Original Vital Records of Plymouth

Thomas Clarke, 1599-1697 "the Pilgrim," of Plymouth (patriarch), married Susannah Ring

James Clark, Junior (born c<1731?) and Susannah, children born 1752-1754
James Clark (probably born c1727)(son of James Clark, Sr.) and Hannah, children born 1748-1771
John Clarke  (born c<1674?)children born 1695-1712
Josiah Clarke (born <c1698) and Thankful, his wife
Samuel Clarke  (born c<1696) and Mary
Thomas Clerk/Clarke, (born c<1663?) and Rebeckah, Elizabeth, & Susannah, children born 1684-1703
Thomas Clarke, Senior, (born c<1697?) and Joanna,  children born 1718-1727
Thomas Clarke, son of Deacon Clarke, and Mary Clarke, wife of Thomas
Thomas Clark, "The Pilgrim," of Plymouth,
Thurston Clark
William Clark, (born c<1657?) children born 1698-1697
William Clarke (born c<1727)& Experience
Plymouth Marriages

Plymouth Old Burying Ground

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