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 IVES I'd like to know more about Doctor E. Ives, in St Helena in the 1810 Census.  He must have been fairly prominent there - can you please suggest where (on-line) I might find more about him?  20 June 2005  John Wilder
 Inverary Plantation  I am desperately looking for any info on past owners of inverary plantation ( now Delta). My ancestor Lord William Campbell's estate sold it to the Cheves in 1823 ( i have patched this together i am in the bahamas) my ancestor William Conway Campbell was his son and dead probably in 1810- his daughter Catherine Campbell was raised by a steph father Stephen Roberts who gave her an inheritance of land near the begining of the Savannah river (swampy) from her father William Campbell- I need some piece of paper saying it went on to her or the stepfather for her- a baptism certifiacet- i understand the records were destroyed, but they were known enought that i can piece meal stuff together- Willam was the son of Sarah Izard daughter of Ralph and Rebecca, so they also had ties and land in Goose Creek- any thoughts or a person i may hire would be wonderful- Oct. 2005 Melinda de Wees Rockwell

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