(1) Oliver Clark born 17 July 1728 (VR Walpole) son of Ephraim Clark, died >1800<1810.  Oliver Clark first married Mehetebel Wright (int. 14 Oct. 1753 V.R. Walpole, marr. 27 Nov. 1753 in Wrentham V.R. Wrentham p268) who died 20 Dec. 1756 (VR Walpole p197).  He married second 4 Nov. 1762 Keziah Boyden (VR Medfield).  His death is not listed in Walpole records.

Oliver Clark served in the revolution: Volume 3 page 563 Clark, Oliver. Private, Capt. Oliver Clap's co., Col. Benjamin Haws's regt.; enlisted Oct. 8, 1777; discharged Oct. 28, 1777; service, 26 days, travel included, on a secret expedition to Rhode Island; also, Capt. Moses Adams's co., Col. Eleazer Brooks's regt. of guards; service from Feb. 20, 1778, to April 3, 1778, 1 mo. 13 days, at Cambridge; also, order dated Walpole, April 7, 1778, for wages for service at No. 2, Cambridge.

Kezia Clark, wife of Oliver Clark, died 10 June 1797 (VR Walpole p197). 1790 census Olivier Clark, Walpole Town, Norfolk Co., 2m>16, 1m<16, 2f, +widow Clark (1f). Oliver Clark, Norfolk Co. 27, 01001-00001-00 an old man & woman, born <1755, Oliver of Walpole, the older woman must be the widow Clark in the 1790 census. The Oliver Clark in Walpole in 1810 is not this older Oliver Clark who appears in 1800: Oliver Clark, Norfolk, 578, Walpole 11010-11011 (<10,10-16,16-26,26-45,>45) note the extra elderly female (born <1755) with this Oliver Clark.  This Oliver Clark in the 1810 census in Walpole, matches the ages and children of Oliver Clark of Medfield (who is now missing from Medfield). This elderly woman must be the ancient widow with Oliver of Walpole in 1790. This very old (Clark?) widow apparently died between 1800 and 1810. There is no appropriate person in the Walpole vital records death section, unless she was not a Clark.  

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