Sumter’s Turks

The Benenhaley, Buckner, Deas, Exum, Hood, Jolly, Oxendine, Pitts, Ray, and Scott families of Dalzell, South Carolina









Compiled by S. Pony Hill







Special honors to Claudia Benenhaley Gainey, Mandy Oxendine Chapman, Ralph J Oxendine, and Carrie L Scott Ardis, who worked tirelessly to extract these historical records.














1776………………..James Scott and David Scott enlist with North Carolina Continental Line.


1778………………..James Scott and David Scott arrive in High Hills of Santee for military training.

                                  David Scott is transferred to the 5th South Carolina Regiment commanded by Colonel

                                  Huger. James Scott is transferred to the South Carolina Militia commanded by Brigadier

                                  General Pickens.


1779………………..Colonial Map of South Carolina records an “Indian Town” in the High Hills of Santee.


1780………………..James Scott and David Scott participate in the relief of American forces during the

                                  Siege of Charleston.


1781………………..James Scott is wounded during the Battle of Eutaw Springs. James Scott and

                                  David Scott are both discharged from military service this year.


1790 census………..Aaron Oxendine, Wiley Deas, and James Scott recorded as living along Drowning

                                  Creek in Robeson County, North Carolina, an area formerly identified as the

                                  “Charraw Settlement”.


1794……………….On the 3rd of February a plat of 2,560 acres is surveyed in the High Hills of Santee,

                                 near Lynches Creek and Flat Creek”, and gifted by the South Carolina Legislature

                                 to General Thomas Sumter for his service to the State during the Revolutionary War.


1800 census……….Aaron Oxendine and Wiley Deas residing in Robeson County, NC, recorded

                                 as heads of households of “other free persons.”

                                 James Scott and David Scott living on land of General Sumter recorded as

                                 other free persons” listed under household of General Thomas Sumter.

                                 Joseph Benenhaley living in Charleston, SC, employed as a wheelwright.


1805………………Plat for 70 acres “surveyed by Adam McWillie” is deeded from General Sumter to

                                his son, Colonel Thomas Sumter, excepting “that parcel where Scott lives”.


1808………………Aaron Oxendine inherits land in Robeson County, NC, from the will of his father,

                                Charles Oxendine Sr.


1809………………Plat for 24 acres “surveyed by Hastin Jennings” is deeded from General Sumter

                                to James Scott.


1810 census………Aaron Oxendine, James Scott, and David Scott recorded as heads of households

                                of “other free persons” residing on James Scott’s land in Sumter County employed

                                at farming.

                                Joseph Benenhaley recorded as head of household of “other free persons” residing

                                On General Thomas Sumter’s land in Sumter County employed in “manufacturing”

                                (as wheelwright for General Sumter’s manufacturing company).


1815………………Joseph Benenhaley deeded 33 acres by General Sumter.


1820 census………Aaron Oxendine, James Scott, and David Scott recorded as residing on James Scott’s

                                land in Sumter County as heads of households of “free persons of color”.

                                Joseph Benenhaley recorded as residing on his own land in Sumter County as head of

                                household of “free white persons”.


1821………………Aaron Oxendine sells his inherited Robeson County, NC, land to his brothers,

                                Charles Oxendine Jr and Jesse Oxendine.


1821……………...Colonel Thomas Sumter returns from Brazil where he had been serving as United States

                               Consul. General Sumter gives his son the house he had long resided in and moves to a

                               high hill called “Sumter’s Mount”. The General lives there by himself, except for his

                               servants, until his death on June 1st, 1832.


1826……………..James Scott dies.


1829……………..Joseph Benenhaley Sr dies.


1830 census……..Aaron Oxendine, Wiley Deas, and Elizabeth Benenhaley (widow of Joseph) recorded as

                               residing in Sumter County as heads of households of “free persons of color”.

                               David Scott recorded as residing in Kershaw County as head of household

                               of “free persons of color”.


1830……………..In November of 1830 a petition was submitted to the South Carolina Legislature from

                              Inhabitants of Sumter District, Petition Requesting a release for the descendants of

                              David Scott from the tax placed on Free Blacks in view of David’s military service in

                              the American Revolution.”


1830…………….In December of 1830 the South Carolina Legislature released a committee report entitled:

                             Committee of Ways & Means: Report on the Petition of David Scott & Sundry Citizens

                             of Sumpter Dist asking that the Descendants of David Scott may be exempted from paying

                             the tax on Free Persons of Color.”


1832……………..General Thomas Sumter dies.


1840 census……..Aaron Oxendine, David Scott, Elizabeth Benenhaley (widow of Joseph),

                              Lysender “Lon” Benenhaley (son of Joseph), and Joseph Benenhaley Jr

                              (son of Joseph) recorded as residing in Sumter County as heads of households

                              of “free persons of color”.


1840……………..Colonel Thomas Sumter (son of General Sumter) dies. His widow dies in 1841.


1850 census……..Martha Scott, Jane Oxendine, Elizabeth Oxendine, Washington Oxendine, Francis

                              Benenhaley, Joseph Benenhaley Jr, Catherine Scott, James Ray, Jane Oxendine,

                              Henry Scott, Wiley Deas, Richard Oxendine, Jane Oxendine recorded as residing in

                              Sumter County as heads of households of “Mulatto” families.


1858……………..Sumter District tax collector and Sumter legislative representative submit

                              “Resolution Imposing Capitation Tax on Egyptians and Indians as now on

                               Free Blacks, Mulattoes, and Mestizoes.”


1861-64………….Charles Oxendine (youngest son of Aaron Oxendine and Jane Scott) taxed as

                              Indian” in Sumter tax district.


1861……………..Sumter Court affidavit of John Pollard, aged 73 years, states that James Scott was a

                              “…Revolutionary soldier who came into this county from Virginia when I was

                              very young.” Pollard describes that James Scott’s wife, Charity was “mixed with

                              Indian”, that their daughter, Jane Scott had married Aaron Oxendine, and that “the

                              general striking physiognomial traits of appearance of the Scott family in general,

                              and relatives, is deeply set with European and Indian blood.”


1861…………….Sumter Court affidavit of Mary Nickles: “She has known Margaret & Isham Scott The

                             parents of John N Scott and Fleming T Scott for a length of time and that Margaret Scott

                             was a White woman and always had the Character of being White and that Isham Scott’s

                             ancestors was of Egyptian and Indian blood.”


1862……………..Calhoun County, Florida Court case of State V. Francis Hill. Testimony of Thomas

                              Strickland: “knew Isham Scott and Margaret parents of Eliza in Sumter South Carolina.

                              Isham was a man of large amount Indian blood. Margaret was an Oxendine woman of

                              clean complexion nearly white the Indian still apparent. The grandfather, one Jacob, was

                              said to be a Chief among the Catawba Indians. The Scott family, in general, are regarded

                              as free of negro blood.” Testimony of Francis Hill: “Only briefly met Isham and Margaret

                              Scott the parents of Eliza. Isham appeared to be mostly Indian. Margaret appeared to be

                              mostly white. Neither appeared to have negro blood or considered Mulatto.”


1870……………..F. Kinloch Bull, in his memoir entitled “Random Recollections of a long Life”

                              writes that his father came to Sumter County in 1870 and met John W Buckner

                              whom Bull considered to be “…almost pure Indian.”


1870’s……………series of letters written by Matilda Ellison (wife of Lawrence Benenhaley) states

                               that Joseph Benenhaley Sr was an “Ottoman”, had learned the craft of wheelwright in

                               the West Indies before coming to Charleston, had worked as a manufacturer for General

                               Sumter, and that Lawrence had learned the craft of wheelwright from his father.


1889……………..Responding to an inquiry from McDonald Furman regarding the origin of the “Turks”,

                              Sebastian D’Amblemont Sumter (son of Colonel Thomas Sumter, grandson of the General)

                              wrote of Joseph Benenhaley “As to the original Benenhaley, I know nothing having seen

                              him only once or twice in my early boyhood nearly sixty years ago. I am very certain that

                              General Sumter had no hand in his importation and do not think that he made his

                              appearance here until after the first decade of the present century.” (i.e. Joseph Benenhaley

                                     did not arrive in Sumter until around 1810).

                                    (Sebastian D Sumter, born 1821 was only eleven years old when his grandfather, General Sumter, died,

                                     and he would have been less than ten years old when Joseph Benenhaley and James Scott died.)


1889……………...Letter from K.E.L. Peebles to McDonald Furman: “All I know of the Scotts of this

                               township is that of Dave Scott, some 60 years ago, the progenitor of the Scotts here,

                               was living and subsequently died in Kershaw County – he living on a portion of that

                               vast domain granted by the State of South Carolina to Gen Sumter for Revolutionary

                               services. Dave Scott was quite old when I knew him and he was said to be one of Gen

                               Sumter’s soldiers of the Revolution and had been brought down or induced to come

                               down from North Carolina to settle upon his land. As to the other families of Red Bones

                               I have never heard anything said concerning them but I presume they came down under

                               the same circumstances that Dave Scott did and they all settled on Gen Sumter’s land.”


1890……………..Hamilton McMillon writes letter to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs regarding

                              the Indian families of Robeson County, NC, and mentions that “At one time the [Robeson

                              Indians] were known as ‘Redbones.’ And there is a street in Fayettville so called because

                              some of them once lived on it. They are known by this name in Sumter County, SC,

                              where they are quiet and peaceable, and have a church of their own. They are proud and

                              high spirited, and caste is strong among them.”


1894……………..McDonald Furman, a Sumter historian, writes numerous letters and articles regarding

                              the Oxendines and others of Sumter, which he states are called “Red Bones.” Furman

                              states “…their features and color as a race show unmistakable evidence of White or

                              Indian blood, or both.”


1904……………..Long Branch Baptist Church established by 44 members of the Benenhaley, Buckner,

                              Hood, Oxendine, and Ray family members. The land on which the church is built is

                              donated by Herbert Ray Sr, son of John Ray and Jane Oxendine.


1908…………….Majority of Chavis/Gibbs/Goins/Smiling/Sweat families of Privateer move to Robeson

                             County, NC. Local Sumter whites gradually stop using the term “Red Bones” in favor

                             of the slur “Turks”.


1914…………….Secretary of the Interior releases a report entitled “A Report on the Condition and Tribal

                             Rights of the Indians of Robeson and Adjoining Counties.” The report includes that

                             “…a branch of the Indians is located in Sumter, South Carolina”, and that at one time

                             the Robeson Indians “…were known as Red Bones…they are known by this name in

                             Sumter County, South Carolina.”


1914…………….Thomas Sebastian Sumter (born 1852, son of Sebastian D’Amblemont Sumter mentioned above,

                                   great-grandson of General Sumter) wrote in an article appearing in the Sumter Herald, “I was

                             born and raised at the ‘Home House’, near where the Benenhaleys and Scotts and their

                             families lived. They got to be called ‘Turks’ by the country people. I got to knowing them

                             by name during the War and since the War of Secession and just before the War. The

                             Benenhaleys and Scotts are now prosperous farmers, and all good citizens, as their

                            ancestors have always been. They have their own schoolhouse, their own church.

