Pioneers of Massachusetts, A DESCRIPTIVE LIST, Drawn from Records of the Colonies, Towns and Churches, and other Contemporaneous Documents.



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p14. ALLEN, etc., cont. Nathaniel b. 29 (6) 1648. Will dated 23 (7) 1676, in old age; son Nathaniel, son-in-law Joseph Clarke, dau. Sarah, wife of Domingo White of Lyun, dau. Martha, wife of William Saben of Rehoboth. Prob. Jan. 30, 1670-7.


p15. ALLEN, etc. Thomas, yeoman, Barnstable, N. E., sold to John Eells of Dorch. 8 July, 1641, a house and lands in Barnstable, co. Devon, Eng. and also gave an order for money upon his brother Richard A. of the same place, yeoman. [See wills of Richard and other relations in Reg. L, 504.] Frm. Plym. Col. 3 June, 1652. With wife Winnifred sold land at Watertown in 1055. Ch. Samuel b. 1 Feb., cont.

1643, John bapt. Sept. 27 1646, Mehetabel bapt. Aug. 20, 1648. Will dated 28 Feb. 1675, prob. 5 March, 1679-80; beq. to son Samuel's eldest son Thomas; to dau.-in-law Sarah, William Clarke's wife; to Martha, Benjamin's wife; to dau.-in-law Rebecca, wife of Samuel Sprague; rest to sons Samuel and John and dau. Mehetabel. Son-in-law Samuel Annible one of the execs.



p46.  BENNETT, etc., cont. Richard, Salem, 1G35. Rem. to Boston. His wife Sibel d. 13 (7) 1653. He m. 11 (5) 1655, Margaret Gurgefleld, widow. Cli. Peter, Susanna b. 2 (12) 1650, Eicliard b. Sept. 3, d. 26 (11) 1653. His will dated 21 June and 6 July, prob. 8 Sept. 1677, mentions wife Margaret, son Jonas Clarke and Susanna his wife; gr. eh. Susanna, dau. of bis son Peter; cousin Antbony Bennett of Bass River; frees his negro man Jethro, and gives him a house lot. The son Peter was a legatee in the will of his mother's bro. Maj. Ralph Hoolier of Barbadoes, dated 11 March, 1663, prob. 15 April, 1C64. [Reg. XXXVIII, 323.]


p49. BILL, BILLS, Robert, husbandman, ae. 32, came In the Pied Cow in July, 1035. Settled at Charlestown; d. at the house of E. Carrington about 15 (10) 1035; his sister, formerly wife of Ephraim Davis, m. John Knowles, who admin, on his est. 4 Sept. 1638. Inv. taken by Ralph Sprague and Robert Hale; goodmen Hazard and Kingman and James Clarke mentioned.


p51.  BISHOP, etc., cont.  Richard, Plymouth. He hired Nathl. Souther Jan. 5, 1640-1. He m. 5 Dee. 1644, Alice, widow of George Clark.


p61. BOYDEN, Thomas, planter, carter, Watertown, frm. May 26, 1647. Bought land in W. 16 (9) 1644. Wife Frances. Ch. Thomas b. 26 (7) 1639, Mary b. 15 (8) 1641, Rebecca b. Nov. 1, 1043, Nathaniel. He rem. to Boston; sold land in 1651 and 1653. Ch. b. in Bo.: John bapt. 21 (2) 1650, Jonathan b. 20 (12) 1651, Sarah b. 12 Oct. 1654. The wife Frances d. March 17, 1658. He m. Nov. 3, 1658, Hannah, widow of John Mosse, (Morse;) gave bond Oct. 18, 1661, for the bringing up of the ch., of John Morse, late of Medfield. He rem. to Medfleld about 1662. His wife Hannah made will Oct. 3, prob. Oct. 26, 1676; beq. to the 8 ch. she had by her husband, Joseph Morse, dec, viz. Samuel, Joseph, Jeremiah, Hannah Flood, Sarah Lawrence, Dorcas Clarke, Elizabeth Lawrence, Mary Plimpton.


p62. BOYNTON, BOINTON, John, Sen., tailor, Rowley, propr. before 1643. Deposed to Wm. Bellingham's will in 1662, ae. 48 years. He m. in 1643 Ellen Pell of Boston, q. v.; ch. Joseph, John b. 17 (7) 1647, Caleb, Mercy b. 5 (10) 1651, (m. Josiah Clarke,) Hannah b. 26 (U 1654, (m. Nathaniel Warner,) Sarah b. 19 (2) 1658, Samuel. He was bur. 18 Feb. 1670. Will prob. 28 March, 1671. The widow m. 2, Maximilian Jewett.


p74. BROWN, etc., cont.  Peter, came in the Mayflower; signed the Compact; frm. 1633. Settled at Plymouth. Martha and Mary had divisions of cattle with him in 1627. See story of his getting lost. [Mou.] He d. before Oct. 10, 1633. Est. settled by Court Nov. 11, 1633. Admin, gr. to widow Mary. Children by divers wives. Dau. Mary had 15 li. put into the hands of her guardian John Done for 9 years; dau. Prlscilla had 15 li. in the hands of her guardian, Wm. Gilson, for 12 years; the rest to the widow for the bringing up of the 2 ch. she had by Mr. Brown. Oct. 10, 1644, Mary, ae. 17 years, chose her uncle, John B. of Duxbury, guardian. Priscilla also chose him Oct. 28, 1645. She m. Wm. Clark. [Reg. XXXVIL 276.]


p78.  BULLEN, BULLEIN, [BOLEYN,] Samuel, Dedham, 1639, propr. 23 (4) 1640; frm. June 2, 1641. Rem. to Medfield; deacon. He m. 10 (6) 1641, Mary, dau. of Samuel Morse; she was adm. chh. 7 (4i 1646. Ch. Mary b. 20 (5) 1642, Samuel b. 19 (10) 1G44, Elizabeth b. 3 (12) 1646, (m. Benjamin Wheelock). He d. Jan. 16, 1691-2; division of his est. was made .Tune 24, 1697, to sons Samuel and Joseph and the other heirs, viz. Mary Clarke, John Bullen, Elisha Bullen, the children of Elizabeth Wheelock. the children of Ephraim Bullen, children of Melatiali Fisher; and Bethia Colburn.



