Jacob Clark born 3 Apr. 1732 Medfield, son of David Clark, married in Medfield 7 Nov. 1754 Rachel Smith, she died 23 Jan. 1757, and he married second in Medfield 21 July 1757 Meletiah Hamant.  

Volume 3 page 532 Clark, Jacob, Medfield. Sergeant, Capt. Ephraim Chenery's co., Col. John Smith's regt., which  marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775; service, 9 days.  Volume 3 page 532  Clark, Jacob, Medfield. Private, Capt. Sabin Mann's co. of Medfield militia; return of train band with equipments dated June 10, 1776; age, 44 yrs.; also, record dated July 3, 1776, attested by Capt. Sabin Mann, stating that said Clark was unnecessarily absent from Medfield militia; also, list of men dated Nov. 17, 1776, who received money for "turns done in the last wars in the days of Capt. Morse, the 1st, and Capt. Collidge;" credited with 1 turn; also, Private, Capt. Sabin Mann's co.; list of men dated Cumberland, Dec. 9, 1776, who were ordered to march to Court House, Providence, thence to Warwick Neck, R. I., by Maj. James Metcalf; service, 21 days; also, Capt. Sabin Mann's co.; marched to Rhode Island on the alarm of Dec. 8, 1776; discharged Dec. 28, 1776; service, 21 days, under Maj. James Metcalf; also, list dated Sept. 16, 1777, of men drafted agreeable to a warrant issued by Col. Hawes Sept. 8, 1777, to complete quota of Continental Army; reported paid money in lieu of service.

  1. Rachel, d. Jacob and Miletiah, Apr. 8, 1759.
  2. Martha, d. Jacob and Meletiab, Jan. 27, 1761.
  3. Pitt, s. Jacob and Miletiah, Jan. 15, 1763.
  4. Elisha, s. Jacob and Melitiah, Feb. 15, 1765.
  5. Melletia, d. Jacob and Melletia, Jan. 4 [?], 1767.
  6. Sarah, d. Jacob and Meletiab, Apr. 2, 1769.
  7. Jacob, s. Jacob and Melet9torn], Nov. 5, 1774

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