When you look at the Cheraw-Northampton-Pamunkey connections document keep in mind that Stephen Hagan, Richen Ammons, William Chavis, Sukee Cooper, Alfred Mayo, Allen Gibson, Samuel Perkins, Elizabeth Perkins (Attaway-Hill-Scott), Roderick Chavis, Richard Jefferys, Martin Brooks, John Jones, and Henry Stephens traveled down into Florida along with the Scott family in late 1828.....

Along with Jacob Scott, Absalom Scott, and Joseph Scott was Isham Scott (the son of Isham Scott sr. of Halifax NC, and brother to Exum Scott who testified for Allen Sweat's Rev War pinsion)...I believe that Jacob, Absalom, and Joseph were grandchildren of the "John Scott of SC" who was a brother to Isham Scott sr. of Halifax NC. One of the Scott family married the sister of General NewRiver just prior to the Rev War, and it was about this time that the family was living on the Catawba Reserve. Jacob, Absalom and Joseph grew up on the Catawba Reserve, were joined by thier cousin Isham after he was released from indentureship in NC, then they came down to Florida with the Ammons, Ayers, Mayo, Jefferys, Chavis and Stephens families.

Cheraw Indians of Florida

connections to Reservation in Northampton County, VA

connections to Pamunkey Indian Reservation

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Note: I have placed names and locations with connections in bold, underlined and italics…it should be quite apparent the numerous connections between these groups.


Thomas Busby (born about 1674) was an “Indyan boy” servant to Mr. Robert Caufield of Surry Co. VA in July of 1684 when his age was adjudged at 10 years (Haun, Surry County Records 1682-91, 444)


On March 12 1754 a “mulatto boy Busby alias John Scott” was recovered in Orange County NC after being stolen from his mother, Amey Hawley. He was the granson of John Scott of SC. The Orange County Court appointed Thomas Chavis to return the child to his family in SC. (Haun, Orange County Court Minutes, I. 70,71)


John Jefferys and William Sweat produced accounts against the public for 50 pounds of tobacco in Surry County Court on 21 Oct 1713.


Reuben Jeffries married Kissiah Hawley on 30 May 1808 Caswell County bond, Miles Scott bondsman (both Reuben and Miles were residents of Orange County NC in 1820)


Elizabeth Jeffery, Indian, petitioned the Northampton County, VA Court on 12 Jan 1730 to order her former husband, Thomas Fisherman, Indian, to return a mare and horse, her property before the marriage. (Orders 1729-32, 68)


Mary Jeffery died before 9 March 1773, estate divided up between Solomon Jeffery, Rachel Jeffery, Mary Jeffery, Thomas Fisherman, Mary Fisherman, Thomas Pool, and Abraham Lang.


Soloman Jeffery married Tinsey Jacob(s) 16 Jan 1788 Northampton Co. VA.


Littleton Jeffery married Nancy Collins 18 Sept. 1810 Northampton Co. VA. Littleton was an “Indian” taxable on a horse in the Indian Town in Northampton from 1811 to 1813.


Polly Jeffery married Nathan Driggers 24 July 1810 Northampton Co. VA, Abraham Lang security.


Elizabeth Lang was presented to the Accomack County, VA. Court in 1671 for having an illegitimate child by an Indian named Kitt. (Deal, Race and Class, 54-5)


Elizabeth Lang presented to the Grand Jury of Northampton Co. VA for fornication on 11 May 1725. Her master, Thomas Dell, called her “an Indian servant bought the last of Oct.”


Abraham Lang, a “Free Negro” accused of murdering Thomas Fisherman “Indian” in Northampton Co. VA on 10 May 1774. Abraham was tending crops on the Gingaskin Indian reservation, married to an Indian woman and also living with another woman off the reservation according to a report filed by the commissioners of the reservation in Jan 1785 (Rountree, Estern Shore Indians, 186, 299-300)


William Francis married Polly Jacob(s) 30 Dec 1791 Northampton Co. VA, Abraham Lang security.


Nancy Lang married Samuel Stevens 16 July 1779 Northampton VA.


William Sweat married Margaret Jeffries (she remarried John Kicotank). William along with Anthony Cornish administered the estate of Robert Sweat who died before Sept. 1696 in Surry Co. VA.


In 1694 an unnamed “mulatto” daughter of William Sweat was ruled by the Surry County Court to be not tithable.


William Sweat taxed on self and 2 horses while living on Pamunkey Indian Resrevation from 1797 to 1800.


Judy Sweat married Gideon Langston at the Pamunkey Reservation.


Abraham Sweat purchased 246 acres in Halifax NC by deeds in 1782 and 1784. Abraham’s will dated 10 Dec 1819 in Halifax NC mentioned his grandchild John Langston of Virginia and the heirs of Lucy Cook.


Margaret Jeffries Sweat living in Southampton Co. VA on 12 June 1755 when the Court exempted her from paying levys.


The May 1788 Southampton Co. VA will of William Brooks mentioned his common law wife, Hannah Sweat and her son William Sweat. Bill Hunt and his wife Lucy were living on Hannah’s Southampton land in 1813.


Will of James Brooks in Southampton Co. on 5 Feb 1798 gave ½ of his land to his grandson “John Chavis commonly called John Brooks.”


William Sweat, Abram Sweat, Allen Sweat were among 28 Pamunkey Indians who signed a petition to the governor of VA in 1836.


Thomas Sweat enlisted Oct 1759 to 1760 under Col. G. Powell’s Battalion in the expedition against the Cherokee…on the same enlistment roll as Winslow Driggers.

Thomas Sweat taxed in household of Ann Perkins in Bladen Co. NC in 1771. Thomas Sweat was granted 150 acres on the north side of Pee Dee River on July 28 1775.


Robert Sweat was granted 100 acres on Wilkerson Swamp near the Little Pee Dee River on 23 Dec 1754. This land adjoined the land of Joshua Perkins and was sold to Phillip Chavis.


Phillip Chavis had two illegitimate children by Hannah Francis in 1760.


James Sweat was taxed in the household of John Francis in Southampton Co. in 1788 and in the household of Willie Francis in Southampton Co. 1794.


Allen Sweat applied for a Revolutionary War pension in Wake Co. NC on June 7 1818..he stated that he had enlisted in Halifax Co. NC about 1782. Exum Scott testified that he had known Allen Sweat since his infancy while living on Scott’s plantation at Roanoke.


Gilbert Sweat Case…21 Aug. 1829…St. Landry’s Parish LA…

      Testimony of Joshua Perkins – Gilbert Sweat was born about 1756 in what was then

                                                        Marion Co. SC on the Pee Dee River. About the year

                                                        1777, Perkins helped Sweat run away with Francis

                                                        Smith, the wife of J.B. Taylor. Sweat moved from SC

                                                        to Tenn, to NC to Big Black River, Miss. And arrived

                                                        in LA in 1804.

      Testimony of Aaron Dial -        remembered seeing Gilbert Sweat and his brother

                                                        Ephraim at the iron works in SC, moved with him to


Ephraim Sweat married Olive Perkins in SC.



Note from PONY: given the Scott and Perkins family connections to the Sweat and Chavis families, and also the fact that a ‘wagon train’ of our community members went to LA in 1857 to join the Sweat, Chavis, Perkins families already settled there….I have no doubt about the solid connection between our Scott and Perkins ancestors here, the ‘Red Bones” in Louisiana, the old Gingaskin Reervation in Northampton, and The Pamunkey Indians.

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