(6.) Sanford Clark 1800-1846, son of Oliver Clark, married Nancy A.Gould 1804->1870

Oliver and Hannah Clark are listed as Sanford's parents, 30 Oct. 1800, in Medway, Massachusetts (Norfolk County, just south of Boston). The History of Medfield, Mass., 1830-1912, mentions Sanford as a pupil of Centre School on 12 Feb. 1820. He became a cobbler.

1826 May 1 Sanford Clark (age 26) gave a mortgage to Joseph Manley in Medfield 79-37 for land on Noon Hill Road.

On 18 March 1827, Sanford, age 27, married Nancy A. Gould, c21 years of age, (I was told she was supposedly born in Connecticut, but the records appear to show she was born in Holliston, Massachusetts.), living in Holliston, Mass. at the time. I was unable to trace her through the census, and have not yet found a birth record.  "Bearhillhomestead" quotes a Dedham deed that states that Chloe and Paul Gould of Bellingham & Holliston were her parents.  We will try to verify this. Vital Records of Holliston show that Nancy A. Gould of Holliston filed an intent to marry Sanford Clark of Medfield 21 Mar. 1827 (April 16, C.R.I.).

1828 March 1828 Sanford Clark sold the land  (of previous mortgage) to Joseph Manley in Medfield 85-98 on Noon Hill Road.

FEC, II had in his possession Sanford Clark's wallet with his signature upon it (note this wallet was somehow lost upon the death of Frank Emmons Clark, II, but I have a photograph of it, including Sanford's signature).

The 1830 census lists Sanford in Medfield: 1 m <5 (Charles S. b. 1830), 1 m 10-15 (could not be legally theirs, no idea who this is-FOC), 1 m 20-30 (Sanford), 1 f <5 (Ellen M. born 1828), 1 f 20-30 (Nancy at 24), 1 f 30-40 (another mystery, perhaps mother of 10-15 year old male?). There is no clue at this time as to who these extra people are. Oliver did not die until 26 Dec. 1831, so presumably these are from Nancy's family, unless stray Clarks. Some determined work in the census records, as well as in Connecticut could likely show her parents.

In 1831, Asa D. Clark was born in Medfield to Sanford and Nancy. In 1833 Oliver Anson was born in Medway to Sanford and MARY! ( according to the birth records supplied by the Medway town clerk). The Massachusetts death certificate lists his mother as Nancy, and Nancy was living with him in 1860. However, the only child born after Oliver Anson, Salome Antoinette, is listed only as daughter of Sanford, with no mother stated. Neither Nancy nor Sanford could be found in the 1840 census anywhere in New England, perhaps he was not indexed or in a sanatorium (he died of TB in 1846). This should be followed up by someone, as Sanford and probably Nancy are listed in the census somewhere. Nancy may have been with her parents for a few years. There were two Sanford Clarks in New York State, but neither was him as the age and families are inconsistent.

FEC, II had a wallet signed by Sanford in 1845, and he died on 24 June 1846 in Medway of "consumption" (tuberculosis), at the very peak of the great tuberculosis epidemic in Massachusetts.  It is not known how long Sanford was ill with TB, but the lack of an 1840 census record may be indicative of a lingering illness.  According to a graph in the Boston Globe (c1990s) this was at the peak of the Tuberculosis epidemic in Massachusetts.  He apparently did not leave his family adequately provided for, as will be seen. The death record of Sanford lists his occupation as "Agriculturist" (farmer??).  He is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Medway, also known as West Medway Cemetery.

Nancy was unable to keep the family together, as in 1850, four years after Sanford died, we find Oliver at 18 in school and living with James Wilson in Medway, family #251. Wilson was a well to do manufacturer ($16,000 worth of real estate in 1850). Wilson's wife had died at this time, and his household contained five of his children, two from Ireland and another 20 year old male. Nancy and Salome A. (6, in school) were living with Asa Harding 86 (no profession, $1250 real estate) in Medway, family #44. Ellen, 22, was living with Herman Leland, 51, a farmer worth $2500 in real estate in Holliston. The Leland family also included his wife and 4 children. Asa, 19, was living with John H. Lum, 40, a bootmaker from England worth $1500 in real estate in Medway. With the Lums were his wife, one or two children, Eli Darling from New York (note Asa later married Havilah Darling from Orleans, N.Y., presumably a kinsperson of Eli), three strays from England (ages 61, 19, 22) and one from Scotland. Charles S. Clark (20 at the time) was not found in the 1850 census, but was not looked for with "viguh"!

Nancy was living with Oliver and Betsey Clark in 1860 (Salome A. not present at 16). Nancy was not totally destitute, as she was listed as holding $400 worth of real estate in 1860. I wonder why she did not sell it and try to keep her children together? Charles S. and Asa served in the Union Army against us! Charles was a private in Co. B, 4th Regt., Mass. Heavy Artillery. It is not known when Nancy died. She was still with Oliver in 1870, listed as working in a boot factory at 66 years of age, and with no net worth. Nancy died after 1870.

I was unable to locate any of the children other than Oliver Anson in Medway and Medfield in the 1860 census (unindexed at the time). A more fruitful method probably would be to start in the 1880 census, which is indexed, and work backward once their location is known.  

Unfortunately, Sanford contracting TB during the great epidemic in Boston and dying young, age 46, plus whatever happened to Oliver, apparently beginning age c44, means that we had two generations of discontinuity in this family line. 

Children of Sanford and Nancy:

  1. Ellen M. Clark was born c1828 in Medway.   Ellen Clark married Daniel Mundon.
  2. Charles S. Clark was born 27 August 1830 in Medfield, married Silence Mundon.
  3. Asa D. Clark was born 26 Sept. 1831 (or 32) in Medfield. In the 1850 census, he was living with John H. Lum, 40, a bootmaker from England. Also with Lum, in addition to Asa and his family was one Eli Darling from New York. Asa married Havilah Darling born in Orleans, NY on 3 Dept. 1850, and died 5 July 1900 @68-9-10 (years-months-days).
  4. Oliver Anson Clark, listed in Medway records as the son of Sanford and Mary (What is the meaning of this? Is it an error?), was born 10 Oct. 1833 in Medway. Oliver was living with wealthy manufacturer, James Wilson in the 1850 census. He married Betsy K. Trentham of Franklin on 10 Feb. 1858, and died 15 April 1918.  This is the line of Frank O. Clark.
  5. Salome Antoinette Clark was born 26 Nov. 1843 in Medway,   8 April 1869  John C. Heath of Nedham, married  Antionette S. Clark of Medway 25 years of age,

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