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HABBERSHAW After purchasing the 1880 US census on CD, I came across 4 families in Beaufort County, they are all Black I am assuming they were all slaves at some point and I am trying to trace who their last owner would have been. How can I do this?

The name Habbershaw is essentially an English one and I have managed to trace all US occurring instances back to England but these people were a surprise to me. G. Nixon,Yorkshire, England 17 June 2001

G. Nixon
HADLEY Moses Hadley-Last decade of 1700s (11/2/96) John P. Hadley
HADWIN Seeking any information on William Hadwin, b. ca. 1817 Barnwell Co., married Eleanor Hutto abt 1841, moved to Beaufort County (Silver Hill area of St Peters Parish) prior to 1850, Civil War veteran, died between 1880 and 1890. Children included Sheldon, Elizabeth, Joseph, Victoria, and Catherine (mother of Abe and Ben Tillman Deloach). (1/25/98 1:21:52 PM) Jack N. Hadwin
HALEY Thank you for co-ordinating the Beaufort County data. Could you direct me to someone who would have access to a list of Union Civil War prisoners who were buried in the Beaufort National Cemetery in Beaufort, SC. I am searching for an ancestor who survived Andersonville and was taken to Millen, GA as a prisoner. He is recorded as having died in Millen while a prisoner. As far as my research has taken me, all the soldiers buried in Millen, GA were disenttered after the war and placed in the Beaufort National Cemetery. I would assume that there was a mass burial but I thought there may have been a general list of names for Civil War Soldiers that were buried there. Is there anyone you ould direct me to that ould obtain that kind of information? 23 March 2005 Frank Haley
HAMILTON Solomon Pringle Hamilton Sr. is an African American patriarch who was married to Lillie Thomas of Fairfax County, South Carolina. They farmed in Pocotaligo during the early part of this century. (9/28/98 6:22:53 PM) C. Hamilton
HAMILTON I was trying to find information on Nicholas Hugh Hamilton's first wife Alabama Taylor. Nicholas Hamilton was born 1855 and died in 1910. I thought if I could find when he married, it would have some info on her. (12/5/99 6:01:16 PM) S. Bowers Higgins
HAMILTON I am searching for G Granparent all I have is he came from SC to Fl before Nov. 1873 The name on wedding licens was J. T.Hamilton My dad said the J stood for Joshua but that people called him Toss any help would be appreciated 17 Jan. 2001 L.Eary
HANDLEY In search of the Handley families in Jasper and this area in the mid-to-late 1700's. John, James, William and Thomas. The name has been spell Handly, Hanly, Hanley and Handley. Anyone doing research, please contact me. Will be happy to share data. Thanks (4/19/99 7:27:34 PM) E. Handley
HARDEE Ann Frances Hardee, daughter of Thomas Hardee, was born June 26 1817 in St. Peters Parish. She married William Lake who was born Nov 22 1817 in Beaufort SC, on 1 June 1837 in St. Peters Parish, Beaufort District.. See Lake query for information on family. (7/14/97) B. Schwall
HARDIN HARDEN I am trying to find the first wife of Isaac Brunson, b. 1808 in SC. They had a son Murry Lewis Brunson, b. 1844 and buried in Brunson family Cemetery in Decatur Co, GA. Some researchers have suggested that she might have been a daughter of William Hardin/Harden. I am thinking that they m. c. 1839-1842. She is not buried in the Brunson Cemetery so I am assuming that she did not come to GA. Isaac left the church in 1835 but returned in 1839. He was m. to Jane Bryant in Dec. 1849 in Decatur Co, GA and was well established by then. Would appreciate any leads as to the parents of Isaac or the wife's maiden name. 27 Jan. 2001 . B.J. Fowler
Harriett,(Harriot) Searching for parents & siblings of John M. Harriett,(Harriot), born 1820 in Prince William Parish, Beaufort Dist., SC. He married @1847 to Hester Ann Dowling in Beaufort Dist. SC. They had Children: John J.,B 1847, William Henry, B 1849, Susannah B.1852, Elbert Frank, B 1854, Mary J., B.1860: Nancy J., B.1862. In 1870 they moved to Barnwell Co., SC. Dec. 2007 Rachel Reid
HARRIS I am looking for any information available on Jimpsy HARRIS born 1813/17 md Civility ROBINSON, bn 1821. Judge Huxford presumed Jimpsey, along with brother, Ebenezer and sister, Louisa migrated to South Georgia from North Carolina in the early 1800's. To my knowledge, this has not been proved. Jimpsy's son, James' death certificate states Jimpsey was born in South Carolina. Other affiliated families: O'STEEN and WEEKS lived in the Beufort District whick leads me to believe Jimpsey could have been from this area. Any info would be appreciated. (3/9/98 6:31:12 PM) C. Davis-Taylor