p81. BURNHAM, BURNAM, sec Boardman,  Thomas, carpenter, Ipswich, propr. 1647. Had land next to that of his brother in 1648. He deposed March 29, 1659, ae. about 40 years; called Simon Tuttle brother, and spoke of uncle John T. in England. His wife Mary, ae. 35, deposed concerning her mother, Mrs. T. at the same time. They testified 23 Jan. 1684, regarding the promises made by Thomas Clarke to his son John C. at the time the latter was about to marry their daughter. His will dated 10 Jan. 1693-4, being aged and infirm; prob. 29 Sept. 1694; had formerly given to sons Thomas, John and James; gives to his six daus. Mary, Johanna h, Abigail, Ruth, Sarah and Hester what his wife had desired; residue to wife Mary.


p94. CHAPLAIN, CHAPLAINE, CHAPLIN, Rev. Clement, ae. 48, came in the Elizabeth and Ann in April, 1635. Settled at Cambridge; propr. and selectman Nov. 23, 1635; frm. March 3, 1635-6. Deputy 1636. Rem. to Wethersfield, Conn., and sold house and lands in C. 30 (7) 1645. Ret. to Thetford, CO. Norfolk, Eng., and there d. in 1656. Will beq. to bro. Thomas C. of Bury St. Edmunds; mentioned kinsman Wm. Clarke of Roxbury, N. E. [Reg. XXXI, 413, and XXXVIII, 71.]


p99. CHURCHHILL, CHURCHALL, CHURCHWELL, John, Plymouth, atba. 1643. Frm. 5 June, 1651. He m. 17 Dec, 1044, Hannah, dau. of Wm. Pontus; ch. Hannah b. Nov. 12, 1649, (m. John Rogers,) Eleazer b. April 20, 1652, Mary b. Aug. 1, 1654. He d. Jan. 1. 1602. Nunc, will prob. May 3, 1UU2; sons Joseph, Eleazer, John, William to have estate, part now and the rest at his wife's death. Testimony of his kinswoman Abigail Clark, ae. 20 yrs. [Reg. VI, 94.] The widow, Hannah Churchill, Sen., m. 25 June, 1G69, Giles Rickett. Her est. was distributed 17 March, 1G91.




p101.  CLARK, CLARKE, CLERK, CLERCKE, see Clooke,

Arthur Clark, Hampton, frm. March 13, 1640. Rom. to Salem; adm. chh. 17 (8) 1641. Rem. to Boston; rec'd to chh. from chh. of H. 2 (10) 1643, with wife Sarah. Propr., 1645. Ch. Sarah bapt. 17 (1) 1644. He d. . Admin gr. to widow Sarah on behalf of herself and her son Oct. 31, 1665. [Reg. XVI, 233.]


Barbary Clark, a married woman, husband not named, tried in Es. court in 1639.


Bray Clark, Dorchester, 1634.


CLARK, etc., cont.

Christopher Clark, Boston, 1647. He went to England and returned, "ae. 38," (means at age 38) passenger in the Speedwell May 30, 1656. He deposed 3 (2) 1660, ae. 42 years. [Mdx. Piles.] Went to Barbadoes in 1650. [Arch. 15 B.] His wife Rebekah adm. chh. 25 (10) 1647; children: Susanna, ae. about 8 days, bapt. 23 (2) 1648, Dorothie, ae. about 14 days, bapt. 20 - (11) 1649, John b. 3 (12) 1651, Peter b. 14 June, 1653, Rebecca b. 4 May, 1657, Christopher bapt. 19 (12) 1659, Daniel b. Feb. 10, 1661, d. 10 March, 1662, Elizabeth b. Aug. 4, 1603.


Daniel Clark, Ipswich, propr. 1634; before Gen. Court 4 (7) 1639; [L.] case referred to Ipswich Court. Rem. to Topsfield. Wife

Damaris; children: Mary b. 1 Nov. 1643, Elizabeth b. 10 Nov. 1647, Dority b. 10 Jan. 1049, Sarah b. 31 Jan. 1051, Samuel b. 5 Dec. 1663, Daniel d. 17 Jan. 1660. Will dated Jan. 10, 1688, prob. 25 (2; 1690, beq. to sons John, Daniel and Humphrey; gr. ch. John Hewlett; to son Home's ch.; to all my daus.; to son Samuel C. in England.


Dennis Clark, husbandman, of Dertford, co. Kent, Eug. hearing that his wife Anna was dead, betook himself to the company of Olave Peddington and had two children by her. Learning that Anna was still living, he made a written dismissal of Anna and declaration of adherence to Olave March 12, 1642, in presence of John Winthrop et als. [Suff. Prob. I, 31. [


Edward or Edmund Clark, Sandwich, propr. 1640, atba. 1643.


Frances Clark, Boston, maid servant to Mr. John Wilson, adm. chh. 1 (1) 1640. Now wife of one Mr. John Rayner, teacher of the chh. of Plymouth, dism. to Plym. chh. 18 (7) 1642.


George Clark, Plymouth, 1637, atba. 1643. Propr. He m. 22 Jan. 1638-9, Allis Martin. He d. in 1644 and the widow m. Richard Bishop. She took the life of her dau. Martha Clarke, 4 yrs.old, July 22, 1648; was sentenced to death Oct. 4, 1648. The Court, 6 May, 1648, authorized .John Churchil to dispose of the house and land that was John Clarke's for the benefit of his dau. Abigail Clark.


Hugh Clark, Watertown; he rem. to Roxbury. Wife Elizabeth; eh. John b. 13 (8) 1641, Uri ah b. 5 (4) 1644, Elizabeth b. 31 (11) 1647. He deposed in 16S1, ae. about G8. His wife d. 11 Dec. 1692. He d. July 20, 1693.


James Clark, Boston, propr. at Braintree, 24 (12) 1639, of lot for 2 heads. Resided at Muddy River. Wife Jone, 1035. [Gen. Court Rec] He m. in Roxbury Elizabeth Wright; children: Elizabeth and Mary bapt. Jan. S, 1645, Martha bapt. April 25, 1648, Bannah bapt. Dec. 23, 1649, James bapt. April 11, 1652, Samuel b. 9 (2) 1654. "My son James, now in N. E.," had beq. from John Clarke alias Kingman of Wells, Eng., yeoman, in will dated 24 Aug. 1646. [Reg. LI, 115.] His will dated Sept. 11, 1667, was prob. 7 Jan. 1674. Beq. to wife and children, James, Samuel, John and Aaron. Cousin Peter Aspinwall, James Pemerton and sonin- law Walter Morse overseers.