                            Tom Benenhaley, who is now living and drawing his Confederate pension, they

                            furnished at least six soldiers to the Confederate Army…I got some information myself,

                            as a boy, from old Sallie Scott…and also from Benenhaley’s wife, but they were so old

                            and feeble that it was all disconnected and incoherent. I could not get much information

                            of the past… I know that if they ever wanted advice or anything they would come to my

                            father (Sebastian D’Amblemont Sumter) or uncles or some of the family as their ancestors did

                            to my ancestors and as they have done with me in regard to the present war of the

                            United States (i.e. World War One).” (Interesting to note that T S Sumter’s father claimed to have almost

                                  no information regarding the origins of the ‘Turks’, and T S Sumter himself admits to not having much

                                  information at all regarding their origins here in 1914, yet by the time he publishes his book “Some Old

                                  Stateburg Homes” in 1934 he has become an expert on the details of the ‘Turk’ origins. Unfortunately

                                  every single article or publication regarding the origins of the ‘Turks’ published since 1935 have used

                                  T S Sumter’s horribly flawed history as their primary source.)


1917…………….Roy Oxendine, Samuel Scott, Jesse Scott, Jimmie Scott, and George Scott enlisted as

                             Indian” in World War One. Other members of the Benenhaley, Oxendine, Buckner,

                             Hood and Ray families are enlisted as either “Turk” or “Mongolian”.


1920……………. Thomas Sebastian Sumter (born 1852, son of Sebastian D’Amblemont Sumter mentioned above,

                                   great-grandson of General Sumter) wrote in an article appearing in the Sumter Herald regarding

                             James Scott, a.k.a. “the bugler”, “…for years he was bugler for the Claremont Troop

                             commanded by Colonel Thomas Sumter, only son of General Sumter, and at their muster

                             parades he acted in that capacity. The late Colonel James Blanding and others remembered

                             seeing him, an old man, in that capacity.” (By the time he wrote Some Old Stateburg Homes” in

                                   1934, TS Sumter would change this account to state that James Scott had been a scout and bugler for

                                   General Sumter, neither of which is accurate.)


1928…………….Article from The State newspaper entitled “Sumter County Colony Locally Called Turks”:

                             “…the oldest living member of the tribe, Mary Ann Benenhaley Oxendine, 85, daughter of

                             Joseph Benenhaley the second, and granddaughter of the first Joseph, has blue eyes, dark

                             skin, and straight white hair. She says her grandmother, wife of the first Joseph, was a white

                             woman named Miller, and her own mother was a Scott, daughter of the Scott who was bugler.

                             She married a man named Oxendine (Charles Oxendine, son of Aaron Oxendine and Jane Scott), her

                             first cousin, whose mother was also a Scott. Oxendine’s father, she says, came from

                             North Carolina.”


1939…………….Letters between Sumter School Superintendent, a Florida School Superintendent, and

                             the Dean of the Indian Normal School in Robeson County, NC, mentions that “the names

                             of Scott and Goings are known to him and they are generally believed in that county to be

                             of Indian blood.” Letters also mention that “…a school was maintained for the Indian race

                             in that county,” and specifically mention a “…Mr. Benenholy, an old Indian of that county.”


1949…………….Article entitled “Turks Seeking Educational Opportunities for Children” states that

                             “…many of them look like American Indians,” and “…Professor Henry H. Turney-Hugh,

                             an anthropologist on the faculty of the University of South Carolina, says that there is a

                             strong similarity between the purer strain of Turks and a number of American Indian types.”


1950…………….”Turks of Sumter” file suit in Federal District Court requesting their children be allowed

                             to attend the white Hillcrest High School after graduating from the Dalzell grade school.

                             The Sumter School District contested the case, claiming that certain bloodline of the Turks

                             “…bore the disability of a negro ancestor.” The plaintiffs claimed that the Oxendine

                             bloodline was exclusively Native American, and this was stipulated by the defendants.

                             The “Turks” adequately proved that they had no known negro ancestry and the Court ruled

                             that the “Turk” children were to be thereafter admitted to any white schools in the State.


1956…………….Indians of Robeson County, NC (which included many Oxendines, Deas, and Scotts as well as the

                                   Chavis/Gibbs/Goins/Smiling/Sweat descendants who had moved from Sumter) are recognized by the

                             United States government as an federally recognized tribe. Their official title is the

                             “Cheraw Tribe of the Lumber River.”


1961…………….The Dalzell “Special School” closes.


1963…………….Noted ethnologist Brewton Berry publishes the book “Almost White”. He writes,

                             Near Sumter, South Carolina, there is a community of some three hundred brown-skinned

                             people known locally as “Turks”…They have been there nearly two hundred years…In

                             1780 General Thomas Sumter was scouring the colony in search of recruits. He came upon

                             a community of mestizos (i.e. White and Indian mixed) and persuaded a few to join him…In

                             any case, a colony of brown people flourished in the hilly country around Statesburg in the

                             eighteenth century. They were joined by others. A man by the name of Oxendine, of the

                             Lumbees, came down from North Carolina, took himself a wife, and planted the surname

                             which is still common among the Turks. And the family name Chavis, which is found in

                             many mestizo groups, was doubtless introduced in similar manner.”


1975…………….Report to the Smithsonian Institution: “Julius Benenhaley, about 80 years old…long

                             thought of by the white neighbors as the head man, or King, of the Turks…stated

                             he ‘knew nothing of Turkish ancestry’ yet explained ‘we probably have Indian blood’.”



1896-1987 Recollections of a Long Life by F. Kinloch Bull, Sr: “Their origin is obscure, but it is legendary that when General Sumter came down from Virginia at about the time of the Revolutionary War, he brought with him several Turks, by the name of Benenhaley (originally Ben en Ali), and that in later years others followed who were named Hood and Scott. It was said that they engaged in farming on lands given to them by the General… In a way it is curious that over the years they had been able to retain their racial identity, not associating at all with negroes, and little with white. This they seemed anxious to do, and if, as sometimes happened, one of them would marry outside the race, they would be ostracized to the extent of offenders would be forced to leave the community and settle elsewhere. They had their own school with a white teacher, and their own church with a white pastor.”

“I do not know the origin of the name ‘Redbone’, but there was a number of these people scattered throughout the state. Living in communities, they are light skinned, with dark hair…It is probable that they were a mixture of whites, negroes, and Indians. There were families of these in Statesburg named Buckners and Ellisons. I recall my father saying that when he came to Stateburg in 1870 there was a family of Buckners and that the father [John W Buckner Jr], who had married an Ellison [married Eliza Johnson, granddaughter of William Ellison], appeared to be almost pure Indian. He had one daughter who was pretty and four sons named Sam, Henry, George and Dan. Sam married a Benenhaley and accordingly had to move out of the Turk community and lived near our place on Raccoon Road.”





1838/39 series of letters between Dean of Indian Normal School of Robeson County, NC,

Jackson County, FL School Superintendent, and Sumter County, SC School Superintendent:

“Following the advice of Mr. Tom Scott I corresponded with the Superintendent of Sumter County,

South Carolina, the place from which Mr. Scott claimed their ancestors came. I was informed by

him that indeed the names of Scott and Goings are known to him and that they are generally believed

in that county to be of Indian blood. He confirmed for me that a school was maintained for the Indian

race in that county however he was unable to substantiate the church and family connections that

Mr. Scott claims. I am expecting a return from my letter to Mr. Benenholy, an old Indian of that county,

who should be able to supply more information in that regard.”


Reprint of 1945 The Sumter Black River Watchman.









Analysis of Pre-1850 “Turk” Family Structure by Census Data


   The United States Census is a decennial census mandated by Article I, Section 2 of the United States Constitution, which states: "Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States ... according to their respective Numbers ... . The actual Enumeration shall be made within three Years after the first Meeting of the Congress of the United States, and within every subsequent Term of ten Years." The principal purpose of the census is to divide the house seats by population, though early on federal officials realized the value of having approximate taxation values. Throughout the years, the country's needs and interests became more complex. This meant that statistics were needed to help people understand what was happening and have a basis for planning. The content of the decennial census changed accordingly.


    The first nine censuses (1790–1870) were not managed by the Executive branch, but by the Judicial branch. The United States federal court districts assigned U.S. marshals, who hired assistant marshals to conduct the actual enumeration. The authorization act for the third census of 1810 stipulated that an assistant marshal must actually visit each household or the head of each family within his designated enumeration district and should not rely on hearsay or the like to complete his count. The six questions required to be completed by the census marshal in 1810 called for the name of the head of the family and the number of persons in each household of the following descriptions: Free White males of 16 years and upward; Free White males under 16 years; Free White females; All other free persons; and Slaves. The first census of manufactures also occurred in 1810. The 1830 census was the first to use standardized questionnaire forms. The census marshals were typically from the village or neighborhood and often knew the residents. Before enabling self-identification on the censuses, the US Census Bureau relied on local people to have some knowledge of residents. Racial classification was made by the census marshal in these decades, rather than by the individual.


Those persons of mixed ancestry (mestizos, mulattos, etc.) were recorded racially on the census based on the local census marshal’s understanding of local tax codes regulating such issues. Most southern states specifically required persons of Native American descent who were citizens, not living on reservation land, and subject to taxation, to be held for all legal purposes within the “all other free persons” bracket (1790 to 1810), the “free person of color” bracket (1820 to 1840), and finally as “Mulatto” (1850 to after 1900). Numerous legal and social issues impacted this requirement as tax regulations changed, person of Native descent challenged the classification in Court, and a stricter racially bifurcated society solidified during the prelude to the Civil War. The result was American Indians in southern states were likely to appear as “free whites”, “free persons of color”, or even as “Mulatto”. At no point before 1900 was an individual allowed to self-identify their racial status on the United States census. The identification of ‘race’ on these forms was simply a reflection of the individual’s local legal, voting, and taxation status.


1810 Sumter Census:


Household of Joseph Benenhaley…7 “all other free persons” [no age or sex recorded]


Household of John L Jolly…1 “free white male” [age: of 26 under 45]…1 “all other free persons” [non-white wife]


Household of Aaron Oxendine…5 “all other free persons” [no age or sex recorded]


Household of James Scott…8 “all other free persons” [no age or sex recorded]


Household of Isham Scott…7 “all other free persons” [no age or sex recorded] (James Scott’s brother)


Household of Isham Scott…5 “all other free persons” [no age or sex recorded] (Isham Scott Sr’s son)


Household of David Scott…15 “all other free persons” [no age or sex recorded]


1820 Sumter Census


Household of Joseph Benenhaley…11 “free white persons” [Males: Head of Household Joseph Benenhaley, son Lysender Benenhaley, son Francis Benenhaley, son Joseph Benenhaley Jr. Females: wife Elizabeth Miller, daughter Eliza Benenhaley, daughter Leo Cadea Benenhaley, wife of Lysender Benenhaley, Sarah Scott wife of Francis Benenhaley, daughter of Lysender Benenhaley.] 1 person employed in manufacturing.


Household of John L Jolley…3 “free persons of color” [Males: head of Household John L Jolly, son John J Jolly, females: wife of John L Jolly.]


