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SAMS I am looking for info on the SAMS family.  I believe some of the family was in the Beauford area some time before 1870. John Hanahan Sams would possibly be one of the family members. 31 Aug. 2001 HUBERT HART
SAULS Sauls Family Genealogy James Anderson
saussy My ancestors joachim ['jock-eem', zho-a-kai'nh, later 'jo-a-kim' and his son david owned property at purrysburg, some of which may have stayed in the family into the 19th century. david saussy served 90 days in the patriot militia and sold a side of beef to them [that's all? for a 7 year war?] their descendants moved to savannah whence they stayed/stay. my grandfather, george stone saussy sr. moved to charleston after ww1 and my father g.s.saussy jr was born there but raised in columbia. my brother and i are the last saussy's in south carolina of whom i am aware. we have a number of saussy-descent cousins in the columbia metro area. i have my grand father's genealogy compiled in the 30's which is certainly open to anyones perusal. any info on saussy's would be greatly appreciated.  Sept. 2006 pete saussy
St. Helena Agricultural Society I am looking for information on and organization from the 1800's called the St. Helena Agricultural Society, also looking for info on a plantation on St. Helena called Jerico. Does anyone have any in details on these? Thanks in advance for any help. 15 July 2001 A. Diamond
St HELENA'S CHURCH Is there or was there a PARISH REGISTER for St HELENA'S CHURCH in Beaufort? I see a few of my family names and I wonder where the exact dates came from.  23 March 2005 Harold C. Fisher
SCANLAN I am looking for any information on C. A. Scanlan. He was born on August 1, 1825 in Beaufort. He was a Captain for the Confederate Army. (4/15/98 9:20:21 PM) Sandra Young
SCURLOCK Looking for parents of Harriet SCURLOCK b. Beaufort? 1804 d. Jackson Co. FL 1888. (1/4/00 9:08:55 PM) Geoffrey Stuart Pope
SEAGLER I am looking for any information on George Seagler. He is listed in the first census of 1790. (4/8/00 11:55:18 AM) H. E. Rast
SEALY I am searching for information concerning Alonzo Dow Sealy, his wife Delilah Catherine Waters, and their son Lorenzo Beaufort Sealy (born 24 December, 1824). They migrated west, ultimately to Choctaw Co., MS. Any information would be appreciated. (12/5/99 5:54:47 PM) Rupert Chapman
SHAW Seeking info and exchanges re the Shaw Surname that resided in the Beaufort and surrounding area before and after the Revolutionary War before moving to Liberty County and then on to South GA after c. 1802. Have considerable info to exchange re the Parkers, Hornes, Hiers, Baxters, Harnage, and other related lines. Have very considerable post-1800 info re. the Shaw Family and closely associated lines to exchange. (2/7/99 6:01:14 PM) Julian Harper
SHAW / MORRISS SHAW / MORRISS Looking for information and ancestors of William B. Shaw b. 1809 and wife Lecia H. Morriss b. 1810. They married in 1830 in Bibb Co. Ga. Indications are that they miagrated to GA through the Carolinas. Have decendent info to share. 6 March 2001 Gary Shaw
Shelton Church am interested in the Shelton Church in Beaufort County. This church was burned in the CSA and only the walls are standing, Any information is appreciated. 29 Sept. 2004 John Howell
Shelton Church Trying to find out who i need to contact about some info about shelton church I am getting married soon and i fell in love with the old church and was wondering if we could get married there please contact me back. July 2006 Sandra Hawkins
SHEPER I am looking for information on Harold Scheper. He is a native of Beaufort and is buried in a cemetery in Beaufort. His brother Herman is also buried in the cemetery. I believe he died in the late 50's. His daughter, Anne, is my Godmother-in-law and is coming to visit us in Charleston in a couple of weeks. We would like to take her down to Beaufort to see her father's grave. She has only seen it once when she was a teenager (she is now 76 years old). They lived in Atlantic City, NJ for some time when she was a child, but they never lived in Beaufort. She cannot remember the name of the cemetery. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. 3 Apr. 2010 David Wills


