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BIRTHS. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS AND INTENTIONS OF MARRIAGE,IK THE TOWN OF STOUGHTON FROM 1727 TO 1800, AND IN THE TOWN OF CANTON FROM 1797 TO 1727. EDITED BY FREDERIC ENDICOTT, Secretary of Canton Historical Society, and Member of the New-England Historic Genealogical Society. 1896

The old Town of Dorchester was settled about June, 1630, (Blake's Annals,) being called at first, Mattapan. At the bottom of page 217 of the printed records of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay in New England (1630) we find the following record and marginal note Mount Woollaston is to be bounded by the Blew Hills and the rest is Mount wooitobee to Dorchester, to go to the bounds of Plimouth. / Brantry ' bounds. Dorchester before this time included the territory which is now Milton and the above brief record constituted Dorchester's title to a triangular tract of adjoining land extending to within half a mile of Rhode Island line. The tract measured on the Dedham or northwest side about twenty miles, on the Old Colony Line or south side about nineteen miles, and on the Mount Wollaston or northeast side about eleven miles. This territory included the towns of Canton, Stoughton, Sharon, and Foxborough, and parts of Dedham, Norwood, "Walpole, "Wrentham, and Avon, and soon acquired the name of The New Grant beyond the Blue Hills. The Mount Woollaston mentioned in the record was in 1640 incorporated as the town of Braintree and that portion of Braintree which joins the New Grant was in 1793 incorporated as a separate town under the name of Randolph.

Many years elapsed before this part of Dorchester became much settled. In 1657 about 6000 acres of this tract were granted by the Proprietors of Dorchester to the Ponkapoag tribe of Indians at the request of the Rev. John Eliot, and later a small number of other tracts were sold and settlements started. The principal of these were as follows: one, just south and west of Blue Hill ; one, near the south part of Norwood ; one, at the southwest end of Sharon ; one, near Brockton ; one, at Massapoag Pond ; and one, in and near Plainville in "Wrentham. In 1696 the Dorchester Proprietors began to divide the unsold lands among themselves, the partition taking many years, being practically completed about 1731. After part of the lands had been divided the proprietors, who had at first kept their records in the record book of the town of Dorchester, were incorporated as a separate body and kept separate records until all their business was concluded, their records ending about 1770. About the year 1700 the Ponkapoag Indians began to let their lands which went under the name of the Ponkapoag Plantation to the white men, on leases running 100 years or more, and the white men immediately set at work building houses and clearing up the land. The Ponkapoag Plantation was almost wholly within the present territory of Canton and the white settlement which was called Dorchester Villa(je or Ponkapoag grew so rapidly that in 1715 the "New Grant" was incorporated by the name of the Dorchester South Precinct, and although remaining a part of Dorchester, maintained a separate church and kept a separate book for tlie recording of Precinct business. A few births were also recorded in this book.

In 1725 the Indians, who by the terms of the grant from the town of Dorchester had no right to sell the Ponkapoag Plantation, nor in fact even to lease it, obtained from the General Court leave to convey their lands to actual lessees through a committee appointed for that purpose. The larger part was sold in March, 1726, as we now reckon the year, or 1725-6 as then written, but the last piece was not sold till more than one hundred years later. Many of these deeds are dated March 22, 1725. In December, 1726, the Dorchester South Precinct was incorporated as the Town of Stoughton, and as the town increased in population, the Second Parish, (now Stoughton,) and the Third Parish, (now Sharon,) were setoff and had separate churches and parish records, but the births, marriages and deaths were still recorded by the Town Clerk. A few years after Stoughton was incorporated, the part of the town west of the Neponset River was set off to Dedham, and other portions were set off to the same town at later dates.

Numerous other changes of town lines have been made, one tract having been several times changed back and forth between Stoughton and Sharon. In 1765 the Third Parish was set off by the name of the District of Stoughtonham, which later became the town of Sharon, their records beginning with the District. Later, a portion of Stoughtonham with parts of other towns was made into the Town of Foxborough. In 1797 the First Parish of Stoughton with some slight changes of boundary was incorporated as the town of Canton, the older part of the town giving up its right to the name, which, with the records, was retained by the newer portion.