Household of Aaron Oxendine…8 “free persons of color”  [Males: Head of Household Aaron Oxendine Sr, son Aaron Oxendine Jr, son William Oxendine. Females: wife Jane Scott, daughter Jane “Jinsy” Oxendine, daughter Mary Oxendine, daughter Miranda Oxendine, unknown daughter.]


Household of James Scott…5 “free persons of color” [Males: Head of Household James Scott, son James Scott Jr, son Stephen Scott. Females: (James’ wife already deceased by 1820), daughter Catherine Scott, daughter Jane Scott.]


Household of David Scott…8 “free persons of color” [Males: Head of Household David Scott, son Newman Scott, son Zade Scott, son Joseph A Scott. Females: wife Rebecca Scott, Newman’s wife, daughter Sarah Scott, daughter Martha Scott……2 slaves.]



1830 Sumter Census


Household of Elizabeth Miller Benenhaley (Joseph deceased before 1830)…7 “free persons of color” [Males: son Francis Benenhaley, son Joseph Benenhaley Jr, son Ferdinand Benenhaley. Females: Catherine Scott wife of Joseph Benenhaley Jr, daughter Eliza Benenhaley, daughter Leo Cadea Benenhaley, Head of Household Elizabeth Miller Benenhaley.]


Household of Aaron Oxendine…8 “free persons of color” [Males: Head of Household Aaron Oxendine Sr, son Aaron Oxendine Jr, son William Oxendine. Females: wife Jane Scott, daughter Jane “Jinsy” Oxendine, daughter Mary Oxendine, Martha Benenhaley wife of Aaron Oxendine Jr, daughter Miranda Oxendine.]


Household of James Scott…deceased before 1830


Household of David Scott…living in Kershaw County 1830.



1840 Sumter Census


Household of Elizabeth Miller Benenhaley…5 “free persons of color” [Males: son Francis Benenhaley, son Ferdinand Benenhaley. Females: Head of Household Elizabeth Miller Benenhaley, daughter Leo Cadea Benenhaley, son’s mother-in-law Charity Scott.]


Household of Lysender Benenhaley…3 “free persons of color” [Males: Head of Household Lysender Benenhaley, son Joel Benenhaley. Females: Unknown named wife of Lysender Benenhaley.]


Household of Joseph Benenhaley Jr…5 “free persons of color” [Males: head of Household Joseph Benenhaley Jr, son John W Benenhaley, son William H Benenhaley. Females: daughter , wife Catherine Scott.]


Household of John L Jolly…1 “free white male” [age: 50-59]…1 “free persons of color” female [age: 40-49]


Household of Aaron Oxendine…11 “free persons of color” [Males: Head of Household Aaron Oxendine Jr, brother William Oxendine, brother Larkin Oxendine, brother Richard Oxendine, father Aaron Oxendine Sr. Females: Wife Martha Benenhaley, mother Jane Scott, sister Jane “Jinsy” Oxendine, sister Mary Oxendine, sister Miranda Oxendine, sister Abigail Oxendine.]


Household of William Pitts…6 “free person of color” [males: 1 male under 10, 1 male 34-56. Females: 3 females under 10, 1 female 34-56.]


Household of James Scott…deceased before 1830…widow living with Elizabeth Miller Benenhaley.


Household of David Scott…2 “free persons of color” [Males: Head of Household David Scott. Females: wife Rebecca Scott.]

** Not positive David Scott was actually residing in Sumter during this period- possibly only counted as a land owner**




Household             name                              age   sex   race                occupation                        family sketch #


1225              Ellison, Reubin                       29     M     M

                      Miller, A.                                40     M     M                 Gin Maker

                      Buckner, John                         20     M     M                 Gin Maker                                    Bu1a


1237              Ray, James                                55    M    W                Planter                                           R1

                      Ferrel, Thomas                          17    M    W

                      Oxendine, Jane                          30    F     W                                                                      O1b

                                    , Charles                     12    M    W  (nephew of Jane)                                        O1n

                           [Ray]  , Dolly                         5    F      W                                                                      R1e

                           [Ray]  , Virginia                     4    F      W                                                                      R1d


1259              Scott, Martha [Benenhaley]       50    F      M  (widow of Aaron Oxendine Jr)                 B1i

                             , Abigail                             24    F      M  (eldest daughter of Martha Scott)             S1c14

                      Oxendine, Richard                     18    M     M                laborer                                        O1g

                                    , Abigail                      17    F     M                                                                    O1i

                                    , Warren                      15    M    M                                                                    O1j

                                    , Elefare                       11    F     M                                                                    O1m


1260               Oxendine, Jane [Scott]               80    F      M  (widow of Aaron Oxendine Sr)                S2d1

                                     , Maranda                    26    F      M                                                                   O1d

                                     , Larkin                        20   M     M                                                                    O1f

                                     , Michael                     18    M     M                                                                   O1h

                                     , Sarah                         14    F      M   (would marry John W Buckner)             O1k

                                     , James                        12    M     M                                                                   O1l

                                     , William                      2     M     M (son of Aaron Oxendine Jr)                      O1a6


                      Jolly, John J                                33    M      W                                                                  J1a

                           “ , Julia                                  30     F       W         

                           “ , Sarah                                 13    F        W                                                                 J1a1

                           “ , Julia Anne                         11    F       W                                                                  J1a2

                           “ , Mary                                   9    F        W                                                                  J1a3

                           “ , Margaret                             7    F        W                                                                  J1a4

                           “ , Emma                                 5    F        W                                                                  J1a5

                           “ , John J                                  1    M      W                                                                  J1a6

                      Jolly, Sarah                                 70    F       W   (mother of John J Jolly)


1284              Scott, Henry                                36    M      M                 laborer                                      S2d7

                      Oxendine, Mary                          30    F       M                                                                   O1c

                      [Scott]     , Washington               18    M      M                                                                   S2d7a

                      [Scott]     , Mary                          16    F       M                                                                   S2d7b

                      [Scott]     , Manning                    14    M      M                                                                   S2d7c

                      [Scott]     , Hasting                      12    M      M                                                                   S2d7d

                      [Scott]     , John                           10    M      M                                                                   S2d7e

                      [Scott]     , William                  2/12    M      M                                                                   S2d7f

1285              Pitts, William                          49     M     W                 Planter                                          P2

                            , Harriet                           39     F       W

                            , Thomas                          18    M      W                                                                      P2a

                            , Tabitha A                       16    F       W                                                                      P2b

                            , Jane                                12    F       W                                                                      P2c

                            , John                                 9    M      W                                                                      P2c

                            , William                            9    M      W                                                                      P2d

                            , Harriett                             4    F       W                                                                      P2e

                            , James                               2    M      W                                                                      P2f


1330              Benenhaley, Elizabeth [Miller]   70    F      M                                                                 

                      Oxendine, Washington                21    M      M  (grandson of Elizabeth)                           O1a2                                                        

                                    ,  Isabella                      24    F     M   (granddaughter of Elizabeth)                   O1a2                                                                                                                       

                                    , John                            10    M     M  (grandson of Elizabeth)                           O1a2                                                                                                                        

                                    , Mary                             3    F     M   (granddaughter of Elizabeth)                   O1a2                                                       


1331              Benenhaley, Francis                     48    M      M          Wheelwright                                    B1b

                                       , Sarah [Scott]            35    F       M                                                                   S2d7

                                       , James S                    19    M      M                                                                   B1b2

                                       , John W                      7     M      M                                                                   B1b3

                                       , Henrietta                   5     F       M                                                                   B1b4

                                       , Francis W                 3     M      M                                                                   B1b5

                                       , Elizabeth                   1    F        M                                                                   B1b6


1332             Benenhaley, Joseph [Jr]                 45    M      M            Planter                                           B1d

                                      , Catherine [Scott]       35    F       M                                                                   S2d7

                                      , William                     12    M      M                                                                   B1d1

                                      , Thomas                     10    M      M                                                                   B1d2

                                      , Elizabeth                     8    F       M                                                                   B1d3

                                      , Randal                         5   M      M                                                                   B1d4

                                      , Mary A                        4    F      M                                                                   B1d5


1335              Scott, Caroline                                29    F      M

                             , Laura                                     7     F      M

                             , Caroline                                4     F      M


1337              Deas, Wiley                                    52    M      W            Planter                                            W1

                           “ , Emerentha [Oxendine]          50    F       W      

                           “ , William                                 22    M      W            Laborer                                           W1a

                           “ , Jackson                                  20    M      W                                                                   W1b

                      Oxendine, Mary                              30    F       W                                                repeat of O1c above         


1353              Scott, Josiah                                    56    M     M                                                                   S3d

                             , Rebecca                                60    F      M

                             , Susanah B                             32   F      M                                                                    S3d1

                             , William C                             22   F      M                                                                    S3d2


1354              Scott, Isham                                    66    M      M           Planter                                            S3a

                             , Margaret                               48    F       M

                             , Margaret                               14    F       M                                                                   S3a4




Household             name                              age   sex   race                occupation                        family sketch #


598                Scott, Manning                       22    M    M                          Farmer                                  S2d7c

                             , May                              16    F     W


599                Scott, Newman                       80    M    M             


600                Pitts, William                          50    M    W                                                                      P1

                      Oxendine, Miranda                 40    F      M                                                                     O1d

                      Pitts, Jane                                18    F      M                                                                      P1c

                      Pitts, John                                16    M    M                                                                      P1a

                      Pitts, William                          16    M    M                                                                       P1d

                      Pitts, Lilla                                14    F     M                                                                       P1e

                      Pitts, Buck                               12    M    M                                                                       P1f

                      Pitts, Captain                             8    M    M                                                                       P1g

                      Pitts, Thomas                             6    M   M                                                                        P1h

                      Pitts, James                                4    M    M                                                                       P1i

                      Pitts, Jane                                   2    F     M                                                                       P1j

                      Pitts, (Infant)                           8/12   F    M                                                                      P1k


679                 Scott, Josiah                           66    M      M                                                                     S1c4

                             , Rebecca                        70    F       M      

                             , Susannah B                   42    F       M                                                                     S1c4a

                             , William C                     29    M      M                                                                     S1c4b


684                Scott, Isham                             76    M      M                                                                     S3a

                            , Margaret                         62    F       M                            

                            , Margaret                         25    F       M                                                                     S3a4


685                Scott, John N                            36    M      M                                                                    S3a1

                            , Elizabeth                         33    F       M                

                             , Benjamin                       14    M      M                                                                     S3a1a

                             , Isham                             12    M      M                                                                     S3a1b

                             , Daniel                            10    M      M                                                                     S3ac1

                             , John                                 8    M      M                                                                     S3a1d

                             , George                             6    M      M                                                                     S3a1e

                             , Margaret                           4    F      M                                                                      S3a1g

                             , Elizabeth                           2    F      M                                                                      S3a1f


686                Scott, Henry                              36    M      M                                                                      S2d7g

                             , Sarah                               22   F        M   

                             , Margaret E                       2    F        M


695                Johnson, James M                     40    M      M              Taylor                                      

                                 , Eliza Ann [Ellison]     50    F       M

                      Buckner, John M                       27    M      M      (son-in-law of James Johnson)              Bu1a