SHEPHERD I am seeking information on ROBERT S. and ELIZABETH SHEPHERD, who lived in Beaufort Co., SC about 1798-1825. Their son, JEREMIAH SHEPHERD, born 1799, was my ancestor, who married KESIAH ROGERS of Newberry Co., SC, after moving to Jefferson Co., AL in 1825. Please contact me - I'd love to share the information I have with other family members. (11/14/96) Greg Young

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SHEPHERD Looking for information on my ancester Jeremiah Shepherd born 1799. He married Kesiah Rogers of South Carolina and later moved to Jefferson County, AL.  28 June 2004 Susan Shepherd
SHEPPERD Researching SHEPPARD, RICHARDSON, COOK, GATCH, ROGERS and allied lines in Beaufort District. Also, anyone whose ancestor is supposed to have been "Portuguese-Spanish", brought about by a pirate, please get in touch. Also, anyone whose ancestor was supposed to have been a gypsy of pre-Revolutionary era, please contact. (9/25/97) Ann Davis
SHEPPERD Looking for information on my ancestor Jeremiah Shepherd (born 1799) and his descendants. He married Kesiah Rogers of South Carolina and later moved to Jefferson County, AL.  Jan. 2006 Michael Shepherd
SHIPES John Shipes b. 1800 in Barnwell Co. moved to Beufort Co. when grown, married and had 5 children. Any SHIPES is probably kin. (4/12/97) Ruth Shipes Sutley
SHULL Burial places of Shull, my father Robert Lee Shull is buried at Greenlawn but I do not know the location of his parents. I believe his fathers name was Oscar and I know his mothers name was Fannie. They lived in Cayce and West Columbia, SC. 2 August 2002 Ropbert H Shull
SHUMAN Need to find the first wife of Martin Shuman, II, found in 1800 census in Beaufort County. She may have been a NIX. He married second Phereby SAULS of Bryan Co., GA. Known child by first wife is William SHUMAN who married a JOHNSTON. Any info appreciated. (4/15/98 9:25:23 PM) Paddy Orr
SHUMAN Looking for information on: Joseph Franklin Shuman born July 13, 1873 in this area...need exact place of birth, (wife..Ellie Jane Shuman ne Roe...need marriage date). Also need exact birth date and place of Joseph's father, Joseph D. Shuman (wife Mary...need marriage date). Any information would be greatly appreciated. (2/7/99 6:09:01 PM) Gen
SIMMONS SIMMONS, Micajah (Micager) b abt 1795 m Zilpha WILLIAMS b abt 1795 found on the 1820 census of Beaufort Co. Prince Williams Parish SC. living between a John SIMMONS & Richard SIMMONS. Is anyone familar with these John & Richard family. Micajah SIMMONS moved to Forida late 1820's. Would like to hear from other researchers. Micajah is believed to be the son of John SIMMONS & Susanah HAYNE but have found no proof as yet. (11/2/97) F. Simmons
SIMMONS I am looking for information regarding the family of Micajah Simmons who was born in Beaufort in 1795. He married Zilpha Williams, also born in 1795. I have been unable to find the identity of Micajah's father or his other family members.  July 2006 Stephen Simmons
SIMMONS I am researching the Family & Ancestors of Dorcas Binyard. Dorcas was born into slavery in the upper portion (not sure exactly) of South Carolina. After slavery, she moved to Beaufort and met a John Finley (worked on boats). They had 4 children (Lucinda, Janie, Neptune, John). Lucinda had a last name of Lucinda Simmons. Actually, she was born during slavery. Lucinda had a daughter named Hattie Simmons and a son named Author Simmons. They were all raised in the Beaufort, SC area. At some point, Author Simmons moved to Pennsylvania. 19 Nov. 2002 O. Gibson
