I am searching for origins of James Clark, born around 1800 (possibly in Berwick Maine, but haven't found a record there) married 2/16/1823 (or 1/19/1823) Lavinia Wentworth (b.1804) and had 10-12 children between 1824 and 1848. Their children, all Clarks, were:

  1. EmelineClark
  2. James Augustus Clark
  3. Olive Ann Clark
  4. Lavinia Emeline Clark
  5. Sarah Wentworth Clark
  6. Levi Chadbourn Clark
  7. Ellen Maria Clark
  8. Horace Porter Clark - my gg-grandfather-,
  9. Elizabeth B Clark
  10. Charles E.N. Clark

According to family legend, my greatgrandfather, James Russell Clark "added the 'e' back onto the family name", after his mother, Harriet E. Haines (wife of Horace Porter Clark), discovered the family roots. Unfortunately, I have no clue what she found that initiated the spelling change. My guess is that the first James Clark's father or grandfather spelled Clark with the 'e', but who knows? My father is James Russell Clarke III.

Please contact V. Clarke with information on this family.

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