Dedham  Clark records (from book of Dedham Vital Records in Medfield Hist. Soc.)

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Dedham Early Records

Joseph, the Son of Joseph & Alice Clark, was borne the 27* of the 5 month, 1642 p1

Benjamin, the Son of Joseph & Alice Clarke, was borne the 9 of the 12 mo 1643 p2

Daniell, the Son of Joseph & Alice Clarke, was borne the 29 of the 7 mo. 1647 p3

Mary, the Daughter of Joseph Clarke & Alice, his wife, was borne the 12 of the 1 mo 1649

Sary, the Daughter of Joseph & Alice Clarke, was borne the 20 of the 12 1650 p5

1686 Jno. Clark, a stranger, deceased 21 day 2nd month

Thomas Lyon & Abigail Clark, both of Roxbury, was married Julv the 8, 1698. p28

Solomon Clark & Mary White, both of Medfield", was married October 24, 1698. p28

Timothy Clark & Elizebeth Prat, both of Medfield, was married the 23 day of September, 1700. p33

Patience, the daughter of Jeremiah and Patience Clark, was born October the 13, 1713. p40

Patience, the daughter of Jeremiah and Patience Clark, deceased March the 26, 1714. p40

Jeremiah, the son of Jeremiah & Patience Clark, was born January the 10*, 1716-17. p42

Sarah, the daughter of Thomas and Sarah Clark, was born March 5th 1727-8 p54

Samuel, son of Zebediah & Rachal Clark, born August 4">, 1749. p91

Hannah, daughter of Zebediah Clark & Rachal, his wife, born July 10* 1751. p91

Nathan, son of Zebediah & Rachal Clark, born ]May 7"', 1754. p91

Keziah, daughter of Zebediah & Rachal Clark, born July 1*', 1756. p91

James Clark of ^Medway & Martha Smith of Dedham, November 8th 1758. p93

Dorcus, daughter of Jesse & Dorcus Clark, was born May 30, 1759. p94

Married bv the Rev'd Mr. Jason Haven. Mr. John Hall of Newton and Mrs. Hannah Clark, of Dedham, October 16, 1760 , p95

Nathan, son of Zebediah & Rachel Clark, born May 7"', 1754. p104

Mr. Asa Clark of Stoughtonham and Miss Prudance Savel of Dedham, married January 25, 1770. p109

Mr. David Clark of Dedham & Miss Jemima Warren of Natick, August Ist, 1771. p111

Married by Sam" Dexter, Justice of the Peace. Mr. Seth Turner and Miss Mary Clark, both of Medfield, April 10, 1775 p114

Jesse Clark &; Dorcus Ellis, both of Dedham, March 13th, 1752. p118

Cephas Clark and Jemima Grigs, both of Dedham, Dec. 4th 1766, p121

Nathaniel Coney of Stoughtonham and Mary Clark of Dedham, June 6th 1767. p121

Asa Clark of Stoughtonham and Prudence Savel of Dedham, Nov 24, 1769. p122

Mr. William Clark and Miss Mary Richards, both of Dedham, May 26* 1770. p123.

M''. Joseph Morse of Dedham and Mrs. Sarah Clark of Medfield, September 11th , 1770 p123