                                 , Jane   [Johnson]          25    F       M

                                 , Henrietta A                   3    F       M       (youngest sister of John Buckner)         Bu1c


1006              Jolly, John J                             43    M     W               Farm Laborer                                   J1a

                            , Julia                                38    F      W  

                            , Sarah                               22    F      W                                                                       J1a1

                            , Anna                               20    F      W                                                                        J1a2

                            , Mary                               18    F      W                                                                        J1a3

                            , Maggie                           16    F      W                                                                        J1a4

                            , Emma                             14    F      W                                                                        J1a5

                            , John                                12    M      W                                                                       J1a6

                            , Henry                               9    M      W                                                                        J1a7

                            , Sumter                             7    M      W                                                                        J1a8

                            , Willie                               3    M      W                                                                        J1a9


1007               Jolly, Sarah                              78    F      W         (mother of John J Jolly)


1008               Benenhaley, Sarah [Scott]       40    F      M          (widow of Francis Benenhaley)            S1c11

                                        , Henry                  20    M     M              Day Laborer                                      B1b1


1009               Deas, Rentha  [Oxendine]        39   F      M          (widow of Wiley Deas)

                             , Saphronia                        60  F      W


1012             Benenhaley, Joseph [Jr]                 55    M      M            Planter                                            B1d

                                      , Katie [Scott]              46    F       M                                                                    S2d7

                                      , William                     25    M      M             Farm Laborer                                 B1d1

                                      , Thomas                     23    M      M                                                                    B1d2

                                      , Ellen                          22    F       M                                                                    B1d3

                                      , Jocey                           1    M      M


1013             Benenhaley , Mary O                      20    F       M                                                                   B1d5

                                       , Randal                       18    M      M            Day Laborer                                  B1d4

                                       , Alice                          16   F        M                                                                   B1d7

                                       , Henry                         14   M      M                                                                   B1d13

                                       , Joseph (III)                12   M       M                                                                   B1d6

                                       , Julius                          10   M      M                                                                   B1d11

                                       , John                             8    M      M                                                                   B1d12

                                       , Betie  [Miller]             60   F       M    (Elizabeth Miller Benenhaley)      


1014             Benenhaley, Isabella [Oxendine]    40    F      M                                                                   O1h

                                      , Joel                              35   M     M               Farmer                                      B1a1

                                      , Magdalena                  14   F     M                                                                   B1a1a

                                      , Elizabeth                     12   M     M                                                                   B1a1b

                                      , Lucindy                       10   M     M                                                                   B1a1c

                                      , John                              8    M     M                                                                   B1a1d


1015             Benenhaley , Ferdinand                   45   M     M                 Farmer                                       B1f

                                      , Elizabeth   [Scott]        40   F     M                                                                   S2d6

                                      , Warren                        14   M     M                                                                   B1f1

                                      , Ben                              14   M     M                                                                   B1f2

                                      , Mary                            12   F     M                                                                   B1f3

                                      , William                        10   F     M                                                                   B1f4

                                      , Louis                             8   M     M                                                                   B1f5

                                      , Sammy                          6   M     M                                                                   B1f6


1016              Deas, William                                 35   M     M                                                                   D1a

                                      , Sarah   [Benenhaley]   35   M     M                                                                   B1b1

                                      , James                           16   M     M                                                                   D1a1

                                      , Samuel                         14   M     M                                                                   D1a2

                                      , Susan                           13   F     M                                                                    D1a3

                                      , Judson                          10   M    M                                                                   D1a4

                                      , Jane                                9   F     M                                                                   D1a5

                                      , Anne                              8   F     M                                                                   D1a6

                                      , Wiley                             3  M     M                                                                   D1a7


1028              Oxendine, Richard                          31    M    M                                                                  O1g

                                    , Abigail         [Scott]      29     F     M                                                                  S1c14

                                    , Mariah                            7      F     M                                                                  O1ga


1029              Oxendine, Michael                          30    M    M                                                                  O1h

                                    , Tabitha         [Pitts]        28    F    M                                                                    P1b

                                    , Martha J                          4     F    M                                                                    O1h1

                                    , William J                        4    M    M                                                                     O1h2

                                    , Henriett                      7/12    M    M                                                                     O1h3

                                    , Jennie                          70    F    M    (Jane Scott Oxendine)                                 S2d1





Household             name                              age   sex  race                 occupation                        family sketch #


111                 Buckner, John W                     39      M    M                  Cotton Gin Maker                              B1a

                                   , Sarah   [Oxendine]   35      F     M                                                                             O1m

                                   , John W Jr                 6        M    M                                                                             B1a1

                                   , Henry C                    4       M     M                                                                             B1a2

                                   , Charles W                 2       M     M                                                                            B1a3

                       Benenhaley, Laurence              27     M     M                   Farm Laborer                                   B1a2

                                        , Laurendon            21     M    M                    Farm Laborer                                   B1a3

                                        , John                      16    M     M                   Farm Laborer                                   B1b3


115                 Buckner, Henry                        29    M     M                    Farm Laborer                                  Bu1c

                                   , Patience                    25     F     M

                                    , Marion                      2     M      M                                                                         Bu1c1


366                 Benenhaley, Thomas                 30    M    M                     Farm Laborer                               B1d2

                                        , Elefare [Oxendine] 28  F     M                                                                           O1m

                                        , William                   11  M    M                                                                          B1d2a

                                        , Randall                     9  M     M                                                                         B1d2b

                                        , Mary J                      7  F       M                                                                         B1d2c

                                        , Warren                     5   M     M                                                                         B1d2d

                                        , Martha                    1/12 F    M                                                                          B1d2e


367                 Benenhaley, Henry                       32    M    M              Farm Laborer                                   B1h

                                       , Dolly    [Ray]            25    F     M                                                                        R1c

                                       , Sally                          10    F     M                                                                        B1h2

                                       , Benjamin                    8    M    M                                                                        B1h3

                                       , Henry                         4    M     M                                                                       B1h4

                                       , Blanche                      1    F      M                                                                       B1h5


370                  Exum, Eugene                              28   M      W           Farmer                                              E1

                                , Mary M  [Oxendine]         22   F       W                                                                    O1a5

                                , James                                  3   M      W                                                                     E1a

                                , Joseph                                 1   M      W                                                                     E1b

                                , John                                    15  M      W                                                                    E1c


404                  Oxendine, Elizabeth [Benenhaley] 35    F    M      (widow of Warren Oxendine)                B1d3

                                      , Mitty                             12    F    M                                                                      O1k1

                                      , Sarah A                          9     F    M                                                                      O1k2

                                      , Robert                            3     M   M                                                                      O1k3


408                  Wray, Jinsy [Oxendine]                60    F    M                                                                       O1b

                               , Herbert                                14   M   M                                                                       R1g


409                   Benenhaley, Catherine [Scott]      55    F    M      (widow of Joseph Benenhaley Jr)           S2d7

                                          , Alice                         20    F    M                                                                       B1d7

                                          , Enoch                       18    M    M                                                                      B1d8

                                          , Joseph [III]               14    M    M                                                                      B1d6

                                          , Martha                      15    F    M                                                                       B1d9

                                          , Noah                         11    M    M                                                                      B1d10


410                   Oxendine, Charles                         29    M    M              Farm Laborer                                 O1n 

                                       , Mary A [Benenhaley]   26    F    M                                                                      B1d5

                                          , James                          6    M    M                                                                      O1n1                        

                                          , Catherine                     4    F    M                                                                      O1n1                        

                                          , Martha                         3    F    M                                                                      O1n1                        

                                          , Camilla                        7/12 F    M                                                                    O1n1 


412                    Deas, William                               45    M    W                                                                     W1a

                                , Sarah     [Benenhaley]         45    F     M                                                                      B1b1

                                , William Jr                            10   M    M                                                                      W1a7

                                , Mary J                                   8    F     M                                                                      W1a9


417                   Benenhaley, William                     35    M    M               Farm Laborer                                 B1d1

                                          , Elizabeth   [Scott]     37    F     M                                                                       S1c15

                                          , Rosa                           15   F     M                                                                      B1d1b

                                          , James                          12  M    M                                                                      B1d1c

                                          , William                     3/12 M    M                                                                      B1d1d                                                                                                 



***************FAMILY SKETCHES***************






O1. Aaron Oxendine (b 1781, died 22 Nov 1841)                 ~m~                             S2d1. Jane Scott (b 1770)

Children:  a. Aaron Oxendine Jr (b 1804. Died 1849) ~m~ B1i. Martha Benenhaley Scott (b 1800)

                 b. Jane “Jinsy” Oxendine (b 1810) ~m~ R1. James Ray (b 1795)

                 c. Mary Oxendine (b approx. 1820) ~m~ S2d7. Henry Scott (b 1814)

                 d. Miranda Oxendine (b 1824) ~m~ (1st) W1. William Pitts (2nd) had son by Lawrence Spann

                 e. William Oxendine (b 1828) ~m~ Mira A Harthy (b 1839)

                      *William served in the Civil War, Confederate Army, North Carolina 35th Infantry, 5th Mountain rifles.*

                 f. Larkin Oxendine (b 1829) ~m~ Susaner J Hanger (b 1852)

                     *Larkin served in the Civil War, Confederate Army, 37th North Carolina Regiment Company B.*

                 g. Richard Oxendine (b 1830) ~m~ S1c14.Abigail Scott (b 1831)

                 h. Michael Oxendine (b 1824-1830) ~m~ P1b. Tabitha Ann Pitts (b 1832)

                 i. Abigail Oxendine (b 1833)

                 j. Warren Oxendine (b 1835)

                 k. Sarah Oxendine (b 1836) ~m~ Bu1a. James W. Buckner Jr (b 1831)

                 l. James “Jim” Oxendine (b 1838) ~m~ Mattie Jolly (b )

                 m. Elefare Oxendine (b 1839)        

                 n. Charles Oxendine҂ (b 1841) ~m~ B1d5. Mary Ann Benenhaley (b 1844/46)

҂ taxed as “Indian” 1861 through 1864 Sumter District, SC.

*To parentage of Charles Oxendine and Mary Ann Benenhaley: March 18, 1928 article in The State entitled “Sumter County Colony Locally Called Turks” –interview of Mary Ann Benenhaley Oxendine,

The oldest member of the tribe, Mary Ann Benenhaley Oxendine, 86, daughter of Joseph Benenhaley 2nd, and granddaughter of the first Joseph, has blue eyes, dark skin and straight white hair. She says her grandmother, wife of the first Joseph, was white woman named Miller, and her own mother was a Scott, daughter of the Scott who was bugler. She married a man named Oxendine, her first cousin, whose mother was also a Scott.”

** Interview of Mary Ann Benenhaley Oxendine confirms that her mother (Catherine Scott) and mother of her husband (Jane Scott) were sisters.


1808 Robeson County, North Carolina will of Charles Oxendine. He willed “to my beloved son Aaron Oxendine two hundred acres containing the grist mill above my plantation.” Charles named his children as Benjamin, John, Charles, Jesse, Moses, Aaron, David, Nancy, Betsy, Mary, Catherine, and Sarah.