Jeremy Clark, agent of Wm. Coddington, 23 (4) 1642, to transact business in Mass. [SufC. De. I, 28.]


John Clark, late citizen and chirurgeon of London in 1640, exec, of the est. of Anne Ward, late of Stratford, Es. [L.] Signed iny. of Wm. Hanbury in 1649. Settled at Newbury, frm. May 22, 1638. Propr.; town officer; exempt from taxes on account of pursuing his calling in town. Sold Newbury property 1 (10) 1651. Rem. to Boston. Deputy. The Gen. Court gave him a patent on his invention for sawing wood and warming rooms with little cost. The stoves he invented marked an era in N. E. history. He deposed as to being consulted professionally 6 May, 1662, ae. about 63. [Arch. 15 B.] Children: John bapt. 8 (12) 1651; Jemina, (m. 6 (9) 1656, Mr. Robert Drue). He d. in 1664. Will prob. Nov. 2.^, 1664; wife Martha, son John, dau. Jemimah Drew and her ch. John and Elizabeth. His widow d. 19 Sept. 1680, ae. 85. [S.] [See traditions and history in Reg. XXXIH, 19 and 226.]


John Clark, ae. 22, came in the Elizabeth of Ipswich April 30, 1634.


John Clark, Boston, memb. chh. 1631-2, frm. Nov. 6, 1632. Mr. John Clark had lot at Braintree 19 (12) 1637, for 10 heads.


John Clark, Cambridge, propr. 1633, frm. May 6. 1635. Agreed to build a weir, 1635-6.


John Clark, Springfield, had leave to burn tar in 1646. Town officer. He m. 2, (1) 1646- 7, Elizabeth Stebbins; children: John b. 6 (1) 1647, Sarah b. 27 (lOl 1649, Elizabeth b. 26 (10) 1651, Lydia bur. 1 (11) 1654. Will dated Sept. 15, prob. Sept. 30, 1684, beq. to wife; son John; daus. Sarah Barnard and Mary Morgan. Son-in-law David Morgan deposed.


Jonas Clark, or Jonah Clark, mariner, Cambridge, propr., ruling elder. Appointed 13 Oct. 1654, v.'itli Samuel Andrew, to talie observations at the northerly bounds of Mass. Plantation. Wife Sarah was bur. 20 (12) 1649, and he m. 30 (5) 1650, Elizabeth —. Children: Thomas b. 2 (10) 1642, d. 20 (3) 1049, Sarah b. 15 (7) 164-4, Jonas b 4 (7) 1646, Mary d. 15 (9) 1649, Elizabeth Thomas, Timothy, Samuel bapt. Nov. 6, 1659, Abigail bapt. May 4, 1662. [Mi.] The wife Elizabeth d. 25 March, 1673, ae. 41 years. [Gr. St.] He d. Jan. 11, 1699, ae. 80. Will dated 19 Dec. 1699, prob. April 22, 1700, beq. to wife Elizabeth, children: sons Jonas, Timothy, Thomas, Joseph and Samuel; to daus. Susanna and Abigail; to dau. Bonner's 3 ch.; to dau. [dilialoon] and dau. Green; to Dorcas and Jonas Green; to son Timothy's son Samuel. Land in Camb., Groton and Dunstable.


Joseph Clark, Dorchester, 1634; frm. March 4, 1634-5.


Goodman Clarke, the carpenter, had land at Dorch. Neck, adj. Thos. Makepeace, in 1649.


Joseph Clark, Dedham, propr. 28 (7) 1640. Rem. to Medfield. Frm. May IS, 1653. Wife Alice; children: Joseph b. 27 (5) 1642, Benjamin b. 9 (12) 1643, Daniel b. 29 (7) 1647, Mary b. 12 (]) 1649, Sarah b. 20 (12) 1650. Martha, widow, 85 years old, d. [at Cambridge?] Sept. 19, 1680. [S.] Mary, came in the Hopewell In Sept. 1635.


Mr. Clark, Mariner, Boston, ordered to clear the highway by his cellar 27 (6) 1649. [Town Rec]


Nicholas Clark, Cambridge, propr. 1634.


Richard Clark, came in the Mayflower; signed the Compact; res. at Plymouth; but d. soon after arriving. [B.] CLARK, etc., cont. Richard Clark. Plymouth, servant to Mr. Richard Derby, transferred to Mr. Atwood 1 Oct. 1638.


Richard Clark, Rowley, propr. 1643; town officer. He m. (6) 1643, Alice ; ch. Judah b. 5 (4) 1644, bur. July 28, 1660, Hester b. 10 (8) 1645, Mary b. 22 (10) 1648, John b. 26 (1) 1650. Martha b. 10 (1) [1652.] Will dated 7 Feb. 16073, prob. 31 March, 1674, beq. to son John and dau. Ester Hobliinson.Inv. taken 22 Feb. 1673.


Rowland Clark, Dedham, propr. 11 (6) 1637. He d. 2 (12) 1638. Mary C, widow, adm. ehh. 1 (2) 1042, d. 22 (3) 1642. Priscilla, who m. Nathainiel Colborn, Mary or Martha, who m. Benjamin Smith, and Elizabeth, who m. George Barber, were also in Ded. about 1639.


Thomas Clark, came in 1623 to Plymouth; frw. 1633. Volunteered for the Pequot war in 1637. Town officer. Contracted marriage 20 Jan. 1664, with widow Alice Nicolls of Boston; her est. reserved for herself and her son John Nicolls, etc. She made will, after marriage. May 5, 1671, prob. 17 (4) 1671. Beg. to husband; to son John N.; to sisters Hannah Hollet, Elizabeth Welch ,and Susanna Hide; to bro. William Hollet. He d. March 24, 1697, ae. 98 years. [Gr. St.]


Thomas Clark, late of Plymouth, witnesses a receipt of money paid to Richard Dole of Newbury in 1669. [Es. Files.]


