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JACISON , Isaac 1775 Colony, SC Resident No Twp Listed
JACKSON , Daniel 1779 Colony, SC Resident Old 96th DISTRICT
JACKSON , Isaac 1775 Colony, SC Resident No Twp Listed
JACKSON , Samuel 1779 Colony, SC Resident Old 96th DISTRICT
JACKSON , Thomas 1775 Colony, SC Resident No Twp Listed
JACKSON , Thomas 1779 Colony, SC Resident Old 96th DISTRICT

These Jacksons resided and intermarried with my Allendale Gills.  Anyone know where they were from before Richland Co., S.C.?

A Philip Jackson had a 250 acre land grant surveyed in what became Richland Co at "Green Hill" in 1740, and the creek nearby was called Jackson Creek, before it later became known as Gill Creek (Columbia and Richland County, John Hammond Moore, USC Press, Columbia 1993, p10).  Gill Creek is named for James Gill, the progenitor of the Allendale Gills.

John Jackson and Obidiah Jackson. Barnwell Deeds D35. Faraly? hisXmark Nelson, James (s) Nelson, Patience her+mark Nelson, Elizabeth Nelson, Susannah her+mark Bennett (Susannah Nelson), Magor her+mark Bennet, Elizabeth her+mark Bennett & George Nelson for $150 paid by John Jackson and Obidiah Jackson on or near the head of Forges Mill Creek & stag ponds 200 acres confirmed by Daniel Bourdeaux to John Nelson in 1799 bounded NE Henry Moffat, NW George Robinson, all others by Bourdeaux.

Joseph Jackson born <c1740 NC. Barnwell Deed Book? Page 197 Indenture 1 Sept. 1783 between Joseph Jackson of Craven Co., province of NC and Sarah Harrington (Herrington) and Jesse Jackson daughter and son, I give to them a tract of land 500 acres situated in SC in Granville County on the lower three runs waters of Savannah River (FOC: Allendale Co. today) the grant being this the sixth day of December 1768. Wit: Anthony Vingett, Joseph Jackson, Junr., John Jackson. Proved Sept. 1783, reg. Craven Co. Book 2 page 62. Rec. Barnwell 25 July 1814.

Is this the same Joseph Jackson below?  Sarah and Jesse are stated as children, as in the one above.

Joseph Jackson born <c1780 married Rebecca Brookerdied >1858 (was she a younger second wife? Why did neighbor Arthur Fennel deed personal things in 1811 to children of Joseph Jackson for Love & Affection, unless one of his daughters was their mother, first wife of Joseph Jackson?).

Barnwell Deeds W94 John, Thomas, William, and Eli Bassett for $150 paid by Joseph Jackson sell 100 acres by lands of Charles Boyles & Henry Creech 8 Sept. 1800 all signed rec. 18 Sept. 1838. Wit: David Wms, Arther A. Fennal.

Joseph Jackson to Wm., John, Thos., & Eli. Bassett Barnwell Deeds W94, 9/8/1800 - 9/18/1838 (recorded very late) for $150 300 acres by Hy. Creech.

Joseph hisXmark Jackson, farmer, sells to Dennis Williams, farmer, for $625 250 acres: S. Hargrave, N. Brown, E. Cunningham, W. Wimberly, 31/10/1801 rec:12/4/1814, Wit:Stephen Kersh, Samuel Overstreet, John Overstreet. Barnwell Deeds Bk.H p128. Joseph Jackson sold to Leah Brooker on 10 Mar. 1803 rec: 21 Mar. 1803 for $300 one slave Barnwell Deeds Bk.A p306.

Joseph hisXmark Jackson Barnwell Deeds A306 3/10/1803 - 3/21/1803 sells unto Leah Brooker for $300 a negro girl Rachel about 10 years old. Wit: Tarleton Brown, Shadrick his+mark Smith.

Joseph Jackson (by sheriff, probably was seized?) sells to Samuel Calhoun for $66 150 acres by Duck Savannah 15/1/1806 rec:12/4/1814, Barnwell Deeds Bk.H p122.

Barnwell Deeds H202. 11 Jan. 1809 rec. 12 Apr. 1814. Joseph hisXmark Jackson planter for $100 paid by Elijah Gillett sell 54 acres part of tract granted to Thomas Bassett adj: E. Gillett, Arther Fennell, Meadows, Jesse (or Joseph?) Miller. Wit: Josiah G. Allen, John Bassett.