1821: Aaron Oxendine sells the Robeson County, North Carolina land he inherited from

his father’s will to his brothers Charles Oxendine Jr and Jesse Oxendine.


O1a. Aaron Oxendine Jr (b 1804. Died 1849)             ~m~          B1i. Martha Benenhaley (b 1800)

Children: 1. Isabella Oxendine (b 1826) ~m~ B1a1 Joel Benenhaley

                2. Washington Oxendine (b 1829)

                3. John Oxendine (b 1840)

                4. Elizabeth Oxendine (b 1842)

                5. Mary Magdalena Oxendine (b approx. 1848) ~m~ E1. Eugene N Exum (b 1842)

                6. William Oxendine (b 1848)



O1f. Larkin Oxendine (b 1824. Died 1921)                 ~m~                 (1st) Susaner “Joe Ann” Hanger (b 1852)

                     *Larkin served in the Civil War, Confederate Army, 37th North Carolina Regiment Company B.

                      He was taken prisoner of war near Petersburg, held at Point Lookout, Maryland, and released in 1865*

-------------------------------------- Moved to Blowing Rock, Watauga Co, NC ----------------------

                 Children: 1. Sarah Oxendine (b 1868)

                                 2. James H Oxendine (b1871)

                                 3. Francis O Oxendine (b 1874)

                                 4. Janelia V Oxendine (b 1875)

                                 5. Julia C Oxendine (b 1877)

                                 6. Tyrie Webster Oxendine (b 1878)

---------------------------------------- Moved to Roan Mountain, Carter, Tennessee ---------------------------------------         

                                 7. Franklin L (b 1882)

                                 8. Charles Oxendine (b 1886)

                                 9. Edward Oxendine (b 1886)

                                10. Dora Oxendine (b 1889)

                                11. George Oxendine (b 1892)


Larkin Oxendine, wife Susaner Hanger, and family.



                          Franklin L Oxendine and George Oxendine                              Tyree Webster Oxendine


O1h. Michael Oxendine (b 1824. Died 1913)      ~m~                   P1b. Tabitha Ann Pitts (b 1832)

Children: 1. Martha J Oxendine (b 1856)

                2. William J Oxendine (b 1856)

                3. Harriett Oxendine (b 1859)

                4. James W Oxendine (b 1857) ~m~ Elizabeth _______ (b 1868)

                5. Martha Oxendine (b 1857)

                6. Catherine Oxendine (b 1859) ~m~ B1d2a. William J Benenhaley (b1860)

                ------------------------------- Moved to Blowing Rock, Watauga County, NC----------------

                7. John Washington Oxendine (b 1861) ~m~ Harriett West (b 1863)

                8. Joseph Oxendine (b 1863)

                9. Richard Oxendine (b 1865)

                10. Mary E Oxendine (b 1869)

                11. Betsy L Oxendine (b 1871)

                12. Cora E Oxendine (b 1873)


Michael Oxendine and Harriet Pitts Oxendine          



Seated (L to R): Cora E Oxendine, Miranda Oxendine Pitts, Tabitha Oxendine Pitts, Mary E Oxendine


O1e. William Oxendine (b 1828)              ~m~         Mira A Harthy (b 1839)

       *William served in the Civil War, Confederate Army, North Carolina 35th Infantry, 5th Mountain rifles.*

       -------------------------- Moved to Blowing Rock, Watauga County, NC --------------------------------------

       Children: 1. Harrison Oxendine (b 1868)

                       2. Ruebin E Oxendine (b 1871)

                       3. Noah B (b 1876)

      **William Oxendine, at the age of 83 in 1908, applied for the Guion Miller Enrollment of Eastern

          Cherokee. His application was denied as he claimed origins in Sumter, South Carolina and the

          enrollment panel determined this area to be “outside Cherokee territory.”**




O1n. Charles Oxendine҂ (b 1841. Died 30 Nov 1881)        ~m~    B1d5. Mary Ann Benenhaley (b 1844/46)

Children: 1. James Oxendine (b 1864)

                2. Catherine Oxendine (b 1866) ~m~ B1d2a. William J Benenhaley

                3. Martha Oxendine (b 1867)

                4. Camilla Oxendine (b 1869/70) ~m~ B1f1. Warren Benenhaley

                5. Edward Oxendine (b 1873)

                6. Annie Oxendine (b 1874)

                7. Maggie Oxendine (b 1876)

                8. Gabriella Oxendine (b 1879)

                9. Margie Oxendine (b )

                10. Ella Oxendine (b )

҂ taxed as “Indian” 1861 through 1864 Sumter District, SC.

                               (Note: Mary Ann later had children by a Jolly after the 1881 death of Charles Oxendine)


O1g. Richard Oxendine (b 1829)                                  ~m~                     Abigail Scott (b 1831)

Children: 1. Mariah Oxendine (b 1853)



Irene Oxendine (b 1843)                  ~m~             Cato Wilson



O1j. Warren Oxendine (b 1834)                      ~m~                        B1d3. Elizabeth Benenhaley (b 1842)

*Warren served in Company A, 14th Infantry Regiment under Captain Carter. Killed in action May, 1864.

Children: 1. Henrietta Oxendine (b 1861)

                 2. Sarah Oxendine (b 1862)

                 3. Robert Oxendine (b 1867)


1919 Sumter: Elizabeth Benenhaley Oxendine’s Confederate Widow Pension application. Elizabeth was the widow of Warren Oxendine who was killed in battle at Spotsylvania, Virginia on May 23, 1864.


Samuel Oxendine (b 1885)                                    ~m~                        Anna Benenhaley (b 1885)

Children: Mansfield Oxendine (b 1908/12) ~m~ Nellie Benenhaley (b 1912)

                Margente Oxendine (b 1910)

                Almita Oxendine (b 1914)

                Sarah Oxendine (b 1922)

                Stedman Oxendine (b )

                Sammie Oxendine (b 1916)



          (back row) Anna Benenhaley Oxendine, Sarah Scott             Toby Oxendine, Mansfield Oxendine, Burgess Oxendine

(front row) Margente Oxendine, Almita Oxendine, Mansfield Oxendine



O1d. Miranda Oxendine (b 1824) had illegitimate son by Lawrence Spann

Children: 1. William “Bill” Spann (b 1848. Died 1938)



                     1892: William Oxendine petitioned to change                                                William “Bill” Spann

                             his name to William Spann


O1h7. John Washington Oxendine (b 1861. Died 1909 NC)          ~m~                Harriett West (b 1863)

Children: a. Minnie Oxendine (b 1894) ~m~ P1g2. J. Monroe Pitts

                b. Mildred Oxendine (b 1895)

                c. General Ransom Oxendine (b 1902)

*from 1861 Sumter, SC affidavit of John Pollard


John W Oxendine, Harriet West Oxendine,

Daughters Minnie & Mildred.



                                  Minnie Oxendine at age 16.                                       Minnie Oxendine later in life.




Harriett West Oxendine, Mildred Oxendine & child.



O1a3. John Oxendine (b 1855)                                          ~m~                     Nora Jolly (b 1864)

Children: a. John W Oxendine (b 1884) ~m~ Alberta Benenhaley (b 1886)

                b. James J Oxendine (b 1895) ~m~ Rebecca Benenhaley

                c. Emma Oxendine (b 1898) ~m~ Noah J Benenhaley

                d. Louise Oxendine (b ) ~m~ Arthur Benenhaley


O1a3a. John W Oxendine (b 1884)                            ~m~                       Alberta Benenhaley (b 1886)

Children: 1. Noah A Oxendine (b 1911)

                2. Sydney Oxendine (b 1913)

                3. Roy Oxendine (b 1916)

                4. Alberta “Allie” Oxendine (b 1919)



Kirby Oxendine (b 1922)             ~m~            Daisy Amerson (b 1924)



O1l. James “Jim” Oxendine (b 1838)              ~m~                    Mattie Jolly (b )

Children: 1. Allene Oxendine (b ) ~m~ ____________ Benenhaley




         World War One Civil enlistment of Jake Oxendine                World War One civil enlistment of Richard Oxendine Jr












B1. Joseph Benenhaley Sr “of Arabic descent”     ~m~          Elizabeth Miller “a white woman” (b 1780-1800)

*Joseph Benenhaley recorded employment as “manufacturing” in Sumter through 1810 and 1820. Joseph died shortly before 1830*

Children: a. Lysender “Lon” Benenhaley (b 1799. Died 1876 buried at Bethesda Baptist, Privateer)

                                                                                  (1st) ~m~ Unknown Female (died 1828)

                                                                                  (2nd) ~m~ Lavicy “Vicy” Goins (b 1822)

                i. Martha Benenhaley (b 1800) ~m~ (1st) _______ Scott    (2nd)Aaron Oxendine Jr

                b. Francis Benenhaley (b 1802) ~m~ S1c11. Sarah Scott (b 1810)

                c. Eliza Benenhaley (b 1804) ~m~ ________ Montgomery

                d. Joseph Benenhaley Jr (b 1805) ~m~ S2d7. Catherine Scott (b 1810-14/15)

                e. Leo Cadea Benenhaley (b 1809) ~m~ William Taylor (moved to Georgia then Alabama)

                f. Ferdinand Benenhaley (b 1818) ~m~ S2d6. Elizabeth Scott (b 1812)

                h. Henry Benenhaley (b 1828) ~m~ R1e. Dolly Ray (b 1848)



Henry Benenhaley


B1a. Lysander “Lon” Benenhaley (b 1799. Died 1876 buried at Bethesda Baptist, Privateer)   

                                                                                    (1st) ~m~                  Unknown female (died 1828)

                Children: 1. Joel Benenhaley (b 1825) ~m~ O1a1. Isabella Oxendine

                              ---------------------- Moved to Privateer, Manchester ------------------------

                                                                                   (2nd)~m~                  Lavicy “Vicy” Goins (b 1822)

                Children: 2. Lawrence Benenhaley (b 1848) ~m~ (1st) Matilda Ellison

                                                                                            (2nd) Sarah ________ (b 1850)

                                3. Lawrendon “Lon” Benenhaley (b 1849)

*note: 1880 census records that Lawrence Benenhaley and Noah Benenhaley (living in same household) were “cousins”.*



B1b. Francis Benenhaley (b 1802)                                 ~m~                    S1c11. Sarah Scott (b 1810)

Children: 1. Sarah Benenhaley (b 1826) ~m~ W1a. William Deas (b 1827)

                2. James S Benenhaley (b 1831)

                   *James S served in Civil War, Confederate Army 7th Battalion Nelson’s Enfield Rifles Company E

                     South Carolina Infantry.

                3. John W Benenhaley (b 1843)

                4. Henrietta Benenhaley (b 1845)

                5. Francis William Benenhaley (b 1847)

                6. Elizabeth Anna Benenhaley (b 1849) ~m~ Samuel Oxendine

                7. Henry Benenhaley (b 1840)


B1d. Joseph Benenhaley Jr (b 1805)                                 ~m~         S2d7. Catherine Scott (b 1810-14/15)

Children: 1. William L Benenhaley (b 1838) ~m~ S1c15. Elizabeth Scott (b 1832)

                2.  Thomas H Benenhaley (b Feb 1837) ~m~ (1st) O1m. Elefare Oxendine (b 1839)

                   *Thomas H served in Civil War, Confederate Army 7th Battalion Nelson’s Enfield Rifles Company E

                     South Carolina Infantry.

