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LAKE William Lake born Nov 22 1817 in Beauford SC, married June 1 1837 to Ann Frandis Hardee, who was also born Juen 26 1817 in St. Peters Parish. They were married in St. Peters Parish, Children: Thomas Hardee Lake, 1838, Mary Temperance, 1840, William Perry, 1843, Eugene Asbury, 1845, Frances White 1848, Angus Alonzo, 1851; Mongin Shad, 1854; Louisa Susan, 1857; infant son 1858; Robert Habersham, 1860. Ann Francis Hardee was the daughter of Thomas Hardee. A Sir William Lake of England was possibly the father of William Lake. The family owned a plantation at River Neck. William and Ann Francis are buried in the Hardee plot in the Bonadventure Cem. in Savannah, she having been moved from the plantation. She died in 1860 and WIlliam in 1888. (7/14/97) Brenda Schwall
LAMBRIGHT Interest in location of William or John LAMBRIGHT's rice plantation located near the Stoney Creek Independent Presbyterian Church Church near Pocotaligo 12 April 2001. William L. Lambright
LANE Researching the family of Richard S. Lane (ca 1796-ca1860) who married Rachel Winkler in 1832. Who were Richard's parents? I believe Richard and Rachel were the parents of John Wesley Lane, b. 10 May 1839 in Beaufort Co., but need proof. Would appreciate sharing information with any Lane researchers! (3/14/99 5:15:57 PM) Martha Orr
LANE Looks like the father of my 3rd great grandfather was Benjamin Lane from Beaufort Dist. SC and then later moved to Liberty and Wayne Co. in GA where Joseph was born. Benjamin's father may be Drury Lane from Beaufort also but haven't verified yet. I. 1-Joseph E. Lane (b. ca. 1823 - d. between 1850 and 1854) Married: 2-Mary Jane Sykes (b. 1823 - d. ca. 1868).  Children: 3-Amanda E. Lane (b. 1846 - d. unknown), 4-Samuel N. Lane (b. 1849 - d. unknown), 5-Thomas O. Lane (b. ca. 1850 - d. unknown).   *Mary Jane later married Malachi Harper after the early death of Joseph Lane. Later census records show Malachi as "guardian" and Mary Jane as raising Mary's children.  II. Samuel N. Lane  Married: 6-Eliza Causey (b. 1848 - d. unknown).  Children: 7-Alice Lane (b. ca. 1871 - d. unknown), 8- Thomas Joseph Lane (b. 11/22/1872 - d. 3/15/1939), 9-John Lane (b. ca. 1875 - d. unknown), 10-Ella Lane (b. ca. 1878 - d. unknown).  III. Thomas Joseph Lane Married: 11-Mary Louise Richardson (b. 12/11/1879 - d. 6/3/1967) Children: 12-Lonnie Lee Lane (b. 4/16/1896 - d. 8/1968), 13-Samuel William Lane (b. 12/11/1897 - d. 2/14/1968), 14-Clarence William Lane (b. 6/18/1900 - d. 4/14/1940), 15-James Henry Lane (b. 8/9/1902 - d. 10/5/1979), 16-Thomas Alton Lane (b. 10/17/1904 - d. 10/3/1980), 17-John Arthur Lane (b. 11/11/1906 - d. 7/9/1979), 18-Fred Lewis Lane (b. 11/2/1908 - d. 4/3/1938), 19-Fannie Mae Lane (b. 1/2/1911 - d. 6/25/1992), 20-Offie McKeever Lane (b. 5/9/1913 - d. 11/9/1967), 21-Willie Joe Lane (b. ca. 1914 - d. ca. 1914), 22-Ella Louise Lane (b. ca. 1914 - d. unknown), 23-Richard Manning Lane (b. ca. 1915 - d. unknown), 24-Annie Sue Lane (b. 2/1/1917 - d. 9/1977), 25-Mary Lou Lane (b. 6/2/1919 - d. 8/29/1981).  IV. Offie McKeever Lane Married: Lennie Iowa Hughes (b. 12/26/1908 - d. 12/19/1981), Children: 26-Juanita Lane (b. 11/14/1936 - d. 12/9/1936), 27-Theresa Rebecca Ann Lane (b. 6/5/1939 - living), 28-Barbara Jane Lane (b. 8/28/1943 - living), 29-Jerry Wayne Lane (b. 1/16/1947 - d. 1980).  Mark L. West  Jan. 2004 Mark L. West
LANE Am researching Drury and William Lane who are listed in the 1790 Census of Beaufort District, SC. Any information appreciated. 15 April 2002 P. Lane