Thomas Clark, merchant, shop-keeper, Dorchester; frm. 1638-9. Propr.; rem. to Boston about 1643; town officer, deputy, captain. Signed inv. of John Hill in 1646. Wife Elizabeth; children: Mehitabel b. 18 (2) 1640, bapt. 19 (2) 1640; her father being absent in England, Mr. Stoughton announced her name; Elizabeth b. 22 (3) 1642, (m. 28 May, 1661, Mr. John Freake,) Submit bapt. at Bo. 20 (6) 1646, ae. about 1 day: Submit, ae. about 14 days, bapt. 4 (1) 1649, Benjamin b. 4 May, 1656.


Thomas Clark, locksmith, blacksmith, Boston, had land at Braintree 27 (11) 1639. for 8 heads. Wife - ; ch. Cornelius b. (10) 1639, Jacob b. (3) 1642, Deborah bapt. 9 (4) 1644, ae. about 6 days, Rachel b. 6 (o) 1646, Thomas bapt. 22 (6) 1647, ae. about 4 days, Thomas bapt. 17 (10) 1648, ae. about 5 days, Thomas bapt. 20 (8) 1650.


Thomas Clark, residence not stated, deposed regarding the case of Robert Knight in 1655, ae, about 48 years.


Thomas Clark, Sen. tanner, Ipswich, propr. 1634; frm. June 2, 1641. One of those who surveyed land up the Merrimac, to whom the Gen. Court voted payment June, 1039.


Thomas Clark, Ipswich, carpenter, gave land in Ips. Dec. 18, 1671, to his son Thomas, of same town, tailor.


Thomas Clark, yeoman, Reading, propr. 1647; town officer; adm. chh. in 1602. He deposed in 168, ae. about 40 years. [Es. Files 4, 12.] Wife Else d. June 28, 1658; son Thomas d. Nov. 1, 1673.  He d. Sept. 12, 1093; inv. filed.


Thurston Clark, ae. 44, wuth Faith, ae. 15, came in the Francis of Ipswich April 30, 1630. Settled at Plymouth. Called also Tristram, Trustrum. Propr. 1636. Dau. Faith m. Edward Dotey. Son Thurston atba. 1643. He d. about Dec. 10, 1661, of cold and exposure. Inquest. Admin, gr. to widow Faith 4 March, 1661. Her est. was divided June 1, 1663, between her dau. Faith Dotey and her sons Henry and Thurston Clarke.


(the following is a possibility)

Mr. William Clark, one of the first to plant at Agawam, (Ipswich,) April 1, 1033, [Col. Rec] Had land assigned him Eastward of Labour in vane, southward of the town, Nov. 1634. Rem. to Salem, 1037; vintner. Part of his land fell within the limits of Lynn; for which he had another grant 13 (12) 1642. Dwelling between Linn and Ipswich, he had liberty from the Gen. Court to entertain passengers & cattle, 2 June, 1641. Ch. Bethiah bapt. at Salem 20 (6) 1638, Susanna bapt. 12 (1) 1642-3, Deborah bapt. 6 (6) 1645. Admin, gr. to widow Katharine (5) 1647. Eldest son; another son and a m. dau. by a former wife; 4 younger (minor)(unnamed) children. The Gen. Court lie. the widow to keep the inn and sell wine, if she provide a fit man that is godly for the business.



William Clark, came in the Mary and John March 24, 1633.


William Clark, Dorchester, memb. chh. about 1636, with wife Sarah. Propr.; witnessed inv. of John Pratt in 1647. He was dism. 28 (2) 1661, to join in forming chh. at Northampton; wife Sarah and son Nathaniel dism. later. Children: Sarah b. 21 (4) 1638, Jonathan b.1 (8) 1639, Nathaniel z. 27 (11) 1641, Experience (dau.) b. 30 (1) 1643, Increase bapt. 1 (1) 1646, Samuel bapt. 23 (8) 1653, William b. 3 (5) 1656, Sarah bapt. 20 (1) 1658-9. Sarah, wife of W. C, d. at North. 6 Sept. 1675; Sarah, wife of Lieut. W. C, d. May 18, 1688. Lieut. W. C. d. at North. July 10, 1690; will dated 10 July, prob. 30 Sept. 1690; beq. to sons John, Samuel and William and daus. Rebecca and Sarah; to Mary and Sarah, daus. of son Nathaniel.



William Clark, weaver, ae. 27, with wife Margaret, ae. 21, came in the Plain Joan in 1635; settled at Watertown; frm. May 22, 1639. He rem. to Woburn. Propr. 1651. He deposed 6 (2) 1664, ae. about 69 years. [Mds. Files.] Children: Mary b. 10 (10) 1640, (m. Nov. or Dec. 27, 1655, Wm. Loclie,) Elizabeth b. 26 (9) 1642, (m. Dec. 28, 1659, George Brush,) Hannah b. 13 (12) 1645, (m. Joseph Buckminster,) Lydia, (m. Frlssell).  He d. March 15, 1682. Will dated 10 (10) 1681, prob. April 4, 1682; weaver; stricken in years; beq. to wife; to gr. ch. .John Locke, "who hath bin a liver with me many years;" to my three daughters; to the two daus. of my dau. Lidia; dau. frissell, dau. Brush, son George Brush, son William Locke. Margery d. Oct. 11, 1694.




William Clark, Yarmouth, took oath of allegiance and was sworn constable 7 Oct., 1639; frm. 6 June, 1654. He d. Dec. 7, 1688. Nunc, will prob. 28 (12) 1668-9; all to Joseph Benjamin Clark, his son, who pres. inv. of the est. [Reg. VI, 178.]


William Clark, Duxbury. He served against the Narragansetts 15 Aug., 1645. Had deed of land in D. March 6, 1649, from his kinsman Wm. Collier. Will dated Jan. 3, prob. June 8, 1687; wife Martha; William Bonney, whom he had brought up. The latter renounced his claim Aug. 7, 1688 rather than remain with the widow. [Gen. Adv. I, 17.]




