John Clark born 31 August 1682 (VR Braintree p670) to Joseph Clark "disappears from Braintree records."  

PLEASE note all ye who enter here!  This entire section is simply an accumulation of records.  ONE of these migth be Joseph Clark's record, and none may be.  This is a work in progress.  To those of you who numbly just copy what those of us research and place on the web for others to use: retain all caveats. Otherwise, may ye abandon all hope!!!  (and those who may run across your postings thereafter surely so)

John Clark born 31 August 1682 (VR Braintree p670) "disappears from Braintree records."   If he married at c21, he would married c1703.  

A John Clark of Ipswich married the widow (stated in the int) Mary Lord 23 Apr. 1702 (VR Ipswich p101).  We could have connections to the Ipswich Clarks, as well as Boston, and towns adjoining Middleborough).  

Note there are marriages for a John about the right year in Northhampton, but in a little checking I do not think these are ours.  I could be wrong! 

A John Clark of Rochester, MA married Mary Tobey of Sandwich 2 Nov. 1709 in Sandwich.  (VR Rochester p85).  Rochester is to the south of Middleborough.  

A John Clark of Boston married in 1712 Mary Cary, daughter of Nathaniel & Elizabeth Cary of Charlestown, she married 2nd Wigglesworth Sweetser (Inhabitants & Estates of the Town of Boston 1630-1822, Thwing Collection, NEHGS, p5157).  

Two other John Clarks (same source p5065) were married respectively to Mary Hawkins in 1715, and Sarah Walker in 1715, plus a John Clark married to a Sara Clark in 1718, all in Boston.  Obviously Boston is adjacent to Braintree!  I don't know which to choose of these, if any.  These may be the subject of further research.

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