The  "Turks" of Sumter County, South Carolina

The "Turks" of Sumter County (shown in blue on the graphic on the right) are apparently quite distinct from -
 The Free Moors of the 1789 SC Legislative peition appear in the Charleston 1790 census (shown in yellow on the graphic on the right).

The "Turks" of Sumter County

Census Data
Scott Family ("Turks")
A Story of the Benenhaley Family
Newspaper Article on Sumter "Turks"
Sumpter's Turks (2015) by Steven Pony Hill

Wes D. White, "A History of the Turks Who Live in Sumter County, South Carolina, From 1805-1972." This manuscript paper is available at the South Caroliniana Library, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC 29208.

James W. Hagy, "Muslim Slaves, Abducted Moors, African Jews, Misnamed Turks, & An Asiatic Greek Lady: Some Examples of Non-European Religious & Ethnic Diversity in South Carolina Prior to 1861," CAROLOGUE, Spring 1993. Copies of this article may be obtained by writing the South Carolina Historical Society, 100 Meeting St., Charleston, SC 29401.   Images of this article.  Note, these images are not of high quality, are large, and will load slowly.  I will try to obtain higher quality images, and convert them to faster loading text as time permits.  My OCR software will not read these.

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