Barnwell Deeds E7. Rebekah herSmark Jackson for $30 paid by Jesse Miller the Dyke's Mill tract on south side of Rawling Branch & is to contain Rubin's Branch & Boggy Gut. 13 Dec. 1833. Wit: John his~mark Brooker, John Golikely.

Jessie Miller sells to Rebecca Jackson Barnwell Deeds TT132 for $50 100 acres on Boggy Gut waters of Lower Three Runs bounded: Jesse Miller & Rebecca Jackson. 3/27/1858 - 11/25/1868. Wit: J.N. Walker, John H. Harley.

Children listed in Barnwell deed E288: Arthur hisAmark Fennel & his wife deed to children of Joseph Jackson for love goodwill and affection 12 head of cattle, mare named Manners of Black Color, hogs, feather bed, spinning wheel, 2 pots, dutch oven, thru? Chorse?, furniture, 2 goats. Wit: Wm. Boyles, Wm. hisXmark Fennel 3/1/1811; 3/19/1811  Joseph Jackson apparently married one of Fennel's daughters.

Elizabeth herEmark Jackson Barnwell Deeds O143, 8 Apr. 1822 rec. 7 Apr. 1823. Elizabeth Jackson for L&A give to my daughters: Rebecca Meyer wife of Michael Meyer & Martha Dillon wife of Lawrence Dillon, husbands in trust, 1/4 part of negro woman Jane and her 16 children and grandchildren. Wit: John J. Gray.  Who was her husband?  Who was she?

Miss Miles Jackson b<c1720 (Andrea record #195) 1 Jan. 1741 married Mr. Joseph Joyner to Miss Miles Jackson. Witnesses: John Hamilton, John Fairchild, Richard Haffort, Wm. Martins, Thomas Jackson.

James Jackson born <1766 died 1803 Barnwell Co. married Fariba ___?

James Jackson, of Orangeburgh Dist., planter, leased to Edward Jackson on 15/1/1787 for 5 shillings on "Ceader" Branch waters of Old Three Runs (now Allendale Co. -FOC), 50 acres originally granted to Wm. Sanders 8 Sept. 1784, Barnwell Deeds Bk.1 p201, James Jackson sold to Edward Jackson 15/1/1788, rec. same day, for 32/12/6 50 acres on Beaver Branch, Barnwell Deeds Bk. 1 p202. James Jackson sold to George Clyne (sic, probably the German Klein) on 20/11/1797, rec. 30/3/1802 120 acres by Barr Branch, Barnwell Deeds Bk. 2 p257.

James Jackson, will 10 Dec. 1803, Ex. Stephen Green, wife Fariba, children: Rutha, Juda (Judea?), Joshua, & Ivy. 200 acres on Little Saltcatcher I sold to John Backsly but have not received anything, negro fellow Sam. Witness: Clarkson Dillard, James Collins, John his+mark Man. Barnwell Will Book A page 5,7, & 8. 31 Dec. 1809 (looks like a 9 to me, must have been a 3, i.e. 1803) "Ferabia" Jackson & Stephen Green request any three or four of John Briant, James Bush (crossed out), Jacob Foreman, or William Turner, make an inventory. 7 Jan. 1804 memorandum to this effect. 7 Jan. 1804 estate appraised at $617 by John Bryan, Jacob hismark Foreman, & Wm. Turner. 18 Jan. 1804 Ferebia Jackson & Stephen Green petition to sell the property designated to be sold in the will.

Agnes Jackson (Andrea record #193):...& Agnes Jackson born...obliterated or torn... Evidently child one of whose parents was Agnes Jackson (Andrea: Was this Agnes a daughter of old James Gill?)

Daniel Jackson born <1788, 1809 Jan. 9 Daniel Jackson, Richard Gill, James Myrick & Henry Myrick, sent a letter signed by, among others, Tarleton Brown, Col., O. D. A. Allen, Clerk of Barnwell Dist.., & James Duncan Park, Master of Barnwell Court House, for a passport through the Creek Nation (i.e. They migrated west, perhaps AL/MS/LA.  Richard Gill settled in Clarke Co., AL, where he died in 1845.  Some apparently migrated to FL.).