LANGFORD Does anyone have information regarding the two Langford families that are on the 1790 census. One is Edward Langford: 1m+21 and 1f+21. The other family is Judea or Judah Langford: 1m+21, 2f+21. Edward is sometimes referred to as Edmond. Did they own land and if so where can I obtain documents? Are there marriage records for Beaufort District at this time. Any information will be greatfully acknowledged and appreciated. Thank you. Poldi (9/3/99 8:43:01 PM) Poldi Tonin
LANNING Francis S Lanning is buried Civil War cemetery in, or around Beaufort SC. Need information how I might obtain picture of his burial site. Dont know exactly where cemetery is, or if there are more than one. Certainly appreciate any help in obtaining info. He was in the Union Army and died of natural causes at Folly Island. If additional info is needed let me know. (4/29/97) Chuck Rhodes


I am searching for information about the Lawton and Sherman family who lived in Luray South Carolina. To dat I know that my grand parents Josh A. Lawton and Effie Sherman Lawton lived in Luray in 1920 as per the federal census, They had six children -- Malachi, Richard, Eugene, Herbert, Albertha and Verdell who were all born in Luray a small town in Hampton county that still exists with a population of 102. Because all of the above members of my family are deceased - I cannot trace my great Grandparents. I would appreciate any help -- and I am willing to share the information that I have. (5/31/99 4:57:53 AM) Mildred Lawton Bowden
LEATH I am researching family history for an Aaron Tison or Mary Leath. I think Mary was born 1738 in Beaufort County. Also looking for surname Vince. 15 July 2001 K. Cole
LEE I am looking for information on PIETY LEE. She is listed in the 1830 Beaufort Co. Census. I do not have the Census info only the reference to the 1830 Census. (2/7/99 6:03:23 PM) Mitch Hillis
LEE LEE Family - I am looking for a Lee family which may have contained my great grandfather as a child in the 1840 - 1860 interval. His name is Randaulph Lee, 1839-1921. His full name may have been "William" Randaulph Lee. A story recently uncovered says he was born in Ireland, came to the US with his family as a child on an immigrant ship, the family said to have settled in Beaufort County, SC, and somehow he ended up in Old Pike County, MS, after the Civil War. (1/4/00 9:09:18 PM) M. Clint Lee
LEWIS looking for information on STEPHEN LEWIS, REV. m POLLY GREENE, MARCH 1,1785 in BEAUFORT,SC. possible relation of JORDAN LEWIS OF BULLOCH CO. GA. (7/6/98 8:40:01 PM) Ron Lewis
LEWIS LEWIS. Want information on these people in Beaufort 1810 census, p. 107. Mary McKINZIE, line 12, 1 f over 45. Was she Mary RODGERS LEWIS McKENZIE, widow of Josiah LEWIS and Alexander McKENZIE? Robert ELLIOTT, line 7, 1m 26-45; 1f 16-26, 1f 0-10. Is this the Robert ELLIOTT that married Sarah LEWIS, daughter of Mary & Josiah? Line 10, David McKINZIE, 1m 26-45, 1m 0-10; 1 f 26-45. Is he the son of Mary and Alexander? Line 9, Josiah LEWIS, 1m 26-45, 1m 0-10; 1f 26-45, 1f 10-16. Son of Mary and Josiah LEWIS? Need descendants of Josiah LEWIS, Jr. (5/18/98 10:00:32 PM) Larry Ray
LEWIS Looking for anyone descended from Samuel Lewis. He was the son of Josiah Lewis of Horry County and Samuel moved to Beaufort County about 1821 or 1822. He appears on the 1830m 1840 & 1850 Census living in Beaufort County. I need to know his maternal lines. B Hill Nobles
