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TALBIRD James TALBIRD m. Mary JOLLY, 1 Nov 1727, has son Capt. James Talbird, mariner m. Ann Herberson 28 Aug 1756, who had sons and dau. Henry Talbird m. Mrs. Catherine Bowman 3 Nov 1778, Thomas Talbird m. 29 Jan 1780 Christiana Crawford, Mary Talbird/Talbot m. John Rhodes 11 Jun 1774. Henry, Thomas Talbird and John Rhodes migrated to Glynn Co. Ga. 1778....Henry or Thomas Talbird had Jesse Talbert, justice of peace and Rev. War veteran served in Ga., from Wilkes Co. Ga. then died c. 1810 Hancock Co. Ga. marrying daughter Martha Talbert m. Easom Dekalb Franklin 19 Feb. 1809 Baldwin Co. Ga. Seeking more information on Talbird/Talbert family. (9/3/99 8:45:25 PM) Leatha A. Betts
TALBOT TALBOT(Also variously spelled Talbird, Talberd, and Talbert) I am researching information on my TALBOT African American family. They lived in Beaufort County either on St. Helena Island or in the Township of Beaufort. The oldest members of the family were Thomas and Phoebe born in the 1820s. 15 April 2001 L. Moore
TAYLOR Looking for information on the Family of John Taylor & Charity Rose. According to information passed down through the family, Charity is the daughter of Lord & Lady Rose of England. I know that John & Charity had a daughter named Susan Jane Taylor who married Samuel James Coleman on April 8, 1847 Rockville, Parke Co, Indiana. I know that Susan was born according to family information on Dec 25, 1831 in Beaufort, SC. I do not know if Susan had any siblings or was an only child.  Susan Jane Taylor of Beaufort, SC died on May 12, 1916 in Kilgore, Ne and is buried there. Any help is greatly appreciated. (11/2/97) updated Dec. 2007 Rick Covic
TESTON My GGG-Grandfather was James Teston. He was born in Beaufort County S.C.  on 04/09/1827. I am looking for his family in S.C. He moved to Georgia, where he died on 09/11/1906. Have been unable to find any information. 23 Feb. 2001 B. Teston Jones
TESTON I am researching the Teston family of Beaufort Co., I believe specifically in St Luke's Parish. The 2 families I'm mainly looking for are William and James Teston, William b. abt 1821, and James abt 1829. I don't know if they're brothers or even related, but the info I have seems to indicate they are. Any info would be greatly appreciated. 28 June 04 Nanci Heap
TESTON My GGGrandfather is Frederick M. Teston. Born in South Carolina in 1789. He immigrated to Amite county Mississippi in the early 1800s. Estimated arrival in MS is between 1810 and 1814. To date, we have no information as to where he was born in SC or who his parents/siblings or extended family may be. He married Elizabeth P. Wall about 1809. Elizaabeth was born in SC about 1788. We have no information as to Elizabeth's parents/siblings or extended family. We do not know if they were still in SC or in MS when married.  We have information concerning Frederick and Elizabeth after their arrival in MS but can find nothing of them or their families in SC. We are interested in any information concerning the Testons or the Walls while in SC or earlier , about their immigration to MS or about their early years in MS (ie: prior to the birth of their children).  Sept. 2006 Bill Teston
THOMAS Seeking info on a Robert V. Thomas, born l2/18/1829. Is listed in 1850 census Savannah GA. Any information appreciated. 11 Feb. 2001 Dave Thomas
THOMSON Looking for information on James Thomson who married Viginia Gyles. I was told he came from Scotland to Beaufort County and owned a great deal of land in the county. Married Virginia Gyles. Their son, James Thomson, Jr. married Adelaide Rice. Their daughter, Pauline lived in the Civil War era and married Robert W. Gerald, Jr. I know of two children: Leewis Thomson Gerald and Mozelle Gerald. (6/21/99 10:22:59 AM) Geri Oliver
THOMPSON I am looking for information (cemetery or Census records) of a one Benjamin Singleton, an African American who filed a 1923 Confederate Pension petition in Beaufort County.