HARRISON Searching for ggGrandfather Richard Harrison b. 25 Apr 1818 Prince William Parish. Family left farm in 1851 which was located at "forks of Big and Little Salkehatchers" to move to Pierce Co. Ga. Believe Richard is son of Joseph Harrison and Ann Gooding of Crocketville area but both Joseph and Amos remain candidates 'til I find more. Have pics of Richard and Susan, and of their log cabin and separate kitchen in south Georgia and fairly large file. Would love to exchange data with anyone interested. Thanks. (1/25/98 1:24:07 PM) Rod Medders
HARRISON Hope to find others searching Joseph HARRISON b. cir 1765 Jones County, N.C. Married Anne GOODING, also of Jones Co. Both Harrison and Gooding families moved to Prince William Parish, Beaufort Dist (presently Hampton). Joseph and Ann family begin showing in Beaufort census by 1820. (8/9/98 11:05:08 AM) Rod Medders
HARRISON Our family has been traced back to AMOS HARRISON of Prince William Parish, Beaufort Dist.(Hampton Co.) South Carolina before 1800. Amos was eather 80 or 86 years of age when he died on 3/26/1855. When he was a boy it is said that he remembered the Revolutionary War very vividly. The 1790 census for Beaufort Dist. South Carolina lists Henry Harrison head of household and three(3) males under sixteen(16) years of age, and one(1) female. The 1800 census lists Henry as executor of Catherine Stone Est. We think Henry is the father of Amos But can not prove it. Amos married Sarah Ann Hamilton 4/10/1804. We have all of Amos's Bible records from his marrage to Sarah Ann foward. Henry David was there first born. If any one has any information on the Harrison family please help me out. We will share any info we have. (1/4/00 9:08:06 PM) James W. Harrison
HARRISON We are researching the HARRISON Family of the Low Country Area. THOMAS HARRISON who was born in SC died in the area known as Parish of St Helens's or in that general locale in 1755. He left sons HENRY HARRISON and WILLIAM HARRISON by wife MARY UNKNOWN. He also left children by HANNAH SEALEY, THOMAS HARRISON, HANNAH HARRISON, JOHN HARRISON, MICHAEL HARRISON and FRANCIS HARRISON.  Nov. 2005 Harold C. Fisher
HART I am looking for any information on a JOSIAH HART, born about 1752 in Beaufort Co., SC. He is a key link to my ancestry.  3 June 2007 Rev. Barry Hart
HARTLEY I am searching for information on Daniel Hartley, Sr, b. 1720, d. 1798. Or others with Hartley name. (9/3/99 8:46:00 PM) Early Hartley
HARVEY Do you have any info on a Willaim Harvey that married Elizabeth Mikell, at St. Helena's Parish in 1746? We live in Cincinnati, but are vacationing the week of December 29th on Edisto Island, and paln to again visit Beaufort. Also could you please tell me where we can get info on Burials on Lady's Island, the town called Frogmore? 16 Feb. 2003 M. Lingo
HAYES Seeking information on Revolutionary Soldier John HAYES/HAYS b. c. 1757 Beautfort Co., SC Known children: Jackson, Elizabeth, James, Twitty(all born in SC) William and Jonathan(born in Indiana). Family moved to Indiana by 1816. (3/14/97) updated Oct. 2006 Sandy McBeth
HEAPE Trying to find info on John Mitchell HEAPE b abt 1894 in Jasper/ Beaufort County area. Married Martha ??. (5/31/97) Jim Strickland
HEAPE I am seeking any information on the burial locations of John Mitchell Heape b.1803 and his wife Martha Susannah Marvin. It is believed that John Mitchell died near Petersburg VA during the Civil War and is buried somewhere in that location. Martha could be buried in the Early Branch, SC area. Any information would be appreciated. 3 May 2010 Arlene H Hull
HEDDERLY I am looking for information regarding Phillips Hedderly, born 1722, who migrated to South Carolina from Lincoln, England. He appears on a muster roll for 1756 and by 1761 was resident in St. Helenas. He was sued for debt (as Philip Hederly) by John Gordon and Gray Elliott, Beaufort Merchants, in that year. He married a widow, Mary Williams in St. Helenas in 1768 and they had at least one child, Sarah. Any information, particularly regarding his trade, (his father was a bellfounder), would be most gratefully recieved. (3/3/97) John Hedderly
HEIM I am looking for someone who could find a grave for me at Evergreen Cemetery in Sumter, SC. His obituary in the Beaufort Gazette listed him under HIMES, but, the proper spelling is HEIM, ARTHUR d. 8-16-1960. I would be very appreciative of any help I could get.  15 April 2002 T. Parara

Mike Parara



