CLARK (see Clerk),

Abigail, d. Eb^nezer and Abigail, Sept. 16, 1745-

Abraham, ch. Joseph, bp. May 7, 1752. c.r.2.

Albert, ''Co. H. 12 th Mass Inf.," , 1826. G.R.14.

Daniel A., Rev., Mar. 1, 1779, in Rahway, N.J. c.R.3.

Edwin, [ I825J. P.R.14.

Elizabeth E. [? m.], , 1824. g.r.2.

Fannie T. [ ], w. Robert, [1808]. G.R.14.

Frances Augusta, d. Silas, cordwainer, and Charlotte A. of Abington, Oct. 15, 1846, in Abington. ^

George Waterman, s. Robert and Frances T., Aug. 16, 1839.

Hannah [? m.], [1796]. G.R.14.

Mary [ ], w. , , 1797. g.r.2.

Mary G. [ ], w. Fred W. [Apr. -, 1836]. g.r.i.

Mary J. [? m.], , 1828. G.R.14.

Moses, [!796]. G.R.14.

Robert [h. Fannie T.] [Dec. -, 181 1]. G.R.14.

Robert, s. Robert and Frances T., Aug. 2, 1843.

Sally [? m.] [Oct. -, 1791]. G.R.14.

Sarah, ch. Ebenezer, bp. , 1748-9. c.r.2.

CLERK (see Clark), Betty, ch. Joseph, bp. Mar. 20, 1748.

Betty, d. Sam[ue]l and Sarah, bp. Oct. 29, 1769. c.R.2.

Mary, d. Sarah, bp. Aug. 9, 1772. c.R.2.

Sarah, d. Sam[ue]l and Sarah, bp. Oct. 29, 1769. c.R.2.


Weymouth Marriages p48ff

CLARK, Abigail and Seth Beal, Sept. 9, 1731. [Clerk, C.R.2.]

Abigail Clark of Braintree, and Ezra Pratt, int. Mar. 29, 1766.

Betsey Clark of Braintree, and Micah Orcutt Jr., June i, 1818.* c.k.3.

Caroline M. Clark and Nathaniel F. Briggs, int. Jan. 17, 1841.

Dan[i]e[l] A., Clark Rev., and Eliza Barker of Falmouth, int. May 16, 1812.

Ebenezer Clark and Abigail Eager, Dec. 4, 1744. [Abigal Agar, C.R.2.]

Edwin R. Clark and Lydia T. Stetson, int. Feb. 7, 1847.

Hannah Clark of Marshfield, and Benjamin Herrindeen, int. June 6, 17 18.

Jerusha Clark and John HoUis, Sept. 28, 1739.

Joseph Clark of Abington, and Mary Shaw, June 4, 1745.

Joseph Elliot Clark, Capt., and Mary Reed of B[raintree], Apr. 14, 1822.* C.R.3.

Lavina Ann Clark and William S. Pool, int. June 13, 1829.

Liddia Clark of Brantree, and Thomas Hollis, int. Feb. 16, 1734-5.

Maria Clark, 20, and Charles S. Fogg, 23, bootmaker, Sept. 5, 1844.

Mary C. Clark and Jonathan Russell Dike, int. May 25, 1845.

Matilda J. Clark of Boston, and Stillman Cushing, int. June 22, 1845.

Olive B. Clark and Horace Hayden of Needham, int. May 12, 1844.

Rachel Clark of Braintree, and John Reed 3d, int. Dec. 6, 1778.

Rebecca Clark of Braintree, and John Vinson Jr., int. Nov. 10, 1776.

Robert Clark and Fanny Brown, int. Apr. i, 1837.

Ruth Clark and Heman Stoddard of Hanover, int. Oct. 29, 1836.

Samuel Clark of Braintree, and Sarah Tilston, int. Oct. 24, 1742.

Sam[ue]ll Clark of Boston, and Sarah Burrell, int. May 21, 1768.

Sarah Clark of Braintree, and John Pool Jr., int. Oct. 14, 1769.  (born c1748 have not yet assigned her)

Sarah A. Clark and Nathaniel G. Pratt, int. June 10, 1837. [m. June 25, C.R.I.]

Sarah C. Clark and William T. [? J.] Pedman, Nov. 28, 1839.

* Intention not recorded.

Clark, Susanna of Braintree, and Elisha Shaw, Int. 11 Dec. 1743-


CLARK, Mehitable, wid., Jan. 14, 1822. c.R.3.

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