SIMMONS James and Unity Simmons.  I am looking for the marriage date of the above individuals. They are my 3rd great grandparents. They were living in Beaufort County in the 1850s. I do not know Unity's family name. I believe they were married around 1842/43.  23 Sept. 2003 Joseph Cercy
SLOMAN James Sloman (age 53) is listed in 1850 census for Prince William Parish, with Sarah (39), Charlotte (16), Eliza (14), Rebecca (13), Sarah (12), George (5), and Ellen (28). Then Sarah F. Sloman (age 53 Widow) is listed in the 1860 census for St. Helena Parish, with Eliza (23), Sarah (20), George (15), and Alice (7). I am looking for the parents of my great-grandfather George S. Sloman, who appears in the 1880 census (as Sloeman) in Colleton County. Does anyone have any information on the Slomans of Beaufort County? Could these two families be related? I would appreciated any help you could offer. (8/24/97) Jerry Pricher
SMALL I am trying to find any information on my paternal grandfather. Henry Small,from Beaufort Co. South Carolina, born in 1900. Any assistance in this search would be greatly appreciated.  July 2006 Leonard Small
SMALLS My husband born in south carolina in 1963 comes from a long line of Smalls no relation to Robert Smalls.  23 Sept. 2003 Ivette  Zapata-smalls
SMITH I am looking for any info of a pete smith from beaufort around 1865 or early 1800 movedto arkanasas ,,married a woodruff from upstate S.C (5/21/99 11:23:43 PM) Pete Smith
SMITH I am looking for any info of a pete smith from beaufort around 1865 or early 1800 movedto arkanasas ,,married a woodruff from upstate S.C (8/1/99 10:01:35 AM) Ray smith
Smith I am looking for birth or marriage records. My Gr. Gr. Gr. grandfather, William Smith was born on August 26, 1788 in SC. His wife Elizabeth Smith was born August 30, 1795 in SC. My Gr. Gr.grandfather John C. Smith was born June 27, 1824 in SC. Our families oral history is that we moved from Beufort, SC. Any info. would be greatly appreciated. (2/14/00 7:21:04 PM) Timothy O'Neil Smith
SMITH Random Smith was born in S.C. around 1825. He was married to Sarah Parthenia Wilson (sister of Jeremiah and Calvin Wilson). They left the Beaufort area just after 1852 amd moved to Camden County Georgia. I am trying to trace this family line. (7/11/97) Terry Clements


Want newsclipping and/or Obituary for Rosa Lee(Mixon) Singleton and William (Benjamin) Snelling-Marriage,Cemetery/Funeral or Death my great grandparents. Children: Juanita (Snelling) Rivers; Roosevelt T. Singleton; Myrough,Beatrice, and Docio Snelling (all deceased) from Barnwell,SC. Any extensive information on them will be appreciated. Moved to Chicago between 1912-1973. Trying to find out any information on their parents and their background. (9/3/99 8:43:55 PM) Tanya S.Williams
SOLOMONS Is there an old Beaufort Cemetery at St. Helena's? I seem to recall seeing one many years ago. If so, is there a list of the burials? My Esther Solomons (B. 1780) was daughter of Elizabeth Elliott and John Graves. Elizabeth remarried after John's death to Ambrose Gibson about 1796. She inherited 2 slaves of the 9 owned by Thomas Elliott of Combahee when he died about 1796/7(who was at that time married to Freelove Eldred). I do not know if Elizabeth was the daughter of Thomas and a previous wife or his sister. but they were Beaufort town Elliotts. Elizabeth named one of her three daughters Freelove.  20 June 2005 Carolyn Ramsay
SPEARS Joseph SPEARS shown in 1790 Census in Beaufort Co.SC. Looking for any siblings and decendences 12 April 2001 Bob Spears
SPILLIARDS I am searching for the parents of MARTHA HETTIE SPILLIARDS (b. about 1868 in South Carolina, and died 20 Mar 1947) who married William Frank Gray. The Spilliards family lived in the area of Jasper, Hampton and Beaufort Counties.  The known siblings of Martha are;
  1. JAMES ALBERT SPILLIARDS (born 09 Feb 1874 in South Carolina, and died 17 Jun 1945). He married MINNIE P CLELAND (born 05 Dec 1877 and died 26 Jun 1959) and
