Rose Hill Cemetery, Meridian, Mississippi

Buried here are Gypsy King and Queen, Emil and Kelly Mitchell, and Princess Diana Sharkey.  Dr. Bill East researched the Mitchells, and they are from Brazil.

"For many years, caravans came here every year.  Many times people would break into the graves because of the reports of treasure buried with the King and Queen. There is a picture on the grave marker of Princess Diana Sharkey.


Emil Mitchell
Oct. 16, 1942
age 85 years
King of the Gypsies
The writing on this stone is very faint.  I have tried to digitally enhance it. -FOC
wife of Emil Mitchell
Jan 31, 1915
age 47 years
Queen of the Gypsies

at rest
Flora Mitchell
Jan. 8, 1930
age 70 years
Sister of the King

Joe Sharkie Mitchell
March 15th 1908
September 14th 1993
Husband of Diana

Princess Diana Sharkey Mitchell
July 4,1918
Feb. 3, 1960
Marker reads: Love from the family
Rest in peace

Slatcho Mitchell
Mike Wilson
May 13, 1897
Oct. 17, 1942

I was told that he died in an accident on the way to the King's funeral.

Dec. 25, 1962
Nov. 1, 1946
family name on marker Mitchell

nephew of
Emil Mitchell
Nov. 20, 1910
Nov. 22, 1918

Dec. 25, 1908
March 24,1968

Nicholas Gulumba
Feb. 14,1949
Aged 51

This is a Gypsy family member also.

Costa George Bimbo
aged 60 years
died August 20, 1944

They once had pictures on the markers

These are Gypsies as well.

Ovdoikia George Bimbo
aged 67 years
died June 1, 1955

They once had pictures on the markers

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