Felix Helms (Hellums) was an orphan living in Beaufort County, South Carolina with two aunts (McKnight?). He came to Chickasaw county Mississippi with two uncles (Bob & Andy Helms (Hellums) around 1870. Would like any information anyone has on Felix, the two uncles he traveled with and any of his family or ancestors. 31 Aug. 2001 Jerry Helms
HENRY Looking for any information on Thomas Henry, wife Minerva (she may have been from sc) and their son John R, b, 4 sept 1848 in Marion Co., TN. Thomas may have been Cherokee or other Indian, and killed in a raid against the kkk.  Any leads appreciated. 5 May 2001 M. Bailey
HEPWORTH I am looking for information on Mary Hepworth and her husband, Thomas Carter. Their son, Hepworth Carter, was born in the Carolinas in 1750. I suspect Beaufort County because I know there is a Hepworth house there. (8/9/98 10:57:57 AM) Bill McIntosh
HERRIOT Searching for family of Susan HERRIOT b. 30 jan 1823 in Prince Williams Parish, Beaufort Dist. She married Richard HARRISON, son of Joseph and Ann GOODING Harrison, originally from Jones Co. N.C. Richard and Susan moved to Ware (later Pierce) Co. Ga. in 1851. Would love to exchange data with anyhone interested. (8/9/98 11:04:22 AM) Rod Medders
HIGHTOWER Looking for birth parents! I was born 04-16-69 at Savannah Memorial Hospital. My mother was a secretary/office manager for a wholesale business. She was an only chi ld. She was 37 at my birth, going through a divorce with a daughter 16 and a son10. My father was 28, going through a divorce with a daughter. His family owned a filling station which he ran. He had an older brother, 30 who was married with 2 girls. He was a successful business man and may have also been in real estate. My father had a scholarship to college but did not attend due to running the family business. (8/9/98 11:14:38 AM) J. Hightower
HILDEGARDE Mintz I am seeking information about the sinking of a ferry boat at Beaufort in the 1930’s. My grandfather, William Henry Mintz, had a ferry, Hildegarde, that ran between Sullivan’s Island and Charleston and my information is that he came south once the bridge was completed and began running routes between Beaufort, Daufuskie, HH, etc. Any information would be appreciated. 23 Nov. 2013 Susan Magee
HILL I am searching for Everett Hill. living in Beaufort, Sc in 1996 till?? . Originally from Jefferson, Greene Co., PA.  18 Feb. 2001 T. Donaldson
HOLMES I am searching for descendants of Caroline White Holmes who died and was interred in Bluffton, Beaufort County, S.C. in 1957. I have information on your Steele ancestors. 11 Feb. 2001 P. Steele Munson
HILTON HEAD ISLAND Looking for information regarding churches on Hilton Head Island in 1785. Supposedly my 4th g-grandfather married his wife there. Are there any photos? May 2007 Donna Schulte Loth
HOLZDORF Looking for any information on Holzdorf possibly from Purysburg SC mid 1700's. (9/3/99 8:42:14 PM) Ken Sanders
HOPKINS Hopkins family - probably because they headed for Georgia in 1805. They supposedly had a plantation on the May River near Bluffton. Francis Hopkins b. 1772 to Francis Hopkins and Mary Martinangel is the one who left. I'm looking for information to authenticate that Francis the elder was his father and that he was a rear admiral in the British navy. Trying to connect him back to merry old England.  26 May 2006 Doug Simmons
HOPKINS I am coming to the coastal area of GA this weekend and could come up to Beaufort on Sunday if there would be opportunity to research an ancestor  with whom I'm at a dead end. His name if Francis Hopkins and the story is that he was an admiral in the British Navy under Sir Peter Parker. Also, he is supposed to have been born in England, died in 1780 and been buried in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, West Indies. He was a person of some means as the family did have a plantation on the May River near Bluffton.  Francis (d.1780) Sr. married Mary Martinangel, daughter of Peter Martinangel of Daufusky Island. Peter was supposed to have been killed by the "Bloody Legion" and this fits as Daufusky was reputed to be a Tory location. They had a son Francis Jr. (b.1772) who married Rebecca Sayre.  After his father's death, Francis Jr. and Rebecca lived with Francis Sr' widow Mary at the May River plantation. In 1804 a terrible storm wiped out much of their property and they moved to McIntosh County, GA which that branch of my family still considers it's ancestral home.  I am seeking information about Francis Sr. When and where was he born?   Who were his parents?   Did he have other children?  Verification of what we think we know of him.  I've searched the British web site to no avail.  If there's someway to research this on Sunday, I'd gladly make the detour up there.  July 2006 Doug Simmons