Nathaniel Colborn, Dedham, propr., 1037. Adm. chh. 29 (11) 1640, frm. June 21, 1641. Town Officer. He m. 25 (5) 1639, Priscilla Clarke; she was adm. chh. 23 (8) 1640. Ch. Sarah b 15 (2) 1640, Rebecca b. 17 (12) 1642, Nathaniel b. 3 (1) 1644, Priscilla b. 1 (2) 1646, (m. 12 Nov. 10U8, Joseph Morse;) John b. 29 (5) 1648, Mary b. 21 (11) 1650, Hannah b. 20 (11) 1652, Samuel Colborn b. 25 (11) 1651, Deborah b. 28 (11) 1656, Benjamin b. 21 (7) 1G59, Joseph b. 1 (10) 1662. Nathaniel, Sen., d. May 11, 1691. Will prob. April 26, 1692 ,beq. to wife Priscilla, sons Nathaniel, John, Samuel, Joseph and Benjamin; daus. Sarah Partridge, Rebecca Pratt, Priscilla Morse, Hannah Alderidge; to Deborah and Joseph, ch. of son-in-law Joseph Wight and my dec. dau. Deborah, Priscilla d. Aug. 12, 1692.


p115.  COOK, etc John Cook, ae. 17, a servant, came in the Abigail in 1635. Settled at Salem; propr. 1636: frm. May 18, 1642; in court, 1639; servant of Mr. Clark. Adm. chh. 21 (1) 1640; his wife adm. chh. 8 (7) 1040; ch. Sarah bapt. 19 (7) 1640, Eliza bapt. 16 (3) 1641, Mary bapt. 22 (8) 1643.



Rev. John Cotton, son of Roland C, Esq., b. in Derby, Eng., Dec. 4, 1585, grad. Emanuel Coll., Cambridge. He was vicar of the parish of Boston, Eng., from 1626 till 1633. Declining to conform to some of the ceremonies then prescribed, he was reproved and fined. He went to Southampton in 1629 to see Mr. William Coddington and other friends and parishioners sail for N. E., and charged them to take advice of them of Plymouth and do nothing to offend them. [B.] He wrote Herbert Pelham Oct. 3, 1630, sending 3 pieces of gold to buy a hogshead of meal, etc. to send Mr. Coddington in N. E. [Mass. Hist Coll. V, 1.] He came in the Griffin, arriving Sept. 4, 1633. Was installed teacher of the chh. of Boston Oct. 17, 1633. He wielded a powerful influence for good, leaning to the side of Scriptural liberty rather tlian to that of severe restriction. He m. first Elizabeth Horrocks. He m. second in Boston, Eng., Mrs. Sarah Story, widow, who came with him to N. E., (whose dau. Elizabeth Story adm. chh. 24 (1) 1639, m. Wentworth Day q. v.) She survived him and m. 2G (6) 1656, Mr. Richard Mather of Dorchester. She d. May 27, 1676, ae. 75. Ch. Seaborn, b. 12 (6j 1633, Sarah b. 12 (7) 1635, Elizabeth b. 9 (10) 1637, John b. 15 (1) 1639, Maria b. 16 (12) 1641, Rowland bapt. 24 (10) 1644, about 6 days old. He d. in office 23 (10) 1652. Will dated 30 (9) prob. 27 (11) 1652. Beq. to son Seaborne "that south part of his house which Sir Henry Vane built while he  sojourned with me, and gave by deed to Seaborne;" books to be divided between sons Seaborne and John; to two daus. Elizabeth and Mary; to wife his house and garden in the market place of Boston in Lincolnshire and moneys in the hands of his bro. Coney, his sister Mary C. or their son John C, together with property in Boston, N. E.; to grandchild Betty Day; to cousin Henry Smith, living with  him, cousin John Angier, kinswoman Martha Mellowes and maid Elizabeth Clark; a silver tunn to the church of Boston, to be used among other Communion plate; beq. to Harvard College, and the free school of Boston in case his family return to England.


p132.  DAVIS, George, Salem, 1641. [Court Files.] Rem. to Reading; propr. 1644. Frm. May 26, 1647. Ch. Hannah b. May 31, 1648, Sarah b. Oct. 1, 1651, Elizabeth b. Jan. 16, 1654, Mary b. Jan. 6, 1657, John b. July 20, 1660, d. Nov. 4, 1660, Susanna b. May 11, 1662. Will, dated Dec. 7, 1664, prob. Sept. 30, 1667. About to sail for Cape Fear, (where he d.); wife and son Benjamin, execs.; to son Joseph what he has in the ship and the weavers' loom; 5 daus. under age; bro. Wm. Clark of Lynn, one of the overseers. [SufC. Prob.; Reg. XVI.] He d. July 14, 1667.


p142. DOTEY, DOTEN, DOLTEN, DOWTY, Edward, planter, of London, servant to Stephen Hopkins, came in the Mayflower; signed the Compact: res. at Plymouth. Frm. 1633. He m. [second] Jan. 6, 1634, Faith, dau. of Thurston Clarke. "By second wife he hath seven children living in 1650." [B.] Ch. Edward, John, Thomas. Samuel, Desire, Elizabeth, Mary, Isaac b. Feb. 8, 1647, Joseph b. 30 April, 1651. He d. Aug. 23, 1655. Will dated May 20, prob. Nov. 21, 1655; to wife and son Edward. The widow Faith m. March 14, 1666, John Philips of Plymouth. See Genealogy.


p158.  EVANS, EVINS, ETJINS, Mr. David, merchant, Boston. Ch. Nathaniel bapt. 20 (3) 1650, David d. 2 (9) 1653, Elizabeth b. 10 Aug. 1655, David b. 2 Feb. 1658, Martha d. 8 (7) 1658, Jonathan b. April 3, 1663. He d. 27 July, 1663. Will, dated June 30, 1663; wife Mary; ch. David, Jonathan, Mary, Elizabeth; bro. John Clark. [Reg. XI, 344.]


p168.  CURTIS, Richard ; insert after Mary Badcock another daughter, mentioned in his will, namely " Martha Clarke."


p197.  GRAY, GREY, Edward, yeoman, Plymouth, 1646, propr. 1650. Became very wealthy and was an active and useful citizen. He m. 1 Jan. 16, 1650-1, Mary Winslow; m. 2, Dec. 12, 1667, Dorothy, dau. of Thomas Lettice. Ch. Desire b. 6 Nov. 1651, (m. 10 Jan. 1671, Nathaniel Southworth,) Mary b. 18, Sept. 1653, Elizabeth b. 11 Feb. 165[5], iSarah b. 12 Aug. 1659, John b. 1 Oct. 1661, Edward b. 31 Jan. 1666, Susanna b. 15 Oct., 1668, (m. John CvDlie.) Other ch. mentioned in probate rec: Hannah, Thomas, Rebecca, Lydia and Samuel. 27 Oct. 1680, "Edward Gray, yeoman," sold his one-thirtieth share in Taunton lands; his widow Dorothy and son John receipted lor the purchase-money 12 Oct. 1682. fPlym. Scrap Boolf.] He d. 30 June, 1681. [Gr. St.] One third of his corn was given to his children by first wife, the rest to the widow and the children he had by her. Her account was allowed 5 March, 1684-5. [Plym. Col. Rec. vol. VI, 149.] The widow m. 2, Nathaniel Clarke, and sought divorce from him June 2, 1686. [Col. Rec. VI.]


