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VAIGNEUR I am looking for family ties of the name "Vaigneur". I have many names but don't seem to be able to link them together. My father is William Thomas Vaigneur and he was born and raised in Port Royal, his father was Thomas Waring Vaigneur (wife, Lula Walker Vaigneur), his grandfather was William Henry Vaigneur (wife,Rebecca Elizabeth Stone Vaigneur). Any help in linking up current or past family would be appreciated.
(3/14/99 5:06:43 PM)
Rochelle Vaigneur
VAIL I am searching for information on Thomas C. Vail who was known to have been at Ladies Island SC during the hurricaine that struck the area on 27-28 August, 1893. I have a letter from Thomas Vail detailing his experiences and observations of the hurricaine. I'm searching for the reasons that brought Thomas to the area as he is from Fairfield CT.
(9/28/98 6:26:56 PM)
Robert S. Vail III
VARN Looking for information on John G. Varn (1751-1820) and wife Nancy Ann Baker. Their first four children are thought to have been born in Lexington Co., SC, and the last two in Beaufort Co. (now Hampton Co.). Where are they buried?
(10/28/99 10:12:22 PM)
Rose-Marie Williams
VARNADORE I'm looking for information on Henry Varnadore born in St. Peters, Beaufort Dist. in 1827. I think he may be the son of John Varnadore and Mary Oliver also of St. Peters, but cannot find the connection. He later moved to Baxley, Appling Co. GA and was a Circut Court Judge. I have all information from that point if anyone else needs information about Henry's decendants.
(3/23/99 5:19:28 PM)
Tim Varnadore
VARNER I am looking for information about a Daniel Varner who was supposed to have been killed at the Battle of Cowpens in 1781. He was believed to be married to an Ann Chester, who as widow Ann Varner, is found on the 1790 census of Beaufort Dist, SC next to her sons-in-law, Howell and Elisha Wall. Their children were: Rebecca Ann, Mary, and John Varner. I believe John stayed in the Beaufort Dist, SC area along with Elisha and Mary Varner Wall. Howell and Rebecca Ann Varner Wall moved to Amite Co, MS in 1811 as did Ann Varner. I would also like to find info on the family of Ann Chester who is believed to be from a Huegonot family that settled in SC. Possibly related to a David Chester found on the 1779 Old 96th census. (5/1/99 6:11:27 PM) Eleanor Colson
VAUCHIER I am looking for info on anyone in the VAUCHIER line. The name has several spellings VOUCHIER, VOUCHER, VAUCHERET,& VAUCHERE. John Vauchier lived in Beaufort Dist. in 1778, and a Franxis Vouchier was listed on a muster roll in 1756 in the Greenville dist. Also there was a Alles Voucher listed in 1743 as a resident in Purrysburgh S.C. Any leads would be appreciated. Anything close. Thank you for your time. (7/6/98 8:42:16 PM) Karen Wall
VAUGHAN  I am looking for info about Medicus Peeples Vaughan (M.P.) He was born in 1836 and died Feb 20, 1892 in Lodge, SC. He had a brother named Henry. MP served in the 4th SC Cavalry during the Civil War but this is all I have. His mother was Eleanor Wroten but no other info on parents or other siblings. Karen L. Coley  1 November 2000 K.L. Coley 
VAUGHN  I am looking for information on a Claiborne Vaughn who was from the Beaufort District of SC. His son John came over to Barnwell and married Hannah Way, daughter of Amos Way. They left Barnwell and moved to Greenville around 1823. 31 Aug. 2001 B. VAUGHN

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