CLARK:—Arthur, admitted freeman May 13, 1640. Had been at Hampton, removed 1643, to Boston. He died 1655. By wife Sarah, he had Sarah 1644 and Samuel 1646.


Christopher Clark, of Boston, mariner, by wife, Rebecca, 'bad Dorothy 1650, John.1652, Peter 1654, Rebecca 1657, Christopher 1660, Daniel 1662, Elizabeth 1663, Mary or Mercy 1657. He was admitted freeman 1673, a merchant often voyaging between England and our country. On one of his passages was in the "Speedwell," embarked at London, May 30, and landed at Boston, July 27, 1656.


Daniel Clark, of Windsor, Conn., came in 1639, in company with Rev. Ephraim Hunt. He married that year Mary, daughter of Thomas Newbury, and had Josiah 1649, Elizabeth 1651, Daniel 1654, John 1656; Mary 1658, Samuel 1661, Sarah 1663, Nathaniel 1666'; killed by the Indians 1691. He was representative 1657-61, Secretary of the Colony 1658-63, Assistant 1662-4, Capt. of the Cavalry troop 1664. He died Aug. 12, 1710, aged 87.


Edmund Clark, of Gloucester, 1650, was town-clerk 1656. By wife Agnes, he had Abigail and Joseph, born 1650. He died 1667.


George Clark, of Milford, 1639, husbandman, had George and six daughters; died August 1690, leaving a good estate.


George Clark, of Roxbury, Mass., was a fellmonger, was an inhabitant of Boston, before 1695, died 1696. By wife Ann, he had George, Elizabeth, Mary, Richard.


Hugh Clark, . of Watertown, Mass., 1640, by' wife Elizabeth, had John 1641, Uriah 1644, Elizabeth 1648. He owned estate in Cambridge, but removed to Roxbury, 1657 ; was ' admitted freeman 1660, member of artillery company, 1666.


James Clark, of New Haven, CT formed with Gov. Eaton and company, the civil compact June 4, but removed before 1669, to Stratford. May have had children in both places.


James Clark, of Boston, by wife Elinor, had Martha 1648, Hannah 1649, James 1652, Samuel .1654, John 1656, Abigail 1658, ???? 1660, Aaron 1663. He died December 18, 1674.


Jeremiah Clark, of Newport, R.I. f 1640, had been at Portsmouth, 1638, before Newport was settled. He was first constable of the town, treasurer of the colony, 1647, and Assistant 1648, when he was chief officer: He died January 1652, having Walter, born 1639, Jeremiah, Latham, Weston 1648, James 1649, and daughters Francis, Mary, Sarah 1651.


John Clark, of Cambridge, MA was admitted freeman, Nov. 6, 1632, removed in 1636, to Hartford, with Hooker, thence, perhaps, to Milford, where his daughter Elizabeth married William Pratt.


John Clark, of New Haven, CT 1639, may have come in the "Elizabeth," to Boston, from Ipswich, in Co. Suffolk, 1634, aged 22, and was made clerk of the military company, February 1648. He bad John 1637, Samuel 1639, and Esther 1646,


John Clark, of Newbury, MA 38, who came before this from England, married Martha, sister of Sir Richard Saltonstall. He was admitted freeman 1639, and perhaps was representative the same year. He removed ten years after to Boston, and was noted for keeping fine horses. He died November, 1664. By wife Martha, he had John and Jemima.


John Clark, of Hartford, CT an original proprietor, removed to Farmingtan, and died there Nov. 22, 1712, at a great age. He had John, Matthew and nine daughters.


John Clark, of Saybrook, CT 1640, may have before been at -Wethersneld, and later at Milford. He was representative from Saybrook to the General Court, 1651 to 1664. He is named in the royal charter of 1662, removed to Milford, which town he also represented at the General Court. He had John, Joseph, and Rebecca.


John Clark, of Springfield, Mass., married 1647, Elizabeth, daughter of Rowland Stebbins, and died 1684, leaving John, Sarah (born 1649) and Mary.


John Clark, of New Haven, Conn., married 1661, Sarah, daughter of George Smith, had son John, born 1686.


John Clark, of Roxbury, Mass., married Nov. 18, 1680, Lydia Buckminster, and had Elizabeth 1681, John 1683, Samuel 1686.


Jonathan Clark, of Newbury, Mass., married 1683, Lydia Titcomb, and had Oliver 1684, Samuel 1688, Jonathan 1689, Lydia 1691, Elizabeth 1694.


Joseph Clark, of Dedham, Mass., may first have been at Dorchester. By wife Alice, he had Joseph 1642, Benjamin 1644, Ephraim 1646, Daniel 1647, Mary 1649, Sarah 1651. He removed to Medfield, Mass., and there had John 1652, Nathaniel 1658, Rebecca 1660. He was admitted freeman 1653. He married 2nd, in 1663, Mary Allen, and had Joseph 1664, John again 1666, Jonathan 1669. By third wife, Mary, he had Esther 1671, Thomas 1672.