p202.  GRIMSTEAD, GRIMSTONE, see Glinsted, Margaret, widow, Boston, d. 20 (11) 1649; inv. filed 7 (12) 1649, by Thomas Clarke and Edmund Eddenden.


p218.  HASSELL, HASEWELL, HAZELL, John, Sickunke, (Rehoboth,) lawsuit,1641, summoned to Plymouth 2 Aug. 1642, to own jurisdiction; lands at R. confirmed to him 6 June, 1649. Prosecuted for attending house meetings Oct. 2, 1650. He made will 17 (7) 1651, prob. 2 March, 1651-2; beq. to any of his kindred who may demand it 12 pence; to Wm. Howell; to John Clarke of Rhode Island; to Nathaniel Biscoe of Watertown. All the rest to the procuring of liberty for the churches and people of God.



p286. LINCOLN, LINCORNE, LINKHOEN, LINKXTM, Samuel, mariner, came from Hingham, Eng. as a servant to Francis Laws in 1635, and settled at Salem. [Gushing.] Rem. to Hingham in 1637. Propr. 1649. Wife Martha; ch. Samuel b. Aug. 25, 1650, Daniel b. Jan. 2, 1652, Mordecai b. and d. 16.55, Mordecai b. June 14, 1657, (the great-great-greatgreat-grandfather of President Abraham Lincoln,) Thomas b. 1659, d. 1661, Mary b. March 27, 1662, (m. Joseph Bate,) Thomas b. 'Aug. 20, 1664, Martha b. Feb. 11, 1666, Sarah b. and d. 1669, Sarah b. June 17, 1671, Rebecca b. March 11, 1673-4, (m. 1, John Clark of Plymouth, 2, Israel Nichols, widower^ He d. 26 May, 1690, ae. 71 years; the widow d. 10 April, 1693.


p289.  LOCK, LOCKE, William, came in the Planter May 22, 1634, ae. 6 years, in care of kinsman Nicholas Davis. Res. at Woburn. Bought land of goodman Persons of Boston about 1651. [Mdx. De. IV, 229.] Deacon. Deposed 29 XIO) 1658, ae. about 30 years. [Mdx. Files.] He m. at Woburn Nov. or Dec. 27, 1665, Mary, dau. of Wm. and Margery Clarke; she d. July 18, 1715. Ch. William b. Dec. 27, 16.57, d. Jan. 9, 1658, William b. Jan. 18, 1658, John b. Aug. 1, 1661, Joseph b. March 8, 1663-4, Mary b. Oct. 16, 1666, Samuel b. Oct. 14, 1669, Ebenezer b. Jan. 8, 1673, James b. Nov. 14, 1677, Elizabeth b. Jan. 4, 16S0, William b. June 28. 1684. He d. June 16, 1720. See Trerice.


p307. MAVERICK, Elias, Charlestown, 1630, adm. chh. 9 (12) 1632-3, frm. June 11, 1033. He is men- tioned in both Salem and Boston in 1036. He m. Anna Harris, who was adm. chh. 7 (8) 1639; she d. Sept. 7, 1697, ae. 84, ar Reading. Ch. .Tames, (d. and his father admin, on his est. 31 Oct. 1671;) John b. 13, bapt. 27 (12) 1635, Abigail b. 10, bapt. 14 (6) 1637. Elizabeth b. 2 (4) 1639, Sarah b. 20 (12) 1040, Elias b. 17 (1) 1643, Peter, Mary, Ruth, Paul b. 10 June, 1057, Rebecca. Will prob. Nov. 0, 1684. Beq. to wife Anna; sons Elias, Peter and Paul; daus. Abigail Clark, Sarah Walton, Mary Waye, Ruth Smith and Rebecca Thomas; to gr. ch. Jothara, son of his son John, James, son of Peter, Ruth Johnson, and others; refers to Jemima, dau. of Lieut. John Smith, wife of his son Paul. Gives to his servant Jonas Holmes the rest of his time. Makes his father-inlaw, Dea. William Stitson, Aaron Way, Sen. and Wm. Ireland, Sen. overseers.



(these names are all familiar)

p324.  NASH, NASHE,Samuel, yeoman, Duxbury, frm. 1633, volunteer for the Pequot war in 1637; served' against the Narragansetts in 1645; app. lieut. 1645. He deposed 6 July, 1682, ae. about 8() years. [Plym. Col. rec] Will dated 2 June, 1681, beq. to dau. Martha Clark; to Samuel and Ichabod, ch. of his dec. gr. son Samuel Samson: gr. daus. Elizabeth Dillano and Mary Howland.


p326.  NEWBERRY, NEWBERRY, Mr. Thomas, Dorchester, frm. Sept. 3,

1634. Bought the house Mr. Pynchon built; had with it 80 acres of land, and 20 acres at Squantum. Deputy. Had charge of the work at Castle Island. Rem. to Windsor, Conn. Ch. Sarah, (m. Henry Wolcott,) Mary, (m. Daniel Clark,) Benjamin. [SufE. De. Ill, 525.] He d. in 1635 or 1636. Will dated 12 (10) 1635, prob. Jan. 28, 1036-7. Beq. to wife Jane 200 li., with all which she brought with her at marriage; rest to be equally divided among his children, except that three of his younger daus. should have 50 s. apiece less than the others. Wife exec; Mr. John Warham and William Gaylord overseers. The widow m. Mr. John Warham. and with him leased Neponset lands to Richard Wright 1 (3) 1639. [L.] Feb. 6. 1669, his sons Joseph and Benjamin N. and sons-in-law Henry Wolcott and Daniel Clark, with Mr. Warham and William Gaylord in behalf of the three youngest children, petitioned for lands in W. which properly belonged to his estate. [Arch. 15 B.]

