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GADSEN Millie Gadsen whose siblings included Archie, Charlotte, Prime and Darcus. Their mother being Amelia Gadsen. Gadsen being her maiden name. These people are of African American decent.  5 May 2001 Russ Tyler
Garrett The certificated death certificate for my Great-grandfather, John Harvey Garrett, states htat he was born 03 March 1864 and died June 15, 1938.   The Death Certificate listed his father as J. T. Garrett from Cumming. S.C. . Jesse was first married to Hannah Garrett. His 2nd wife was Sarrah Blackwell from Tennessee.  In 1864, Cumming S.C. or Hampton County was listed as part of Beaufort County, according to the records I pulled up. Does anyone know what Garrett's were in the Cumming S.C. area just after the Civil War? Thank you.  Dec  2007. Lera Henkel
GEOGHAGAN I am searching for info. on Joshua & Sarah Geoghagan, Who resided in St. Peters Parish, Beaufort district, S.C. from 1790 census until 1830 census. I am the GGG Grandson of Joshua and cannot find his Parents nor when He came to the United States from Ireland, any help will be appreciated. Thanks! (1/18/97) Lawrence A. Gohagan Sr.
Gilbert Need info on Capt. Barbanas Gilbert of Beaufort. He was there is 1730's and was member of St. Helenas Episcopal and served as Vestryman. He married a McLeod. He was in British army. His daughter married John Gervey of Beaufort. His wife was daughter of Margaret McLeod of Beaufort (4/8/00 11:56:51 AM) Tom Crichton
GILLISON Looking for birth of a Julia Gillison in Beaufort in early 1900's. She would have been my mother-in-law. Thank you. (3/22/99 8:59:54 PM) Ruth A. Olson
GILLISON Am looking for information on Julia Gillison born in Beaufort around 10/24/1903. She was the Daughter of William Gillison and Margaret Mulligan. She moved to Savannah, attended Savanah State and married John Martin who wrote the Savannah State College school song. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I am looking for birth records and any information on where I could possibly look for these African-American data. Thank you much. (12/5/99 5:55:35 PM) Ruth Olson Martin
GINN I am researching the Ferdinand GINN Family. According to his Death Certificate he was born in Beaufort County on Sept 25th, 1855. The Death Certificate lists his parents as William GINN and Eliza CHISOLM. The information I have says that both William Ginn and Eliza Chisolm were possibly born in Beaufort County, William about 1806 and Eliza about 1815. Any verification of the information I have given or any additional information would be greatly appreciated. (11/3/96) Duane Dickey
GINN I am looking for any thing on a family named Ginn.  I know that there has to be some one out in this old world who was or clams a Charles Washington Ginn. He was in the Confederacy Army. He was married to a Barbara I think but he was Born in S. C. in 1816 & some how ended here in FL were he died in 1864. He was only 47 at the time of his death. So if any one out there think he could be theirs, Please don't wait, write me now. I really want to know all. The Good & the Bad.  15 July 2001 M.J. Ginn
Givens /Givins I am looking for information on Philip Givens ( Givins) , married to Mary Elizabeth Firth, Daughter of Samuel firth and Mary,( 1773) son of Ezra Firth and Elizabeth Carpenter Firth. I am looking for names of the four children produced by Samuel and Mary. I find conflicting Givens family records. I do Know my father's family had a plantation in SC that was burned by Sherman. I have been stumped in the 1800 to 1880 years for records.  17 Apr 2010 lisa newman
GLEASON Looking for information on Charles Gleason or a Jason Gleason. Jason was born about 1850 in Ireland and Charles was born in 1881 in Beaufort. Jan. 2004 Barbara Cheshire
Glover I am looking for information on my grandfather, William Henry Glover who was born May 24, 1888 in Strawberry Hill, Beaufort, SC. I am also looking for info on the existence of a Tickton Plantation, possibly in Beaufort or Jasper County. I also am trying to establish a connection with a Col. Joseph Glover who owned or was somehow connected to the Plantation. (4/8/00 11:46:38 AM) Eric Glover
