him; I give him also what provisions there may be on the place, also all the wagons, carts, ploughs, foot gins, kitchen furniture; also two beds, two bedsteads, two mattresses, two blankets, four quilts, four pillows, four sheets, two tables, six setting chairs, two working chairs, one fender, five dogs, shovel, and tongs, all my crockery ware, and such books as he may require, all to be chosen by him; I also give him what ready money there may be in the house at the time of my death.

I wish the remainder of my property to be divided in the following manner and amongst the undernamed children.

I wish all the stock of cattle, hogs, sheep, horses, house, and lots in Grahamville, Charleston, and Savannah Rail Road Bond Stock, any Real Estate (that is not already disposed of) that is to say, the land on the East side of the Charleston, and Savannah Rail Road, and all the perishable property to be sold, and after paying my debts the balance of the money to be equally divided between my children viz, Henry Ferrell, Mary E. Lingg, Sarah A. B. Sawyer (or Lawyer?), Hugh W. Ferrell, and Milton Smith Ferrell. Then the remainder of my slaves, to be put in lotts, so as not to part man, and wife, and each child to draw, those drawing the most valuable lots to pay to the others as much as will equalize each share. My children that I mean to draw, are Henry Ferrell, Mary E. Lingg, Sarah A. B. Sawyer, and Hugh W. Ferrell, the boy Stepsey (?) is the property of my son Hugh W. Ferrell and is not to be included with the others.

I nominate, and appoint my Beloved son Milton Smith Ferrell, B. F. Boyd, and William J. Morrall, my Executors to this my last will and testament; in witness thereof I have hereunto interchangeably set my hand and seal this fourth day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand, eight hundred, and fifty-nine, and in the Eighty Third year of the American Independence

And declared by the testator to be his last will and testament and by his desire have subscribed our names as witnesses thereto,

John H. Howard (signed)

Ffmp? Howard

J. V. Welch

Isaac Ferrell

Filed 23 Feb 1870 – Beaufort District Court, Beaufort, SC


We have been able to trace a couple of the children of Isaac and Jane ? Ferrell. Henry and Martha ? Ferrell moved their family to Glynn County, GA before 1860. Mary E. Ferrell married Alois Lingg, a Swiss immigrant, and they had a large family. They lived in Grahamville, SC until after the Civil War. Alois Lingg died about that time, and Mary E. Ferrell Lingg moved her family to Savannah, GA. Milton S. Ferrell married and was listed on the 1860 and 1870 census in Grahamville. Although he had three children, the only one that we have found that may be is daughter is Alice, who married William Shokes in Charleston, SC in the 1880's.

If anyone has any information about Sarah Ferrell who married a Sawyer before 1859, we'd love to have it. Hugh Wilson Ferrell may have been a forty-niner - at least there's a Hugh W. Ferrell listed in California on the 1850 census - born in SC. We really don't know what happened to him.

The property, Riceshire or Rice Shire Plantation, was broken up and sold for taxes after the Civil War. We have a couple of copies of deeds filed in Columbia, SC at the Archives, along with a deed for a property in Bluffton, also sold for taxes. We don't know exactly where Riceshire was located although there is still a Riceshire Road near Ridgeland, SC.

Kathy Marsh, ggg grandchild of Mary E. Ferrell Lingg

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