Edward hisXmark Platts Jackson born <1766, leased land from James Jackson in 1787. James Jackson, of Orangeburgh Dist.., planter, leased to Edward Jackson on 15/1/1787 for 5 shillings on "Ceader" Branch waters of Old Three Runs, 50 acres originally granted to Wm. Sanders 8 Sept. 1784, Barnwell Deeds Bk.1 p201, James Jackson sold to Edward Jackson 15/1/1788, rec. same day, for 32/12/6 50 acres on Beaver Branch, Barnwell Deeds Bk. 1 p202. Edward Jackson and Tarleton Brown sell for 5 Shillings 200 acres granted to Thomas Stanland (or Hanland) 3 July 1772, lease and release 3 & 4 1774 to Edward Southwell, Jr. deceased to whom William Southwell is sole heir who made rights to Edward Jackson. On Old Three Runs, bounded on NW by Joseph Jackson, other side vacant. Edward Jackson sold land to Tarleton Brown 15/1/1788, rec:22/1/1788, 58 200a on Lower Three Runs. 9 April 1801 Edward Platts Jackson land plat for 1000a on Powell's Branch, Barnwell Plat Book 8 p479, never recorded. 9 April 1808 Edward Platts Jackson land plat for 1000a on Powell's Br. rec: 11 April 1808, Barnwell Plat Bk. 2 p39. Edward Jackson sold to Martha Platts for $100 100a by Wyatts (pond?) 2/3/1809 rec:2/11/1812, Barnwell Deeds Bk.G p24. Edward hisXmark Jackson, for "love & affection" gave to Lydia Lurannah Platts 533a on the Saltcatcher (sic) by Hurricain (sic) Branch. Edw. retains control until she is 25, & if she dies without lawful issue of her body, it reverts back to him. Wit: Mrs. W.H.? Duncan, WIllis J. Duncan. Barnwell Deeds Bk.G p276. Edward P. Jackson, two Barnwell plats (same?): surveyed 9/4/1801, 1000 acres on Powell's Branche, & surveyed 9/4/1808 rec. 11/4/1808, 1000 acres on Powell's Branch. 23 Oct.1810 rec:23 Nov. 1810 Edward hisXmark Jackson gave personal property to Edward Platt for "love & affection", 1 sorrel horse 5 years old, 1 sorrel mare 4 years old, 1 sorrel stud horse 3 years old, witnesses: John Garethmell, David hisXmark Thompson, Barnwell Deeds Bk.E p189.

Barnwell Deeds E189 10/23/1810, Edward hisXmark Jackson for L&A hereunto moving I give to Edward Platts (born 1785-1810) 1 sorrel horse 5 years old, 1 sorrel mare 4 years old, 1 sorrel stud horse 3 years. Jackson retains control until Platts is 25. Wit: John Southwell, David hisXmark Thompson.  This record implies that Edward Platts was at least 21, since there is no guardian, but not yet 25.)

Barnwell Deeds G276 10/4/1813 - 11/9/1813, Edward Jackson hereunto moving for L&A give to Lydia Lurannah Platts (born -1788-1813) 533a by Hurricaine Branch of Saltcatcher, bounded: Michael French, vacant, I retain sole control as trustee until she is 25. Wit: Wm. W.L. Duncan, Willes J. Duncan.

Barnwell Deeds T239, Edward Jackson gave personal estate to his niece who married a Bassett: 8/20/1829 - 4/19/1834 for $5 paid by John Dortch (I think Dortch was just a friend) I sell to John Dortch: 30 sheep & 12 cows for the sole benefit & use of my niece Mrs. Mahala Bassett & the lawful heirs of her body. Edward hisXmark Jackson, John Dortch, Mahala Bassett. Wit: S.I. Bousa?, Jonathan Michiala. Since one he says he moved in 1810, could this be yet another Edward Jackson?  Are there two here?

Rebecca Jackson born <1837 d>1858, Barnwell Deeds TT132 paid $50 to Jesse Miller for 100 acres on Boggy Gut waters of the Lower 3 Runs 27 Mar. 1858, Wit: J.N. Walker & John H. Harley.

