American Gypsy References

Good references on Gypsies (you can purchase the hyperlinked books from www.Amazon.com):

  1. Bury Me Standing : The Gypsies and Their Journey (Vintage Departures) by Isabel Fonseca.  Excellent (available from www.Amazon.com)
  2. The Gypsies (Peoples of Europe  by Angus Fraser. Excellent (available from Amazon.com)
  3. Anne Sutherland's book "Gypsies: The Hidden Americans" (submitted by Alan Levine)
  4. Marlene Sways book "Familiar Strangers: Gypsy Life in America".(submitted by Alan Levine)
  5. The Zincali - An Account of the Gypsies of Spain, by George Borrow (1843) Complete text on line! (from Project Gutenberg)(I would not consider this a good reference, but it was available for posting.  It does not seem sympathetic to me)
  6. Patrin is an outstanding web resource on Rom (off site).
  7. The Gypsies in Poland: History and and Customs by Jerzy Ficowski (available from www.Amazon.com).

Anyone with information on Gypsies in the Americas please contact me.

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