The Town of Canton has had manuscript copies made of the Records of Meetings of the old town ; of the Records of Births, Marriages, and Deaths ; and of the Assessment Lists ; and has also recently published in the History of Canton, reproductions of the original map of the northerly part of the "New Grant" and of the map of Stoughton in 1794-6, as well as of Canton in 1830. The records in this book published by the Town of Canton are contained in four volumes. The first volume, originally used to record the business of the South Precinct of Dorchester, was subsequently "improved" for a register of births, intentions of marriage, marriages, and deaths, for the Town of Stoughton after that town was incorporated in December, 1726. The Precinct Records are short, ending with the fourteenth page of the original book and contain, besides records of meetings, &c., the record of twelve births. Other births, marriages, and deaths occurring in the precinct may be found in the Twenty-first Report of the Record Commissioners of Boston, and in the Dorchester Church Records. The remainder of the first volume ending at page 84 of this book contains: Births as recorded down to about 1761, mostly arranged alphabetically by Christian names ; Intentions of Marriage, and Marriages down to 1757 ; and Deaths down to about 1761. These were begun with method but as the book became filled, vacant spaces were taken up, the lesult appearing less methodical than it really is. The second volume of Stoughton Records (pages 85 to 171 of this book) contains Intentions of Marriage, and Marriages from 1765 to 1800, and Births and Deaths from about 1760 to 1800; births before 1766 being classified alphabetically by Christian names, and after that time by surnames. As Canton was incorporated in 1797, and as this volume ends in 1800, there are a few pages in which Canton has no interest, but it was deemed better to print the whole instead of leaving out these pages. The third volume of Stoughton Records (occupying pages 172 to 180 of this book) is small, containing only Marriages and Intentions of Marriage from 1757 to 1765, and should properly come between the other two, but comes after them in Canton's manuscript copy. On this account its proper place was not discovered until after many pages of the second volume had been electrotyped when it would have been very inconvenient to make a change.

The fourth volume, being Volume One of Canton Records begins with 1797 and runs down to 1845, except the Intentions of Marriage, which extend to 1850. It occupies pages 181 to 269 of this book. On page 263 will be found the few cases where the Marriages recorded in the office of the Clerk of the Courts at Dedham differ from the town records. Pages 264 to 273 contain the returns made to the Town Clerk of Stoughton, of marriages solemnized in other towns where one or both of the parties were residents of Stoughton. As the District of Stoughtonham is now the Town of Sharon, Stoughtonham names should have been returned to that town, but as clerks of other towns did not know this, they made the returns to the clerk of Stoughton, who recorded them. In order to make it easier to compare this printed copy with the original record, the number of the page in the original book is indicated by full faced type like this (2) at the beginning of the line.

Asterisks or stars (******) indicate that something is gone from the original book. The beginning of the first book is very dilapidated, the lower part of pages 20 and 21 being almost totally gone. The volume of Canton records has been somewhat injured by too close trimming when the book was rebound. Italics are used to denote something not now in the original and also notes by the editor. On pages 12 and 13 there is considerable matter so supplied from the manuscript copy owned by the Town of Canton, which was made about forty years ago. It has been the aim of the editor to give every thing as it is recorded, except in the Intentions of Marriage in the Canton records, and in these the first one in any particular form is given in full. See the note in italics about the middle of page 200. In order that these may not be mistaken for marriages, the title Intentions of Marriage has been put at the top of each page. The change from the Old Style or Julian Year to the New Style or Gregorian Year was adopted by Great Britain in 1752. By this change the next day after September 2, 1752 was called September 14, instead of September 3. At the same time the year was changed so as to begin on the first day of January, although before that time the year was held in Great Britain to begin on the 25 of March. IMany other nations had already made this change, and it had long been customary to give a double number to the year for dates between January 1 and March 25, as for instance on page 1 we find the date January 21, 1720-21, meaning that in English countries the legal year was 1720 (the new year beginning on the 25 of March) although most nations began the year on the 1 of January, which would make the year 1721. One hundred years from that day would be February 1, 1821. Our records, as in many other towns, are very defective. No Marriages are recorded in Canton between 1798 and 1808, and many others are missing. The records of deaths are very poor for the whole time covered by these records, and probably half of the whole number were never registered. In Canton there were large families of children whose births were not on the records. When the late Mr. James A. Bazin was town clerk he collected and recorded many such, but many others are still unrecorded

The following records from from the book in the Library of Congress titled "The Record of Births, Marriages,and Deaths and Intentions of Marriage in the Town of Stoughton from 1727 to 1800 also in the Town of Canton From 1797 to 1845, Preceded by the records of the South Precinct of Dorchester from 1715 to 1727.  Edited by Frederic Endicott.1896, and additonal books included in the pdf document located in the Library of Congress at archive.org/details/recordofbirthsma00canto and it is to this pdf document  (which is an agglomeration of books in the Library of Congress) that VR Stoughton below refers!