                3. Elizabeth Benenhaley (b 1842) ~m~ O1j.Warren Oxendine (b 1834)

                4. Randall B Benenhaley (b 1845)

                   *Randall served in Civil War, Confederate Army 7th Battalion Nelson’s Enfield Rifles Company E

                     South Carolina Infantry.

                5. Mary Ann Benenhaley (b 1846) ~m~ O1n. Charles Oxendine (b 1841/42)

                6. Joseph Benenhaley III (b 1853. Died 1931) ~m~ Nora V Nunnery

                7. Alice Benenhaley (b 1850)

                8. Enoch Benenhaley (b Mar 1851) ~m~ Sarah Scott

                9. Martha Benenhaley (b 1855) ~m~ H1. Reese Hood (b 1841)

               10.  Noah Benenhaley (b 1859) ~m~ B1d1b. Rosa Benenhaley (b 1859)

               11. Julius Benenhaley (born 1850)

               12.  John Benenhaley (born 1852)

               13. Henry Benenhaley (b 1846)



B1f. Ferdinand Benenhaley (b 1820)                            ~m~                  S2d6. Elizabeth Scott (b 1812)

*Ferdinand served in Civil War, Confederate Army 7th Battalion Nelson’s Enfield Rifles Company E South Carolina Infantry. Died in camp at Adams Run April 24th, 1862.

Children: 1. Warren Benenhaley (b 1846) ~m~  O1n4. Camilla Oxendine (b 1869/70)

                2. Benjamin Benenhaley (b 1846)

                3. Mary Benenhaley (b1848 )

                4. William Benenhaley (b 1850)

                5. Louis Benenhaley (b 1852)

                6. Samuel Benenhaley (b 1854)


B1h. Henry Benenhaley (b 1828)                           ~m~                                 R1e. Dolly Ray (b 1848)

*Henry served in Civil War, Confederate Army 7th Battalion Nelson’s Enfield Rifles Company E South Carolina Infantry.

Children: 1. Virginia “Jennie” Benenhaley (b )

                2. Sally Benenhaley (b )

                3. Benjamin Benenhaley (b 1865)

                4. Henry Benenhaley (b 1867)

                5. Blanche Benenhaley (b 1869)

                6. Arthur Benenhaley (b 1872)

                7. Virginia Benenhaley (b 1874)

                8. Lizzie Benenhaley (b 1876)

                9. Beatrice Benenhaley (b 1877)

               10. Hester Benenhaley (b 1879)


1874 Sumter Probate Court record of division of Joseph Benenhaley Sr’s original 33 acres granted by General Sumter in 1815. Listed here among his heirs are the surviving children of Joseph’s son, Francis (Sarah Dees, Henrietta Amerson, Elizabeth Montgomery), the widowed wife of Joseph’s son, Joseph Jr (Catherine Scott Benenhaley) and her children (Thomas, William, Elizabeth, Enoch, Joseph, Alice, Noah), and Joseph’s eldest daughter (Margaret Benenhaley Oxendine, widow of Aaron Oxendine Jr) and her children (Elizabeth Oxendine, John Oxendine, Cardy Oxendine).



B1d8. Enoch Benenhaley (b 1851)                              ~m~                             Sarah Scott

Children: a. Mary Anna Benenhaley (b 1885) ~m~ _____________ Oxendine

                b. Sarah Benenhaley (b 1895) ~m~ Hodge L Benenhaley



B1d1. William L Benenhaley Sr (b 1838) ~m~ S1c15. Elizabeth Scott (b 1832)

Children: a. John Benenhaley (b 1850) ~m~ Ellen Oxendine (b 1892)

                   *John served in Civil War, Confederate Army 7th Battalion Nelson’s Enfield Rifles Company E South Carolina Infantry.

                b. Rosa Benenhaley (b 1856) ~m~ B1d10. Noah Benenhaley (b 1859)

                c. James Benenhaley (b 1859)

                d. William L Benenhaley (b 1870) ~m~ Mary Alice Oxendine (b 1880)


James Benenhaley



B1d10. Noah Benenhaley (b 1860)                                    ~m~              B1d1b Rosa Benenhaley (b 1866)

Children: a. Alberta Benenhaley (b 1886) ~m~ O1a3a. John W Oxendine (b 1884)



B1a1. Joel Benenhaley (b 1825)                                    ~m~                  O1h. Isabella Oxendine (b1820)

Children: a. Magdalena Benenhaley (b 1846)

                b. Elizabeth Benenhaley (b 1848)

                c. Lucindy Benenhaley (b 1850)

                d. John Benenhaley (b 1852) ~m~ Eliza __________ (b 1857)



B1d1d. William L Benenhaley (b 1870)                ~m~                          Mary Alice Oxendine (b 1880)

---------------------------------------- Moved to Hartsville, Darlington, South Carolina ----------------

Children: 1. Julia A Benenhaley (b 1897)

                2. Judgley Benenhaley (b 1899)

                3. Gadson Benenhaley (b 1900)

                4. Courtney Benenhaley (b 1905)

                5. Cornelius Benenhaley (b 1907)

                6. Eugene N Benenhaley (b 1908)


Eugene N Benenhaley


B1a2. Lawrence Benenhaley (b 1848)                            ~m~                           Matilda Ellison (b )



B1a3. Laurendon “Lon” Benenhaley (b 1849)



B1d2. Thomas Hampton Benenhaley Sr (b 1837)             ~m~                O1m. Elephare Oxendine (b 1842)

*Thomas H served in Civil War, Confederate Army 7th Battalion Nelson’s Enfield Rifles Company E South Carolina Infantry.

Children: a. William J Benenhaley (b 1860) ~m~ O1n2. Catherine Oxendine (b 1863/66)

                b. Randall Benenhaley (b 1861)

                c. Mary J Benenhaley (b 1866)

                d. Warren Benenhaley (b 1865) ~m~ O1n4. Camilla Oxendine (b 1871)

                e. Martha Benenhaley (b 1869)

                f. Patsy Benenhaley (b 1871)

                g. Adeline Benenhaley (b 1873)

                h. Louisa Benenhaley (b 1875) ~m~ Arthur Benenhaley (b 1871)

                i.  Thomas Hampton Benenhaley Jr (b 1877) ~m~ Elizabeth Benenhaley (b 1876)

                e. Elefare Benenhaley (b 1879)


Alberta Benenhaley Oxendine


B1d2a. William J Benenhaley (b 1860)                        ~m~                 O1n2. Catherine Oxendine (b 1863/66)

Children: 1.Martha Benenhaley (b 1888)



B1d2d. Warren Benenhaley (b 1865)                                 ~m~                  O1n4. Camilla Oxendine (b 1871)

Children: 1. Randal J Benenhaley (b 1887)

                2. Alexander “Elec” Benenhaley (b 1899)

                3. Sarah/Sally Benenhaley (b 1901)

                4. Warren Benenhaley (b 1903)~m~ Flossie R Benenhaley (b 1904)

                5. Grace Benenhaley (b 1906)

               6. Jesse J Benenhaley (b 1908)

                7. Nellie Benenhaley (b1912) ~m~ Mansfield Oxendine (b )


B1d6. Joseph Benenhaley III (b 1853)                                   ~m~                       Nora V Nunnery (b 1862)

Children: a. Joseph W Benenhaley (b 1882) ~m~ R1g3. Josie Ray (b )

                b. David A Benenhaley (b 1885)

                c. Frank P Benenhaley (b 1887)

                d. Joshua Benenhaley (b 1889) ~m~ Edna Exum  (b )

                e. Hodge L Benenhaley (b 1893)

                f. Laura A Benenhaley (b 1899)



Joseph Benenhaley



      World War One civil enlistment of Enoch Benenhaley        World War One civil enlistment of Randal Julius Benenhaley







W1. Wiley Deas (b 1798)                                            ~m~             Emiventhea _______ Oxendine (b 1800)

Children: a. William Deas (b 1828) ~m~ Sarah Benenhaley (b 1825)

                b. Jackson Deas (b 1830)

* Emiventha’s daughter with first husband was: Mary Oxendine b: 1820.



W1a. William Deas (b 1828)                  ~m~             B1b1. Sarah Benenhaley (b 1825)

Children: 1. James Deas

                2. Samuel Deas

                3. Susan Deas

                4. Judson Deas

                5.  Jane Deas

                6. Ann Deas

                7. William “Wiley”  Deas Jr

                8. Lawrence Deas

                9. Mary J Deas







E1. Eugene N Exum Sr  (b 1842)                            ~m~              O1a5. Mary Magdalena Oxendine (b 1848)

Children: a. Eugene Exum Jr (b )  ~m~ Bu1a1a. Liza Buckner  (b )

                e. John Exum (b 1855)

                b. James Exum (b 1868)

                c. Joseph Exum (b 1870)

                d. Napoleon Exum (b 1871)







Bu1. John W Buckner Sr (b )                                    ~m~                   Virginia “Gincy” Pitts  (b )

       Children: a. John W Buckner Jr (b 1831)       ~m~ (1st) Jane Johnson

                      * John W served in Civil War, Confederate Army 7th Battalion Nelson’s Enfield Rifles Company E

                            South Carolina Infantry.

                                                                               ~m~ (2nd) O1k. Sarah Oxendine (b 1836)

                       b. Harriet Buckner (b 1857)

                       c. Henry Buckner (b 1851) ~m~ Patience _______ (b 1855)

*from Sumter, SC death certificate of Harriet Buckner



Bu1a. John W Buckner Jr (b 1831) “almost pure Indian”   ~m~   (1st) Jane Johnson (granddaughter of William Ellison)

*John W served in Civil War, Confederate Army 7th Battalion Nelson’s Enfield Rifles Company E South Carolina Infantry.

                                                                                            ~m~   (2nd) O1m. Sarah Oxendine (b 1835)                                                                                 

Children: 1. John W Buckner III (b 1864) ~m~ Sarah Pitts             

                2. Henry E Buckner (b 1866) ~m~ Virginia “Jincy” Champion

                3. Charles W Buckner (b 1868) ~m~ Blanche Benenhaley

                4. Samuel Buckner (b 1869) ~m~ Virginia “Mary” Benenhaley

                5. Eliza Charity Buckner (b 1871)

                6. George Buckner (b 1874) ~m~ P1e. Harriett “Hattie” Pitts

                7. Daniel Buckner (b 1875)  ~m~ Elizabeth Champion

                8.  Sarah Buckner (b 1876)

* From “Recollections of a Long Life” by F. Kinloch Bull



Bu1a1. John W Buckner III (b 1864)           ~m~            Sarah Pitts              




Bu1a2. Henry E Buckner (b 1866)            ~m~             Virginia Champion

Children: a. Marion Buckner (b 1878)



Bu1a3. Charles W Buckner (b 1868)                        ~m~                            Blanche Benenhaley

Children: a. John H Buckner (b 1888. Died 1948) ~m~ Sarah “Sadie” Haley (b 1885)

                b. Charles “Peter” Buckner (b 1890. Died 1980)

                c. Julia Eva Buckner (b 1891. Died 1955)


John H Buckner (b 1888)



Bu1a4. Sam Buckner (b )                                     ~m~           Virginia Benenhaley

          Children: a. Willie Buckner (b 1905. Died 1931)


Bu1a1. John Buckner III (b )                                  ~m~                               Sarah Pitts  (b )

          Children: a. Liza Buckner (b )  ~m~ E1a. Eugene Exum  (b )


Judy Benenhaley Buckner and daughters.






