The "Turks" of Sumter County, South Carolina

"Turks" of South Carolina

I believe that David and Mary (Polly) Scott are the parents to Isham - found a letter dating 1838 stating they are parents to an Isom - which later on Isham does spell his name Isom and his children name there children Isom - but I do not consider this proof - still plugging away....

Isham Scott born c1784 married Margaret ??? born c1798 they had the following children who were born and raised in Sumter and/or Kershaw (Later became Lee County, SC) County, SC (Springhill Dist, Bradford Spring, Bishopville - all same location - different names, different years)

  1. John N. Scott (born c1824) married Elizabeth Jennings Watts (Mooneyham) born c1827 and they had 12 children
  2. James Scott (born c1818) married Mary H. ??? (born c1827) and they had 3 children
  3. Margaret Scott born Dec 10, 1836 and died April 1, 1914 never married - had an illigimate son - believe to be Henry George Carrison (Kerrison) reared in Darlington County, SC
  4. Elizabeth Scott born March 18, 1818 and died November 1, 1903 she married an A. Nichols (Nickols) but they never had any children of their own.
  5. William Clement Flemming T. Scott born April 1833 married Sarah Jane Parrott born Dec 1836 (she was born in NC but later moved to Darlington, SC)and they had ten children

James Scott and John Scott raised their children in Sumter/Kershaw/Lee County but Flemming moved to Georgia and his family lived in various parts of Georgia, Montana, Florida, Alabama, Indiana, and some went to Charleston, SC.

I have the family tree under Clement Flemming Scott on ancestry.com... I have not updated it in about two years .... need to.

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