Native Americans of South Carolina

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Hello Steven...my name is Barry Huff and I live in upstate NY, I saw your post online (Patriot Chiefs and Loyal Braves, by  Steven Pony Hill, on this web site) at Native Americans in SC. The names that you have mentioned: Scott, Stephens, Bunch, Goings and Driggers go back a long way together. My father was born in Carnes Crossroads, SC, between Moncks Corner and Summerville. His family lived there for over 100 yrs by 1906. All three of his grand parents had the surname Driggers and of course the other name was Huff. The Driggers as you are aware came from mixed blood, tracing their origin to early Virginia to one Emmanual Rodriguez. My father was listed as white, except for the 1910 Summerville, SC census where he and his family are counted as black. He was a member of St. Barnabas mission in Summerville which had a large Driggers membership and a mixed Indian population. My father joined the coast guard in the 1920s and moved to NY where he met my mother and settled down, he didn't say too much about his past , being he came from poverty, but did say he had Indian blood, "Cherokee." He did in 1957, giving us the question "who are we, where do we come from?" The huff surname is German, and having it in the 1940s/50s people assumed we were German. Yes my ancestors were Germans who came to this land in the mid 1700s but many of other blood lines mix in, English as well as Native American and free African American ancestry by 1800s SC. I descend from Elizabeth "Scatchwah" Driggers maiden named was Rodgers we think born abt 1795 SC/NC. Said to be Cherokee, she was my gt. gt. gt grandmother and died in Sumter, SC in the 1850s and was married to a Moses Driggers. I also descend twice from a Doney Owden who was married to Eijah Driggers, she was said to be of Indian blood 1800ca. The Wassamasaw tribe of the Varnertown Indians today are made up of my family lines Driggers, Huff, Burbage with Williams, Dangerfield, Varner. Other names that lived near us in the 1800s and 1900s were Harmon, Bunch, Droze, Stephens, some who are desended from Cherokee, Catawba, Etiwans. The first wave of my Driggers family came to the Charleston area, St. James, Goose creek around 1800, listed is Elisha and Elijah Driggers in 1800, by 1850s my other Driggers settled in Goose Creek, coming down from Sumter. The Driggers did settle on Catawba land in the 1700s NC/SC, they are listed living near the Little Pee Dee 1760s? This was also Catawba land.

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