John & Rosa Francis, Rose the wife of John Ffrancis dyed (26) (2) 1659 (VR Braintree p638).  John Francis was from Lynn, MA.

  1. Elizabeth Ffrancis the daughter of John Ffrancis and Rose his wiffe was borne the (30) (4) 1657 (VR Braintree p 641)
  2. Susanna Francis daughter of John & Rosa his wife born 12 mo. 4, 1658 (VR Braintree p 818)

Denice Darly & Hannah Ffrancis were married 11th . mo 3d 1662 by Peter Braeckett (VR Braintree p717)

Joseph Clark & Damaris Ffrancis were married 6th. mo. 19th 1675 by Mr. __ (VR Braintree p718)

John and Frances Francis of Boston

  1. Elizabeth Francis born to John and Frances Francis born 15 Jan. 1680 (VR Boston V9 p151)
  2. Mary Francis born to John and Frances Francis 28 Jan.  1682(VR Boston V9 p157)

36079. Mary Cooper. Born on 11 Sep 1645 at Cambridge, MA.  On 10 Nov 1661 Mary married Joseph Gilson, at Chelmsford, MA. Born on 17 Apr 1610 at Freeing, Kent. Joseph died at Groton, MA, on 16 Apr 1676.  Joseph, son of William & Frances Gilson.

  1. They had one child: 37714 i. Mary (1662-<1716)

36080. Lydia Cooper. Born on 13 Apr 1663 at Cambridge, MA.  On 5 Jan 1687/8 Lydia  Cooper married John Francis, at Cambridge, MA. Born on 4 Jan 1649/50 at Cambridge, MA. John died at Medford, MA, on 3 Jan 1727/8.  John Francis, son of Richard & Alice (Wilcox) Francis.

  1. They had one child:   37715 i. Nathaniel (ca1693-1764)
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