-- Family of Richard Jackson, Sr. born before 1707- died c1751, Richland Co., SC --

Family of Richard Jackson. There are six identified children of Richard Jackson b<1707, dc1751 of Richland Co., SC. One has a firm upper limit on birth year, which places the 1707 limit above. Mary Jackson could have been either just turned an adult c1754, or she could have been born about then, depending on whether she was born very early or very late. The family, as pieced together by Mrs. Theresa Hicks, genealogist of Columbia, SC, is as follows:

Richard Jackson, Sr. b<c1707 dc1751, wife Mary, resided Richland Co., SC. Probably from Virginia?  There are records of a Richard Jackson in Chesterfield Co., VA, but I cannot link the two.

1739. Hugh Murphy under a precept dated 13 Apr. 1739 had 150 acres surveyed near the Congarees which bounded: Capt. Thomas Brown & Richard Jackson. Therefore Richard Jackson was in SC before this date predating the arrival of James Gill. What was the relationship between Richard Jackson & Hugh Murphy? The will of Hugh Murphy dated 1762 names wife Mary, sons: Richard, Hugh, Phillip, & Dennis; daughters: Sarah Hay, Agatha Gill, Grace, Amey, Anna. Ex: wife & Wm. Hay. (what Gill did Agatha Murphy marry by 1739?  James Gill did not move here until c1748.  The Fishing Creek Gills did not arrive until 1766.   This is a Congarees record, so this has to be a male in James Gill's family, and born by 1762-21=1741.    I believe that permits only John Gill and James Gill, Jr. as possibilities for a husband, and I favor John.

1746. (Andrea #199) "In 1746, I did not check the deed & only what I got from Index: Richard Jackson, a deed of gift, in trust to Hugh Murphy of a tract of land "for my daughter" Sarah Snelling.

1751. (Andrea #200) (Deed Book 11 p297) Richard Jackson makes deed in Trust to Henry Snelling of Amelia Township 1 Oct 1751 "I Richard Jackson, Sr., of Craven County, planter, having already provided by various deeds in trust of deeds & gifts to my eldest sons & daughters, now make provision for my four youngest children & all under age 21: John Jackson, Richard Jackson, Jr., Mary Jackson, Miles Jackson my youngest; of 200 acres in Amelia Township, Berkeley County by lands of John Joyner of 483 acres in Saxe-Gotha Township of Berkeley Co., & of my acre lot in Amelia Town, I give these to John, Richard, & Mary Jackson ... 133 acres on the Congaree opposite to Saxe-Gotha, I give to Miles Jackson, my youngest. He also deeds in trust certain slaves, certain household & farming implements, etc.. TAKE NOTE (Andrea) He, i.e., Richard Jackson, Sr. provided that in case either of these four youngest children should die before the age of 21 & leave without legal bodily heirs, the land & goods made in trust to Henry Snelling should then revert to the remaining of the four youngest children (note that to revert to all remaining younger children). Witnesses: Nicholas Van Sant, Wm. Lloyd, & Johanna Crell ... before Stephen Crell, J.P. (Andrea:) "I suppose I could have found the other deeds of gift to the older children to whom he referred ... likely Mary #192 (baptized children below) as was Sarah #197, & John #194 (no I see that John #194 was not a son, nor was the Miles Jackson Joyner #195 was not a daughter." He gives a full description of the tracts of land ... I copied in next deed the description of the 133a in Richland Co. opposite Saxe-Gotha.

Six Known Children of Richard Jackson, Sr. & his wife Mary: (Ann, Sarah, John, Mary, Richard, Miles)

1. Ann Jackson married William Janeway or Ginnoway. Grace Murphy baptized 10 May 1749 (Andrea #192)sponsors Henry Snelling, Sarah Snelling, & Ann Ginnoway (Janeway) (Andrea:) "usually some of the close kin acted as God Parents or sponsors in the Episcopal Church when infants were baptized, for a boy: two men & one woman, for a girl: one man & two women."

