The "Turks" of Sumter County, South Carolina

I believe what you listed as "Leo Cadeo"? may actually be "Locadia, B: 3/12/1909; D: 1897. I have her married to Wm. Taylor, B: 1813; D: 1900. I have them listed with 11 children instead of 7.

I have Locadia's grandfather as: Joseph Benenhaley (aka: Yusef Ben Ali) and the grandmother as: Elizabeth Miller. I also have one of Joseph and Elizabeth's sons married an Oxendine woman. Do you have the name of the Oxendine woman?

I show that Joseph Benenhaley was among the first to volunteer for General Thomas Sumpter's brigade in the Am. Revolution, along with John Scott who was the General's Bugler. I show Joseph was from North Africa, born in Morocco, and came to SC on a ship as either a captive or member of a ship's crew.

Does any of the above sounds familiar?  Bettye

Leo Cadeo Benenhaley.  In responding to Bettye concerning census spelling of Leo Cadeo (Locadia is one census version.., Leah is another), my verification of her name is in her grandson's Bible as well as his verbal pronunciation. Leo was born 1809 to Joseph and Elizabeth Miller Benenhaley. She was married to William M. Taylor. They had 11 children. Her son, William J. Taylor was born 1836 and killled in Civil War 1864. He left two sons, one of which was my great grandfather, born 1859. He was born in his grandmother's house. Leo died in 1898, when my great grandfather was 38 years of age. She is the one who told him he was Turk. He died in 1948 when I was 18. He told us he was Turk. Sue New Jan. 2005

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