American Roma Records

Dr. Frank O. Clark was born in Augusta,  Georgia.  I presently live in northern Massachusetts, about two miles from the New Hampshire border.  Some of my ancestors were on these shores in the 1600s.  I am "one of them doctors what don't do nobody no good," (words of my deceased and much beloved step father - from the Mississippi delta), an astrophysicist.  I have Gypsy origins in my family, about which we have discovered little, Germans named Herron, and perhaps Traveller as well..  I have roaming in my blood.  I have lived in: Georgia, Mississippi, California, New York, Kentucky, the Netherlands, Germany, and now Massachusetts.  I have roamed, I think, in every state in the USA, plus Canada, Mexico, and most of Europe.  I love the road.  It is a magnificent way of life!  It is the permanent settlers who are the sticks in the mud, and never let anyone alter that perspective!  I have been an engineer, a scientist, a (full) college professor, and government scientist.  I do not write web sites professionally, only as an amateur.

Linda Griggs spent summers with her Griggs and Campbell family in Chesterfield Co., SC. She is a working artist whose work can be seen here.  Although she has had a solo show in Soho, her need for a stable income led her to work as a library para-professional. This background serves her well as she continues her near obsessive research into the history and contributions of the Roma in the South. FYI, She is not Roma.

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We will add to these records as we obtain updates and submissions.  We prefer official records.  Given the nature of Gypsy tradition, we also welcome oral tradition.  Please specify the origins of your tradition, who told it, when, and to whom.  Thanks in advance for all submissions.  All rights will be retained by the submitters.

Anyone with information on Gypsies in America please contact Frank O. Clark  or Linda Griggs.