Native Americans of South Carolina

Hi, my name is Panela Glass. I have been researching my Bass Family roots for alittle over a year now. I found your findings very fasinating and I think there may be a connection. My grandma was Efie Maderia Bass-Wilder from Thomasville,Ga.Her parents were: David Pembelton Bass &Amanda Francis Mize Wynn-Bass. His father was Quiney Bass. I have traced back to the Naseomond(spelling may be wrong)Tribe and Nathanel Bass.He was the one that introduced christianity to the tribe. I have dates and names if you think their could be a connection. I would like to hear from you and read your book if I could get a copy. Thank you for your time . p.s. I also was born in Thomasville,Ga We have a Bass family reunion the 1st sunday of september every year in Thomasville and you are more than welcome to come join our family in great food,Lots of family stories and prayer.So many of the old timers have passed as so their stories go with them. It is so important for the young generations to come to embrace their past for it is their past that makes their future.  GALE GLASS   July 2006

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