David Gill (earlier estimated as bc<1734, but new records suggest born before c1758) d1788, is most probably descended from Isaac Guille of Chesterfield Co.,VA, Virginia.  David Gill of Virginia, of Halifax and Wake Counties, NC, married a ___ Mann from King William Co., VA.

Apparently this David Gill has ties to: Warren, Wake, and Halifax Counties, NC.  

Wake County was formed in 1770 from Cumberland, Johnston and Orange Counties. It was named in honor of Margaret Wake, wife of William Tryon. In 1792, Raleigh was established and made the capital of the State. Durham was formed in 1881 from Orange and Wake Counties, and a bit more was annexed to Durham in 1911.

This page contains two source documents, so to speak, neither of which are primary documents, a record Dan Olds found in the library in Macon, GA, the original Wake Co. page constructed from Mrs. Clark's book, records that I (FOC) had found, and a record in the Gill Gazette.  I emphasize again that none of these are primary records, and therefore they are prone to error in interpretation, until we get the original records from Wake Co., NC.

Dan Olds found an early document on this family in the Macon, GA library: Copied on December 28, 1999 by Daniel B. Olds from "The Heritage of Wake County, North Carolina", 1983. Editors Lynne Belvin and Harriett Riggs.

GILL FAMILY (provided by Daniel B. Olds) from "The Heritage of Wake County, North Carolina", 1983. Editors Lynne Belvin and Harriett Riggs. page 303, Little is known of the very early history of the Gill family of Wake County. One of the earliest records found is of David Gill of Warren County, North Carolina, buying land in Wake County in 1784. From this David Gill came the large Wake County Gill family. David had seven children, his son, David, Jr. had 10 children, and his son, Jesse, had 11 children. It is believed that David Gill married a daughter of John and Elizabeth Mann of Wake County, but her first name is unknown. Their children were: James; Elizabeth; Jesse, who married Tabitha Pace; Susanah; Isaac, who married Edith Mobley; John; and David, who married Salley Brice.

David Gill of Wake Co., NC left a will 7 May 1788-June 1788. (will) One bond of Twenty Pounds Specie and sale of 100 acres of land on Island Creek for payment of debts; all my books1 to be equally divided among my children; to son James, "20 pounds of Virginia money ... as soon as conveniently suits my executors ... if paid in specie, it shall be equal to 20 pounds Virginia money in the way of trade at the time it is paid"; to dau. Elizabeth, 20 pound of Virginia money (same conditions as above); to son Jesse, my sorrel colt on condition he raise her; to dau. Susannah, my bed and furniture, chest, cotton wheel and cards; "whereas I have a legacy or child's part due to me in right of my wife of the estate of Thomas Mann, dec'd, now in the hands of Col. Thomas Eliott of King William Co., VA, I hereby authorize my son Isaac to recover and receive the same with equal power and authority as myself upon his own cost and charges and for his trouble (King William Co., VA is the location of "Mattapony Neck" today.). I give and bequeath to my son Isaac the said legacy with the interest thereof, to him and his heirs"; the rest of my beds and furniture to be equally divided between my sons David, Isaac, John, and Jesse; to these four sons and dau. Susannah, the plantation whereon I live, also the stock, furniture, and working tools. (Executors not named in transcript) Wit: Arnold Mann, John Mann, David Mann. Wills II, 48 (Mrs. Clark p103).  Known Children of David Gill of Wake Co., NC: James, Elizabeth, Jesse, Susannah, Isaac all b<1767, David 1755-67, John b<1767:

  1. James Gill b<1767 listed in 1788 will.  Probably James Gill born c1750 of Halifax Co., NC.
  2. Elizabeth Gill b<1767 listed in 1788 will.
  3. Jesse Gill b<1767, listed in 1788 will.  Married Tabitha Pace.  Jesse Gill of Wake Co. makes affidavit that Wm. Barler was a soldier in the Revolutionary War.  1800 Wake Co., NC census page 732, 00010-40010-04
    1. Nancy Ann Gill
    2. Elizabeth Gill "Betsey"
    3. Agnes Gill
    4. Buckner Gill
    5. John Gill
    6. Burton Gill, born 1809 married Barbary Gill born 1813 no maiden name found,  (information supplied by Alex Wade).  6 children are found
      1. Barrila Gill born 1835
      2. Lewis Gill born 1838
      3. Americus Gill born 1840 married Susan Jane Wallace born Aug.08,1850 died Nov.08,1894
        1. Bell Gill
        2. Joanna Gill married Blackmon
        3. Louiza Gill
        4. Dora Lee Gill born Nov.01,1869 married ? Kenchin
        5. Sifmore Gill born Aug.22,1871
        6. Dockner Gill born Nov.29,1873
        7. William Cook Gill born Mar.20,1876
        8. Lee Andrew Gill born Aug.20,1877
        9. James Alexander Gill born Apr.27,1878 died Sept.21,1955
        10. Hughell Ray Gill born Mar.27,1879 Obion county Tn. died June 05,1949 Detroit Michigan Married Lilly Rebecca King Born Apr.13,1885 died Oct.18,1914 (married Oct.21,1904) Hughell is buried in Lane Tn. He was called the fiddler because he played the fiddle at the dance's his fiddle is still in the family.
          1. Ruth Ann Gill born Dec.5,1904 died Feb.1,1999 married Felix Wade
          2. Pauline Gill Dec.15,1907 died South Pittsburg Tn. married Burlon Rieves
          3. Ruby Rebecca Gill born Oct.18,1909 died Jan.21,2000
          4. King Edward Gill born May 17,1911 died 1962 in Detroit,Michigan
          5. Lily Virginia Gill born Oct.18,1914 died Nov.27,1914
      4. David Gill born 1842
      5. Sylva Gill born 1844
      6. Susan Gill born 1848
    7. Terrell Gill born 1814 in Wake County.
    8. Mahaly Gill
    9. Payton Gill born 1812
    10. William Gill
    11. Polly Gill who married Willis Pace. Buckner Pace mentions her as a recipient of a gift that he gave his grandaughters with Jesse Gill witnessing it.   "on Dec 1800 727-139 A deed of Gift from Buckner Pace to Betsy Gill, Polly Gill, Nancy Gill and Agness Gill was proved by the oath of Jesse Gill a witness thereto and ordered to be registered." According to Hoyle (sorry Daniel, that was too good to pass up!) this indicates she is the missing eleventh child of Jesse Gill . She married Willis Pace who likely was her cousin. This is the line of Daniel Scarborough Hoyle (see record 21 on the records page above)
  4. Susannah Gill b<1767 listed in 1788 will.
  5. Isaac Gill b<1767, census 1790 Wake County, NC, Hillsborough Dist. 1 free white male >16. Wife: Edith Mobley.  1800 Wake Co., NC census page 732, 20010-10010-04.
  6. David Gill b<1755-67. 1790 census Wake Co., Hillsborough Dist., NC, 1 fwm >16. David Gill of Iredell Co., NC bought land in Iredell Co., on "waters of South Yadkin, in 1797. David Gill (b. 1755-74) appears in the 1800 census Iredell Co, NC p610 20010 00010 00. 1812 Deed.  David Gill, Jr. married Salley Brice had the following children as listed on the 1850 Federal Census of Wake County:
    1. Francis G. Gill
    2. Henry P. Gill
    3. Tilas Gill
    4. Elgis Gill
    5. Jane E. Gill
    6. Cleophas Gill
    7. Amelia Gill
    8. Susan Gill
    9. Anfridana Gill
    10. David D. Gill
  7. John Gill b<1767. Perhaps this is the John Gill of North Carolina Revolutionary War record, private soldier, Continental line, Revolutionary War, Lytle's Co., Abraham Shephard, Colonel, 1782. Name appears in a certified list of Revolutionary Claims. He was a private for the War in the Continental Line of the state (NC). Card Index shows envelope No. 1335, Signed by Archd Lyttle, Lt. Col. (not clear to which John Gill of NC this record refers)

1All my books.  This is unusual.  This man was quite literate.  Other than the Bible, books were not commonly found in household goods in this era.  This suggests that he came from a family that had money.

Mann notes:

Hi:  I received this today. From my Mann research there appears to be a different Mann line in that part of Va. I have not seen a relationship between them and the Arnold and John Mann associated with David Gill of Mattapony. If you could tell me anything about the Elizabeth Gill that is mentioned here, I would appreciate it.

I have done more research on Mattapony Neck in Northumberland. I am quite confident that Mattaponi Neck is now Pea Neck adjacent to South(off the top of my head)Yeocomico river and Lodge Creek. I further believe that Divid Gill's property was actually on the real neck rather than closer to the Calleo side of what is considered part of the neck. I will forward details and analysis under a separate email.

