These lists are from The CSS H.L. Hunley, Confederate Submarine, R. Thomas Campbell, Burd Street Press, 1999.

They were desperate, they risked it all in an effort to defeat the enemy.  They paid the ultimate price.

Crews lost, may they Rest In Peace, and their names be not forgotten:

29 August 1863 (these first four escaped)
Lt. John Payne, CSN, Commanding
Lt. Charles H. Hasker, CSN
Frank Doyle, CSN
John Kelly, CSN
Michael Cane, CSN
Nicholas Davis, CSN

Lt. John Payne, CSN, Commanding, and Lt. Charles H. Hasker, CSN, along with two other seamen eascaped.

15 October 1863
Horace L. Hunley, Civilian, Commanding
Thomas Parks, Civilian
Robert Brockbank, CSN
Joseph Patterson, CSN
Charles McHugh, CSN
John Marshall, CSN
Henry Beard, CSN
Charles Sprague, Civilian

None escaped. May they Rest In Peace.

17 February 1864.  The last crew, who made their kill, and all went to the bottom of the Atlantic.
Lt. George Dixon, CSA, Commanding
Cpl. C.F. Carlson, CSA
James A. Wicks, CSN
Arnold Becker, CSN
Fred (Frank) Collins, CSN1
C. F. Simpkins, CSN
Joseph Ridgaway, (born on Maryland's Eastern Shore) or Ridgeway, CSN1
___ White
___ Miller

None escaped.  May they Rest In Peace, and their names be not forgotten.

1"Confederate Farewell," Nashua (NH) Telegraph Sunday 16 April 2004, page A-2, menations a mentions a descendant of Joseph Ridgaway, born on Maryland's Eastern Shore, Emma Busbey Ditman.

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