Nathaniel Clark, of Newbury, Mass., was admitted freeman 1668. He married 1663, Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Somerby, and had Nathaniel 1666, Thomas 1668, John 1670, Henry 1673, Daniiel 1675, Sarah 1678, Josiah 1682, Elizabeth 1684, Judith 1687, Mary 1689. He died on board the ship "Six Friends," soon after sailing in the expedition against Quebec, August 25, 1690, from an injury. 'He was aged 46.


Nicholas Clark, of Cambridge, MA arrived at Boston, September 16, in the "Lion," removed to Hartford,CT where tradition says, he built 1635, the first frame house for Captain Talcott. He died July 2, 1680, having son Thomas and one or two daughters.


Piercy or Percival Clark, of Boston, was admitted freeman 1675. By wife Elizabeth, he had John 1665, Mary 1667, Robert 1673, Ruhama 1678, Gamaliel, Sarah, Mercy. His will was dated November 17, 1700.

Richard Clark, of Rowley, by wife Alice, had Judah 1644, and John 1650, besides three daughters.


Robert Clark, of Stratford, CT admitted freeman 1669. He married 1st, Sarah, widow of Francis Stiles. By second wife, he had John 1684, Hannah 1687. He died 1694.


Thaddeus Clark, of Falmouth, Mass., married 1663, Elizabeth, daughter of Michael Milton. He was Lieutenant in the Indian war, 1689, and was killed by them at Falmouth, in 1690. He had son Isaac.


Thomas Clark, of Plymouth, MA came in the "Ann" 1623, married Susanna, daughter of widow Mary Ring, and had Andrew, James, Susanna, William, John and Nathaniel. He was a representative 1651-5. He married second wife 1664, widow Alice Nichols, daughter of Richard Hallett, lived in 1670, at Harwich, where he had a third wife, Elizabeth Crow, and died March 24, 1697, aged 92.


Thomas Clark, of Boston, merchant, had first lived at Dorchester, 1636, selectman about 1641 and '2, member of the Artillery company 1638, admitted freeman March 14, 1639, was a captain in 1653, and afterward head of the Boston regiment. He was representative to the General Court 1651, and, many years more; speaker in 1662, and several years later; chosen Assistant 1673, and died July 28, 1678. His first wife was Mary, by whom he had Mehitable 1640, Elizabeth May 22, 1642, Deborah 1644, Thomas, Leah and others.


Thomas Clark, of Boston, a blacksmith, lived at Winisemet, near Chelsea. By wife Elizabeth, he had Cornelius 1639, Jacob 1642, Rachel 1646, and perhaps Benjamin.


Thomas Clark, of Boston, called "Jr.," but though born in England, may not be the son of Hon. Thomas, yet he lived some time earlier or later, at Dorchester. He was of the artillery company 1644; more than once its captain; representative to the General Court 1673-6, and died March 13, 1683. He was one of the wealthiest merchants of Boston, and by his will of Aug. 15, 1679, it is judged that only two children were then living, Mehitable Warren and Elizabeth, who had married Mr.John Freak.


Thomas Clark, of Reading, Mass., by wife Elizabeth, had Thomas.


Thomas Clark, of Scituate, MA 1674, supposed to be a son or grandson of the mate of the Mayflower, married Martha, daughter of Richard Curtis, and had Thomas, Joseph, Daniel, Samuel, Nathaniel, Mercy, Deborah, Rachel, Ann, Charity, Mary. He served in King Philip's war.


William Clark, of Dorchester, MA was selectman 1646-7, removed in 1659, to Northampton, represented that town at the General Court, 1663, and for thirteen years more, but not consecutively. He was Lieut, in King Philip's war. By wife Sarah, he had Jonathan 1639, Nathaniel 1642, Experience 1643, Increase 1646, Rebecca 1648, John 1651, Samuel 1653, William 1656, Sarah 1659. His wife died Sept. '6, 1675, and he married Nov. 15, 1676, Sarah, widow of Thomas Cooper, of Springfield. He died July 18, 1690, aged 81.


William Clark, of Lynn MA, 1640, had Hannah, Sarah, Mary, William, Elizabeth, Martha, John.


William Clark, of Hartford, CT 1639, removed to Haddam, died 1681, leaving William, John, Joseph, Thomas and several daughters.


William Clark, of Boston, married 1661, Martha, daughter of George Farr, of Lynn, and had Samuel 1663, Mary 1668.


William Clark, of Saybrook, CT married March 7, 1678, Hannah, daughter of the Secretary Francis Griswold.



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