Nathaniel Clark born 1705 in Medfield, to Nathaniel Clark born 1658 of Dedham, (from the Medway death records, it is clear that the Nathaniel born in 1705 was the Lt. Nathaniel Clark) married in Medway (dup Nathanill) 1st Judith Mason 4 Feb. 1729 (VR Medway p169), "Judah" wife of Nathaniel died 4 Aug. 1731, he married 2nd Esther Whiting (dup Whiteing) 21 June 1732.  

Despite  the lack of clear nomenclature in the records, there were clearly two Nathaniels in the records: Lt. Nathaniel Clark died 30 May 1780 (G.R. 2 at 75, so born c1705!), while "Nathaniel husband of Esther died 30 March 1786! (both Vital Records of Medfield p298).  Clearly Lt. Nathaniel Clark is the son of Nathaniel Clark, who was born in 1705.

A Nathaniel Clark married Esther Jones 31 Jan. 1734, although I do not see a death record for #2 above, and a Nathaniel Clark (int. says 3rd)(int adds Mrs.) Sarah Beals 5 Sept. 1764.


The "numerous" marriages, two deaths, and births entirely too close together, all tell us that two families are confused in these Medway records. For shame on the town clerk!


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