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OXENDINE, NC/SC.  I recently was contacted by my first cousin Pat Hill, and Pat informed me that our grandfather, Isaac Burton Hill was an Indian. He certainly was different looking and had dark skin and jet black curly hair. His father, Charles Jesse Hill, from whom he was estranged, was a Mormon and had about three wives, one of which was a Lumbee named Mary Frances Oxendine. These Oxendines were from Tennessee and Missouri and are descendents of Archibald Oxendine and Patsy Quackenbusn from Pee Dee SC. I am interested in finding out more of these people.  There is a book about my ancestors called "The Genealogy of Thomas Hill and Rebecca Miles" by Sister Louise Donnelley, a Nun, written in 1971 (a Jarboe Reference Book). Some of Archibald's offspring started spelling the surname Exendine, either from illiteracy, or a desire to distance themselves from the Indian heritage. Of all the tribes, the Lumbees were looked down upon for being tri-racial. And due to that fact the tribe is still fighting the Government for recognition.  Burton Hill  29 March 2005

BENENHALEY, SC.  My mother's grandfather was James Floyd Taylor, born 1859, in the house of his grandmother, Leo Benenhaley Taylor. She was born 1809 in Sumter Co., SC, the daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Miller Benenhaley. Joseph fought in  the Rev War with Gen. Thomas Sumter. I was 18 years old when James Floyd Taylor, my great grandfather died. He is the one who told us he was Turk. Does anyone have authentic proof Joseph Benenhaley was North American Indian?  I would profoundly appreciate any help to establish the true origin of Joseph. Does anyone have a Benenhaley name in verified documentation anywhere besides Sumter Co., SC?   Sue New  Jan. 2005

OXENDINE, BENENHALEY, SC.  My mother was an Oxendine. Her parents were Nellie and Mansfield Oxendine. Her mother's maiden name was Nellie Benehaley. Just recently I was told that the Benehaleys and Oxendines were believed to have Morrocan in their blood. Do you know anything about this? I am very interested in putting together my family's history. I'm afraid that the Oxendine family name has just about ended. There are not many of them still living. I try to stay in touch with alot of the Benehaleys. I am also kin to the Rays and Hoods. I was told that I am also kin to the Scotts. Any info you could give would be greatly appreciated. Jan Lewandowski  July 2005

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