East Bridgewater



" Edgar L., ch. Elijah L. and Jane M. (Mitchell), Feb. 9, 1848, G.R.5.

" Elijah L., h. Jane M. (Mitchell), Dec. 1, 1822, G.R.5.



" Benjamin and Mehitable Edson, ----, 1775, P.R.5.

" David and Desire Packard, ----, 1763, P.R.5.

" Elijah L., 25, forgeman, s. Moses and Hannah, and Jane M. [int. N.] Mitchell, 18, d. William and Susan, Oct. 16, 1845.

" Susanna and John Lowden, Aug. 22, 1793, C.R.1.

" Thomas G. of W. Bridgewater and Sally Howard of W. Bridgewater, Sept. 12, 1824.



" Israel F., b. Wareham, ch. Israel and Lucy, disease of bowels, Nov. 13, 1848, a. 5 m.

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