Nathan Clark  born 1678

Dr. Samuel Clarke (probably born c<1736)

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Early MA Marriages


George Willimson & Deborah Clark, Nov. 13, 1749 p83

Willard Clark of Rochester & Jane Landers, Jan. 16 1755 p86

Jacob Samson & Alice Clark, Feb. 12, 1761 p87

Barnabas Samson & Mercy Clark, March 28, 1760 p89

John Clark, residing in M., & Miriam Bryant, June 3, 1766 p93

Josiah Clark of Plymouth & Hannah Hall, Dec. 25, 1766 p95

Ezra Clark & Mary Hoar, Aug. 11, 1768 p97

Noah Clark & Anna Hoar, March 28, 1776 p101

Joseph Peirce of Rochester & Rhoda Clark, Jan. 23, 1777 p101

Dr. Joseph Clark & Rebecca Jacoks, Dec. 14, 1779 p104

Stephen Clark & Olive Smith, Nov. 4, 1779 p105

Ezra Clark, 2d, & Huldah Richmond, Dec. 6, 1781 p107

Barnabas Clark & Judah Hoar, April 29, 1784 p110

Elisha Clark & Lucy Tinkham, Jan. 9, 1777 p110

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