HORNE Who were the parents of Ann "Nancy" Horne who married James Clark in BEAUFORT District, SC on 29 March 1810? Nancy is believed to have been born on 23 Nov 1793, and she died in Dec. 1872. Addeddum: I have found that Richard HORNE was the father of Ann "Nancy" HORNE who m. James CLARK. Richard and his second wife, Mary, moved to McIntosh Co., GA in 1817. Does anyone know the identity of Richard's first wife? She would have died in Beaufort, ca. 1795-1810. This would be Nancy's mother. (9/19/99) C. H. Andersen
Horse Pen Pond Can someone please tell me what county a place called Horse Pen Pond is in? I'm not even sure if this information is correct or not, but I am looking for information on Gomillions (my Grandparents), that are supposed to be buried there. Thank you.  July 2004 Debbie Lee
HORTON Am looking for info on Joseph G. Horton, b ca 1835 in Beaufort, SC. He married Lavina Bullard ca 1872. His Father, James, b ca 1805 perhaps in Beaufort, wife, Sarah. (3/1/98 9:40:09 PM) B. Googe
HORTON I am searching for an article in a local paper perhaps, regarding the death of my uncle Gilbert V. Horton, Jr. who died December 19, 1944 while training for the Marine Air Corps. He was drowned off Parris Island. I would like to know more about how he died. 4 June 2006 Christina Horton Pabst
HOUSE  removed from the state and sold by Union Army c1870 The present owners of a house in Old Town, Brunswick, GA (national register district) would like to uncover the original owners of this house. It is said that the house was bought from the Union Army. The written information is a bit more vague in reference to the government.  The house has been modified multiple times over its long life and most recently, badly and sadly neglected.  The story is that the house was constructed from one or more of the surplus government buildings removed from Hilton Head Island or Port Royal. After the war the community was abandoned and the houses and other buildings were dismantled or moved. Several of them were barged to Brunswick on schooners, in a complete or nearly complete condition, where they became new homes.  It was purchased by John Russell Cook (sometimes referenced as John Radford Cook but usually just as John R. Cook). Although the great grandsons of John R are still living in Brunswick and have an extensive historical account of the family, we do not have the purchase records.  There is written account of multiple homes being shipped down via schooner, but this is the only one that has an active oral history - and possibly written history - of that journey.  John R Cook came from Worcester, MA with his brother, George, and other close family and friends for Reconstruction. They became thriving businessmen and well-respected and loved statesmen and citizens of the community.  The receipt is extant for the purchase of the land where the house sits today. It was bought on a three-year note for $650 on Feb 13, 1871 and was paid in-full on March 21, 1874. Logic would suggest that the house was moved here and onto the property sometime during/around that period. 7 Dec. 2013 Wendy Lutes
HOUSTON My husband is descended from John Carroll HOUSTON who moved from a plantation called Peach Grove, Colleton Neck, St. Luke's Parish, Beaufort Dist., between 1804 and 1811 to what became Duval County, FL. The earliest John Carroll HOUSTON we can clearly document was born about 1756 and died on Talbot Island, Duval Co., FL, in 1837. He was married to Jane HARVEY, dtr of John who had a link of some sort with both Savannah, GA, and Effingham Co., GA. We believe John Carroll HOUSTON's father was also John HOUSTON (married to a Mary) who died by the 1790 census. We have lots of information and documents to back up the info we have and are willing to share for information. (12/23/96) July 2006 Patti Martin
HOWARD I am searching for any information I can find on Henry, Bartholomew or John Howard, spaning a time period from about 1665 to 1779. If you show any Howards in your line, drop me a note. (1/25/98 1:25:33 PM) Walt Howard
HOWARD Looking for any info on Emma Howard born proir to 1910. Parents Cleveland and Ethel. Emma was an only child raised by her maternal aunt after the death of her parents. (12/30/98 9:45:21 AM) T. Davis
HOWARD I am searching for the family of a soldier who was killed in the Korea War. When he entered service they gave Beauford County, SC as his home of record.  