21. Deaths in town of Canton, 11 Sept. 1841, George Lothrop  Clark Son of Rev. H. Clark and Mary T. his wife, aged 1 month. VR Stoughton p215 (Note Lothrop connection in Thomas Clark, born c1599, of Plymouth, records, I assume the Rev. H. Clark is the Rev. Henry Clark in #20)

22. Mr. Isaac Shepard, the first of that name in Canton and Miss Amity Clark of Sharon, int to marry 18 April 1802.VR Stoughton p218

23. Int. to marry Mr. Samual Canterbury of Canton and Miss Polly Clark of Randolph 18 June AD 1809.  VR Stoughton p220

24. Int. to marry Mr. Benjamin Everton Junr and Miss Jane Clark both of Canton 25 April 1821. VR Stoughtonp224

25. 31 March 1827 Int to marry Mr. Lewis Clark, Canton and Miss Abigail Linfield of Stoughton.  VR Stoughton p227

26. 20 Oct. 1827 Mr. Aaron B. Baker an dMiss Cynthia Clark both of Canton, int to Marry.  VR Stoughton p228

27.  6 Sept. 1828 Mr. Daniel F. Fuller and Miss Susan CLark both of Canton int to marry.  VR Stoughton p229

28.  4 May 1833 int to marry John Clegg an dMiss Mary Elizabeth Clark both of Canton. VR Stoughton p233

29.  10 August 1833 Mr. Pitt Clark and Miss Mary Ann Pickeruell  both of Canton. VR Stoughton p233

30. int ot marry 13 July 1809 Samuel Canterbury (of Canton?) and Miss Mary Clark of Randolph. VR Stoughton p234

31. int to marry 25 May 1821 Benjamin Evertonn Junr and Miss Mary Clark both of Canton.  VR Stoughton p235

32. marriage? 5 Oct. 1828 Daniel Fuller and Susan Clark both of Canton by Rev. B. Hautoon.  VR Stoughton p236

33. marriage? 6 March 1788  (year is not a mistake, series of entries 1788 to 1796 old page 281) John Wilcox and Miss Mercy Clark (Canton)  VR Stoughton p240

34.  marriage 27 May. 1827 Lewis Clark resident of Canton and Abigail Lindfield of Stoughton VR Stoughton p241

35. marriage 5 Sept. 1833 Mr. Pitt Clark & Miss Mary Ann Pickernell both of Canton VR Stoughton p241

36. marriage 7 Nov. 1827 Aaron Baker & Cynthea Clark boht Canton VR Stoughton p242

37. record of marriages by Rev. Henry Clark VR Stoughton p243 1840-1842

38. marriage 17 May 1840 Martholomew W. Burt to Miss Rachael A. Clark both of Canton VR Stoughton p244

39.marraige 12 June 1836 Isaiah Clark to Miss Roxana Fox both Canton. VR Stoughton p245

40.  int to marry 28 May 1836 Isaiah Clark of Canton & Miss Roxana Fox of Canton, VR Stoughton p249.

41.  3 Aug. 1836 int to marry Jamse M. Adams & Miss Susan Clarke both Canton. VR Stoughton p249.

42.  int to marry 19 Aug. 1837 Samuel Billings of Canton & Miss Doreas Clark of Randolph.  VR Stoughton p251

43. int to marry 18 April 1840 Bartholomew W. Burt and Miss Rachael A. Clark both of Canton.  VR Stoughton p253

44. int to marry 23 July 1842 Mr. Humphre C. Hodgedon and Miss Zilpha Clark boht of Canton.  VR Stoughton p255

45. int to marry 10 Jan. 1846 Thomas W. Thayer of Holliston and Miss Ellen M. Clark of Canton. VR Stoughton p258

46. int to marry 28 April 1848 Cornelius Clark of Canton and Miss Allice Kennedy of Randolph*. VR Stoughton p260

47. int to marry 29 July 1849 Mr. Anson B. Clark of North Hampton and Miss Sarah M. Sturtevant of Canton. VR Stoughton p261.

