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I have a relative by the name of Edward old Ned Sizemore born 1720, in Henricao county Va., he had always said he was indian,and his son George was tested by DNA and said to be 90% native American,  his son George had a daughter whom name was Sara sally Sizemore, whose Mom was Annie Hart, Sara Sally had a Son with Elias Osborne ,Solomon Sock Osborne,whom married Chief Robert Running Bear Arm's, daughter, Patsy seaberry susie Arms,  Solomon and Patsy had sons,and one son had Wilburn had a John noah Osborne whoms daughter Belva had My Grandma,  Now what I would like to know have you heard of any of these names?  Everyone I meet tells me I look like an Indian,The Osbornes have a play in WVA about Solomon and Seaberry called Solomon,s secret, because they ran from the "Trail of Tears" and wound up in the mountains.  I read tonight that old ned could have been, pamunkey or mataponi,or even powhatten,so can you help me?  Thank you sincerely,Melody, Ravenwind50@aol.com

Pony Hill responds:

I am aware of the Sizemore family that you mentioned. Numerous descendants of Ned Sizemore applied for the Cherokee Land Claims case back in the early 1900's. All of his descendants claimed that Ned was a half-breed Indian and that he could speak an Indian language fluently, however the claims of these descendants were rejected by the Claims Comission as there was no proven connection between Ned and the Cherokee Nation.

Several Sizemore men migrated down to southern Alabama from Virginia (by way of North Carolina) and took up residence near the Creek Indian reservation near Atmore. These Sizemore men were known as half-breed Indians and intermarried with the few remnant half-breed Creek Indians living there (as did the Gibson and Dees Indian families from South Carolina). The Bureau of Indian Affairs gave federal recognition to the Poarch "Creek" Indians even though the majority of their ancestors were Indians from North & South Carolina and Virginia who were not "Creek" Indians at all!

I agree with your thought that Ned Sizemore was likely of Pamunkey or Mattaponi blood.

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Just wanted to say Hi. I am descended from George All and Agnes Shepherd Sizemore by 3 of their children. Rhoda had my gg-grandfather, Willis Combs Sizemore b:1811. He had my g-grandfather, Elhannon Sizemore b: 1858, and he had my grandfather, B.A. Sizemore b: 1882. He had my father, Ray Sizemore, b: 1921.

George All and Agnes' daughter, Susan Sizemore married John E. Bowling and had my ggg-grandmother, Alcey. She married William Mattingly and they had my gg-grandfather Jesse. Jesse married Mary Sizemore Asher and they had my g-grandmother, g-grandfather Elhannon Sizemore. Mary Sizemore Asher was the granddaughter of John Rockhouse and Nancy Bowling Sizemore. Mary Asher's mother was Mary Sizemore.

My grandmother Sizemore was a Knuckles and an Asher, same family as my grandfather's Ashers. All descended from Dillion Asher, first toll-keeper on Daniel Boone's Wilderness Trail in KY by both of the Davis sisters.

My mother is an Osborne, a Campbell, a Roark, a Lewis, a Maggard (Samuel and Rebecca Robertson Maggard), a Couch, a Boone, a North, a Branch, a Hyden, a Treadway (thought to have been Hinkles mistakenly due to an illegitimacy), and her father was a Ledington. His grandparents were Nicolas and Winnie Maggard Ledington.

Did I read that the Maggards were Meluncheon? I'd enjoy hearing from you.

Myra Sizemore  Sept. 2006

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