2. Sarah Jackson b<1728 (1749-21), married Henry Snelling.

1746. Richard Jackson, Sr., in 1746 executed a deed of gift in trust to Hugh Murphy, for "my daughter Sarah Snelling" (wife of Henry Snelling).  1749. Henry & Sarah Snelling & Ann Ginnoway were sponsors for Grace, daughter of Hugh & Mary Murphy 10 May 1749 (Andrea #192).  1749/50 May 20: (Andrea rec#191) Nicholas & Naomy Fritz had two children baptized on 20 May 1749/50: Naomy Fritz b19 Mar. 1748 & sponsors were Solomon Holmes & Sarah Snelling; then baptized Elizabeth Fritz b.19 Mar. 1744 & sponsors were Henry Snelling & mother of the child.  1749. Giesendanner records in Salley's History of Orangeburgh Co.: Grace, dau. of Hugh & Mary Snelling born 10 May 1749, Sponsor: Henry Snelling, Sirah (sic) Snelling, Ann Ginnoway (Mrs. Hicks June 1986 p42 & p22). (Andrea #191) 20 May 1749/50 Nicholas & Naomy Fritz had two children baptized: Naomy Fritz b19 Mar. 1748 & sponsors were Solomon Holmes & Sarah Snelling, then baptized Elizabeth Fritz 19 Mar. 1744 & sponsors were Henry Snelling & mother of the child. Grace Murphy baptized 10 May 1749 (Andrea #192)sponsors Hy Snelling, Sarah Snelling, & Ann Ginnoway (Janeway) (Andrea:) "usually some of the close kin acted as God Parents or sponsors in the Episcopal Church when infants were baptized, for a boy: two men & one woman, for a girl: one man & two women."  1751: Henry Snelling was given a deed in trust for the four youngest children: John, Mary, Richard, Jr., & Miles Jackson by his father Richard Jackson in 1751 (Richland Co. Book 11 p297).  John Snelling baptized 2 April 1754 sponsors: John Handasyn, Mary Gill (wife of John Gill born c1733), Richard Jackson.

Four Minor children  of Richard Jackson, Sr. and his wife Mary in 1751 (all born 1730-1751):

3. John Jackson born c1737 (Moss p490), alive, adult in 1773, so born <1751. Married Mary.  1773. (Andrea Charleston) "Book K-4, p22 lease & release dated 9 & 10 Aug. 1773. (This is the first deed I copied & later went back into the Jackson ramifications. LA) John Gill & John Jackson on the first part & Howell Hay on the other part & all of the Congarees in Craven County - release was 10, & the lease on 9 August was 10 shillings - 133 acres of land on the Congaree River & it being a portion of an original grant to Elizabeth Verditty granted to her by a Royal grant dated 2nd Feb. 1745 at a place called The Chickasaws on the Congaree River opposite to Saxe-Gotha, now by the lands of William Tamneway on the East, Henry Snelling (see #197) Samuel Lines on the South & George Satchwell also on the South & George Satchwell & Mary Hyde on the West & other side on the Congaree River - Elizabeth Verditty by a deed dated 8 April 1766 sold the same lands to George Haigh & on the 5th day of April 1746 did convey 133a of this said grant to Richard Jackson Sr. (line missing from deed) the uppermost part of 325 acres to Richard Jackson Sr, whereas Richard Jackson by a deed of gift dated 1 Oct. 1751 (see #200) among other specific gifts to Henry Snelling as the trustee for his youngest son, Miles Jackson, & whereas the said youngest child, Miles Jackson, son of said Richard Jackson, Sr. did die before he reached the age of 21 years, & left no issue the said tract of 133 acres was devolved to John & Richard Jackson & their sister & on the 30th day of July by release & a lease dated the 29th day of July 1769 (see # 201), Richard Jackson, one of the heirs under the deed of trust, did with dower by his wife, Louranna Jackson, convey all of his interest to John Gill, whose relationship thereunto more fully & at large appears. (Andrea note) "I read this deed 3 times & also #201 (or 261?) twice but never did find that relationship)" - etc. etc. Signed John hisXmark Jackson & John hisXmark Gill (1773)/Wit. James hisXmark Gill, Richard Snelling, & James Murphy." John Gill & James Gill both signed by a complex mark.