Nehemiah Clark Son of Ichabod & Sarah Clar * was Born : february y" 23* : 1741-2, p18, [32]

Thomas Clark Son of Nathan Clark & * * * His Wife was Born march ye 27'" 17** See page 112 p21 [38]

The names of Nathan Clark & Jemima Etheridge both of stoughton & their Intention of marriage ware Entred with me August ye 22: 1730 and since have been published by posting as the Law Directs by me William Crane, town Clerk p25 [56]

The names of John Clark & mercy wentworth both of stoughton w"' their intention of manage Entered this 23. Day of January 1730-1 p25 [57]

The intention of Marriage betwixt Zebadiah Clark of Dedham & Mary Mors of Stoughton Entred april ye 12: 17o8 p28 [61]

* * Intention of marriage between Ichabod Clark of ***** n & Sarah Whittamore of Maiden Entred December ye 20th, 1740 p29 [62]

Nathan Clark and Jemima Etheridge both of stoughton ware Joyned togather ' iu marriage October ye 1. 1730. by me samuel Dunbar Pastor p31 [66]

John Clark & mercy wentworth both of stoughton were Joyned together in marriage October ye 28. 1731. by me samuel Dunbar pastor (ibid)

Mercy Clark, wife of John Clark & Daughter of John & Elizabeth wentworth Deceased may ye 20: 1734 p35 [74]

John Clark son of John & Mercy Clark was born april y* 15: 1734 p44 [93]

Angelit Clark, Daughter of: Nathan & Jemima Clark was born april y" 10, 1736. p45 [95]

Silvanus Clark son of Ichabod & sarah Clark was Born August ye 7th; 1743, p49 [102]

Jemima Clark Daughter of Nathan & Jemima Clark was Born Jul}- ye 22nd : 1741 p49 [103]

William Clark ye Son of Nathan Clark & Jemima His Wife was Born Septr ye 2nd 1747. p61 [128]

The Intention of Marriiige between Seth Peirce & Angelit Clark both of Stoughton Enterd Feb'-y y" 2Pt 1756. p78 [169]

Elezebeth Clark Daughter to NathllClark & Mary his Wife Was Born November ye 20th 1761 p90 [6]

Mary Clark Daughter to Nath" Clark & Mary his Wife AVas Born Sep' ye 3rd 1758 p94 [13]

Etheridge Clark Son to Nathan Clark Ju' & Hannah his Wife Was Born October ye 12* 1762 p104 [31]

Hannah Clark Daughter of David Clark and Seviah his wife born April 21* 1764 p113 [44]

The Intention of Marriage Between Benjamon Clark of Stoughton and Mehitabel Edson of Bridgewater Entred with me y* Subscriber April y" 28 1775 p141 [102]

1781 January y* 25 Joshua Clark of Braintree & Cloe Bird of Stoughton p148 [113]

The Intention of Marriage Between Joshua Clark of Braintree & Chloe Bird of Stoughton Entred with me ye Subscriber January ye 8th 1781 p153 [119]

The Intention of Marriage Betwen Joseph Henry & Hannah Clark Both of Stoughton Entred with me y* Subscriber March y" 4"^ 1785 p156 [124]

The Intention of Marriage between John Wilcox <&, Mercy Clark both of Stoughton Entered December 8'" 1787 p159 [122]

Intentions of Marriage between M' John Clark of Spencer & M" Keziah Smith of Stoughton entd March 15th 1793 p161 [132]

1788 March 6^^ John Wilcox and Mercy Clark both of Stoughton p168 [151]

Oct 16th John Clark of Boston and Sarah Swan of Stoughton p168 [151]

1762 July y" 30 M' Thomas Nason <fc M" Jamima Clark Both of Stoughton p175 [8]

December y* 25^ 17G3 M' Jonathan Clark Resedent in Stoughton and M" Mary Ingraham of Stoughton p176 [10]

August y^5: 1760 Nathan Clark & Hannah Everet of Stoughton p177 [15]

Nov ye 8th 1762 Thomas Nason & Jemima Clark Both of Stoughton p178 [16]

Jonathan Clark & Mary Ingraham January y'^ 11'^ 1764 p179 [17]

Agust y" 9"" 1764 Nehenaiah Clark & Judith Pavson of Stoughton p179 [18]

1764 June ye 29th M' Nehemiah Clark & :^i" Judith Pavson Both of Stoughton p179 [19]

Eleanor Crawford, daughter of Levi B. Clark, and Eleanor his wife, was born November 7^^ 1825. p184 [8]

Sophia Stiles daughter of Levi B. Clark and Eleanor his wife was born Feb. 2* 1827. p184 [8]

a child of Marcus Clark died January 6 1833 p208 [152]

