VR Plympton



" Amanda, ch. Capt. Stephen [q. v.] and Cynthia (Harlow), Aug. 23, 1827, in Plymouth.

" Dennis, ch. Capt. Stephen (q..v.l and Cynthia (Harlow), June 20, 1831, in Plymouth.

" (Fanny, w. Walter Thomas (s. Noah of P.), d. Lemuel of Halifax, May 14, 1796, in Hatifaix).

" Harriot, ch. Capt. Stephen [q. v.] and Cynthia (Harlow), Mar. 13, 1829, in Plymouth.

" Henry Franklin, ch. Capt. Stephen [q. v., dup. farmer and seaman] and Cynthia (Harlow) [dup. of P.], Jan. 21, 1844 (dup. in P.

" Hiram Harlow, ch. Capt. Stephen [q. v.] and Cynthia (Harlow), Oct. 3, 1839, in P.

" Joseph Harlow, ch. Capt. Stephen [q. v.] and Cynthia (Harlow), Mar. 7, 1835, in Plymouth.

" (Mehetabel, w. Shadiach Standish Jr. (s. Shadrach of P. and Mary ), d. Ebenezer and Mehetabel, Jan. 6, 1780, in Wareham).

" (Stephen, Capt., purchased a farm in ... Plympton in . ..1839 and moved on to it, h. Cynthia (d. Joseph Harlow of Plymouth and Susanna), s. Lothrop of Plymouth and Mary. Mar. 31, 1797, in Plymouth).

" Stephen, ch. Capt. Stephen [q. v ] and Cynthia (Harlow), Mar. 5, 1833, in Plymouth.

" Susan Harlow, ch. Capt. Stephen [q. v.] and Cynthia (Harlow), Dec. 27, 1825, in Plymouth.

" Thomas Harlow, ch. Capt. Stephen [q. v.] and Cynthia (Harlow), Feb 25, 1837, in Plymouth.

" William Holmes, ch. Capt. Stephen [q. v.] and Cynthia (Harlow), Aug. 28, 1841, in P.


CLARK (see Clerk)

" Amanda, 22, dressmaker, of P., b. Plymouth, d. Capt. Stephen and Cynthia of P., and Asa Cook Hammond, 23, carpenter, of Kingston, b. Pembroke, s. David and Judith of Pembroke, int. Oct. 14, 1849, cert. given Nov. 2.

" Fanny of Halifax and Walter Thomas of P., int. Mar. 5, 1815.

" Marcus of Halifax and Nancy Cobb of P., int. Aug. 7, 1814.

" Mehitable of Halifax and Shadrach Standish Jr. of P., int. Nov. 29, 1798.

" (Nathaniel Esq. and Dorothy (Lattice) Gray, wid. Edward of Plymouth, ----).

" Ruth and Isaac Lobdil [dup. (Lobdell)], Feb. 24, 1741 [dup. (1741-2)]. [Clarke and Isaac Lobdel, P.C.R. Clark and Isaac Lobden, P.C.R. Feb. 24, 1741-2, C.R.]

CLERK (see Clark)

" Thomas Jr. and Daborah Fuller, Apr. 16, 1778.



" (Dorothy (Lettice), divorced w. Nathaniel Esq., second w. Edward Gray of Plymouth, mother of two ... daughters married Coles; of Lydia Gray (w. Caleb Loring Esq. of P.); of Edward Gray, settled at Tiverton, R. I., father of Sarah (w. Lt. Samuel Bradford of P.); of Thomas and Samuel Gray, settled at Little Compton, R. I., May 30, 1728, a. above 80, in P.)

" Phebe, wid. David, wid. Capt. Thomas Marshall of New Bedford, mother of ---- (w. Willard Ellis), d. Joel Ellis, Feb. 14, 1822, in 70th y.

Early MA Marriages


Isaac Lobdel & Ruth Clarke, Feb. 24, 1741 p32

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