Soldier:Soloman Carl Howard, Born: March 3, 1929. Black, Unit: Company "C", 23 Inf Reg, 40th Inf Division.  Date of loss: Missing in action in North Korea, declared dead.  When he entered service he gave Beauford County, SC as his official home of record.  When the Korean War ended the enemy never returned or accounted for over 8,000 of our servicemen. They died in their hands. That was over 50 years ago. Since that time DNA has been perfected and also they are recovering remains in North Korea. Our government is obligated to return those remains to the proper family. DNA samples have been obtained from most of the families of these missing soldiers. For various reasons some families have not been located. There are 51 families in South Carolina that have not been located. There is one family from Beauford County that have not been located.  When the remains are recovered and identified they will be returned to the family for proper burial. I am just an old (76 years) Combat Veteran out of the Korean War and thankful that I did return. I consider this a very noble cause and I hope that you can help in some way to find this family. For more information on the project you may go to My part in the program is to match up the lost families with the proper agency.   I will be grateful for any assistance in locating this family.   July 2006

Harold Davis 40th Infantry DivisionKorea ’52-‘53 910-791-2333
HOWELL John Howell settled on the Coosa River in the 1700's. I am trying to tie him into my family of Barnwell County. My gg grand father was Carson Howell (1768-1836).John Howell was in Rev.War. (7/6/98 8:43:01 PM) John Howell
HUDSON I am seeking information on James Ransom Hudson whom I've been told was born, resided and died on Hilton Head, Beaufort County, SC and was also a Magistrate in Beaufort County. I understand that he owned and/or ran 1 of 2 Mercantiles on the island. I do not know his birth date but his death date is 10/16/1928 (his wife,name unknown, died 1/15/1941. Ransom had 7 brothers and 7 sisters who's names are unknown to me at this time. Ransom, my g-grandfather, then had James Benjamin Hudson, Sr. (who was also Magistrate of Hilton Head for approx. 18 years and died in July of 1954) as well as TC Hudson and Mose Hudson (who ran the draw bridge, "The James F. Byrnes Bridge" connecting Hilton Head to the mainland until he retired). I would greatly appreciate any additional information anyone may like to share with me. Thank you.   4 Oct. 2012 Terry Lee Hudson Fuller
HUGHEY James S. HUGHEY b 1809/15 d 1886 in Hampton County. Married Mary Ann BARNES B 813/14. Children were 1. Holland (Holly) Elizabeth b 1834/35 married Henry P.BELGER (My Line) 2. William R. b 1834/39 married Georgia Lane. (12/30/98 9:44:05 AM) Jim Strickland
Huguenin Seeking information about Elizabeth Huguenin b.abt.1793 St.Luke's Parrish, SC d.8 Oct. 1848 buried Summerville Cemetary- Augusta, GA. Married James McLaws 24 Jan 1815 in St.Luke's Parrish(at seat of A.Huguenin). Parents of 4 children including Gen Lafayette McLaws-CSA. (2/14/00 7:20:00 PM) K. Shaw
HUTSON Seek information on George Washington Hutson and wife, Melinda Elizabeth Padgett. They lived in Beaufort Co. and had 16 children. Their oldest, John Richard was born in 1872. George and Melinda, along with John and many other family members are buried in Bull Hill, S.C. (6/17/97)15 July 2001 A. Morrison

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