1840 July 29'"Alfred Field, Son of Rev. Henry Clark and Mary T. his wife aged 4 months baptised p214 [188]

1841 Sept. 11th George Lothrop Clark Son of Rev. H. Clark and Maiy T. his wife, baptised aged 1 mo p215[189]

Intentions of Marriage. Mr Isaac Shepard the first of that name in Canton, and Miss Amitv Clark of Sharon, 18^'' April 1802 p218 [205]

M' David Kenny J'' of Canton and Miss Dorcas Clark of Randolph, "6^ April A D 1803 Int p218 [206]

M' Sam^ Canterbury of Canton and Miss Polly Clark of Randolph, June 18'^ A. D. 1809 Int p220 [212]

Mr. Benjamine Everton Jun' and Miss. Jane Clark both of Canton, April 25"' 1821 Int p224 [230]

March 31, 1827. M' Lewis Clark, resident in Canton and Miss Abigail Linfield of Stousfhton. Int p227 [245]

Octo"" 20, 1827 M' Aaron B. Baker and Miss Cynthia Clark both resident in Canton.Int p228 [246]

September %^ 1828 M^ Daniel F. Fuller and Miss Susan Clark both of Canton Int p229 [250]

May 4"'" 1833 M' John Clegg and Miss Mary Elizabeth Clark both residents in Canton Int p233 [264]

the 10th August 1833 M'' Pitt Clark and Miss Maiy Ann Pickernell both residents in Canton Int p233 [265]

July 13th 1809 Mr Samuel Canterbury and Miss Mary Clark of Randolph Int p234 [267]

May 29'>' 1821 Mr Benjamin Everton Jun' & Miss Jane Clark both of Canton. married by W Dunbar Esq p235 [269]

1828. Oct. 5th Daniel F. Fuller and Susan Clark both of Canton marr by Rev. B. Huntoon p236 [270]

March 6'" 1788 Mr John Wilcox & Miss Mercy Clark marr p240 [281]

1827 May 27th Lewis Clark a resident of Canton and Abigail Lindfield ^^ Stoughton marr p241[283]

September 6^^ 1833 M' Pitt Clark & Miss Mary Ann Pickernell both of Canton p241 [283]

1827 Nov' 7"^ Aaron Baker & Cynthea Clark residents of Canton marr [242 [284]

Sept 4'" 1842 Mr Humphrey C. Ilodgdon and Miss Zilpha Clark, of both Canton By the Rev. Phillip Crundon Jr of Stoughton p242 [284]

March 30'*" 1843 Mr Harrison C. Whitmore and Miss Susan A. Clark, both of Randolph. mar p243, [288]

1840 May IT"" Mr Bartholomew W Burt to Miss Rachael A. Clark both resident in Canton p244 [290]

June 12. 1836 Rev"^ E. Dickinson Mr. Isaiah Clark to Miss Roxana Fox both of Canton p245 [292]

May 28th. 1836, M' Isaiah Clark of Canton & Miss Roxana Fox also, of Canton. p249 [305]

Aug. 3* 1836. M' James M. Adams & Miss Susan Clarke both of Canton p249 [306]

August 19th. 1837 Mr. Samuel Billings of Canton and Miss Dorcas Clark of Randolph p251 [311]

April 18"i" 1840, Mr Bartholomew W. Burt and Miss Rachael A. Clark, both of Canton p253 [320]

July 23<> 1842, Mr Humphrey C. Hodgdon and Miss Zilpha Clark, both of Canton p255 [323]

January 10"^ 1846, Mr. Thomas W. Thayer of Holliston and Miss Ellen M. Clark of Canton p258 [340]

April 28'*' 1848, Cornelius Clark of Canton and Miss Allice Kennedy of Randolp* p260 [349]

July 29*^ 1849son B. Clark of North Hampton and Miss Sarah M. Sturtevant f Canton p261 [354]

Married by Nath' Sumner Esq a Justice of the Peace for the County of Suffolk, Mr Silvanus Clark & Mr Rachel Sterns both of Stoughtonham May 1^' 1766. p265 [130]

Mr Asa Clark of Stoughtonham & Miss Prudence Savel of Dedham Jany 25"^ 1771. p265 [131]

[136] MALDEN March 30 1741 Icabod Clark of Stoughton ^ by the Rev Sai-ah AVhittemore of Maiden \ Joseph Stimpson. p267

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