The Civil War in South Carolina


Property Losses of Record

Proud the son.

Hard the Fall.  

Weep Sister. (Haiku)

Beaufort County Losses

Georgetown Losses

Charleston District Losses

Edisto Island Losses

Colleton District (not St. Johns Island)

St. Johns Island (Colleton District) Losses

Various Losses

Report of J. B. Whitridge, M.D.

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Source of these Civil War loss documents (from N. Peeples):

The Freedmen papers and Losses Due to the enemy would be considered public records and are held by the South Carolina Archives and The  U.S. National Archives. There is a great deal of interest in the Freedmen papers from a slave perspective and they were not being searched from the plantation owners perspective. In the Freedmen papers there is a section that covers the petitions for the return of lost land. This is not all for SC but most that I could find for the islands from James Island on down to Beaufort. Would like to get the GA. Freedmens records as it is quite possible to find some SC land/families listed in those. There were cross overs in the SC ones to GA. They are available I believe in Atlanta. The Loses Due to the Enemy are in the SC Archives and were filed by families hoping to get repaid for property lost of taken by either Yankee or Confederate. I got the Archives to copy them and then I just transcribed for what seems like forever. There is also a ledger listing many more names held by the SC Historical Society which will not let you copy other than your immediate family. Think they may have recently micro-filmed them but they are not good at sharing. Anyway I hope from all of that you can figure out how to copyright them. I believe that Harland Greene the Librarian of the South Carolina Room at the Charleston Library took some of those same papers to the Beaufort Library.