p340.  PAINE  William, husbandman, ae. 37, with wife Anna, ae. 40, children Susan, ae. 11, Anna, ae. 5, John, ae. 3, and Daniel, ae. 8 weeks, came in the Increase April 15, 1635. William, ae. 15, came in the Abigail in July, 16.35. Resided at Salem, Ipswich and Boston. Frm. May 13, 1640. Paid for work done on the ship Sara at Salem in 1641. Of Ipswich, merchant, propr. 1639. Town officer. His dau. Hannah m. April 2, 1651, Samuel Appleton, Jr. William Payne, late ol Lanham, now of New Eng., mentioned in letter to Gov. Winthrop 17 Jan. 1636. [Mass. Hist. Coll. 4-6.] In a deposition in Es. Files,

1658, he calls Anthony Stoddard cousin. Will made at Boston, 2 Oct. 1660. Long infirm; beq. to wife Hanna dwelling house at Boston, mill at Watertown and household effects; to Hanna, Samuel and Judith, ch. of his dec. dau. Hanna Api)leton; to Benjamin,. Mary, Rebekah, Christian, Ann and Dorothy, ch. of Symond Eyers, dec, and to Symond, son of Symond E., Jr., dec; to sister Page, and to her ch. John, Samuel, Elizabeth, Mary, Phebe; to the ch. of his sister Hament, viz. John, Elizabeth and Hanna; to kinswoman Elizabeth House, dau. of Samuel and Elizabeth H.; to two daus. of his cosan John Tall, when of age; to son-in-law Samuel Ajjpleton; to William Howard, Jerlmy Belcher, Anthony Stodder, Christopher Clarke, Oliver Purchase, (whom he requests to be helpful to his son John concerning the accounts of the Iron worke;) to Mary Ingion; to the ministers, Norton and Wilson of Boston, Shirman of Wat, Browne of Sudbury, Cobblt of Ips., Fisk of Chensford, Phillips of Rowley, Mayhoo of the new chh., Boston. To the Colledge at Cambridge, 20 li. to be kept as a stock forever. Made his son-in-law Samuel Appleton, son John, and Mr. Anthony Stodder execs., and Mr. Christopher Clarke, Mr. Joseph Taintor and Mr. Oliver Purchase overseers and feofees in trust. Gave his execs, power to expend 100 li. out of the est. for some pyous use and necessary worke. In a postscript he gave 5 li. to Doctor Clarke and 5 li. to Capt. Thomas Clarke Company to buy them Cullers. Witnesses John Mayo, Christopher Clarke and Will: Howard. [Reg. X, 85.]


p347. PARTRICH, PARTRIDGE, PATRIDGE, Capt. John, his account with Capt. Clarke before Gen. Court 17 Oct. 1649. May have lived here. Perhaps the father of William, below.


p352 PELHAM, Mr. Herbert, Esquire, Cambridge, 1635, propr. 1638; frm. May, 1645. His sister Penelope, ae. 10, came May 15, 1635, to pass to her bro.'s plantation in N. E.; (she m. Gov. Richard Bellingham 9 (9) 1641.) He m. Elizabeth —; ch. rec. at Camb.: Mary b. 12 (9) 1643, Frances b. 9 (9) 1045. He was town officer, deputy, Asst.; chosen treasurer of Harvard College 27 (10) 1643. [W.] Land adjoining in and near Sudbury. [Sud. Rec] He ret. to Eng. Will, dated at Ferrers iQ Bewers Hamlet, co. Essex, 1 Jan. 1672, gave to sisters Elizabeth Pelham and Penelope, wife of R. Bellingham, Esq.; to his sons Waldegrave, Edward, Nathaniel and Henry P.; to his daus. Penelope, wife of Josias Winslow, Anne P., Katharine Clark, and —, the wife of Cuthlach Eliot, (Guthlach Tolliot,) and her dau. Elizabeth; to son Jeremiah Stonnard. Son Edward to have the property in N. E. Prob. 30 March, 1676. [Reg. XVIII, and XXXIII.]



p379. REYNOR, RAYNER, RAYNOR, REYNER,  Rev. John, b. at Gildersome, co. York, came in 16.35 or 1636 to Plymouth. Was chosen teacher; lands granted him Feb. 6, 1636. Frm. 6 March, 1637-8. Wrote a letter on Moral Laws in 1642. [B.] Was called to be pastor at Dover, N. H. and rem. thither. He m. 1st a dau. of — Boyes; he m. 2, Frances Clarke, who had been a maid servant in the family of Rev. John Wilson, and was dism. to the chh. of Plym. 18 (7) 1642. Ch. Jachin, Anna, (m. Job Lane,) John, Elizabeth, Dorothy, Abigail, Judith, a dau. b. 26 Dec. 1647, Joseph b. 15 Aug. 1650, d 3 Nov. 1652.


p405.  SEABEBRY, SEABURT, John, planter, seaman, Boston, bought house 25 (0) 1630, and was adm. inhabitant. Rem. to Barbadoes. [Depos. of Chr. Clarke in Arch. 15 B.] Wife Grace adm. chh. 15 (3) 1642; ch. Samuel b. 10 (10) 1640, bapt. 22 3) 1642. She went to her husband at Bardoes, and after his death, but before Feb.1650, m. Anthonie Lane. She approved 14 Oct. I(i51, of the sale of a house of her husband's by John Milam. [Gen. Court Rec] Sons Samuel of Duxbury and John of Barbadoes, laid claim to certain lands formerly belonging to their father, April 16, 1662.


p414.  SHIRTUEY, SHETLE, SHERCLIFFE, SHOTTON, SHERTCLIFFE, SHURTLEFF, William, Plymouth, apprentice to Thomas Clarke for 11 yra. from 16 May, 1634; atba. 1643; attack made upon him 2 Oct. 1650. He rem. to Marshfield. Propr.; town officer. He m. 18 Oct. 1655, Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Lettice. He was killed by lightning; was bur. June 24, 1666. His widow admin. 3 July, 1666. She m. Nov. 18, 1669, Jacob Cooke. She was living at the date of her father's will, 1678. Son William had suit at law with Thomas Clarke in 1680.