R1. James Ray (b 1795. Died before 1860)                      ~m~             O1b. Jane “Jinsy” Oxendine (b 1810)

Children: a. Charles Ray (b 1838)

                b. Sarah Ray (b 1840)

                c. James Ray (b 1842)

                d. Virginia Ray (b 1846)

                e. Dolly Ray (b 1848) ~m~ B1h. Henry Benenhaley (b 1828)                          

                f. Betsy Ray (b 1854)

                g. Herbert Ray Sr (b 1853) ~m~ Harriett “Hattie” Pitts (b 1858)



R1g. Herbert Ray Sr (b 1853. Died 1924)               ~m~         P1e. Harriett “Hattie” Pitts Buckner (b 1858)

Children: 1. James Ray (b 1878)

                2. John Ray (b 1879)

               3. Josie Ray (b ) ~m~ B1d6b. Joseph W Benenhaley (b )

               4. Henry Bay (b 1881)

               5. Jane E ray (b 1883)

               6. Hattie Ray (b 1884)

               7. Lessie Ray (b 1886)

               8. Sarah “Sallie” Ray (b 1889)

               9. Mary F Ray (b 1889)

               10. Kate S Ray (b 1892)

               11. Herbert Ray Jr (b 1894)

               12. William Ray (b 1896)

               13. Eloise Ray (b 1898)

               14. Gertrude Ray (b 1900)

               15. Lillian Ray (b 1903)


1878 Plat and Deed of Jane “Jinsy” Oxendine Ray to Herbert Ray to include 10 acres “on the head waters of Long Branch.”

One acre of this land was donated by Herbert Ray to found the Long Branch Baptist Church in 1904.



R1e. Dollie Ray (b 1848)                        ~m~                        B1h. Henry Benenhaley (b 1828)

        Children: 1. Lizzie Benenhaley (b 1877)


        World War One civil enlistment of Herbert Ray Jr                        World War One civil enlistment of Willie Ray





H1. Reese Hood   (b 1841)                                         ~m~                       B1d9. Martha Benenhaley (b 1844)

Children: a. Minnie Hood (b 1868)

                b. Miriam Hood (b )

                c. Reese Hood Jr (b 1888) ~m~ Ida Buckner (b 1894. Died 1937)

                d. Oliver Hood (b 1890)



          World War One civil enlistment of Oliver Hood                 World War One civil enlistment of Reese Hood Jr.








Four brothers were living in the border country between historic Northampton and Halifax districts of North Carolina (between the Tar and Roanoke rivers, roughly north of present-day Enfield, NC). From information contained in the Orange County Court affidavit filed by the eldest brother, we learn that they were living under the “assumed name” of Scott, and were originally known by the surname of Busby. They were most likely grandsons of Thomas Busby (b 1674) who was an “Indyan boy” servant of Robert Caufield of Surry County Virginia.


These four brothers were:



            S1. Abraham Scott (b approx. 1718) first made deed to over 300 acres on Bear Branch in Northampton

            County, NC in 1738.

His will named his children: a. Abraham Scott Jr

                                                          b. George Scott

                                                          c. David Scott (b approx. 1752) --- moved to Sumter, South Carolina ---

                                                           *David served in the Revolutionary War, NC Continental Line*

                                                          d. Randall Scott

                                                          e. John Scott

                                                          f. Sterling Scott



S2. Francis Scott (b approx. 1727) first made deed to 200 acres adjoining Burnt Coat Swamp in Halifax County, NC in 1747. He was charged in Halifax Court with “concealing tithables” for failing to pay tax on his wife, Margaret Scott (If a free land holder had a non-white wife, State law required him to claim his wife as “tithable” and pay double tax on her. Men with white wives were not required to pay a tax on their wives. Many men in NC attempted to avoid paying this extra tax by “concealing tithables” i.e. hiding the race of their wives from the tax collector.).

Their children were: a. Exum Scott ~m~ Alley Sweat

                                  *Exum served in the Revolutionary War, NC Continental Line*

                                  b. Emanuel Scott

                                  c. Isham Scott (b 1750) --- moved to Sumter, SC ---

                                  d. James Scott (b 1753) ~m~ Charity --- moved to Sumter, South Carolina ---

                                  *James served in the Revolutionary War, NC Continental Line*

                                  e. Priscilla Scott


S3 Isham Scott Sr (b approx. 1738) ~m~ Rebecca Chavis James (widow of Jeremiah James)

*Isham served in the Revolutionary War. In his 1823 Halifax pension application he claimed that he served as a servant to Major Hogg in the battle of Halifax.*

Their children were: a. Isham Scott Jr (b 1784) ~m~ Margaret --- moved to Sumter, South Carolina ---

                                  b. Abraham Scott

                                  c. William Scott

                                  d. Josiah Scott (b 1794) ~m~ Rebecca ______ (b 1790)        


            S1.John Scott (b approx. 1710) moved to Berkeley County, South Carolina and purchased land from

            John Chavis in 1753. His family name was referenced as “Busby, alias John Scott” when he sent an

            affidavit to the Orange County, NC Court requesting assistance in the kidnapping of his daughter, Amy

            Hawley, and her four children in 1754. One of the children was located in Orange County and the Court

            appointed John Chavis to return the boy to South Carolina. This same Scott, Busby, and Hawley family

            all filed affidavits in Berkeley Court in the 1850’s attesting to their descent from “Catawba Indians.”



The two cousins, David Scott and James Scott, while serving in the North Carolina Continental Line, had spent some time training in the High Hills of Santee between 1779 and 1780. They must have liked the area as, after the conclusion of the Revolutionary War, both men, along with their nephew Isham Scott Jr, brought their families down from North Carolina. In consideration of their veteran status, General Thomas Sumter employed them and allowed them to reside on his land.


S2d. James Scott (b 1753, died Dec 24, 1826)             ~m~                    Charity (b 1765, died before 1840)

*James was taxed as one free poll in Halifax, district 4, NC in 1782 and head of a 5 “other free persons” Halifax household in 1790.*

**James served under General Sumter in the Revolutionary War. Later in life James was a bugler for the Claremont Troops during militia muster parades under the command of Colonel Thomas Sumter (son of General Sumter). At these same muster parades a small band performing for the Troop formations, as well as the social dances afterwards, with James Smiling as fifer, Wade Goins playing the kittle drum, and West Goins on the bass drum.**

Children: 1. Jane Scott (b 1790) ~m~ A1. Aaron Oxendine (b 1780)    

                2. ___daughter___ Scott (b 1793)

                3. James Scott Jr (b 1795) ~m~ before 1830

                4. Stephen Scott (b 1798)

                5. Renty (daughter) Scott (b 1801)

                6. Elizabeth Scott (b 1812) ~m~ B1f. Ferdinand Benenhaley (b 1818)

                7. Henry Scott (b 1814) ~m~ O1c. Mary Oxendine (b 1820)

                7. Catherine Scott҂ (b 1815) ~m~ B1d. Joseph Benenhaley Jr. (b 1805)  

*from 1861 Sumter, SC affidavit of John Pollard


1820 Letter written by Thomas Sumter: “If it Could certainly agree to you, I will Settle that

Amount of your demand against James Scott – he Says his fields have been retarded because

some were Injured by Rain – that Scott owes Considerable part of his corn for Rent

(here he includes his name symbol to mean “to me”). So that he will have little to live on, he

offers to work for me if, however, I assume his debt to you, if to you it be agreeable.

Yours (name symbol) Thomas Sumter.”



1821 Sumter Revolutionary veteran pension application of James Scott: “James Scott aged sixty-eight years resident in the District in State aforesaid who first being duly sworn according to law doth on his oath declare that he served as a Private in the Revolutionary War as follows – was Enlisted in North Hampton [Northampton] County in the State of North Carolina in February or March in the year 1776 by Ensign William Linton to serve in the Company commanded by Captain William Barrett in the 3rd Regiment commanded by Colonel Sumner [Col. Jethro Sumner] in the North Carolina line Continental Troops.  That this deponent enlisted for two years and six months and did Regularly serve out the time in said service and was honorably discharged by Major Samuel Locker [Lockhart] at Halifax in the State of North Carolina.  That after the said discharge this deponent moved to the State of South Carolina and served in the Militia of that State and was wounded in the Battle of the Eutaws [Eutaw Springs] in the Front part of his left leg.”


*General Sumter submitted a handwritten affidavit testifying to the service of James Scott in the South Carolina Militia.*


**The 3rd North Carolina Regiment was organized April 15, 1776 at Wilmington. It included eight companies from Halifax, Edenton, and Hillsborough Districts. On June 1, 1778, it was reduced to a mere cadre at Valley Forge, PA, and removed from the NC Brigade. On July 9, 1778, it was reorganized to consist of nine companies. On April 17, 1779, the 3rd NC Regiment was removed from the Middle Department and reassigned to the Southern Department - stationed in Philadelphia, PA. The regiment was so depleted that it was sent home to recruit new men under Lt. Col. Robert Mebane. On November 5, 1779, it was reorganized at Halifax, NC, with nine companies formed and trained at the High Hills of the Santee, SC. It was the first NC Continental regiment to march to the protection of Charleston, SC in late 1779/early 1780.**


                               General Thomas Sumter                                                          Brigadier General Andrew Pickens

         Witnessed for the Rev War pension of James Scott                       Commanded James Scott at Battle of Eutaw Springs

             and gifted James Scott with 24 acres of land




James Scott received 24 acres in deed from General Sumter in 1809.




January 1861 Sumter affidavit of John R Pollard (born 1788): “I have personal knowledge of James Scott and Charity Scott his wife the grandparents of Michael Oxendine the holder of this certificate and that they came into this county from Virginia when I was very young, and that the said James Scott the grandfather of said Michael Oxendine was a Revolutionary soldier and from and after the passing of the Pension act drew pension money till the day of his death as a revolutionary soldier and that Charity Scott his grandmother was the holder of a certificate certifying that her mother was a clean blooded white woman and that her father was mixed with Indian and their daughter Jane Scott married an Oxendine whom I did not know and that the said Michael Oxendine is the offspring of Jane Scott the wife of Aaron Oxendine and that they lived here and raised a large family of children who always enjoyed their freedom and the general striking physiognomal traits of appearance of the Scott family in general and Relatives is deeply set with European and Indian blood and that there is a number of records in the Clerk’s office of Sumter Court house where their Relatives have escaped from under the disabling statute.”



