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I found your website " Origins of Lumbee No Mystery". I thought perhaps during your research you may have some information that may be of help to my research.

We have traced our family tree back to a man named Domingo Medaris or Maderas who lived in Essex County, Virginia in 1660. He lived in an area called Dragon Swamp which is the home where all of our ancestors sprung from. The mystery is that we have a person with what appears to be a Portuguese name in Colonial America in the 1600's. Recent information has us now looking at possible Indian connections. I am familiar with the Melungeons, but I'm just not sure about them yet although we do have some of the characteristic physical features. Asian Eye fold, Anatolian bump and tooth ridges are prevalent in all of our male descendants.

Domingo Medeiras lived in Essex, New Kent and Kings & Queens County, Virginia in the mid 1600's. He lived in an area known a Dragon Swamp. All of his children were born in the Dragon. Domingo's wifes name is unknown.

Domingo shows in the following Virginia Records.


deed book 4, page 292 date 1660

Domingo Medaris --- cattle mark (registration) two cropps and two holes in the right ear.



Vol. 1, pg. 186 - 9 Feb. 1658 /9 Lancaster County Records Book.

Domingo Madoras was a witness to a deed of Nicholas Cocke and Rodger Radford.


In 1668, there is a document relating to Sarah, a daughter of Domingo, being left orphaned. Although some researchers have seen this document I have neither seen it or a true transcript of it. From this document it is apparent that Domingo died in 1667 or 1668. There is a strong tie with James Johnson, who is as much a mysterious person to me as Domingo is.


Domingo Mederis & James Johnson, 1000 acs New Kent Co., bet. Dragon Sw. & Axells Br., 8 Apr. 1668, p. 160. 500 acs. part granted to Tho. Cleborne in 1662, who was assingned to the abovenamed, 500 acs. for trans of 10 pers: Roger Tomson, Rich Arton, Peter Grange, Ann Denew (?), Robet. Fuller, Mary Ingersten, Rice Jervis, Absolon Stringer, Morris Avery, Jno. Carter.


Zachery Lewis. 20 April 1694

500 acres in King and Queen County. Adjoins Dragon Swamp. A patent granted to Thomas Clayborne now belonging to Mr. Christopher Lewis. This 500 acres formerly granted to Domingo Maderas and James Johnson 8 April 1668 and deserted. Due for importing 10 persons. Headrights include Dorcas Lewis and Sarah Lewis.

If you any of this sounds familiar to you and your research I would appreciate your opinion.


Kelly Madaris

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