GOODING GOODING, James. Would appreciate any information on James Gooding and his family. Specifically location of their home in Beaufort/Hampton County. James married Delilah Warren moved to Old Prince Williams Parish, Beaufort District, SC from Jones County NC. Period of time would be 1810 and later. Thanks for any information. (11/5/98 9:37:12 PM) Donna Hill
GOODING Am researching my line the Goodings (specifically Daniel and James Gooding) of Beaufort/Hampton County. The Goodings were centered around Crockettville SC and the surround land. Will share information. (3/14/99 5:12:08 PM) Donna Hill
GOODMAN I seek  a source which has the names of RW Patriots who were killed in Battle or who died as the result of the war?  In particular, those lost at Stono is of interest.   I am looking for the Goodman name. 2 August 2002 David B. Dukes
GORDON Trying to find Hendley Gordon in Beaufort co SC in 1800, wife may have been Mary Foxworth... she remarried about 1812 to Richard Horne and moved to Liberty Co. GA.. any information greatly appreciated. (8/9/98 11:06:27 AM) Valerie Walling
GRANT I am trying to find some history on the Grant family. I know that my great-grandfather's name was Jake Grant and would have been born in the late 1890's. He was married to Alice and her maiden name was Curry. Also there are Dixons related to the Grant family. From the information given to me the Grant family was a very dominant family in the Beaufort area. It has also been told to me that their was a "Grant" day and a "Grant" parade. If anyone has any info, I am willing to share what I can get from my grandfather and his sister. Thank you. (12/5/99 6:05:09 PM) Robbie Smith
GRANT I am trying to find out about the Grant Family. I do know that my great-grandfather's name was Jake Grant. My great-grandmother's name was Florence & her maiden name was Curry. Also the name Dixon maybe included in family history. (12/5/99 6:04:12 PM) Robbie Smith
GRAYSON Edward H Grayson was born cir 1846-1849 in Beaufort. He had a relative named Leland Grayson.Who were the parents of either? Best Regards. (8/22/99 6:39:30 PM) Olen Garrison
GRAYSON William Skilling Grayson m. Annice Wells b. 1840's Beaufort Co. died 1908 in Colleton Co., SC parents Edward Grayson and Ann Burgess was in Civil War. father and mother are from France to Moved to Prince William Parish, Beaufort Co., SC Would love to share info. My William Skilling Grayson and Annice Wells had a daughter Catherine Mariah Grayson who married James Lewis Marchant of Charleston and Dorchester Co., SC . (3/19/99 1:21:16 AM) Tommie W. Provost
GREEN James R. GREEN born 1828 in Buford [sic] S.C. Looking for wife info. Married Rhoda Ann Hunnicutt abt. 1848. She died after having four kids. Like to know where she died and is buried. (3/14/99 5:09:43 PM) Barbara Green Justice
GREEN I am researching Greens of Beaufort. My g-grandfather was born there.  I have a letter from one of my father's sister's saying that the three brothers that came from England and Ireland were Thomas Daniel and Nathaniel Green. We descend from one of them and I've had no luck in finding someone that does. The ones I have found have attached an "e" to their name which isn't really suppose to be there. There was a famlly of these men with their father Daniel that is in the church records of St Phillips church in Charleston and then they came over to St. Helena's Episcopal church in Beaufort. 14 July 2001 C. Green Haag
GREENE My great grand father was born in Seabrook south Carolina which I am told resides in Buford county. His name was Thomas Greene and he married a woman named Hattie in Seabrook before relocating to Savannah Georgia. He had a sister named Anna Greene and I am trying to find our connection to Beaufort Kris Greene
GREINER GRINER  GREINER/GRINER  (link is off site) On 1820-1840 Census. M. S. Claunch-Lane 

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