LONDOS GUSTAVE2 LONDOS, son of Steve LONDOS and Marie SEANE, was born Abt. 1889 in Vathay, Samos, Greece, and died 1962 in Beaufort, South Carolina. He married FRANCES A. LEWANDOWSKI July 16, 1919 in Port Huron, St. Clair County, Michigan, daughter of JACOB LEWANDOWSKI and JULIA KRAFT/KRAFFT. She was born September 07, 1893 in Port Huron, St. Clair County, Michigan, and died October 12, 1959 in City of Port Huron, St. Clair County, Michigan. He married UNKNOWN. (2/14/00 7:21:47 PM) Meg Fuller
LONG Seeking genealogy info for ROSIER, William Charles b. 8 Nov 1844 Beaufort Co., S. Carolina, married to SMITH, Rosella Frances b. 12 Nov 1845 Beaufort Co., S. Carolina. They probably lived there up until 1872-1875. William was a descendant of ROSIER, Joseph Jackson and LONG, Catherine. Rosella, a descendant of SMITH, Allen or Allan and Elizabeth (maiden name unknown). Thanks! (4/8/00 11:46:04 AM) Grace J. Rosier
LONG Blanchard Long born 1812. Looking for parents, siblings, children. Think his parents were Thomas & Temperance Long. One of Blanchard's son's was William Arthur Thomas Long born 10-24-1870.Blanchard may have had 3 wives. He appears in 1850 & 70 Census but not 1860. 1850 & 70 shows different wives & children. Wife in 1870 was Margaret Nix. Any information? (7/6/98 8:38:26 PM) Marilyn Long
LONG I'm looking for information. Daniel is listed in the 1850 census, b. apprx. 1802. Children are William, Mary, Cornelia, Thomas, Richard Gideon, Robert Allen, Daniel, John, Sarah, Augustus, Susan Emily. He married Rhoda Jarrell. Any information on the above will be appreciated. (2/14/00 7:26:27 PM) Mary Overstreet
LOOKUP Do you have any people who volunteer to do SC lookups? If so, I am willing to do a lookup in the Kansas City metropolitan area in exchange. This would include Kansas City, Ks., Olathe, Ks., Shawnee Mission, Ks., Leavenworth, Ks., Kansas City, Mo., and Independence, Mo. Please understand that I am not a certified genealogist. 16 Feb. 2003 Ray Norton
Loundes Searching for descendents of Rawlins Loundes (1838-1919) & Sarah "Buck" Preston (1842-1880). Any leads or information is greatly appreciated. 9 Feb 2010 James Peters
LOWRY Seeking information on Rev. James LOWRY who "lived in the vicinity of Robertville, Beaufort District" in 1819. Information states that he was one of 7 sons of William LOWRY, dec'd, of Fairfield District. Any assistance greatly appreciated. (4/8/00 11:46:59 AM) Pat Stoewe
Lubbock Seek information on Richard Lubbock (b ca 1766), who emigrated to Augusta Georgia from Norfolk in or about 1790, called his eldest son Henry Thomas Willis. His wife Diana Sophia Sandwich born April 1776.  A working hypothesis is that the emigré was a nephew of Jane the wife of Henry Willis. Richard and Diana are said to have married in 1790 at Beaufort, South Carolina. If Richard arrived in Augusta the same year, the courtship must have been rather brief, and Diana would have been 13 or 14 at the time. Details in Link here.  12 July 2003 Eric Avebury
LUTZ I have been informed that Leonard LUTZ, was/is a pastor in the Beaufort area, ca. 1960. I would like to connect with Leonard or one of his descendents to discuss his/our early families from Knox County, IL.+ Canada. (9/3/99 8:46:35 PM) Janet Foster
LYNN I descend from John "Boss" Lynn (1794-aft 1880), who was the son-in-law of John Dubberly, who appears in St. Peters Parish in the 1800 and 1810 censuses in Beaufort District, SC. In 1820, both John Lynn and John Dubberly appear in Tattnall Co, GA census as next door neighbors. A Joseph Linn (M26-45) appears as head of a family in the 1800 Beaufort District, SC census, page 094. Could this be a relative of my John Lynn? Let me hear from you if you have any info to share on the LYNN family of Beaufort Co, SC and Tattnall Co, GA. 1 April 2001 Bob Burton

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