Joe Craig / Craig, Joe [Joe.Craig@spirentcom.com]

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Surnames: Mann Gill Dillon Doss


Message Board Post:

have been trying to track a Benjamin Mann believed to be from Amelia Cty, VA or thereabouts born around 1806 or so.  > He married a Louisa Dillon, daughter to Edward Dillon and Sarah Doss, believed to be orginially from Prince Edward Va.  They all lived together in Lunenburg Cty, Va until the 1880's. Looks  like Benjamin must have died somewhere between 1872 and 1880. They also had a relationship to the Gills.  An Elizabeth Gill was living with them in the 1850 census. The only other Mann in Lunenburg at the time was Robert Mann.

Bob - I saw your post on the Wright forum of 11/17/03 re: Wright of Lancaster Co, Va.

My wife is descended from Arnold and Rebecca (Wright) Mann of NC. The will of Wingfield Wright mentions Arnold Mann twice. Once specifically as son-in-law. The other Arnold is not characterizied the same way. I believe it to be the father of the Arnold who married Rebecca. Intertwined here is also a David Gill who reportedly married Mary Mann daughter of Thomas in Va.

David Gill was in Northumberland at about the same time as Wingfield Wright was in Lancaster (adjacent Co.). There were also some Mann's in that area at the same time. I believe that these three families from the Northern Neck knew each other before they ended up in Granville Co, NC very near each other.

If you could glean anything about these relationships in the Northern Neck area, Va, I would appreciate the insight. Especially the timeline for Wingfield Wright being in Va and moving to NC. If there is anything that I can do to help you in return, just let me know.

Thanks, Joe Craig, Home) anjcraig@hometown-wireless.net Work) joe.craig@spirentcom.com

Dr Clark: In case you haven't seen this.

Attached are the posted minutes of the Safety Committee of Bute Co, NC for 1775-76. In there you will see David Gill Sr and a James Gills together in the list for Oath's of Allegience. It shows them in Capt. Burroughs district Fishing Creek. At that time Fishing Creek was the boundry between Halifax and Edgecombe Counties on the western part of them and continued into Bute Co. Today the respective counties are Halifax, Nash and Warren.

I have found several David Gill references in deeds and wills of Halifax Co. in the 1776+ timeframe. David Gill owned land on fishing creek. Without specifically looking it up right now, David and James Gill owned adjacent land on fishing Creek. Could this David and James be brothers? Or is there yet another David Gill?

My current research in that area is with Mann, Gill, Wright and Nicholson families.

Joe Craig

This is the url for a site with 1790-1800 tax lists for Va. There are quite a number of Gills in Chesterfield at that time. If you haven't seen this, it may be of some help to you.


As to the Mann/Gill relationship:

The Manns that witnessed the will of David Gill, Wake co, NC were sons of John Mann who died in Wake Co, NC about 1785. There is a will. This family hailed from King William, Va as best as we can determine right now. I believe that David Gill's wife Mary (Mann) is a sister of this John Mann. I have no proof. Just a strong feeling reflecting that these two families came from King William and ended up in NC together.

I am pursuing the Gill/Mann relationship in Chesterfield, Va and area. There are some prominate Manns there at the time and living in the vicinity of the Gills. I believe neighbors in one case. I have seen one Gill-Mann marriage in that area already. I still have family in that area and will spend some time doing genealogy while there.

Attached is the first section of a book on Gill. If you know about it great. If not I have all the PDFs. I had to download it in pieces. If you want this just let me know.

Joe Craig

Frank and Joe,

I am looking for information on David Gill b.<1734 d.1788 in Wake Co. NC. I know he married Mary Mann but have been unable to find any information on him in Virginia. Who was his father? Did he own land in Virginia before moving to NC? If yes what county. I know that many of the records in the Northern Neck area were burned so information is difficult to obtain that is factual. Any information would be helpful.

I have found the following land purchases in NC

9 Nov 1784 Jeremiah Bailey to David Gill of Warren Co. NC 100pds VA money for 350 A. , part in Wake Co. and portion in Granville Co. adjoiningRichard Bailey and John Mann

28 Dec 1786 William Jones to David Gill of Wake Co. 30 pds NC currency 100 A. Path near Island Creek on Rocky Hill. Isaac Gill one of the witnesses.

I'm related to David Gill through the following line

David Gill

I haven't found information on Buckner Gill and would appreciate any information anyone has.

I can supply additional information on James H Gill, Monroe Gill and George H Gill.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

George Gill in Richmond, VA   15, 4, 2009

If you have information on this family, please contact: Diann,  Dan Olds, Alex Wade, and Frank O. Clark

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