p418.  SMITH Benjamin, yeoman, Dedham. propr., 10 (5) 1642, adm. chh. 28 (3) 1641, frm. June 2, 1641. Rem. to Boston; was attorney for Henry Willis of St. Bury Edmunds, felmonger, Martha Hues, widow, Ann Langhorne, widow, and Mary Biggs, of London, in 1650-1, for collection of their shares in the est. of his uncle Nicholas Willis and Ann, his wife. Suit in Es. court in 1662. He m. at Ded. 10 (6) 1641, Mary Clarke; ch. Mary d. 24 (10) 1642, Benjamin b. 24 (8)1646.


p425. SOMERBY, Anthony, son of Richard, son of Henry, of Little Bythum in Lincolnshire, [his own statement in Newb. rec] came in the Jonathan in 1630, as he deposed in the Blanchard case in 1652. [Es. Files 2, 32.] Settled at Newbury. Kept the school one year. The Gen. Court app. him clerk of writs and recorder of births, etc., 27 Oct. 1647, Frm. May 18, 1642. Propr., town officer. He deposed April 3, 1680, ae. 70 years. Wife Abigail d. 3 June, 1673; only child Abiel b. 8 Sept. 1641. He d. 31 July, 1686. Beq. his est. to grand children Henry, Abiel and Anthony S. and Elizabeth Moody (and her son Daniel,) to gr. daus. Abigail and Rebecca; to Elizabeth Morse; dau.-in-law has had allowance out of her husband's estate, and £ 60 is in her bro. John Kelly's hands; bro. Tristam Coffin and cousin Nathaniel Clark overseers.


p428.  SPOONER, Thomas, linen weaver, Salem, frm. March, 1637-8; propr., town officer. Clerk of the market, 1656. Amy memb. chh. 1637. Admin, of his est. gr. to his widow Elizabeth 29 (9) 1664. She d. 31 (10) 1670. Her will prob. 26 (1) 167", Cousins Margaret Rueke at Boston and Thomas Clarke at Cambridge; children of her son Rucke and  his wife her dau., Hannah Spooner; other grandchildren John, Jr., and Elizabeth Osborne; widow Elizabeth Owen. Son-in-law John Rueke exec.


p432. STEBBINS, STEBBING, STEBBEN, STIBBINS, Rowland, ae. 40, with wife Sarah, ae. 43, and children Thomas, ae. 14, Sarah, ae. 11, John, ae. 8, and Elizaljeth, ae. 6, and Mary Winche, ae. 15, came in the Francis of Ipswich April 30, 1634. He res. at Springfield soon after its settlement; propr. 1641. Rem. to Northampton after some years. His wife Sarah d. in Spr.; was bur. 4 (8t 1649. He d. at North. Dec. 14, 1671. Will dated 1 (1) 1669; beq. to son Thomas and his seven children; to son John and nine ch.; lo dau. Elizabeth, wife of John Clarke, and her three ch.; to son-in-law Merrick's three daus.; to Mary Munde; friend John Pynchon and bro. Robert Bartlett overseers. [Reg V 71.]


p449. THATCHER, THACHER,Samuel, husbandman, Watertown, deacon, selectman; frm. May IS, 1642. Deputy. Member of chh. of Cambridge. He signed the inv. of Wm. Goodrich in 1647. Wife Hannah; ch. Hannah b. 9 (8) 1645, (m. John Holmes,) Samuel b. 20 (10) 1648. He d. 30 (9) 1669. The widow's will names son and dau. John and Hannah Holmes; son Samuel and his dau. Mary; sister Cheevers; the widow of Jonathan Mitchell; Elizabeth Rush; Nathaniel and Joseph, sons of Jonas Clarke; Samuel Prentice.


p454 TIBBET, TIBBETTS, TIBBOT, TIBBOTTS, TYBBOTT, TYPIT, Walter, came with Rev. Richard Blinman and others to Marshfield; and was prop, frm. 2 March, 1640-1, but did not remain. Settled at Gloucester. Frm. May 19, 1642. Selectman and constable 1643. [Ess. Court.] Licensed to sell wine 20 May, 1647. He d. 14 (0) 1651. Will signed 5 (4(, prob. I'j Oct. 1651. Beq. to his wife for her life and then to grand son Richard Diclie; to dau. Mary, her husband, Wm. Hasliell, and their children; to son-in-law Edward Clarke, and to John and Joseph C; to Elizabeth Dick, Elnor Bapsone, wife of James Bapsome, and to Zebulon Hill. Inv. filed in Ipswich court 1 (7) 1051. The widow m. John Harding, q. v.


p496.  WHITTINGHAM, John, gent., came from Boston. Lincolnshire, in 1638, bringing with him servants Haniel Bosworth. Richard and Matthew Coye, John Anniball, Robert Smith, and perhaps others. [Depos. in Es. FUes 3, 4.] Settled at Ipswich; partner of William Paine and Co. [SufC. De. Ill, 367.] He m. a dau. of Mr. William Hubbard; dau. Martha m. Dr.John Clarke. [Reg. XXXIII,226, and XXXIX, 170.] His will was prob. 27 (1) 1649; beq. to wife Martha; to youngest sons Richard and William certain lands at Southerton near Boston, CO. Lincoln; other lands to eldest son John; to three daus. Martha, Elizabeth and Judith, money, stock in Ipswich Trading Co., and rents of land in Eng. ; father-in-law Mr. Wm. Hubbard, bro, Mr. Samuel Haugh, and wife execs.; beq. also to Mrs. Smith and Haniel Bosworth.


p497.  WILDER, WYLDER, Edward, husbandman, Hingham, propr. 1637, frm. May 29, 1644. Town officer. He served in King Philip's war. He m. Elizabeth, dau. of Anthony Eames of Medfleld. [Hist. Hing.] She d. 9 June. 1652. Ch. Eliz.ibeth, (m. Israel Fearing,) John, Ephraim, Isaac, Jabez, Abiah, (m. William Clark of Plymouth,) Mehitabel, (m. Joseph Warren of Plym.) Abigail, Anna or Hannah b. March 10, 1005-6, Mary b. April 5, 1608, (ra. Francis Le Baron, and second Return Wait). His estate was admin. June 20, 1691, by widow Elizabeth and son Jabez; division made 2 July, 1094, to son John, to Isaac's son Thomas, to son Jabez, daus. Elizabeth, Abia, Mehetabel, Anna, Abigail, Mary.