David Clarke of Dedham and Jemima Warren of Natick, June 29* 1771 p123

Thomas Herring and Elizabeth Clark, both of Dedham, April 30"', 1774. p124

John Wight of Dedham and Molly Clark of Medway December 24*, 1774 p124

Thomas Clark of Roxbury and Sarah Lewis of Dedham, November 12, 1775. p125

Ebenezer Pettey of Amherst & Eunice Clark of Dedham, April 15, 1777 p126


1639 Nathaniell Coleborne & Prissilla Clarke, were married y'e 25th of the 5th month

1641 Benjamin Smith & Mary Clarke, were married the 10* of the 6th month p126

1642 Geo. Barbar and Elizabeth Clarke were married the 24 of the 9th month p126

Dedham person deceased in this town

1638 Rowland Clarke deceased the 2 of ye 12 mo. p127

1642 Mary Clarke, deceased the 22nd of ye 3 mo. . p127

#45 William, son of Jacob & Prudence Clark, born January 15, 1805. p143

#46 Pitt, son of Jacob & Prudence Clark, born May 14* 1807. p144

#47 Horatio, son of Jacob & Prudence Clark, born March 8, 1810. p144

#48&9 Children of Spencer W. Clark & Mary Clark. all p145

#50 Mary Ann Brimmer Clark, born November 21, 1804. p145

#51 Charles Washington Clark, born August 1, 1806. p145

#52 George Washington Clark, born August 28, 1809. p145

#53 Richard Metcalf Clark, born September 22, 1811. p145

#54 Sally Stow, daughter of Maj"- Jacob & Prudence Clark, Born March 27, 1812 p145

#55 Alonzo Clark Ames, their Son, born May 9'^, 1843. Children of William & Susan Ames. p152

#56 Mr. William Clark of Needham and Miss Caty Glover of Dedham, June 22^^, 1782 p161

#57 M''. Ebenezer Gay of Dedham and Miss Hannah Clark of Needham, September 6'h, 1782. p161

#58 Mr Thomas Little & Miss Rachel Clark, both of Dedham, Feb 17th 186

#59 Mr. Simeon Gould of Dedham & Miss Lydia Clark of Medfield 11 Nov. 1786 P163

#60 Mr. Haniel Clark of Francistown .& Miss Lucy Morse of Dedham, Feb^ 11'^, 1794 p166

#61 M'r. George Clark of Dorchester & Miss Sarah Starr of Dedham, Feb. 1st 1796. p167

#62 Mr Jacob Clark & Miss Prudence Stow, both of Dedham, Nov 9, 1798. p168

#63 Mr. William Everett & Miss Catharine Clarke, both of Dedham, Feb. 27, 1801 p169

#64 Mr. Warren Clark to Miss Polly Stowell, both of Dedham, May 1, 1802. p169

#65 Mr. George Colburn of Dedham & Miss Olive Clark of Sherburn, November 30, 1803.p170

#66 M--. Spencer Clark of Dedham & Mrs. Mary Stimpson of Boston. April 21, 1804 p170

#67 M''. Alexander Clark of Boston & Miss Lucy Pettee of Dedham, Feb>" 6, 1805 p171

#68 M--. Abijah Colburn of Dedham & Miss Susanna Clark of Medfleld, March 17, 1808 p172

#69 M"". Horace Clark & Miss Mary Tenney, both of Dedham, Sep'. IS, 1825. p181

#70 M''. Elijah Howe & Miss Prudence Clark, both of Dedham, Feb. 5, 1826 p182

#71 M^ Alvan Colburn & Miss Mary Ann Clark, both of Dedham, Sep*. 3-', 1826. p182

#72 Maj'' Jacob Clark of Dedham & Miss Sophia Warren of Dorchester, March 11, 1827. p182

#73 Mr. William Clark of Dedham & Miss Ann F. McKenney of Boston, Jan'ry 15* 1832. p186

#74 1834 Oct. 19. Mr. Horatio Clark of Newton & Miss Elvira Eichards of Dedham. p189

#75 1836 March 13. Mr. Ebenezer P. Crane & Miss Sarah S. Clark, both of Dedham. p190

#76 1841 April 18. Revd Solomon Clark of Southampton & Miss Elizabeth H. Haven of Dedham. p193

#77 1847 Sept- 4. Clark T. Berry of Dedham, Eliza Jane Waterman of Dedham. p199 (first name)

#78 Daniel Clarke & Bethiah Lewis, both of Dedham-1777. p199

#79 Ebenr- Pittee of Amherst & Eunice Clark of Dedham-1777. p199

#80 Thomas Little & Rachel Clark, l)oth of Dedham, July 17, 1786. p200

#81 1775 Dec 21. M^ Thomas Clark of Roxbury & Miss Sarah Lewis of Dedham.p202

#82 1782 Feby 25. Mr. Ephraim Clarke & Miss Mary Perkins of Walpole, D". p203

#83 July 3rd. M^ Aaron Clark Fales of Wrentham & Miss Hepzilmh Everett of Walpole, d". is a middle name!