He served as a servant to Capt. John H. Thomson, Company E, 1st SC Regt.until Capt. Thompson was killed at Second Manasas. He was then transferred to the Beaufort Volunteer Artillery serving under Sgt. Wm. Thompson and Corp. David Thompson until after the battle of Honey Hill. He then was transferred to the Battalion of State Cadets under Cadets Robert and James Thompson and served until the close of the war and was discharged at Greenville, SC. 13 Nov. 2001

Steve Smith
THORNHILL Seeking any information on the family of William THORNHILL, b. abt. mid-1700's on Beaufort Dist., SC. He possibly fought in the revolutionary War. Thanks. (11/5/98 9:40:56 PM) Greg Aymond
Tickton I am looking for information on Tickton Plantation dating from the Revolutionary War. Just wondering if it's still there. 4 Feb. 2002 G. Brewton
TILLMAN I am researching the Tillman families of Beaufort Co, SC and have info to share if anyone else is interested in this family. (3/4/97) T. C. McFearin
TINSLEY In Port Royal Island Battle Boosted Patriot Morale, I am doing a search for information about the battle of Beaufort. My g.g.g. grandfather John Tinsley lived in S.C. in the late 1700s and my g.g. grandfather John Tinsley, Jr. was born there. I found a copy of a letter in the National Archives for Congress that was written by my g.g.g. grandfathers daughter Tabitha (Tinsley) Temple to the 30th Congress stating that her father fought in the battle of Beaufort and served for three years in the Continental Line. She was writing the US Congress because her father never got his military land bounty. This is all the information I have on John Tinsley other than a copy of a will from his father Thomas Tinsley who died in the 1790s in S.C. 96th District. I seek a record, muster roll, or any other kind of information about this battle and John Tinsley. 7 August 2001 Kevin Tensley
TISON I am researching family history for an Aaron Tison or Mary Leath. I think Mary was born 1738 in Beaufort County. Also looking for surname Vince. 15 July 2001 K. Cole
TOLBERT TALBERT Tolbert (Talbert?): I am researching the Family & Ancestors of Dorcas Binyard. Dorcas was born into slavery in the upper portion (not sure exactly) of South Carolina. After slavery, she moved to Beaufort and met a John Finley (worked on boats). They had 4 children (Lucinda, Janie, Neptune, John). Janie had one son of her own (Ben) and helped raise several of her nieces, nephews, and other family members. Janie's son Ben, was a preacher and married a woman named Alice. At some point, Ben Tolbert moved from Beaufort, SC to Chicago, Illinois. 16 Feb. 2003 O. Gibson
deTreville I am a direct descendant of John Laboularderie deTreville & would like to learn more. I believe that a talk was given at the Beaufort Historical Society about him. Any information that you can share would be greatly appreciated. 15 April 2002 Trev Sherrod
Tribal Am looking for Tribal members who own and operate food service businesses in or near Beaufort, SC. August 2006 Karen A. Smith
TROWELL John TROWELL married Martha E PATTERSON b 10/10/1797 ?? year b 10/22/1806 d 11/21/1870 in Savannah, GA d 10/18/1875 in Savannah, GA. Children: Elizabeth J, and Carrie. I believe all were born in Beaufort Dist, SC. I am looking for parents, sibilings of John. Thank you, (5/18/98 9:58:22 PM) Debby Buteau
TUTEN I am looking for census info on a William Robert Tuten who was born in the Beaufort area in 1824. My local library evidently does not have a complete census. He was born in 1824, I think in Hampton. He moved to Hamilton Co, FL sometime in the 1850's. Trying to find if he had a family in SC, etc. I would appreciate any help. (4/21/99 7:10:16 AM) Michael Jones
TUTEN I am looking for more information on a Zacheriah Tuten, in Beaufort Co. as early as 1790 and on both the 1790 and 1800 census rolls. I think he may have gone over the Smokies to Roane Co., Tennessee and wound up in the northern edge of Alabama, dying there in 1826 (Limestone Co.). If anyone has information on this individual, please contact me. Also, if you are researching this Beaufort family and are looking at some of the earliest members of it, please let me know. (7/28/99 1:54:52 PM) David A. Webb
TUTEN TUTEN, James Robert, b. 4/19/1834 in Beaufort Co. Who are his parents? One source says Thompson and Ann TUTEN but is unverified. Can you help? (8/15/97) Martha Cleland Ross
TUTEN I am interested in any information on the Tutens. I am not sure they are from Beaufort County. The particular person is Pierson Michael Tuten born 1810 and Amanda Elizabeth Bostic born 1827.Thanks for any help,1 Jan. 01 V. Cureton
TYNES Researching all ties to Pettypool and Tynes in Beaufort Co., SC (4/15/98 9:19:13 PM) John Powell

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