  2. JOSEPH HAMMOND SPILLIARDS (b. 08 Oct 1888 in South Carolina; d. 28 Dec 1924.

27 March 2007

Helen Brabham
SPINKS I am trying to find information about my cousin, Hayward Spinks, who lived in Beaufort for a number of years. I know that he was buried in the national cemetery there in beaufort and was a retired officer in the army. I understand that he was a rather successful real estate agent as well before his death in 1990.  I would love to talk with anyone who knew him and could tell me anything about him - as a person or whatever. I never met him, so I'm anxiuos to know whatever i can about him Anyone with any information about him, please contact me at Sincerely, Hal W. McIntosh.  Jan. 2004 Hal W. McIntosh
SPIVEY I am seeking ancestors of Rita Goings Spivey of Beaufort County, S. C. Rita lived in Ridgeland, b 15 Feb 1893 d 4 Jan 1986. Her mother was Mary Laura Goings. Any help would be appreciated. 19 Feb. 2003 B. Matthews
STACKS I am searching for a lost cousin, Leon STACKS, who lived in Hilton Head, Beaufort Co, a few years ago. He was born probably between 1930-1940, m ?/Benson, had 3 sons. He is also I believe a nationally known artist, but I can't find him. He is no longer at the address I had, nor phone number, as far as I know. One son might be in Orlando, Florida, and the other in Key West. I would like to add his family to my STACKS family tree. If anyone has any info please contact me. (8/9/98 10:59:36 AM) Pat Ramsey
STAFFORD Seeking any information on Ellis Stafford who went to Florida, late 1790's, he may have been son of Richard Stafford, as there is a Richard Stafford with him in Florida 1830 Census. Dau. Lydia Stafford states on 1880 Census her father was born in South Carolina, and found a Richard Stafford of Granville Co. S. Car. which later became Beaufort area.... (8/22/99 6:37:35 PM) Leatha A. Betts
STAFFORD I'm looking for help identifying ancestors, other descendants of George W. STAFFORD, b. 19 Dec. 1849 in Beaufort District, SC. He married a Lily Belger and had several children, including Mary E., Robert Lee, Charles Samuel, Brooks Barney, Hallie, Grover and Hollie STAFFORD. After moving to Screven County Georgia in the 1890's, Lily Belger died and George STAFFORD remarried to a Martha Inez SHUMAN from HAMPTON District, SC. George and Martha died in Screven County, GA and are buried there at Jackson Baptist Church Cemetary. Please contact me if you have any info on this family. THANKS. (4/8/99 9:29:54 PM) Tommy Newton
STAFFORD Seeking information on Edward Stafford listed in the 1790 and 1800 census.Who were the children of Edward jr.? Is there any information available on the Stafford family of the Beaufort District?19 Nov. 2000 M. Watson
STANLEY I am trying to find any family information on Frances Lena Stanley. In 1860, she (age 25) was living in the household with Danl Johnson, age 32 and Civility M. Johnson, age 28 in St. Luke's Parish, Hilton Head Island, SC. There were also two children Wm. E. Johnson, age 6, and Frances A. Johnson, age 3.   In 1870 she was in Laurens Co., GA and married to James Henry Wells with a 6 year old child of her own and a 10-year old child "A Johnson" in her household.  20 June 2005 Saralyn Smith
STANYARE Elizabeth STANYARE (Stanyarne) married at Beaufort, Alexander Paris, who was b. ca. 1700 (possibly at Beaufort). They had at least 2 children, James and Robert. Is anyone working on the STANYARE name, or have any information about this family? (7/6/98 8:46:59 PM) Diane Graham
Stedham- Steadham I am seeking a marriage contract or other data between a Moses Stedham of Beaufort or the old 96th district and Winifred Eppinger. Moses was born about 1750 and Winifred about 1753. I believe Moses left the area with his father Benjamin about the time of the revolution because his 2 uncles, Adam and Zachariah are on a list of "murdered Tories" in the area. Moses and Winifred both were killed in the masscre of Fort Mims in Baldwin County, Alabama on Aug 30, 1813. I have the baptism records of several of their children from the Catholic Church in Mobile, so I feel certain of their relationship and thier ages, I would love to find a marriage record for them that would lead me to Winifred's heritage. 15 July 2001 C. Moore