#84 Jany 14th 1775. Married by the Revr Mr. Clark, minister of the Episopal Chh in Dedham, Doc. Nathaniel' Ames and Miss Meletia Shuttleworth, both of Dedham. p203-4

#85 November 14, 1782. M''. William Clark of Needham to Miss Kata Glover of Dedham. p204

#86 1788 Sept. 11th M''. Asa Robbins & Miss Olive Clarke of Dedham. p205

#87 1794 Nov 6. Mr-. Hanniel Clark, Franceston, & Miss Lucy Morse, Dedham. p206

#88 1801 Nov 29. Jacob Clark & Prudence Stow, Jr, both of Dedham.

#89 1801 April 15. William Everett & Catharine Clark, both of Dedham.

March 3'^ 1805. M^ Alexander Clarke of Boston & Miss Lucy Pittee, of Dedham p210

Oct. 3^ 1826. Mr. Alvan Colburn to Miss Mary Ann Clark, both of Dedham. p216

1825 Mr, Horace Clark to Miss Mary Tenney, both of Dedham. married p216

Sally Stow Clark, daughter of Maj-" Jacob Clark & Prudence, his wife, deceased Oct'' 9, 1811, Aged 11 years. p229

Elijah Howe, jr., son of Elijah & Prudence (Clarke) Howe, was born Sept. 27, 1828. p236

William Howe, son of Elijah & Prudence (Clarke) Howe, was born May 1, 1832, and died Aug:. 19, 1832. p236


July 3 1727 Thomas Clark, Sarah Grant, Dedham, married p239

Dec. 2, 1730 Ebenezer Woodward, Experience Fisher, Dedham, married by Timo. Clarke, Esq. p240

Apr. 1, 1747, Mr. Jonathan Ellis of Dedham, Mrs. Hannah Clark of Medfield married p243

Nov. 26, 1770, Joseph Morse of Dedham, Sarah Clark of Medfield, married p243

Apr. 29, 1788 Simeon Gould of Dedham, Lydia Clark of Medfield married p244

Feb. 4, 1728, Nathaniel Clark of Medway, Judith Mason of Dedham, married By Mr. Buckman. p244

June 25, 1760, Mr. Joshua Dean of Dedham, Mrs. Rachael Clark of Medway married by Rev. David Thurston p24

Marriage Oct. 24. 1782, Ebenezer Gay of Dedham, Hannah Clarke of Needham, p246

May 23, 1792, John Allen Fuzzel of Walpole, Molley Fisher of Dedham, by Thos Clarke, Esq. p247

Feb. 28. 1796, Mr. George Clark of Dorchester, married Miss Sally Starr of Dedham, Rev. Thos. Gray p247

June 25, 1767. In Sharon, Nathaniel Coney of Stoughtonham, married Mary Clark of Dedham, By Rev. Mr, Phillip Curtis p247

Oct. 21, 1779, Nathan Clark of Dedham married Elizabeth Allen, resident in Stoughtonham. by Rev.Mr. Curtis, p247

and another set which should also be duplicates

Dedham VR

Franklin p138 V I

Olive Clark dau of Samuel and Ester 25 Jan. 1785

Dover p62

Sally Stow Clark dau of Jacob Clark and Prudence 21 Nov. 1800

Prudence Clark dau of Jacob Clark and Prudence, his wfe, was born 24 Oct. 1802


Rachel Clark dau John and Ruth born 12 Nov 1772 p151

Barnum Clark son of John Jr. and Relief 23 June 174 p152

Baxter Clark son of John Jr. and Relief 26 July 1777

Relief Clark dau of John Jr. and Relief 24 Dec. 1781

John Clark son of John Jr. and Relief 1 May 1785

Nathan son of John Jr. and Relief 7 May 1783

Abijah Clark son of Abijah and Melatiah 5 April 1785 V2 p107

Melatiah Clark day of Abijah and Melatiah 26 Nov. 1792 V2 p107

Priscilla Clarke married Nathaniel Colburn 25 July 1639. she joined the church 2 April 1640 Dedham Historical Register Vol 2 p108. “He was admitted into the church after long and much inquisition into his case 29th of the 11th mo 1640; and was made freeman 2 June 1641. Priscilla Clark Colburn died 12 Aug. 1692.

Needham Epitaphs p155

Joseph Clarke (could not locate it)

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