1773. John Gill & John Jackson (born c1733) sold their 133 acres to Howell Hay, Deed Book K4 page 22. Indenture 9 August 1773 between John Jackson & John Gill of Craven County, planters sell to Howell Hay of Craven County for the sum of 10 Shillings Lawfull money of the province, sell 133 acres originally granted to Elizabeth Verditty, situate at a place called the Chickasaws on the north side of the Congaree River opposite Saxegotha Township bounded at the time when laid out to the north by vacant land, to the east by Edward Brown, to the South by George Satchwell, & to the West by said river. To have & to hold the said parcell of 133 acres from the day next before the day of the date of these presents for & during & unto the full end & term of one whole year from thence ensuing & fuly to be compleat & ended yielding & haying therefore unto the said John Jackson & John Gill the rent of one Peppercorn (!) on the last day of the said term if the same shall be lawfully demanded. To the intent & purpose that by virtue of these presents & by force of the statute for transferring of uses into Possession, he the said Howell Hay may be in the actual possession of all & singular the premises mentioned with every the appurtenances thereunto belonging & thereby be the better enabled to have, take, & receive the reversion & inheritance thereof which is intended to be to him & his heirs granted dn released by the said John Jackson & John Gill by another indenture intended to be made & dated the day next after the day of the date hereof in witness etc. John Jackson & John Gill signed by mark, witnesses James Gill (by mark) Richard Snelling, James Murphey. Recorded 12 May 1774. Here we have an adult James Gill born before 1753, apparently a son of James Gill of Richland Co.

Indenture 10 August 1773 between John Jackson & John Gill ... to Howell Hay ... whereas 22 Feb. 1749 James Glen, Esqr., Capt. Governor General, & Commander in chief over the Province of SC, ... did give & grant to Elizabeth Verditty 304 acres situate at a place called the Chickasaws on the north side of the Congaree River opposite to Saxegotha Township bounding North by land not laid out, East by Wm. Tamneway, Henry Snelling, & Samuel Lines, to South by vacant land & land of Samuel Lynes & George Satchwell, & to West by Mary Hyde, Wm. Satchwell, part vacant, & part on the Congaree River. Whereas said Elizabeth Verditty by Indentures of Lease & Release on 1 & 2 April 1746 did grant release & convey ... 304 acres unto George Haigh, Esqr., & George Haigh by Indentures of Lease & Release on 4 & 5 April 1746 did convey 133 acres being uppermost part of above mentioned tract unto Richard Jackson & was bounded when laid off by North vacant, East by Edward Bacon, South by George Satchwell, & West by Congaree River, & Richard Jackson by Deed of Gift 1 October 1751 gave said 133 acres among other specific gifts & grants therein mentioned did give the said parcel of 133 acres to Hy Snelling in trust in trust for the use & behoof of his youngest son Miles Jacksons & in case the said Miles Jackson should die under age then to devolve on John Jackson & Richard Jackson. & whereas the said Miles Jackson died under age & without lawfull issue therefore the right of inheritance devolved on John Jackson & Richard Jackson. & whereas the said Richard Jackson & Louranna his wife 29 & 30 July 1769 did release his part unto John Gill, the said John Jackson & John Gill for & in consideration of the sum of 1300 Lbs. lawfull current money paid by Howell Hay. Jackson & Gill sign by mark. Witnesses James Gill (by mark), Richard Snelling, & James Murphey. Sworn to 15 January 1774, recorded 12 May 1774. 1300  Lbs. was an awful lot of money. John Jackson & John Gill were quite well off at this point.

(end of children of John Jackson, return to children of Richard Jackson, Sr., and Mary)

4. Mary Jackson born c1733 minor in 1751, married John Gill by 1769, along with her brother Richard Jackson, Jr., & John Handasyd sponsored the baptism of John Snelling, son of her sister, Sarah Gill Snelling & Henry Snelling (Giessendanner record 1754).  This John Gill born c1733, was a son of James Gill of Richland Co.  1754, Mary Jackson Gill, along with (her brother) Richard Jackson & John Handasyd sponsored the baptism of John Snelling, son of Henry & Sarah Snelling (Giessendanner record). Sarah Snelling was Mary Jackson's sister. This record clearly shows that the elder Richard Jackson's daughter, Mary Jackson, was already married to a Gill at this time, who would have to be born by 1754-21=c1733. John Gill bc1733 had a daughter Mary born c1758 (DAR application 638260-A654). This John "X" Gill in the Jackson records, born c1733, is documented in a land plat as another son of old James Gill whose baptismal year is recorded as 1712.  The John Gill who served with the 3rd SC regiment under Peyer im Hoff in the war may have been his son, and I have so assigned him, as it fits the records, and it fits the Mississippi oral traditions.