Stevens I am searching for a DANIEL STEVENS (maybe Daniel Augustus) who was shown in the 1778 census in the Beaufort District of SC. He is shown in 1781 & 82 in Charleston. I believe he is the father if JOSEPH LEGARE STEVENS and SAMUEL NORMAN STEVENS. Anyone having any information, please contact me. (2/14/00 7:22:25 PM) Deborah Aldridge
STEWART FOWLER ould like to work with anyone working the Stewart and Fowler families of Beaufort Co during the period 1650-1770, With ties to Brisbane families, Camber families, and Butler families. 17 Nov. 2003 Frances and Peter Gold
STOKES My name is Barney R. Stokes. I am trying to trace my Great Grandfather Burrell (Burl)Stokes. He is believed to have been born in Beauford Co.SC. He possibly had a brother or cousin named Thomas J. Stokes. It was said that he had some native american blood.He came to Fl. from south Ga. before the war between the states. He married Levica Altman in Ga. ( I think in Ware Co.,where she was born)around 1835-1850. He was captured in the cival war and released at the end but died on the way home. If you run across him in any of your research I would appreciate any information you might have. (12/24/98 2:47:38 PM) Barney Stokes
STONE Willie B. Stone married Martha Ann Padgett in 1881. Need any info on STONE, as I have nothing more on him. Martha was born in 1862. Her parents were Eliza Padgett and Elizabeth. Eliza & Elizabeth had 10 children. The oldest was born in 1848 and the youngest in 1866. I would like to find out Elizabeth's last name, also. I'm not sure what county they lived in back then, but later most of the family members that I knew lived in Beaufort Co., SC (8/9/98 11:00:38 AM) Julie Johnson
Strobhart Strobhart, Hezekiah N. and Blakewood, James B.   21 May 2001 S. Marshall
STROBHAR I am trying to locate any record of the parents of an ancestor,Laura L. Strobhar, born 1828, died 1898 and married George Whitfield Boston. Also I have a reference to a Noble A. Strobhar, born 2/17/1830 in Beaumont Dist., SC and died 9/23/1859 at Hickory Vale. 5 Nov. 2002 Gene Brewster
Stroud In 1870 to 1877 William H. Stroud was a Baptist preacher in Beaufort, St. Lukes parish (Gillisonville). any information on him, the family or church would be appreciated. 29 March 2007 Jeannette Hooks
SUMMERS I am searching for the person or persons who inherited land granted to the immigrant, John SUMMERS and his wife Agnes in 1768 in the district of Granville. As you know Granville was later broken down into counties along the Savannah basin. (5/18/98 10:00:09 PM) Louise S. Wilder
SWEAT Seeking information on James A. Sweat, born 1806 in Beaufort District S.C.,son of Nathan Sweat R.S. James first married Serena Elizabeth Newbern, daughter of Thomas Newbern. 2nd marriage to Mary Newbern Sweat. Is this the James A. Sweat who was pastor of Beech Branch Church in present day Allendale Co. S.C. (7/27/97) Glenda S. Jones
SWEAT Searching for information on Nathan SWEAT b.1760 in Beaufort or Marion District SC and died March 26, 1834. He is buried in Georgia, and was a RV soldier. He was found in the 1790 Beaufort Dist. census and married Sarah ? and they had the following children: Sarah, William, John, Nathan Jr., Nancy, Samuel, and James A.. If anyone has any information or connection, please contact me. Sandy Ward Stewart
SWIFT My great-grandmother, Susan Appleton Swift, was apparently a teacher in the Beaufort area during the War between the States. She was from Chicago and came to teach probably 1862-?  Does anyone know of any records which tell the names of such teachers? I believe she taught the blacks - was she at the Penn Center?  23 Sept. 2003 Julia Joaquin

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