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There is a Gill DNA project.

bWelcome!  This is the 21st year of the Gill web site.

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But the water has moved on.  

Pages update as you read. (Haiku)

Thanks to all who have contributed!

Several People have contributed huge amounts of information to this family web site.  Among those who have, and continue to, contribute these massive data sets for all of you to use, are: Tina Ellis, Dan Olds, and Sue Gill.  Much of the completeness that you will find for several states, is due to these folks, and others like them, who have submitted all that they found for others to use.  These, and others like them, keep these web pages alive!  Thanks to all contributors for making this a great family resource!

We have included details on closely allied nieghbors and friends.  All spellings: (Ghyll, Gyll, Gill, Gell, Gil, Guil, Güll) All states.

Please be very explicit, person, location, time frame, in your Email about previous communication.  I have changed mail programs more than once, and the message transfer is never complete.  My apologies if I have overlooked a contribution, or inadvertently removed it.  Please do not take offense, and resubmit it.  Please send URLs for your Gill web pages, and I will add a link to your page here.

Please send comments, suggestions, any feedback whatsoever.  Is anything unclear or difficult to use?  I will not guarantee that I will do everything you ask, but I do guarantee to consider it. :o)

Please Email  (FCLARK@BIGFOOT.COM) me a summary of what you know about your line, where they lived, date limits you have set, and I will include your line on this web site.   Please do NOT send records on living persons (for privacy reasons).  Raw records are welcome.  Please provide updates.  Please send any Gill records for posting, from any location or country.  

There is a Rootsweb Gill mail list.  Be aware, Rootsweb is now owned by a commercial company, and anything that that you submit will be "owned" by them.  Just send an Email message to the list account, with one word in body, where you would normally write your Email, "subscribe."  Because of increased SPAM, Rootsweb now requires you to subscribe in order to make a submission. The complete link to the page at Rootsweb is given here.  To unsubscribe, send the same message, but with "unsubscribe" as the body of your Email.

I am slow, I overlook messages when I get behind, and I make mistakes.  Please do not take offense, just send me another Email.  Please include some clues in the subject line to jog my memory, preferably resend the previous message.  I welcome assistance, and gratefully thank those who have provided it.  For private purposes, permission to use or link to these pages is freely given, and I will likewise link to any suggested pages of utility to those studying these families.  The information on these pages is copyrighted under international copyright law, all rights reserved, and may not be used for monetary gain in any form.  If I accidentally delete your query or information, please give a shout.

Copyright ©1997-2018, Frank O. Clark, Ph.D., all rights reserved. These documents may be freely used for private purposes, and included in your own genealogy. However, all of these documents are copyrighted (to the authors to whom they are credited herein and copyrighted thereto, or to myself) and may not be sold, nor used for any commercial purpose, nor given to anyone who may attempt to derive profit from same.  This statement is to be construed such that you may freely use these documents in your personal genealogy, and you may publish such a work, and sell it in order to cover your costs.  It is the commercial use of these records that we forbid.  All rights reserved.

I dedicate this work to all those souls who have done, and are doing, work on these families, be they related to my lines or not. I also wish to add a very special thanks to the extensive prior work done by Eva Turner Clark (no relation), who published Gill Abstracts from Records in Southern States and Genealogical Notes in 1939 (Richard R. Smith, NY).  My (xerox) copy of this book came from Alderman Library in the University of Virginia. If anyone knows the family of this person, it would be nice to get that book reprinted.

All mistakes are my own.  Please send errors, corrections, suggestions, and updates to  Frank O. Clark, Ph.D..  All comments are welcome.