5. Richard Jackson, Jr., born<c1748 married Lourana. They were in Winton Dist.. 1769 through at least 1800. (signed by mark in1775).  1754. Richard Jackson sponsored baptisms of (Andrea #197) Isabell dau. of Benjamin & Dorcas Eberhardt; of James son of James & Mary Danly; of Rose dau. of James & Mary Danly.

1769.(FOC: this deed is dated 1769, Winton formally existed 1785-91) (Andrea Charleston #201) "Book N-3 page 447 a lease & release - Richard Jackson with a dower by his wife, Loranna Jackson of Winton (Barnwell Co. now,  this is the earliest use of "Winton District" as a place name that I have ever seen.) District in Granville County - 133 acres of land on the Chickesawa by lands of Capt. Haighs & now in possession of Francis Goodwyn, & by lands of Gregory Hays & on the banks of the Congaree River - Said lands being the same 133a left in deed of trust to Miles Jackson, now deceased & single when deceased etc. (Andrea: "I took down all this in the deed where John Gill sold & then traced all this Jackson data & will not type in the full description here but in #202")(FOC - these are verbatum notes of Mr. Andrea) & since under the deed to Miles Jackson (see #200) in case either of the 4 children should die with no legal bodily issue the lands left in trust to either of them unto the hands of Henry Snelling trustee, the said lands should revert to the other heirs named in the deed of trust to Henry Snelling as a deed of gift to the four youngest children of the late Richard Jackson Sr. (etc.) I now deed my interest to John Gill whose relationship more fully will appear in another paper (Andrea: What is this relationship unless John Gill had wed Mary Jackson?) & this deed will make my brother John Jackson & John Gill equal owners of said land of 133 acres - Sg. Richard Jackson & Louranna Jackson - /Wit. Andrew Kersh, Th. Cramer, Mary Ann Cramer, & Thomas Gill before Thomas Young, J.P. for Winton. Note that this deed indicates that an adult Thomas Gill was in Winton c1769 (born before 1748), at least for a while, & further associates John of Barnwell with Richland County, & the documented grandson of James Gill.

1775 Winton Co. witnessed: Will of Edward Southwell of SC, Orangeburgh Dist., written 22 March 1775. Other witnesses: John Clayton, Edward Southwell (Jr.). (Winton Co. Will Bk 1 p55).   1786, Richard Jackson was in Winton in 1786 (Winton ... Minutes ..., Holcomb p3).  Richard Jackson plat 500a Boggy Gut sur:19/1/1796 rec:23/2/1796 Barnwell Plat Bk.5 p156.  In 1800 census in Barnwell Co.  Richard Jackson plat  for 43 acres on Lower 3 Runs sur: 7/11/1801 rec:20/11/1801 Barnwell Plat Bk 5 p197.  1804 Parker Savage and Richard Jackson sold 190 aces of land being one half of a tract surveyed for Eli Bassett 3 Apr. 1786 granted 20 Oct. 1786, to Wm. Edenfield signed 1/11/1804, rec. 11/9/1810 for $125 190 acres by Eli Bassett tract, Barnwell Deeds Bk. E, p165.  1808 Barnwell Common Pleas Journal 1800-1811: p198 Wm. Clary vs Richard Jackson and Edward Jackson, judgement to plaintiff $60 with interest from 1 Jan. 1808, date 21 March 1808.

     No documented children.

6. Miles Jackson minor in 1751, deceased by 1769

-----------   (End of known children of Richard Jackson, Sr. and Mary)     --------------

Joseph Jackson born <1788,William Clary vs Joseph Jackson, for plantiff $30, 20 Mar. 1809 Barnwell Common Pleas Journal 1800-1811 page 246.

Edward Jackson born <1789, served as a juror 19 March 1810 (Barnwell Common Pleas Journal 1800-1811 page p273). 1808 Barnwell Common Pleas Journal 1800-1811: p198 Wm. Clary vs Richard Jackson and Edward Jackson, judgement to plaintiff $60 with interest from 1 Jan. 1808, date 21 March 1808. Juror 19 March 1810 Barnwell Co., SC, Common Pleas Journal 1800-1811 p273)

Jacob Jackson juror Barnwell Co. 26 Oct. 1835 (Sessions Journal Barnwell Dist. Fall 1828-Spring 1841 p196)

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