S2d7. Henry Scott (b 1818)                                         ~m~                           O1c. Mary Oxendine (b 1820)

Children: a. Washington Scott (b 1832)

                b. Mary Scott (b 1834)

                c. Manning Scott (b 1836)

                d. Hasting Scott (b 1838)

                e. John Scott (b 1840)

                f. William Scott (b 1849)

                g. Henry Scott Jr (b 1833) ~m~ Sarah _______ (b 1838)



S1c. David Scott (b. approx. 1752) Rev War veteran       ~m~       (1st) Mary “Polly” _________

*Received 75 acres in Northampton from his father’s will in 1761. David appeared in a household of 3 males and 1 female in the 1786 State census of Northampton, NC and head of a 8 “other free persons” Northampton household in 1790. David brought at least two slaves with him when he moved down from North Carolina.*

               Children: 1. Newman Scott (b 1780) ~m~ Elizabeth “Betsy” _______

                               2. Richard “Dick” Scott (b 1782)

                               3. Theophilus “Theo” Scott (b 1784)

                               4. Josiah Scott (b 1786)

                               5. Frederick Scott (b 1790)

                               6. Zade Scott (b 1798) ~m~ Sarah ________

                               7. Joseph A Scott (b 1802) ~m~ Jane Thompson

                                                                                                ~m~       (2nd) Rebecca ______ (b 1790)

               Children: 8. David Scott Jr (b 1810) ~m~ Mary Chavers (b 1805)

                               9. Gillman Scott (b 1812)

                              10. Isham Scott (b 1814) ~m~ ________ Shirer

                              11. Sarah Scott (b 1815) ~m~ B1b. Francis Benenhaley (b 1802)

                              12. Jane Scott (b 1820, died 1851)

                              13. Martha A Scott (b 1800)

                              14. Abigail Scott (b 1826) ~m~ O1g. Richard Oxendine (b 1832)

                              15. Elizabeth Scott (b 1832/33) ~m~ B1d1. William L. Benenhaley Sr (b 1835) 


Sept 7, 1889: letter from K.E.L. Peebles to McDonald Furman: “All I know of the Scotts of this township is that of Dave Scott, some 60 years ago, the progenitor of the Scotts here, was living and subsequently died in Kershaw County – he living on a portion of that vast domain granted by the State of South Carolina to Gen Sumter for Revolutionary services. Dave Scott was quite old when I knew him and he was said to be one of Gen Sumter’s soldiers of the Revolution and had been brought down or induced to come down from North Carolina to settle upon his land. As to the other families of Red Bones I have never heard anything said concerning them but I presume they came down under the same circumstances that Dave Scott did and they all settled on Gen Sumter’s land.”

** Peebles did not know of James Scott, as James was deceased before 1830.**


1823 Kershaw Revolutionary veteran pension application of David Scott: “David Scott aged 71 years and resident in the said district who being first duly Sworn, according to law doth upon his oath Say and declare that he served in the Revolutionary was as follows that is to Say he first enlisted in the State of North Carolina on the 25th day of September in the year of our Lord 1776 in the company commanded by Captain Hardy Murphy (Murfree) & in Colonel Robert Howe’s Regiment (2nd North Carolina Regiment) for about 2 years that he was afterwards transferred to the 5th regiment in the State of South Carolina commanded by Colonel Isaac Hues (Huger) and was attached to a Company commanded by Captain James Conyers and that he served in the said regiment and company 3 years after which he was honorably discharged.”



*The 2nd North Carolina Regiment was an American infantry unit that was raised for the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. In 1776 the regiment helped defend Charleston, South Carolina. Ordered to join George Washington's main army in February 1777, the regiment subsequently fought at Brandywine and Germantown during the Philadelphia Campaign. After most other North Carolina regiments were sent home to recruit, the 1st and 2nd Regiments remained with the main army and fought at Monmouth in June 1778. The regiment was transferred to the Southern Department, trained at high Hills of Santee 1779/80, and was captured by the British army in May 1780 at the Siege of Charleston.*



**The 5th South Carolina Regiment was raised on February 22, 1776 at Charleston, South Carolina for service with the Continental Army. The regiment saw action at the Siege of Savannah. The regiment was merged into the 1st South Carolina Regiment on February 11, 1780.**


S1c1. Newman Scott (b 1780)           ~m~                 Elizabeth “Betsy” _______ (b 1790)

Children: a. Newman Scott Jr (b 1834)

                b. Harriet Scott (b 1835)



S1c4. Josiah Scott (b/1794)                 ~m~                    Rebecca __________ (b 1790)

Children: a. Susannah B Scott (b 1818)

                b. William C Scott (b 1828)



S1c8. David Scott Jr (b 1810)              ~m~                          Mary Chavers (b 1805)

--------------------Lived in Richland District, SC----------------------------------

Children: a.Gracey Scott (b 1828)

                b. Sarah Scott (b 1832)

                c. Mary Scott (b 1836)

                d. William Scott (b 1838)

                e. John Scott (b 1839)

                f. Jacob Scott (b 1842)

                g. Thomas Scott (b 1844)

                h. Frances Scott (b 1846)

                i. Martha Scott (b 1847)

                j. Harriett Scott (b 1848)

                k. James Scott (b 1850)




_____ Scott                  ~m~       Caroline________ (b 1821)

Children: Laura Scott (b 1843)

                Caroline Scott (b1846)




S3a. Isham Scott Jr (b 1784) “a Catawba Indian”* “of Egyptian and Indian ancestry”**

                           ~m~    Margaret Oxendine (b 1802) “nearly white the Indian still apparent”

Children: 1. John N Scott (b 1804) ~m~ Elizabeth ______ (b 1828)

                2. Fleming T Scott (b )

                3. Eliza “Betsy” Scott (b ) ~m~ (1st) John Jones (2nd) Joe Quinn (3rd) Francis Hill

                   4. Margaret Scott (b 1836)

*from 1856 Calhoun Co, FL witness statements in State Vs Francis Hill

**1861 Sumter, SC affidavit of Mary Nickles

***familial relationships from 1978 Sumter, SC interview of Peter Moore (aged 94 years).


1861 Sumter affidavit of Mary Nickles: “She has known Margaret & Isham Scott The parents of John N Scott and Fleming T Scott for a length of time and that Margaret Scott was a White woman and always had the Character of being White and that Isham Scott’s ancestors was of Egyptian and Indian blood.”



1862 Calhoun County, Florida Court case of State V. Francis Hill. Testimony of Thomas Strickland: “knew Isham Scott and Margaret parents of Eliza in Sumter South Carolina. Isham was a man of large amount Indian blood. Margaret was an Oxendine woman of clean complexion nearly white the Indian still apparent. The grandfather, one Jacob, was said to be a Chief among the Catawba Indians. The Scott family, in general, are regarded as free of negro blood.” Testimony of Francis Hill: “Only briefly met Isham and Margaret Scott the parents of Eliza. Isham appeared to be mostly Indian. Margaret appeared to be mostly white. Neither appeared to have negro blood or considered Mulatto.”

S3a1. John N Scott (b 1804)                 ~m~                     Elizabeth ______ (b 1828)

Children: a. Benjamin Scott (b 1846)

                b. Isham Scott (b 1848)

                c. Daniel Pulaskie Scott (b 1850)

                d. John M Scott (b 1852)

                e. George Scott (b 1854)

                f. Eliza Scott (b 1857)

                g. Margaret Scott (b 1859)

                h. Garrison Scott (b 1861)

                i. Martha Scott (b 1864)

                j. Nancy Scott (b 1866)

                k. Argent Scott (b 1869)


S3d. Josiah Scott (b 1794)                      ~m~                       Rebecca ______ (b 1790)      

Children: 1. Susannah B Scott (b 1818)

                2. William C Scott (b 1828)                        



S1c10. Isham Scott (son of David of Virginia) (b 1814)            ~m~              _________ Shirer

Children: a. David Scott (b )

*familial relationships from 1978 Sumter, SC interview of Peter Moore (aged 94 years).



Elijah Scott    (b )                              ~m~       ______________ Tidwell  (b )

Children: John J Scott (b ) ~m~ _____________ Mooneyham

*familial relationships from 1978 Sumter, SC interview of Peter Moore (aged 94 years).



Garrison Scott (b )                ~m~            Nora Tidwell  (b )



Liza Scott (b )             ~m~         ___________ Tidwell  (b )

Children: Mary Tidwell (b )

                Lottis Tidwell (b )

                Nellie Tidwell (b )~m~ _________ Scott

*familial relationships from 1978 Sumter, SC interview of Peter Moore (aged 94 years).







P1. William Pitts (b 1809. Died 1881)                     ~m~                (1st) Harriet Wilson (b 1811)

Children: a.Thomas Pitts (b1832)

                b. Tabitha A Pitts (b 1834) ~m~ O1h. Michael Oxendine (b 1832)

                c. Jane Pitts (b 1842)

                d. William Pitts (b 1844)

                e. Harriett Pitts (b 1858) ~m~ (1st) Bu1a6. George Buckner (2nd) R1g. Herbert Ray (b 1853)

                f. James “Buck” Pitts (b 1848)

                                                                                                     (2nd) O1d. Miranda Oxendine (b 1820)

                g. Captain Roland Pitts (b 1851)

                h. Thomas Pitts (b 1854)

James Pitts (b 1856)

                i. George Washington Pitts (b 1856)

                j. Henry Pitts (b 1858)

Jane Pitts (b 1858)

Infant female (b 1860)

                k. Kenneth Pitts (b 1860)

                l. Nora A Pitts (b 1864)

                m. Martha Ann Pitts (b 1866)

                n. Oliver Pitts (b 1868)

                o. John Carlton Pitts (b 1870)





John Carlton Pitts and wife.



P1g. Captain Roland Pitts (b 1851)                ~m~        Sarah Greene (b 1862)

Children: 1. Ida J Pitts (b 1881)

                2. J Monroe Pitts (b 1882) ~m~ O1h7a. Minnie Oxendine (b )

                3. Roy A Pitts (b 1884)

                4. Everett G Pitts (b 1887)

                5. Gordon L Pitts (b 1891)

                6. Homer E Pitts (b 1898)

                7. Mabel V Pitts (b 1902)


 Katie Pitts (b ) ~m~ Joseph Benenhaley III (b )


Sarah Pitts (b ) ~m~ John Buckner III (b 1864)


Virginia “Gincy” Pitts (b ) ~m~ John W Buckner Sr (b )








J1. John L Jolly (b approx. 1781Virginia)       ~m~                  Sarah ___________ (b 1782)

Children: a. John J Jolly (b 1817) ~m~ Julia ______ (b 1825)


J1a. John J Jolly (b 1817)                          ~m~                          Julia _________ (b 1825)

Children: 1. Sarah Jolly (b 1837)                            

                 2. Anna Jolly (b 1839)                              

                 3. Mary Jolly (b 1841)                              

                 4. Margaret “Maggie” Jolly (b 1843)                                                 

                 5. Emma Jolly (b 1845)                                                  

                 6. John J Jolly Jr (b 1849)                                                      

                 7. Henry Jolly (b 1851)                             

                 8. Sumter Jolly (b 1853)                         

                 9. Willie Jolly (b 1857)                      

               10. Julia Jolly (b 1862)

               11. Nora Jolly (b 1863)

               12. Robert (b 1864)




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